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Calista stopped talking when she felt Noah’s hand under her chin.
“What are you doing?” she asked.

“This…” He replied, leaning down to kiss her.

Immediately, she froze on her spot and felt as his lips pressed against hers.
Her eyes widen in shock, as he left a light kiss on her lips, before moving his head back to smirk at her.

“So it did work.” Noah breathed out, reaching for the red covered book on the top shelf and handing it to Calista, who seemed frozen to move.

“You alright?” Noah asked, taking Calista’s hand and placing the book in it.

Calista snapped out of her frozen state and let go of the book, causing it to hit the floor.
“Am I alright?” Calista finally spoke up.
“What is that supposed to mean?”

“What is what supposed to mean.” Noah repeated.
Calista was confused, but wasn’t going to allow him play dumb. “Why’d you kiss me.”

Noah scoffed and shook his head. “That wasn’t a kiss”
“What are you tal-
“That wasn’t a kiss, and you were talking too much, I had to” Noah interrupted before walking back to the couch to sit down.
Calista gazed at the man in the room with her mouth opened, she couldn’t believe what just happened and what he was saying.
“I’m sorry” she started. “But you can’t just go on kissing people like that, just because they were talking too much” Calista barked.
“Oh please.” Noah turned to her. “Like i said. That wasn’t a kiss, you should know that, or perhaps that was your first?”

“Stop twisting and turning this whole thing!” Calista yelled.
“Twisting what?” Noah laughed getting on his feet.

“That was a bizzare thing you just did and I am your employee, and you are my boss.” Calista started.
“Bizzare?” Noah shook his head. “And is there a rule book as to why there’s a boundary set in between an employee and a boss”
Watching Calista say nothing and lost in her own thoughts, Noah spoke up.

“Anyways, nothing happened here, and since you’re nothing but distractions. I’ll leave you be in this room, good night.” Noah sighed, and with one last glance at Calista, he walked out of the room.

Calista glanced around the room and lets out a scoff before taking a seat, Noah has completely left her speechless.
Stepping into his suite room, Noah paused seeing Boris seated in one of the fine chairs. .

“You.” Noah sighed, closing the door.
“Me?” Boris repeated.

“You know I was in the reel room but you still gave miss Calista an invitation.” Noah expounded.
“I know and I was wrong, but she looked like she could cry any minute if another lightning had appeared on the sky. I had no choice.” Boris shrugged.

“You did have a choice, but no qualms, I left the room for her.” Noah sighed.

“Now that is a very nice decision, because you possibly cannot be left in a room like that with a woman.” Boris joked and laughed to himself.
Noah paused and turned to him. “Do you get paid to disparage me Boris?”
“Certainly not, it was a joke.” Boris smiled.

“No because all you see me as is a womanizer.” Noah scoffed.

“Mr Leonhart, we’ve known each other since we were boys and you are not a womanizer, you just tend to have a little screw up there that is mild when you want it to be but have no control over it when it goes wild…but I’m just saying, don’t take me too seriously.” Boris laughed.
and 7
“You know I never take you seriously when you speak words like this, but maybe you are a bit right” Noah raised his brows, taking a step towards Boris.

“Right about?”
“Maybe I do tend to lose it when I’m around women, not all maybe some in particular.” Noah shrugged.
“Good thing you know how you are.” Boris scoffed.

“Same thing happened with paige… Anita… And now Calista…” Noah mumbled staring at the wall, he seemed lost in thoughts.

Boris sighed “Now let’s not bring up the past, and wait, did you just mention Calista? Noah you do know that she is your emp-”
“Boris.” Noah interrupted. “Do you ever think that I’ll settle for one, do you ever think I’ll be satisfied, do you ever think I could change.”

“Well you never know unless you try.” Boris sighed.
“Unless I try” Noah scoffed. “Typical, and do not say anything about Calista, nothing happened tonight with us, and I promise I’ll keep my distance, that’s the onset of trying
Isn’t it?”
“It is, and I’m proud of your decision, miss Calista is an attractive woman, but please do know where you stand sir, we’ve got a big project in our hands, at least focus on that” Boris beamed.

