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Mr Arrogant Episode 3



Mr Arrogant Episode 3

(Ând the strânge maidën)

By: Faith Lucky



Xavier’s Pov:
Since Chelsea had come with her car to pick me up, we had to go to the “fun place” with it. And when we were done, she drove me back home.

“It was fun, right?” She asked happily as she followed me out of the car and stopped in front of the house.

“Yeah…it was” I replied with a shrug.
“You’ll be coming over to school tomorrow, right?”

“Of course” she smiled and hugged me.

“Goodnight” she hushed.

Hm. Now, I know mum’s absolutely right. She really has feelings for me.

Well, I wouldn’t blame her. All ladies crush on me and being my first best friend, she should feel really honored.

But….I think she’s been showing her feelings more clearly now.

“Goodnight” I replied her and she turned to leave but suddenly stopped and gave me a peck.


“That isn’t allowed, Chelsea” I said with an eye roll and she laughed and scurried off to her car.

Hmph. Better don’t fall in love with me, Chelsea. To avoid heartbreaks.

Then, I proceeded to the house.

I got in and met mum in the sitting room,
staring through the window.


“Mum…? Good evening” I greeted with a little surprise
Why’s she just standing and staring through the window?

“Was that Chelsea?” She asked with a smile, still staring.

“Y….es” i drew my reply, feeling a bit surprised.

“She’s such a pretty lady, don’t you think?” She smiled.
“She’ll make a fine girlfriend, Xavier”.

Gosh! Are you kidding me?

I shook my head and started walking away.

“Having a girlfriend is better than being a flirt, Xavier” she called back my attention and I sighed and turned back to her, going to get a wine from the wine bar.

“Chelsea and I are just friends, mum. We’re best friends and there’s absolutely nothing going on between us” I said casually as i popped the wine open and drank directly from the bottle.

“But she’s fit to be your girlfriend, don’t you think? Come on, Xavier”.

I didn’t say a word but just focused on the drink. I ain’t ready for love.

“You know…I’ve always wish I had a daughter” she continued wistfully now.
“A pretty girl to take care of and cuddle. It’d have been nice having one around.


‘Hold on; are you trying to say you wish I was a boy or what?” I asked and she widened her eyes in shock.

“Of course, not Xavier! I’m just saying it’d have been better if you had a sister, you know? Or better still….a girlfriend”.

Geez! I guess we’re back at it again.

“Goodnight mum” I said as I started walking away with the bottle of wine.

“Xavier! Hey…where are you…”

I didn’t listen to her as I completely walked away. When will she change?

I still have a long way to go and I’m definitely not ready for love.

Give me a lady and I’ll spoil her with my d*ck.

But don’t expect me to love her

Delaney’s Pov:
I panicked as the female guards took me to the throne room to face the Queen.

We got to the entrance and walked pass the leaves which were used as coverage and finally got to the room.

The Queen was seated on her throne, Hera standing beside her together with some of the subjects.

I was made to kneel in front of the Queen who’s leaves sparkled.

Well, over here, we make use of leaves as clothes. I didn’t even know dresses existed.

Our long hair also served as coverage for our chests.

“Delaney!” The Queen called thunderously, her eyes glinting.

Good saviors.

I bowed my head and shivered in fear.

“How dare you??? How dare you break one of the sacred rules by sneaking into the Holy Chambers in an attempt to steal and thereby, almost resulting in the loss of one of my subjects??” She asked but I couldn’t say a word.

Oh! Hera. What has she done to me?

“Have you lost your tongue???” She roared and I lifted my head a little but made sure I didn’t look into her eyes.

“I’m sorry my queen” I managed to say.

I could clearly hear the anger in her voice. Why does she hate me so much, huh?

“For being disrespectful,” she said.
“This will be your penalty – you’ll be locked up for seven days with no food, but water. And you’ll be whipped for as long as it lasts”.


For the first time, I looked into her eyes.

What’s she talking about? What sort of punishment is that??

I noticed the rest of the subjects looked surprised.

“Wh….What?” I muttered.
“I…I didn’t do it” I stuttered.
“I didn’t do it, my Queen. Princess Hera was behind it and she’s trying to frame me for it”.

