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Mika remained quiet staring at Adrian on the bed, he looked less lifeless but still looked exhausted.
She had cooked a perfect delicacy for him and after forcing him to eat, she gave him the drugs she got at the pharmacy hours ago and had also forced him to take it.

His body temperature was returning to normal but his weakness and paleness still remained.
“Don’t worry you’re going to be fine.” Mika smiled at him.
“Thanks” Adrian smiled.

“But what the hell were you thinking! Starving yourself and not even getting any sleeps, what if I hadn’t shown up tonight. Adrian you really know how to make people worry” Mika scoffed.

“I’m sorry” Adrian apologized, his voice quiet and he adjusted his body on the bed.

“I used to think you were the most perfect person, you know your routine, when to eat, what to eat, when to sleep, when it’s past your bird time, what’s good for you and what is not, you never get ill, but well today speaks different” Mika scoffed.

Adrian sighed. “I am sorry” He glanced down at her stomach. “You’re pregnant and because of me you had to go through all that stress tonight.”

“It’s nothing.” Mika sighed.
She gently placed her hand on his face and breathed out a sigh of relief “Your body is now back to normal. I’m glad, three hours ago I thought you were going to die. Don’t ever scare me like that again.” She warned staring at his light brown eyes.

“I won’t.” Adrian promised.

Mika remained quiet again before adjusting the cardigan on her body and turning to Adrian. “This fever, everything, why you’ve been skipping meals, less sleeps is it because of our break.?” Mika asked.

Adrian did not give Mika a reply and she breathed out a sigh knowing it was the only reason. “You have to get used to this Adrian. You have to get used to us not sleeping in the same bed at night, you have to get used to you coming back home and not meeting me, you have to get used to…
Mika paused as she tried to Blink away the tears in her eyes.
“I’m sorry” She sniffed. “I can’t believe I’m crying right now. Pregnancy sure makes someone a little too emotional.”

Mika wiped her tears, “It’s been hard for me too Adrian not being with you for the time being, but it’s going to be harder for us if we don’t do this now, so please don’t skip your meals and get some good night sleep, whenever, and you need to get up again and start going back to work, you don’t want your business to fall apart now do you?” Mika placed her hand on his cheek.

“It’s not going to.” Adrian placed his hand on hers.
“Still… This is for the better. Promise me you’re going to take good care of yourself.” She sighed, leaning closer to him.
“I promise” He mumbled.

Mika remained quiet and gawked at nothing but Adrian’s gloomy face, he was pale and not in his best state but he still looked the most charming, how she had fall in love at first sight with such beaut, those eyes her knees weakned to, those lips that made her lips quiver and beg to press his.
She used to love the man in front of her so much, she still do, but part of his personality is making everything difficult for her. She doesn’t want to be controlled and he had to learn that.

With Mika’s face inches away from Adrian’s face, Adrian managed to lift his body up and kiss Mika.
And to his surprise Mika gave in, her warm lips welcoming his, the kiss was soft and Mika could feel how his lips parted slightly open to let her tongue on.
She could feel the inside of her body getting heated, and immediately withdrew back from the kiss.

“We can’t.” Mika sighed. “I’m sorry Adrian.”

“But we’re already doing it.” Adrian scoffed.
“Yes, that’s why i had to stop, to prevent us from getting carried away, we’re not together anymore. We shouldn’t do this. I’m sorry.” Mika breathed out.

Adrian laid his head back on the bed on the bed before breathing out a sigh. “I understand” He muttered.

“Sorry, just try to get some sleep” Mika said getting on her feet.
“I will” Adrian muttered.

“A-and I’ll go do the dishes and after that take my leave. So…” Mika rushed her words before leaving the room.

Adrian dwelled in the quietness the room suddenly brought and slowly let’s out a smile.
‘Maybe I still have a chance’ He thought.
Calista lets out a hysterical laugh holding Jeremy by the wrist.
” I know, I know but You’re hurting me.” Jeremy mumbled.
“Oh please, I haven’t had this much fun in my entire life.” Calista laughed picking up another dart and aiming at the dartboard in front of them.
After closing hours at work, they had both gone to the nearest and local restaurant to eat. And after eating they decided not to go home just yet and that was when Jeremy decided to take her to a place called the dub pub, where liquor and other beverages are sold and also had games for people to entertain themselves
And Calista had happened to get a little bit intoxicated by some alcohol and got super hyped trying out all the games, and her favorite became the dartboard game.

“Okay now. This is my last try, if I win I get a coupon, don’t you want that?.” Calista scoffed.
“a coupon to get free alcohol who wants that?” Jeremy retorted.

