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With Calista’s lips pressed on Jeremy’s lips, Jeremy’s eyes widen in shock as he didn’t expect what was about to go down.

Calista’s mouth slowly parted open ready to take in Jeremy’s kiss when Jeremy suddenly broke the kiss.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“Huh?” Calista seemed lost for a bit, deep down she wanted to continue with the kiss so bad.

“Why did… Calista.” Jeremy sighed in disappointment.
“I was… I was just… I…” Calista couldn’t find her words and after realizing what she had done, she walked back to the wooden chair to take a seat.

Wrapping the thick clothes around her body, Calista sucked in her bottom lips and stared at Jeremy.

Her damp hair laid on her face as they both stared at each other speechless.

“I am so dumb” Calista shook her head. “And I am so sorry” she added.

“I just wanted you to… Goodness, I am so stupid.” Calista sighed.

Jeremy sighed. “No it’s okay, you’re just drunk.”

“I’m not that drunk, I don’t even know why I did that too.” Calista sighed.

“Let’s just forget it happened.” Jeremy nodded with an assuring smile.
“Yeah. Thanks.” Calista smiled.

Internally smacking herself Calista couldn’t help but wonder what in the world has been wrong with her ass lately, she’s been day dreaming naughty things about Noah and now she’s kissing Jeremy? What in the world.

“I hope you’re happy now. Because now I can’t go home because of the rain.” Mika sighed at Adrian on the bed, he seemed to be in a better state than before, and because of the rain and cold weather, Mika has whipped up some hot chocolate tea and bread buns to go with.

Emptying her cup, Mika breathed out a sigh and sat at the edge of the bed. “God I am exhausted, I hope Calista doesn’t get worried when she comes home and doesn’t find me.”

“You can call her.” Adrian muttered.
“Tried to, she isn’t answering.” Mika replied.

Mika was getting sleepy but there was no way she could fall asleep there, she was going to wait until the rain was over, but the rain looked like it won’t be stopping any time soon.
“I am like so, like so very exhausted, didn’t know pregnancy could be so tiring and I’m just five weeks pregnant” Mika sighed.

Adrian gently dropped his cup and turned to Mika.
“You can lie down if you feel tired.” He suggested.
“No it’s okay you’re the sick one, you should lie down.” Mika shook her head.

“But you’re pregnant.” Adrian added.

“Yeah just five weeks, please just lie down, I don’t want to be the lazy kind of moms who can’t handle a five weeks pregnancy, and then how would I even react if I get to nine months, please just lie down.” Mika laughed.
Adrian nodded and slowly laid down dropping his buns.
“The bed’s actually big enough for five people you can also lie down.” Adrian added.

“It’s okay, I might fall asleep and you wouldn’t want that.” Mika shook her head.

“Just stop being so stubborn, and I don’t mind.” Adrian breathed out a smile as he gently pulled Mika down and slowly let her lie on the bed.

Mika laid on the bed and stared at the ceiling she and Adrian remained quiet, the feeling of awkwardness moved across the room.
The sound of rain was the only thing that could be heard and Mika couldn’t help but let out a gulp.

“You should sleep.” Mika breathed out.

“Aren’t you the sleepy one, I am not sleepy” Adrian replied.

“Just force it, you’re sick.” Mika scoffed, slowly turning to look at Adrian.

Adrian noticed her stare and his head slowly turned to her.

They both stared at each other and Adrian slowly let’s out a smile.

“What?” Mika snickered.
“Nothing.” Adrian shook his head.
“Just, thank you for tonight.”

“It’s okay, it’s literally nothing.” Mika beamed, staring at the gorgeous man in front of her, somehow her hand wanted to reach out and touch his face, but at the same time she couldn’t.

“I… I” Adrian sighed when he couldn’t breathe out the words he wanted to say.

“Just say it” Mika yawned.
“I can’t” Adrian shook his head.
They both said nothing again, until Mika started to slowly close her eyes, and Adrian stared at her falling asleep.
It was 1am in the morning when the rain finally stopped, and with Calista fast asleep on the wooden chair and her head rested on her table at the center of her curved hands.
Jeremy walked up to barret after waking up from his five minutes slumber.

“Ready to leave? It’s already so late” Barret started.

“Yeah we have to, we have work tomorrow.” Jeremy replied. “Thank you for tonight”

“It’s nothing, if you want I can give you a ride in my old truck, you won’t see any bus or cab around 1am.” barret smiled.

“You’re too nice. It’s okay, I can see a cab, this town never sleeps. I’ll book a cab now, thank you for your hospitality” Jeremy beamed.

“Okay then, anytime, and anything for you, your father did much more for me.” barret grinned. “But looks like your girlfriend’s enjoying her time here. She looks like she doesn’t have any intention of waking up.” Barret snickered.

“She’s not my girl-
Jeremy paused to stare at Calista who was fast asleep. He lets out a sigh and turned barret.
“Well goodnight Garrett, say hi to Brenda for me.” Jeremy smiled before walking away.
Jeremy and Calista walked towards the cab Jeremy had booked earlier, with her sleepy eyes and feeling more sober Calista lets out a yawn and turned to Jeremy after he told her to get in.

” You’re not getting in? ” she asked.
“You go home first” He smiled.

“Well thank you” Calista yawned, before getting Into the cab.

Jeremy watched the car drove away and with his brows arched, he smiled at his thoughts before walking away.
Calista got home to her empty apartment and after throwing her shoes in a corner, she fell on her bed ready to fall asleep when her phone buzzed in her pocket.

Taking out her phone and tapping on the sudden message, Calista squinted her eyes at the message.

“You Alive?”
T. B. C

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