Oh! Good saviors!

I had to admit it. I couldn’t just take the consequences.

Hera’s eyes dimmed and for a moment, there was silence.

“How dare you???” She suddenly snapped
“How dare you point an accusing finger at my daughter? Have you lost your mind???”

Her voice was so loud and angry that I feared the creaky walls would collapse.

I looked at Hera.

“Tell her the truth – please” I said with pleading eyes but she ignored my gaze.

She looked scared.

“Shut it, Delaney!!” The Queen roared again.

“How dare you plan such an act against the royal family??

“For this, I hereby sentence you to death at Dawn!” She proclaimed and a wild gasp ran across the room.


A stunned silence crowded me as I couldn’t say a word.

What did she just say??

“Guards!!” She called.
“Take her away!”

No, no. This isn’t happening.

What is my offence that’d require death? What have I Have I done?

“No. I…I didn’t do anything. I didn’t” I begged as I looked into her face but only saw an evil smile.

The guards came upto me and lifted me up.

“Why do you just hate me??? What have I done to you???? Whaaaaaat????” I cried out as the guards dragged me away and all I saw on her face was a grin.
I sat on the floor in the very dark cell, weeping profusely.

I still couldn’t believe it.

My life was shattered. I was going to be killed tomorrow morning. What have I done to deserve this?

Even if I were to accept the offense, the penalty doesn’t involve death. No way.

Why’s the Queen being so heartless towards me? What have I done to her?

Why does she hate me so much that she’d kill me without a second thought?

I wept for a long time, having no one to console me. This has always been my life – lonely and rejected.

No family, no loved ones – just Hera who’s betrayed me. I can’t believe she stood by and watched her sentence me to death.

Why do I have to be so unfortunate to be here alone? Why don’t I have a mum like the rest? What happened to mine?

Suddenly, I heard a strange sound from outside and sprang on my feet.

What’s happening?
I watched with keen interest, wondering what was happening to the guards outside my cell.

Suddenly, the leaves opened and someone showed up – someone who’s face was covered.


I panicked and moved back in fear.

Who’s she? And how did she get in? What happened to the guards?

“I’ve taken care of the guards for you” she said in a muffled voice.

“You need to leave while you still can. Run far away from here – to a place you can never be seen”.


I watched in amusement as she turned around and scurried off.

What’s happening?

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I dropped my phone on the bed and looked sideways not knowing what to say.
Thankfully Jason is working to get over his feelings for me.
But then Neil is at the other end, he went to get himself drunk and now he is blurting out all this, about how he loves me and I don’t love him back. And now he wants us to break up because we can never be perfect together.
That guilty feeling seized in my chest as I saw the missed calls from Jason and Neil.
Well especially Neil, because of everything he said through the voice mail.
If only I let him kiss me, he wouldn’t have…
I sighed and laid back on the bed with, dropping my phone on top of my drawer beside the bed.
Everything happens for a reason and I didn’t kiss him because I didn’t feel like it and cause I didn’t feel the same way he felt for me.
There’s a reason behind why he didn’t notice my feelings for him back then in high school, maybe we’re not meant to be, and we can’t force what’s not meant to be.
Bananas goes with bananas, mangoes goes with mangoes, you can’t force banana and mangoes go together.
I closed my eyes and made my head comfortable around the pillow.
And before I knew it, I was fast a sleep.
I woke up that same morning by eight a.m and quickly went to have my bath, my mom and dad would be home soon too.
After washing up and having breakfast, I called my mom and she told me, they just left the hospital.
I decided on calling Neil, I wanted to talk to him while he is sober, what he sent last night was still making me feel bad. I wanted to make things right.
Thankfully Neil picked up immediately as I called him.
And his cheerful hello sounded from the other side of the phone.
“HI… Neil?” I breathed out.
“How are you doing?” He asked calmly.
“Fine… I guess, you?”
“I’m fine!” He said.
“Okay, so i revieved you voice note…” I said hesitantly.
I heard the sigh and bit my bottom lip. “I know, I didn’t know i sent that until this morning that was stupid of me!” Neil laughed nervously.
“You were really drunk last night, are you okay now?” I asked.
“Well I’m fine now, and I really needed that so it’s okay!” Neil laughed.
We both remained quiet until he added. “And about everything I said!”.
My breathing hitched as I continued to listen to him.
“I meant everything I said though, and I don’t really think we’re meant to be, you understand right?” Neil stated.
“Neil, if it’s about that kiss, we ca–
“Can maybe what?” Neil interrupted, “We can kiss again? You’re pretty funny Elsa, but it’s not about the kiss, I just don’t see an us, I don’t… Look I fucked up by not noticing your feelings then and now it’s the other way round. But don’t worry I am not having any regrets, we can just be friends Elsa, just like always okay?” I could feel his smile from the phone and I couldn’t believe my ears.
He is such… he is very understanding.
“Thank you!” was all I could stay.
“You’re welcome. You don’t have feelings for me and I cannot force that, just be who you want to be and love who you want to love. Lately I’ve come to be very understanding and sorry if I said any word that hurt you through my voice mail” Neil said and I nodded and breathed out a “No! You didn’t”.
I smiled at his gentle words and understanding heart.
“Okay thanks again!” I sighed.
“No problem” Neil said and we both hung up. The guilty feeling left my chest as a small smile curved up on my face.
Neil is so nice.