“Well as long as I win. Winning is a good feeling now let me try this.” Calista sighed picking up another dart.
“I shouldn’t have brought you here, you’re half drunk and getting this game into your head. We’ve been here for three good hours” Jeremy sighed, taking a seat on the wooden table beside Calista.

“Well I do feel a little tipsy, but I assure I am fine, I’ve gotten four right, I just need this one. if I win. We go home I promise” Calista smiled.
“Sure, you’re kind of good of this so…” Jeremy sighed, his hazel eyes watching Calista carefully. As she turned to the dartboard and aimed at it.

With a slight throw the dart hit the center of the dartboard and Calista lets out a scream.
“it hit I win!”

“Seriously didn’t expect th-
Jeremy was caught off with Calista’s sudden hug, and he lets out a smile and gave her pat on her back. “Good job”

Calista looked happier than ever as she walked up to the man behind the dartboard game to ask for her coupon, and after getting it back, she went back to Jeremy to rub it in his face.
“You’re like a child, whenever you’re half drunk.” Jeremy laughed.
“I told you I would win.” Calista grinned.

“Great now lets get out of here, a middle aged woman has been giving me creepy stares” Jeremy sighed grabbing his jacket and walking towards the door.
“Ahhh, I love the way I’m feeling now.” Calista spread her hands as she and Jeremy walked outside, welcoming the night breeze on her skin and hair.
“It sure is kind of windy tonight” Jeremy said looking up at gh sky, to see it entirely white.
“Uh, we better hurry up. I think it might rain.” Jeremy warned picking up his pace as he walked down the street.

“Oh calm your horses. I feel good tonight, and weirdly, I just feel like standing under the sky tonight and doing nothing.” Calista stopped walked and tugged her baggy Jean shorts.
“So you don’t have any intention of going home?” Jeremy scoffed.
“I do… But not now. Now I feel… Uh I can’t explain how I feel.” Calista sniffed the air dramatically, before titling her head back and spreading out her arms, closing her eyes at the sky.

Jeremy breathed out a sigh, literally having too much alchol is bad for you, but when you take the right amout, you feel exactly how Calista feels tonight.

“I’m going to leave without you” Jeremy announced.
He got no reply from Calista as she remained in her position.
Jeremy shook his head not believing Calista, it was his fault and he would of course take the blame for it.

Calista flinched when she felt something went drop on her face. And then it happened again and then again, she opened her eyes and turned to Jeremy.
“Sh!t! It’s about to rain” She cried out.

“Oh really? But it’s so bright and the moon shiny, there’s clearly no sign of rain.” Jeremy added sarcastically.
He clearly warned her.

Before Calista could catch that he was being sarcastic, at once droplets of rain fell cause Jeremy to widen his eyes and pull Calista by the hand, both of them running back into the pub house they just came out from.

“Ugh, we are going to be stuck here.” Jeremy breathed out, staring at the rain drop heavily from inside the pub house. The place seemed almost empty, with just an old man drinking by the counter and Jeremy’s friend, Barret, a middle aged man and owner the place, lightening up a cigarette behind the counter.

Calista looked cold, as she remained quiet sitting on a wooden chair as she gawked around the place, her hyperactive mood had seemed to die down after her getting a little drenched by the rain.
Jeremy noticed her gloomy state and how cold she looked before walking up to Barret asking him for a blanket.

“What do you think this is? A hotel?” Barret had scoffed.
“But anyways, I do let my Yvonne take some naps here at the back, so I’ll get you the blanket” Barret had smiled.
Jeremy came back to hand Calista the blanket and she slowly wrapped it around her body.
“Thanks.” She breathed out.
“No problem, the only problem is just getting out of here is going to be tough and until the rain stops.”
“Well that’s okay, we can just drink more alchol and play games.” Calista giggled.

“Nope, no alcohol for you” Jeremy warned.

Calista rolled her eyes with a smile and watch Jeremy take a seat in front of her.
They both remained quiet and stared at each other, listening to the sound of the heavy rain.

“You know…” Calista began after some decades of silence. “You’re really… Cute”

“Uh thanks?” Jeremy was a bit flustered but confused. “Are you saying that because you mean it or you’re half drunk.”

Calista scoffed. “How mean, I just complimented you, you should say thank you”
“I did” Jeremy retorted.

Calista sighed and moved her mouth in a weird way. “is it me or does my mouth tastes like bubble gum, could it be the drink I had earlier.”
“I promise you’re just imagining things.” Jeremy laughed.
“No for real, I’m serious” Calista scoffed, getting on her feet and walking towards Jeremy.
“What are you doing?” Jeremy moved back a bit.
“Proving I’m not imagining things.” Calista scoffed.
And with a lean, she did the most outrageous thing, Jeremy least expected.
A kiss.

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