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“So what floor?” Noah asked Calista.

“Uhm… The third floor.” Calista replied.

Noah’s hand pushed a button and immediately the doors finally closed, he stepped back.
Singing and dancing in her head that she got the job.
Calista’s phone started to ring, and it was louder than ever, as she was in a confined space.
She got a glance from Noah, as his expression was getting tired of the ringing tone, and he wanted her to pick up so badly.
Calista glanced at him, giving an apologetic look.
Seeing Mika’s name on the screen, Calista placed the phone on her ear, and cleared her throat, being careful not to speak louder than ever, since she was in an elevator, and with an unknown person.

“Tell me you’re on your way to work right now.” Mika’s voice yelled on the other side of the line.
“Relax, I’m there already,” Calista smiled.

“Thank goodness, remember when you doubted yourself, saying you won’t get in. Well where are you right now? Anees.” Mika yelled excitedly.

“Okay, I’m the one who got the job, not you. Now take your shortcake ass away and stop yelling into my ear.” Calista breathed out.

“Oh shut up.” Calista could feel mika smile.

“Oh I’m getting a call from Ray, I’ll call you later Calista” Mika rushed her words.

“Please don’t.” Calista added, and the call ended.
Immediately, the elevator made a ‘ding’ sound and Calista wasted no time in stepping out of it and headed to her destination.
Dressed in a short black dress that hugged her body releasing every curve, Mika stepped into a coffee shop, with boots that made noticeable noise as it hit the concrete floor, a hand suddenly went up and waved at Mika.
She sighed seeing Ray’s hand on the air, before walking up to him.

Taking a seat, opposite Ray with the small round table in between them, she rested her elbow on the table and gave a ray a look.

“And you called me out here because?” Mika asked.
“A little How have you been Ray? Would have been nice” Ray scoffed.
“We talked on the phone earlier, you’re doing great”. Mika rolled her eyes.

“Well I’m not doing alright, that’s why I wanted to have this conversation with you” Ray sighed.
Mika paused. “Is everything okay?” she finally asked.
“It’s not”.
“Well my tiny ass is listening so you can go on and tell me.” Mika said, assuring.

“Well..” Ray rubbed his nape.


“it’s about Calista.” Ray added.

Mika squinted her eyes. “And? What about Calista”

“I am in love with her.” Ray blurted out, expecting a reaction from Mika but got a “So?” instead.

“So? Is that all you have to say” Ray scoffed.

“Yes, I mean, obviously you’re in love with her. I noticed, but why are you telling me this?” Mika asked.

“Because I want to talk about it with someone other than myself, but well it seems like you’re not really ready to hear me rant”. Ray breathed out.
Mika sighed. “That’s because Calista doesn’t feel the same way and you know that, having this conversation with me won’t help change anything and you know that too Ray”.

Ray frowned. “I know that, but what if I win her over.”

“Win her over? This isn’t Disney world”.

“I know, I sound stupid myself.” Ray sighed.

“You know… she used to have a crush on you though. But that was like years ago” Mika blurted out waiting for a reaction.
“Yeah, I know.” Ray sighed.

“You knew?” Mika almost yelled.

“Yes… I did…”

“But, she never told you, it was a secret between me and her.” Mika shook her head.

“Look, I pretended not to know so I won’t hurt her, because what if she told me how she felt, and I reject her, I wasn’t going to force myself on her when I didn’t feel the same way” Ray expounded.

Mika shrugged. “Well I guess you’re right, Which means you’ll need to let this happen naturally now, don’t you ever mention to her that you have feelings for her, because she’s over you and have been over you for years now, and telling her how you feel will just make this friendship complicated, and I don’t want that.”

“You’re right, lately she doesn’t even like hanging out with me, I wouldn’t want to make things worst” Ray sighed.

“Look Calista just got a new job, and she needs to focus and I hope she do falls in love with anyone her heart desires. Ray Benjamin Robinson, do not complicate things for her.” Mika threatened.

“I won’t, cross my heart. And besides, happy birthday in advance.” Ray smiled.

“Thanks” Mika beamed.

“I also got you an early birthday present, I’ll still be you another tomorrow.” Ray smiled, dropping a small brown cardboard box on the table.

“What’s this?” Mika beamed, taking the box and tearing off the ceal tape on its body.

