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By : Kebby NG Media Service




“Thank you,” Davis appreciated as Mitchell covered him properly with the duvet. “I am going to turn off the AC,” Mitchell informed and strolled towards the AC.

She turned around to find Davis blowing air on his elbow, “Does it hurt?” She asked.

He put his hand down and nodded slowly, she walked closer and sat on the bed.

“Should I get the doctor?” She asked. “No, when was the last time you saw mom? I haven’t seen her the whole day,” Davis mumbled sadly.

“Yesterday, I don’t think she came here. But that is weird, why hasn’t she visited you?” Mitchell wondered.

“I don’t know either, dad said she is working on something. What is more important than me? She now sees me as a burden I guess,” he mumbled sadly.

“Don’t say that, you are the most precious thing to aunt Thea. She must be busy trying to make things comfortable when you get home, the doctor said you will need crutches for a week. Since not much pressure can be put on your leg,” she explained with a smile

“You think so?” Davis arched his brow. “Stop doubting aunt Thea,” Mitchell scolded.

The door was opened and Cisco walked in, Mitchell turned to look at him.

“Daddy,” she smiled and got off the bed. “How are you guys?” He asked as he took turns pecking both of them.

“Davis misses his mom,” Mitchell replied. “She isn’t back?” He asked, surprised.

“Yeah,” Davis mumbled and he brought out his phone to dial her number.

Surprisingly, Thea opened the door at the same time and they all turned to look at her.

“You are back,” Cisco smiled and rushed to hug her, she disengaged from the hug and moved closer to Davis.

“Aunt, are you crying?” Mitchell asked and Thea shook her head sideways.

“Mom,” Davis called worriedly and Thea pecked his hair.

“Davis is better, the doctor said he will be discharged tomorrow morning,” Mitchell informed her and she nodded.

“I am sorry I wasn’t around,” Thea apologized and a tear slipped out of her eyes

“Cheer up Aunt, Davis will be sad if you are sad,” Mitchell said and walked closer to her, she wrapped her arms around her.

Chloe walked in just in time, she boiled in anger as she watched Mitchell hug Thea tightly.

She marched forward and pulled Mitchell away, Thea was stunned but the astonishment on her face was replaced with anger when she saw Chloe.

“Mommy,” Mitchell complained. “I am sorry, I thought she was hurt,” Chloe lied.

They didn’t reply but simply glared at her, Chloe was confused at the look Thea was giving her.

‘The truth will be out soon I wonder what excuse you will have then,’ Thea thought.

“We should leave, you have been here the whole day,” Chloe said to Mitchell.

Mitchell nodded and walked closer to Davis and hugged him, she smiled at Thea and left with Chloe.

“Mom,” Davis called and Thea turned to him. “Yes, dear,” she answered.

“You look worried, is something wrong?” He asked with genuine concern.

Thea glanced at Cisco and then at Davis, she forced a smile and held his hand.

“I am fine sweetie, you shouldn’t worry about me but I should be worried instead,” she replied.

“You should get some rest son, you are going to need your energy tomorrow,” Cisco advised.

“Alright, dad,” he smiled and Thea helped him lay on his back. “Stay with me mommy,” he pleaded holding her hand.

“Sure,” Thea replied and held his hand until he fell asleep per his request.

Thea gently let go of Davis’s hand, she walked out of the ward and Cisco followed.

“You are making Davis nervous, someone is going to find out the truth at this point,” Cisco uttered behind her.

“This is not easy for me, finding out my real child was taken away from me isn’t easy,” she cried.

“What are you talking about? What happened to our child?” He asked and Thea turned away.

“Don’t turn your back on me, Thea,” he warned. “Let’s talk about this some other time,” she replied and walked away.

They walked straight into a doctor’s office, “Good evening, Miss Robert,” the doctor greeted.

“Evening, I need your help,” she started. “I need you to run a DNA test on Mitchell Kings and me.”

“We need samples,” the doctor replied. “I will provide it tomorrow,” she said and the doctor nodded.

