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(Miss Perfect👠)


By: Faith Lucky

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“Valerie? Valerie, where are you going?” Sally asked as she followed her out of the room, but Valerie didn’t stop for an explanation.

They took the stairs and got out to the sitting room where her parents were seen talking with some men in suits.

“Valerie? Are you…”

“Yes, mum. I’m going out” she replied sharply and headed for the door.

“But where?” Her mother was confused, but she didn’t give her a reply as she quickly went out the door with Sally.

She got to her smallest car and opened it.

“Okay; seriously, Valerie. I’m confused. Where the hell are we going?” Sally asked as they sat together in the car.

“To the ice cream store” Valerie replied, trying to turn on the ignition.

“Huh? I…I don’t understand. Why there?”

Valerie finally started the car, but didn’t move yet.

“Do you remember the woman I had met outside? The one that… that gripped my hand?” Sh looked at Sally and asked.

“Well, yeah. I do” Sally answered with furrowed brows, wondering the connection she was trying to build.

“Well, I think she has something to do with this” Valerie stated and drove off.
In the car, Sally kept babbling and asking Valerie why she’d think the old woman was responsible for what happened, but Valerie didn’t really give much explanations to her. Her simple reply was: “I feel something crappy about that woman. My skin was fine, but the moment she touched my hand and said some stupid words to me, I woke up this morning to see this sh!t all over my face” .

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“But… How’re you so sure we gonna meet her there?” Sally asked, with outmust concern.

“Well, I just have to give it a try” Valerie shrugged and increased her speed.

It was a very long ride but finally, they arrived.

Valerie looked through the tinted glass to where the beggars were sitting down and…hah! Goodness! She spotted the woman there.

“She’s there!” She exclaimed to Sally and opened her door immediately, stepping out of the car.

Sally also did same and in a split second, they were both marching towards the direction of the woman.

She was seated separately from the rest of the other filthy people, and she held a bead in her hand.

“Hey, you!” Valerie snapped as soon as she was standing in front of her. “I’m here to talk to you. What did you do to my face?”

The older woman looked at her but didn’t utter a word. With the expression in her eyes, Valerie was beginning to wonder if she recognized her or not.

“Hey! Don’t give me that look. I know you remember me. Yeah, because you did this to my face!” She rasped and pulled the scarf from her head so her full face would be exposed, just in case the woman was trying to act all “oblivious”.

A longer time passed with the woman just staring at her without saying a word and Valerie turned to look at Sally.


Was she insane?

Maybe she’s been wrong afterall. Maybe she’s just a mentally ill woman who speaks gibberish to people she comes across.

Oh! Of course.

Suddenly, she heard a hoarse laughter and snapped her head to the direction of the woman to see her laughing. Huh?

“You’re asking the wrong person, young lady” she said admist the laughter.
“I have nothing to do with your predicament. Why don’t you go ahead and ask the boy you offended at the party last night?”

Valerie’s eyes dimmed; her Jaws dropped.

What?? Wh…What boy? What party?

She could feel her throat in her chest as she stared at the woman in disbelief.

“Oh my God” Sally muttered. “It’s the B-Boys”.

Valerie turned to look at her immediately. The B-Boys?? Those jerks??

They…they did to hers? But how possible?

She turned to look at the woman again.

“How…How did you know this?” She asked but the woman gave no reply and quietly stood up.

“You’re about to learn in a very very hard way” she said to Valerie and walked away, leaving her there in dismay.
Valerie returned to the car with Sally, but the whole time, she was acting like a ghost; confused, couldn’t think straight.


“But how can the B-Boys have the ability to do this to you?” Sally asked, in deep thoughts.

It was clearly beyond the physical eyes and she wondered if they were some kind of supernatural beings or something. Does that even exist?

And which of them did she offend in particular because the woman had referred to a “Boy”.

“You had spilled Jericho’s drink” she suddenly said to Valerie. “obviously, he was the most offended. And according to the woman, I think he’s behind this”.

“So, he…he ..he performed some spell on me or something?” Valerie asked feebly, her hand going over her face.

“I’ve always known… those guys were fake” she added pathetically.

“Oh! Valerie, what’re you going to do? If all these is true, then I think there’s going to be a serious problem because… I think those guys are dangerous now” Sally said and Valerie kept mute for a while.

“Do you know where they live?” She asked and Sally looked at her in surprise.

“Y…yes. Why asking?” She answered reluctantly, hoping it isn’t what she thinks.

But her fears were confirmed when Valerie started the car.

“Direct me, Sally. I’m going there”.

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  1. Blossom

    - 9:08 pm

    Pls drop more episodes
    M loving dis story
    More ink to ur pen darling

    I love dis twist


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