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The fact that it was monday made Calista as cranky as ever that morning, but after going through her morning routine, she became less cranky.
Getting to choose an outfit for the day was something Calista hated, since all her clothes screamed black there was really nothing much happening in her closet.

But it was bring your parent’s to school day and she had to look more than good, for her student’s parents to see how capable and maybe a little fashionable she is.
Grabbing her suit she had always kept for special occasions. Calista slipped the pair of her brown colored sharkskin pants up her legs and after putting on a white t-shirt she wore the the matching blazer, and looked quite professional.

“Now that’s more like it” Calista grinned.

She let her golden brown hair fall to her shoulder and after giving it a raging brush, she slipped on her pair of black shoes about four inches high, before gabbing her purse, phone, her lucky pen, and the class register.
Calista got to school earlier than usual, and being a grade one teacher or any grade teacher, you really have to up your game when it comes to punctuality and the fact that she works for ‘Hilfeld high’ one of the top notch school in town. She wouldn’t want to cause any trouble or do anything that would make her get fired.
Stepping into her classroom, Calista walked up to her teacher’s desk and slowly sat on the chair behind it.
And as the day went on, she watched her student get into the class one by one.

“Good morning Miss Calista” A boy greeted as he walked into the class, with his uniform shirt not properly buttoned.

“Hey there Jonas, how are you? Come over here!” Calista smiled.
She helped the boy with his uniform and he walked gratefully to his seat.

“Good morning Miss Calista” Two girls greeted in unison as they walked into the class, both of their front teeth missing.

Calista gasped seeing them. “Jennifer… Hannah… Did you both lose your teeth over the weekend?”
“Yes my mommy placed them under my pillow and I got a dollar from the tooth fairy” Jennifer the one with black hair grinned.

“Well my mommy said there is no such thing as a tooth fairy” Hannah the one with ginger colored disagreed..

“Of course tooth fairy exist and she came to my house last night”. Jennifer yelled.

“Okay now both of you hurry to your seat.” Calista laughed and they obeyed still silently arguing.

Calista shook her head and thought of how fierce her students can be and hopped Hannah and Jennifer won’t start fighting anytime soon. And Just when she thought about the most ferocious person In class, the little blonde hair suddenly walked into the class, her blue eyes squinted, her eyebrows furrowed. She had definitely come with her morning grumpiness and anger.

“Good morning Miss Calista” The little blonde girl greeted with a frown.

“Good morning there Janice, is everything okay?” Calista asked and suddenly Janice broke into tears.
“My daddy promised to come to school with me today, but instead he made my Nana do it.”

Calista sighed before getting on her feet to comfort the little girl.
“I am sure your daddy has a reason why he couldn’t be here, don’t cry okay! And your grandma is amazing she’ll fill in for your dad just fine. Just like she has always do” Calista smiled, wiping the tears from Janice’s face.

“But everybody keeps saying I don’t have a dad.” Janice sobbed.
“I’m sure they know you do they’re just joking, and besides. I am going to call your dad right now and scold him alright.” Calista stated sternly.
Janice let’s out an agreeable nod.

Calista grabbed her phone and fake called nobody, and slowly placed the phone on her ear.
Janice sniffed waiting for the call.

“Hello, is this Janice’s dad? Yes it is I miss Calista Janice’s teacher and I am calling to tell you that your daughter has been crying because you failed to show up today”
Calista glanced at Janice to see how curious in her fake conversation with her father.

“No Janice is angry with you and no you are not welcomed here any day you hurt Janice, that means you’re not part of us anymore. Good day” Calista scoffed and fake ended the fake call.

“See I’m sure your dad is feeling sorry now, now hurry up to your seat and by noon I’ll give your dad another call okay.” Calista beamed and created a smile into Janice face.
Janice let’s out a nod before hurrying to her seat.
Calista was ready to get the class started when the class was interrupted by a student’s parent whom she recognized as her boy’s parents in her class, and the school’s principal

“Good morning miss Calista, I’d love to have a word with you” The principal, Mrs. Kruger said with a rather disappointed look on her face.
“Good morning Mrs. Kruger is everything okay?” Calista asked, glancing at the parent behind the principal.
She could smell trouble.

