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Noah pulled up in front of his home, and after parking his car in the garage, he walked out of the car and head inside to have some relaxing alone time.
Just when he thought he wound be have a relaxing time alone, he suddenly recalled it was Saturday and his mother would have come to drop Janice off.
And silently he prayed his little ‘Angel’ was fast alseep.

Just as he opened the door and walked in, a loud “Daddy!” caused him to flinch.

“Hey there Jan.” Noah smiled, seeing his daughter walk up to him and holding his hand.
“Are you home alone?” Noah asked as they both walked into the living room.

“I was with Nana, but she left not too long ago.” Janice explained
“Have you had dinner.?” Noah asked, glancing at his wrist watch to see it was already nine pm.
“Yes” Janice replied. “Tuna noodle casserole”.

“Okay then, I’ll prepare a quick late dinner for myself, and well you can wait here.”

“Okay daddy.” Janice nodded, taking a seat and grabbing the tablet beside her, to continue the dress up princess party game she had been so engrossed in.

Noah took off his jacket, and touched his pocket for his phone, after hitting his jacket pocket and pants pocket twice, he breathed out a tired sigh.

“I’ll be back Jan.” He said, walking out of the living room and going back to the garage. Because it’s basically the only place his phone can be.
Turning the lights on in the garage and opening his car door to get his phone which was lying on the passenger’s seat, he placed the phone there after a short call with Boris while driving back home.

Noah was about to pull back half of his body out of the car, when he noticed a figure lying at the back seats of his car.
He immediately walked out of the car and gently closed the door.
Hesitant to pull the back door open,Noah internally yelled at himself and pulled the door opening, letting the garage light inside the car.
Seeing a woman lying at the back seat of his car with familiar clothes on and her shoes on the floor of the car, left Noah in a state of awe.
He couldn’t see her face properly, as the lights in the garage didn’t go further to her face.
With his nervous hands, Noah turned on the flashlights from his phone, and he immediately felt something in him drop, as he saw Calista’s face.
“How… In the world.” He was completely speechless as he watched this woman sleep peacefully in his car.

Standing still and watching her for about ten seconds, Noah decided to do something.
He gently placed his hand on her feet and gave her a light tap, calling her name at the same time.
Calista let’s out a light groan, before opening her eyes and shutting them immediately because of the bright light.

“Get that fvcking light out of my face Mika.” Calista groaned.
“I’m not Mika…” Noah sighed, taking off the light. “God she’s dead drunk.” He added, and silently blamed himself for it.

“Come on, you can’t sleep in my car, it’s not healthy.” Noah said holding her hand and helping her sit up.
“Just leave me alone.” Calista sighed, still with her eyes shut.

“And let you sleep in here? What would that make me?” Noah scoffed, as he guided her out of his car gently.
“I’m sleepy” Calista mumbled, opening her eyes and trying to decipher where she was.

Still holding her hand, Noah shut the door of his car and turned to Calista, “We’ll go inside now, I want you to rely on me as we walk. Because clearly you might fall flat on your face. Okay!”
“Ray… Where the hell are we?” Calista asked looking around.

Noah paused. “I am not… I.. Ray?” He scoffed.
“Okay I am Ray, and we need to go inside now, it’s cold in here.”

Falling for Noah being Ray, confused Calista followed him Into his enormous home barefooted.
Immediately they got in, Janice’s head snapped at both of them and she gasped when she saw Calista.

“Miss Calista?” She yelled, getting on her feet.
“Shhh.” Noah snapped at her.
Calista paused hearing her name and slowly got out of Noah’s grip.

“Ray…” she began “What is Noah’s child doing with you?”

“Miss Calista” janice called again walking up to her to give her a hug, a hug that almost made her fall flat on her back, but luckily Noah was behind her to prevent that
“Okay Janice, your miss Calista is not feeling well, so restrain from hugging her or do anything that makes her fall flat.” Noah breathed out, before helping Calista towards the couch and helping her sit down.

“Janice, look after her, I’ll go grab a glass of water for her.” Noah instructed before walking out of the living room.