“Well you’re opening it, see for yourself” Ray added.
Mika paused after opening the box to see two piece of rectangle shaped paper lying at the bottom.
She glanced at Ray before picked up the paper, and her gasp filled the coffee shop when she came to realize what it was.

“Tickets to The Jones!!” Mika yelled, and suddenly composed herself after seeing eyes from all corners.
The Jones being Mika’s favourite movie, which has been aired once on TV and has only been seen once by most people who tuned on their TV on the day it was aired.

“I saw the news about The Jones being in cinemas now, and how I wanted to get tickets online, but it wasn’t for sale, you’d have to earn it and believe me, to earn it was harder than lifting a barbell as a woman. How in the world did you earn this, and needless to say you earned two.” Mika spoke excitedly.

“Well i worked for it, my Coworker managed to earn about three, and seeing he was going to be busy on the day the movie will be released again, I asked him for it, and mind you he didn’t just hand it to me, he said I had to work for him for it. And that’s why I’ve been busy lately, I had to cover his shifts and cover mine at the same time, get less sleeps, but at the end it was all worth it, you can go see your favourite movie with your fiance, that is to say if he likes movies” Ray laughed.

“Okay let’s get one thing straight here Mister, you and Calista needs to stop seeing Adrian as this man against everything, and second of all you didn’t have to go through all that just to get me a present.” Mika smiled.

“I really had to. You deserve it.” Ray smiled.

“I could cry right now.” Mika fake sniffed looking down at the tickets.

“You’re free, anyways, I should get going, I’m covering my co worker’s last shift today.” Ray added, getting on his feet.

“Thank you, so much Ray.” Mika sighed, dropping the tickets to give Ray a hug.
Walking out of the coffee shop with Ray behind her, Mika ended her call with Adrian, and turned around when she heard Ray’s scoff.

“Don’t tell me you called Adrian to come pick you up.”

“What? Luckily he’s around the neighborhood so he’ll come pick me up. There’s nothing wrong with that.” Mika shrugged.

“Whenever will he stop treating like a child about to break and let you use a taxi. And stop killing himself already.” Ray shook his head.
“Ray, it’s none of your business, now go home.” Mika smiled.

“Anyways, take care, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Ray beamed, and with a tap on Mika’s shoulder, he walked away.
Calista glanced at the evening sky as she played with worker’s ID that was hung around her neck.
How the company handled everything so fast, with making the new employees identification cards, and already assigning them in their department, after her overall interview review, Calista was placed in the sales department. And the office and her desk had seemed cold when she walked in, with everyone else’s cold eyes in the office as she took a seat.
But that evening without having to do much on her first day, her seat had start to warm up and she could finally see herself liking her new job in the future.
Work was finally over for that day and as everyone left the office, Calista grabbed her bag and headed out, grinning from ear to ear, and not carefully learning her route from earlier, Calista took a wrong turn to the next hall way.

Realizing she was lost after coming up to a door she hadn’t seen before, Calista looked back and forth the hallway she was standing, not a single soul was passing by.
Suddenly she noticed two people walking down the hallway and breathed out a sigh of relief, she would of course ask them for directions.
Hurrying up to strangers at the end of the hallway, Calista paused, when one of them face started to become familiar under the bright lights the hallway had.

“Boris Goodman?” Calista called, her voice filled with surprise and immediately, Noah and Boris who had been walking down the hallway halted.

Boris squinted his eyes at Calista and suddenly gasped when he recalled how he knows her.

“Miss…” He called, his voice also filled with surprise. And Noah watched and wondered who the lady might be.

“What are you doing here?” Boris asked.

“Well after looking at your card for a few night memorizing your name, I came for the interview and I got the job.” Calista beamed.

“What? You did.?” Boris’ eyes almost bulge out of his head as he glanced at Noah.

“And… You certainly look different” Boris scoffed, taking in how professional she looked, unlike the day he almost hit her.

“Oh, yeah, I was at my worst days the day you saw me, I’ll certainly keep it home style and professional style when I have to.” Calista smiled.

“That’s nice to hear, welcome to Anees, hope to see you more often.” Boris smiled.

“Hope to see you too. I wouldn’t be here without you, maybe you should almost hit me with your car more often.” Calista joked and she and Boris shared a heart warming laugh.

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