“Oh please I’d love it if we have a word, let’s meet at the teacher’s lounge, I’ll send Miss Anesee to take care of your pupils.” Mrs. Kruger said before making a turn and walking out of the class, and with that the woman behind the principal glared at Calista before trailing behind the principal.

“What the f*ck.” Calista mumbled under her breath before turning to her class.

“Okay my sweeties, I’ll be heading out for a while”
Calista stepped into the teacher’s lounge and her body shivered with how cold it was, considering the amout of air conditioning the room has and the glares coming from the principal, vice principal and the parent.

“Take a seat” Mrs. Kruger sighed.

Calista glanced at the boardroom table before taking a seat opposite Mrs. Kruger.

“Now… We begin.” The vice principal Mr Jones chipped in. “Mrs. Harper, please explain again to miss Calista what you explained to us.”

The parent cleared her throat and turned to Calista.
“Miss Calista” she called. “I know you do know me, I am Michael Harper’s mother, Michael from your class.”
“I know that” Calista nodded.

“And last week, my son told me he saw you smoking in class.” Mrs. Harper explained and Calista paused, trying to recall ‘whenever’ she smoked in class.

“I’m sorry what?” was call Calista could say. “I never smoked in cl-
She suddenly stopped talking when she recalled last week Friday and how she had craved for a cigeratte and then ended up smoking it outside the classroom, so her student wouldn’t see her.

“Is she wrong?” Mr. Jones cleared his throat.

Calista scoffed “Yes, I mean no, I mean yes I did smoke but not in the classroom”.

“So Mrs. Harper and her son are right, you were indeed smoking” Mrs. Kruger added.

“But they’re also wrong I didn’t smoke in class.” Calista shook her head.

“in the class or not, the fact that you smoked and a student saw you, do you know what that means, what if words get out, what would people think of our school’s system, a grade one teacher under the addiction of smoking cigarettes. Miss Calista that is beyond us.” Mrs. Kruger sighed.

“And I honestly cannot let someone who is under the addiction of smoking random stuff teach my son, no mother in their right mind would.” Mrs. Harper barked.

“What? It’s not like I’m doing anything to them?” Calista rolled her eyes.

“You are not but people under the addiction of things like that are likely to have a buzz and one day just snap” Mr. Jones added.

“So what are you guys saying.” Calista could feel her blood heating up.

“We’re saying it’s time for you to tell hillfeld goodbye, this is the best way for the school to flourish.” Mr. Jones smiled.

“Wait! So I’m getting fired?” Calista suddenly jumped to her feet.

“Yes.” Mrs. Kruger added.

“But please, what if you reconsider, I promise, I won’t do it anymore. Please, and I am not an addict.” Calista shook her head.

The principal and vice principal glanced at each other.
“I’m sorry Miss Calista it has been decided already, we cannot leave the kids in your hands, you have to go.” Mrs. Kruger shook her head.

“What the hell. This is bullshit!” Calista yelled.

“Manage your language please.” Mrs. Kruger corrected.
“No because my language doesn’t have any f*cking thing to do with the school system. I get it, hillfeld wants a good reputation because it’s one of the richest school in town, but let me let you on, on something you don’t know, you’ll never find a teacher like me, explains why I’ve won best teacher of the year for three good years. And whatever I’m done with this, you all are just pussy heads.”

“Mind your language miss Calista for Christ’s sake.” Mr. Jones barked.

“Oh this have nothing to do with christ. You all are just dumb and let me tell you something Mrs. Harper your son Michael, is going to grow up and become a fucking dick head drug addict, he’s going to have more than a buzz and then he’s going to fu*King choke you to death.” Calista seethe getting a gasp.

“And you Mr Jones, I’ve never liked you, same goes for you Mrs. Kruger, you all and the school system can all go to hell.” Calista yelled, leaving the three of them speechless.
And with one last glare, she exited the teacher’s lounge.
T. B. C

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