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Adrian laid on his king sized bed staring at his ceiling, he has been like that for about an hour after having the tiniest breakfast ever.
Ever since Mika broke up with him he has not been himself and has been having break downs every now and then, and seeing how she was practically glowing meeting her in the grocery story even after ending things with him, and to top it up she was pregnant with his child.
It was a lot to take in but also the only thing he could do, as she was fed up with him.
Recalling her words from their breakup, Adrian shook his head and sat up.
He looked outside the window, to see the sun at it’s brightest, it was Thursday and he hasn’t been to work and also hasn’t been work focused, all his mind and heart focused on was Mika.
What would he ever do to make her see that it was worth it again.

‘Will this be the end?’ He always thought, but shook his head at the absurd, losing Mika would be the same as losing himself.
He was walking on thin ice and if only she could see it.
He will surely change, at least that’s what he’s making himself believe. He didn’t know his overprotectiveness was eating Mika up, and if only she could take him back and watch him change, then it would be nothing but rainbows again.

The sound of his phone ring tone startled him, and as he glanced at his phone to see it his assistant, he swiped the answer button.
“Adrian you know sooner or later you’ll have to…
Adrian hung up and breathed out a loud sigh, the last thing he needed was anybody to tell him to snap out of his crestfallen state.

Grabbing his phone again, Adrian went straight to his contacts and searched for Mika’s name on his phone, as he stared at her name pondering on whether or not to call her like he does everyday, he realized he was a bit anti-romantic he was, his name on Mika’s phone was clearly Mine with a koala and a heart emoji, literally people in relationships tends to save their partners name on their phone as one of the best names ever. But he had always thought it was juvenile of them and also called Mika juvenile after she had saved his name that way.
Staring at the plain spelling of Mika on his phone, Adrian shut his eyes and dropped his phone.
What if he had been a bit juvenile like others, what if he hadn’t been so solemn about everything, then would Mika stay, or would she come back…
Slowly Adrian drifted to sleep, feeling light headed and a heavy lump in his throat.
Calista didn’t realized she had yelled until everyone in the office turned to her.

“I am sorry.” she apologized with a light grin before getting on her feet and shutting down her computer.
“I see you’re very eager to go home.” Alvara cleared her throat.

“Not really, the office is just starting to feel more confined.” Calista shrugged.
“Oh please” Alvara laughed.

Calista grabbed her purse and after biding everyone good bye, she left the office, she was hungry and skipped lunch to finish up her lunch, and now she was starting to regret, if she doesn’t eat anytime soon she might pass out.
Standing in front of the elevator and waiting for the little orange light to turn on, Calista grinned when the orange light turned on and the elevator door slowly opened.
Her grin slowly fade as she saw Noah and Boris inside the elevator.

Noah’s eyebrows went up immediately seeing Calista, and immediately she breathed out a “Good evening.”

“Miss Calista” Boris smiled at her. “How have you been.?”
“Good” Calista replied plainly.

“Aren’t you going to get in.” Noah raised a brow.
“Oh, yeah right.” Calista shook her head before stepping in and standing side by side with Noah.
It was a bit awkward for the both of them as they haven’t had another encounter after Calista’s little adventure of getting drunk and sleeping at the back his car, and then Janice making her want to visit again.

The elevator was quiet and with Boris minding his business, his eyes focused on his iPad.
Noah glanced at Calista who was staring at the elevator doors, he cleared his throat and asked.
“How are you?”

‘How are you?’ Calista repeated in her head, and suddenly how are you became a tough question to answer. She hasn’t seen Noah for days now ever since she was in his house and her kinky thoughts about him, she had another fantasy about him last night and it was nothing to write home about. She was a woman in her twenties and definitely something normal, or so she’s trying to believe.
And now seeing seeing Noah after having such thoughts, she suddenly feels like he could see what she thinks about him, and wished the ground would open and swallow her.

Noah raised a brow at her waiting for her reply and poor Calista lets out a hysterical laugh that shocked Noah and Boris.