A day later, Thea was able to get a few strands of Mitchell’s hair and she took it to the doctor before Davis was discharged.

“Mommy,” Davis called and she walked closer to him. “Are you alright?” Allison asked and she nodded.

Davis walked out of the hospital on crutches.

Two days later.

Allison threw a recovery party for Davis, he was all better but still needed some rest.

Everyone was invited including Dr. Malcolm and Ciara, Thea watched as the kids play around.

She got the DNA result and plan on challenging Chloe but didn’t want to ruin the evening.

Davis was so happy, he was just getting better the last x0A needs is to find out he is not her child.

“Davis looks happy,” Cisco whispered into her ear. “Yeah,” she muttered.

“We haven’t gotten a chance to talk about him,” Cisco said and she turn to face him.

“Not today,” she replied. “What do you mean? When will we talk about this?” He asked.

“I don’t know, let’s just not talk about it today,” she replied.

“I can’t do this Thea, I want to talk about it today,” he stated. “Don’t be like this Cisco,” she warned.

“What do you mean? It has been four days since we find out the truth that Davis is not our biological child and you don’t want me to talk about it?” He asked rhetorically

Chloe was secretly eavesdropping on gaps loudly getting everyone’s attention.

“What was that? Davis is not your son?!” Chloe asked loudly and everyone started murmuring.

Davis could only stare at her mom while Mitchell gulped nothing down.

“Shut up Chloe!” Cisco snapped. “What? Isn’t that what you were talking about?” She asked.

“I told you to shut it,” he gritted his teeth angrily.

“Why should I? I think you should explain to everyone why Davis isn’t your son,” she replied with her gaze on Thea.

“You are making things up again to, get attention,” Vin said. “I am not,” Chloe replied and Vin scoffed.

“No Vin, she is right,” Thea blurted. “What are you talking about Thea?” Mavis inquired.

“Thea,” Cisco called, he wanted to talk about it but he didn’t want their families to find out yet.

“Yes, Davis is not my biological son,” she blurted and a murmur filled the air. “But, I think Chloe has some explanation to give too,” she turned to her.

“What are talking about?” Chloe asked nervously. “Seems Mitchell is not your daughter either,” she blurted.

“Hey, don’t make up lies!” Chloe snapped, the families were now confused. “What are you saying, Thea?” Cisco questioned.

“Yes, what nonsense are you blurting?” Chloe questioned.

“I have proof,” Thea stated and walked to her bag.

She brought out the DNA result, gave it to Cisco and Allison snatched it from him.

Everyone except Chloe and the kids take a look, everyone was surprised.

“Mitchell is my daughter,” Thea stated. “That’s not true, don’t make up lies!” Chloe snapped as she was already breathing heavily.

“You paid the doctor to give me Davis while you took my real daughter,” Thea turned to face their family. “She was never pregnant but she needed a reason to stay with Cisco, so she took my daughter who was Cisco’s flesh and blood,” Thea explained.

“I don’t know how this is possible but she tested positive, I… How… Dr. Malcolm,” Cisco turned to him.

“Chloe was not pregnant, she threatened me to give a false result, I am sorry Cisco,” Dr. Malcolm blurted with his head bowed.

“You fooled everyone!” Victor muttered in disbelief. “How can you be heartless?” Mrs. Robert scowled.

“I did what I had to do,” she blurted and everyone gasped in disbelief. “Well you will spend your time where you deserve,” Octavia said and a police car stopped in front of the house.

Three policemen walked in and Sol pointed at Chloe. “She is the criminal,” he said and they walked toward her.

“Why should I be arrested? I only did what I thought was best, and it was best,” she blurted and Mrs. King slapped her.

“Drag her away,” she ordered. “No! You can’t do this! Mitchell is my daughter, I raised her!” She screamed as they dragged her away.

Cisco and Thea turned to the kids who were staring at Thea in turn.

“You are my mommy? How?” Mitchell asked and tears flow from her eyes. “You are not my mommy?” Davis asked as he cried too.

Thea watched bother her kids cry with broken hearts, everyone was touched by the scene.
T. B. C

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