Janice stood in front of Calista with a grin on her face.
“Miss Calista you’re in my house” she breathed out, sounding more than excited.
“Your house?” Calista replied.

“Yes. And are you okay?” Janice asked.

Calista looked around. “I am okay, though I feel funny”

“Daddy says you’re not.” Janice shook her her head.
“Daddy, you mean Noah? But that was Ray..” Calista’s voice was low as she spoke. She looked tired and sleepy.

“No it was daddy.” Janice replied.

Noah came back to where Calista was and handed her a cup of water.

“Noah?” Calista called seeing his face properly.
“Yes that’s me. Now hurry up and drink this.” Noah sighed, gently pushing the cup up her mouth.
Calista gulped down the water in one go and breathed out a sigh.

“How do you feel?” Noah asked.

“How do I feel?” Calista replied staring at the floor.
“I shouldn’t have made you drink so much. And the fact that you were in my car all along. Should I call this a coincidence or the universe saying exactly what I’m avoiding” Noah mumbled.

“How I do I feel?” Calista suddenly yelled, causing Noah and Janice to flinch.

“How I feel.? How I feel is you kissing me back at the hotel and pretending it never happened and when you suddenly apologize for it you start avoiding me like some plague, how do you expect me to feel you scum..!” Calista yelled, her face getting flushed as she spoke.
“I was just trying to keep a line Calista. Just drink more water, you’re really drunk.” Noah sighed.

“I am not drunk! I am reall-
Calista stopped talking and looked down at the floor, and Noah knew exactly what was coming next.
Immediately he pulled Janice behind him and took a step back, and watched Calista puke on his cold tiled floor.

“Oh sh!t..!” Calista gasped looking down at the mess she has created, she looked up at Noah who lets out a tired sigh.
“Janice… Go get the mob.”

“Okay daddy!” Janice replied before walking away.

“This is all your fault.” Calista sniffed.

“I guess so.” Noah replied with another sigh. “If I haven’t made you drink so much, maybe you would have been fine and would have gone home, so yeah it is partly my fault.”
“It’s your fault that I’m even here. It’s your fault that anybody’s here.” Calista scoffed.

“Okay now you’re just saying thing that doesn’t make any sense.” Noah tried not to laugh. “I thought you could hold your alcohol, looks like this one was too hot to handle, and the fact you puked it all out means you took way too much.”

Janice came back with the mob and watched her father clean up the mess, the woman on their couch had created.
After getting the floors clean and sparkly again, Noah brought extra blankets from the guest room upstairs and as he stood in front of Calista who felt uneasy and awful at the same time and kept whining like a child.
“Here, have just a bit of water and you’ll be fine.” Noah offered, opening the bottle lid and handing it to Calista who listened to him and took a sip.

“uh… It’s so hot in here.” Calista whined, tugging her shirt.
“You mean cold.” Noah sighed, placing the blanket over her body and pulling the couch pillow towards her body. “Just sleep and when you wake up you’ll be fine.”

“I’ll be fine?” Calista replied, slowly laying down.
“You’ll be fine” Noah repeated.

Calista slowly closed her eyes “Do you know I’ve always wanted to go to Disneyland but Bert was always so against it” Calista mumbled with her eyes closed.

“Uhm.. I’m sure… You’ll go one day, just try to sleep.” Noah added, tapping her shoulders lightly, and it just a split second she was fast asleep.

Noah stood straight and breathed out a sigh of relief, he glanced at his daughter and smiled. “She’s a hand full.”

“Is she going to be okay daddy?” Janice asked.
“Don’t worry, as long as she puked, there’s nothing a little sleep can’t do.”

Janice took a step towards Noah and held his hand, and in a quiet voice she asked. “And is she going to live with us?”

Noah scoffed. “Why? Do you want her to?”

Janice lets out a shy nod, causing Noah to laugh.
It was twelve a.m in the morning, when Calista woke up, the night was a bit young and silence filled the whole place.
Slowly getting up on the couch, Calista looked around, trying to wrap her head around where she was.

“You’re awake” Janice suddenly appeared in front of Calista.
“Janice?” Calista called, suddenly realizing where she was and partly in her right senses, Calista lets out a loud gasp.
T. B. C

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