Noah couldn’t get what was funny and glanced at Boris who shrugged and turned to his iPad.
Calista realized how frivolous she was being and ended her laughter, she didn’t understand why she burst out laughing either.

“I am fine.” She replied. “And starving.”
‘He doesn’t care if you’re starving, why do you even have to say that’ Calista yelled at herself on the inside.

Noah paused, and almost he almost asked her out for dinner thinking it would be a nice gesture. But suddenly also thought she could mistake it for something else and decided not to do so.

“Well I hope you do eat cause that stomach isn’t going to feed itself” Was all Noah could say and he regretted it immediately, because it sounded weird.

The elevator stopped and as the door opened, Calista found herself saying good night and rushing out…

Boris and Noah took their time walking out of the elevator and Boris paused and turned to Noah.
“Okay” He breathed. “Both of you were weird back there. Did something happen?”

“What do you mean” Noah scoffed. “Nothing happened.”

Noah turned to Calista’s direction and watch her walk towards Jeremy, and carefully watch them share a hug.
His brows went up and he turned to Boris.
“Let’s go” He ordered before walking away, and with Boris trailing behind him.
Calista walked out of the hug she shared with Jeremy and breathed out a sigh.
“It’s been ages since I saw you.”

“I know right” Jeremy smiled. “You look different though.” He added eyeing Calista from head to toe.

“different as in bad or good.” Calista narrowed her eyes at him.
“You look better than good” Jeremy grinned.

“Oh please.” Calista rolled her eyes getting all flustered up.
“Anyways, you got my text right. We can go eat now.” Jeremy beamed.
“Good, cause I am literally starving.” Calista sighed before walking out the company with Jeremy.
The day was getting dark and bored Mika occasionally glanced at the time to know when Calista would be back from work.
Getting impatient, she grabbed a bag of chips and started to ease her mind with the sound of the chips as she ate them.
Just then her phone starts to ring and her eyes immediately moved from her chips to her phone.
Seeing an unfamiliar phone number on her screen, Mika took her time before answering the call.

“Hello?” She breathed out.
“Uh, good evening, ma’am.” She heard a familiar voice from the other side of the line.
“Henry?” She called.
“Yes it’s me.” Henry, Adrian’s assistant breathed out.

“What… What is it? Is everything okay?” Mika asked.

Mika soon find herself stopping a cab down the road and giving the driver Adrian’s address.
Her head was clouded with worries as she recalled Henry’s words. “Please I’ve been caught up in some stuff and I have been trying to reach Adrian for a while now but it was not going through, and when he finally picked, I couldn’t hear anything it was like he was there but couldn’t speak. I am deeply worried, please I know this is too much of me to ask, I know you guys are taking a break from your relationship, but please if you can reach him please do.”

Mika breathed out a sigh and tapped the back of the driver’s seat.
“Hurry up please.”
Getting to Adrian’s home, Mika gave the driver some cash not caring about her change as she hurried into Adrian’s home.
Of course knowing the pass code to his house, she unlocked the door and walked in. Throwing her purse on the couch and running up to the room that used to belong to she and Adrian.

Mika lets out a gasp seeing Adrian on the bed, his phone on the floor.
He looked lifeless and his eyes stared at nothing but the ceiling, beady sweats laid on his forehead and his skin was completely pale.

“Adrian.” Mika called, walking up to him.
She took a seat on the bed and placed her hand on his forehead, and gasped when her hand almost got burned.
“Geez, you’re running on a fever.” she sighed. “This isn’t good”

Adrian could see Mika, he was loving her presence but he was too exhausted to even speak or reach out and touch her, like he’s been yearning to for days.

“I want you to remain calm Adrian, I’ll run down the pharmacy and get you some drugs, I promise I’ll be back as soon as ever.” Mika rushed her words before tapping his hand and walking out of the dream.

Adrian glanced at the ceiling, and lets out a smile, who would have thought he’d dream about Mika tonight, and then she tapped his hand,
‘Now I can rest peacefully’ Adrian thoughts and slowly his eyes closed.
T. B. C

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