I heard as the sound of the front door and I quickly rushed to the door to see my mom and Dad walking inside the house, my mom was looking good, like nothing ever happened and my Dad looked like he could really use another sleep for another forty eight hours.
I welcomed my mom with a hug and she wouldn’t stop smiling.
I walked her back to her room and when we both settled down on her bed she started to ask me about work and other things.
And then she asked about Neil all of a sudden.
“Oh Neil is fine!” I replied and I don’t know what was wrong with my tone but she asked.
“What’s up with your tone, is he not fine?” she narrowed her eyes at me.
“Huh?” I was confused.
“The way you said ‘Neil is fine’ sounded like he’s not fine!”. My mom stated.
“Oh” I laughed. “Well my bad, but he’s actually fine.” I added.
“Hmm… Okay are you guys fine?” my mom blurted.
I gave her a look. “You mean, are we fine individually, or you mean our relationship?”.
“Your relationship!” My mom plainly stated.
“Well we’re fine being friends!” I smiled.
“Friends?” my mom gave a bewildered look.
“Yeah, we broke up few minutes ago!” I said like it was nothing, and my mom let out the loudest gasp ever.
“What?” she yelled.
“You just came back from the hospital mom, remember your state!” I reminded.
“I don’t care, why did you guys break up, you were both a perfect couple!” my mom said.
“Really a perfect couple!?” I scoffed.
“Huh?” My mom said.
“It’s really a big ‘huh?’ mom, cause Neil and I are not the so called perfect couple you’re saying, everyone calls a perfect couple or relationships when you and your boyfriend has the perfect height distance, or when you’re pretty and your boyfriend is also pretty, or when you guys laugh out loud for people to hear all the time. That is not a perfect couple, well it is on the outside for the eyes of people, but people should focus more on the inside to judge if it’s really a perfect couple or not, mom sincerely, I used to have a crush on Neil back then in highschool but he never noticed me, well it was a one sided love so it was nothing big though. And now the feeling’s all gone and he started to develop feelings for me and asked me out, I accepted his feelings out of pity cause I didn’t want him to feel bad and now I feel bad cause now I feel like I’ve made him felt worse, but he’s always so bottled up with his feelings and always tries to be understanding. I like that about him but it’s not good, he told me we should break up, he knows I don’t share the same feelings for him so he decided on the break up!” I rushed the whole words i said and my mom blinked rapidly.
“That is… I don’t know what to say but I sure do know what thing, rejecting someone is far better than accepting them out of pity, if you don’t like them, just let them know, and being In a relationship you don’t want to be in, is just so bad!” my mom stated and I sighed.
“I know, I shouldn’t have done that, but it’s okay now, we’ve resolved everything between us!” I said with a small sigh.
“Okay dear, whatever you do just know I’m always in full support!” my mom smiled and I nodded.
“So would you like to eat anything!?” I asked.
“Nope, I ate a huge burger on my way back, so I’m more than full, and shouldn’t you be getting ready for work?” my mom asked.
“Work doesn’t start until three, and it’s just twelve p.m” I reminded her and she nods.
Time was slow that day but the usual television shows helped, till it was time for me to go to work, like I slept so much I feel so energetic. And also feel so happy, because of what Neil did, he’s so understanding and I hope he finds someone better than me, someone who deserves the sweet and understanding Neil that I know.
I smiled at the sun, when I got inside the bus, it was beaming so bright and it just gave a cheerful vibe.
I was happy and cheerful at that moment and I loved the feeling, let’s be happy, we only live once.
I got to the Huggins residence and in no time, I found myself inside the house.