“An attractive woman?” Noah scoffed. “Do you think that’s the only case…?”

Boris tilted his head, “Then what is, I’m lost here.”
“Lost, then this means it’s time to go back to your hotel room.” Noah smiled, walking up to the door and leaving it open.

“You sure do confuse me sometimes Noah.” Boris sighed, before walking out of the suite room
Mika was trying to get some sleep when the door to the ward room burst open and Adrian walked in breathing heavily, he looked a bit drenched by the rain and exhausted, but still looked very attractive.

“Adrian?” Mika called and Ray’s head snapped up at Adrian.

“Mika… Are you alright?” Adrian sighed, dropping his suitcase and walking up to go Mika.
“I’m sorry I took long, the flight was delayed and worst of all the rain made my journey worse, but I had to get here as possible because I was worried something had happened to you, I’m so glad you’re okay” Adrian breathed out a sigh pulling Mika into a hug.

“Oh dang, you’re wet” Mika sighed, hugging him back.
“I’m sorry” Adrian broke the hug.

Turning to Ray, Adrian smiled. “Thank you Ray, for your support, I really appreciate.”

“It’s nothing, it’s why you need have friends, anyways I’ll be on my way now since you’re here, take care of Mika.” Ray smiled getting on his feet.

“But it’s still pouring outside.” Mika complained.
“Oh don’t worry, there’s a conveinence store opposite the hospital, I can buy an umbrella and besides, I’ll be taking a cab anyways”

Mika smiled. “Okay then, get home safe and thank you for today, really.”

“Friends don’t say thanks.” Ray smiled.

Mika rolled her eyes. “Oh you know how I hate you saying that”.

Ray laughed, and with one last glance at Mika, he exited the room.

Adrian turned back to his fiance and let’s out a smile.
“I’m so glad you’re okay, but what happened though, what did doctor say was wrong with you”.

“Oh you know.” Mika gave a nervous laugh. “He just mentioned stress leading to nausea”.

“Just that? Nothing else….” Adrian bored his eyes into Mika’s eyes.

Mika opened her mouth to speak, staring at Adrian, the words laid on the tip of her tongue, it was just left for her to breathe the words out, but she shut her eyes and lets out a forced smile. “it’s nothing babe.”

“Okay then.” Adrian smiled. “You can go to sleep though, I’m here now.”

“Thanks.” Mika kissed Adrian, before laying back on the bed.
Calista opened her eyes the next morning to see herself in an unfamiliar room, but after five seconds of thinking she realized she had walked into a sound proof room to get away from thunder last night.
And thinking about last night, she recalled Noah and his treacherous behavior and also his fickleness

Walking out of the room and back to her suite room, Calista paused when she saw Jeremy waiting outside her door.

“How come I’m always available to save your life” Jeremy sighed seeing Calista.

“What do you mean, is there another meeting I’m running late for, did Boris send any text message”? Calista rushed her words.

“He didn’t.” Jeremy replied. “Everyone is packing to go back home, the rain ruined a lot of things and we’re going back early, cause there’s going to be a storm tonight too.”
“Holy fudge balls, why do i always not get any updates. You’re a life saver Remy” Calista blabbed before rushing into her room and shutting the door to get ready.

“Remy?” Jeremy scoffed with a smile, before walking away.
Mika stood in front of Adrian, her hands clasped in front of her, and Adrian waiting for his fiance to start speaking.

“Okay, you wanted to talk to me? I’m waiting” Adrian smiled.

Mika sighed. “I know you were supposed to be the first to know, but I am telling you now.”

“Telling me?” Adrian raised his left eyebrow.

“I am pregnant” Mika breathed out, staring at the tiled floor.
“You’re what?” Adrian aggressively got on his feet, and his lips crept up into a smile.

“Mika that’s wonderful ne-

“I’m not finished.” Mika sniffed, and that’s when Adrian noticed she was in tears.

“Mika, is something wrong.?” Adrian asked.

Mika slowly raised her head up to meet his face. “And I want us to break up.”
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