I found Mrs. Huggins in the living room talking to Dessera about something and when she noticed me, she held up the most beautiful smile ever.
“Elsa!” she called happily.
“Hi Mrs. Huggins!”.
She doesn’t have to work or go to work, when you have a filthy and Rich husband you get to stay home all day in fancy looking clothes and Shoes…
Mrs. Huggins never seemed to fail me with her dresses.
“Oh, so glad you’re here, Jason has finally get a hold of himself and as a better mom, I apologized to him for what I did.” Mrs. Huggins said happily.
“Oh that’s great!” I added.
“I know right?” she smiled.
I nodded and told her I’ll be in Jason’s room now.
She nodded and I left for Jason’s room.
I gave a small knock on the door. And heard a “You can come in!” from the inside.
I pushed the white door open and walked in his already too familiar room.
Surprisingly, Jason was already waiting at his study desk for me. And I couldn’t be more proud. So good he’s pushing the feeling things aside.
I sat down beside him and adjusted the chair away from his, just a bit, so we won’t bump into each other if we try to lift our elbows up or more.
I dropped my bag on the desk and breathed out a “Hi”.
“Hi” Jason replied. He remained quiet for a while before turning to me… “Okay so can we make this lesson the normal way it is before, instead of saying stupid ‘Hi’s and hellos, it’s awkward and stupid” Jason ranted.
“Well sorry to burst your bubbles, but you did reply me, so I guess we’re both freaks them” I raised my brows at him and he rolled his eyes.
And that was how the before atmosphere came back.
We both worked on some topics and Jason was really back on track cause he understood everything I was explaining, no more lost in thoughts or even finding zoned out.
Well he understands it’s for the best, it’s lovely how two of the guys who loves me are understanding. And I used to think Jason was childish. Well I take back all my words.
Jason solved all the whole equations without making a single mistake and I complimented him for his good work.
I started to flip the pages of the textbook to know what topic to work on next, while Jason was quiet, actually busy with his phone though.
I finally found a topic and called for his attention and he immediately dropped his phone and turned to me.
Well I started to make an explanation on the topic and before I knew it, my saliva clogged on my throat and I started to cough. Well that is a normal incident for everyone. But Jason quickly told me not to worry that he’d get me a glass of water immediately and dashed out of the room before I could protest.
I sighed, as I stood straight still watching the door. Guess I was too late, well I could really use a glass of water, I’ve been talking non stop.
I sat on Jason’s chair and sighed again. His phone blinked and turned on, I didn’t mean to pry but he was having a text conversation with the participant ‘Donald’ I remember the Donald guy being his friend.
I didn’t want to read his text conversation but the message I saw made me to. And it was Jason who sent it to donald.

**I act like I’m okay, but I know deep down I’m not, I have to be okay, unless I won’t see her again. Or at least I have to pretend I’m okay in order for her to be here**

Why didn’t he put a lock on his phone??

Curiously I read the next text and the next text and the next one.

Donald: *You are never going to be okay just know that*
Jason: *Try to be positive, I’m dying here, like she’s here beside me, I can’t take it*.
Donald: *To my own thinking, I think you’ll be fine if you just go on one date with her, maybe that would take your mind off awkward things, you’ll really get to see who she really is despite the teacher role.*
Jason: *A date with her? That sounds nice but are you going to ask her out for me cause I can’t, so don’t ever think a date is happening you prick*
Donald:*Your problem, not mine, you dweeb*

And that was the message that came in.
I stood up and sat back on my chair.
And here I am thinking he was over me. But he’s not.
The door opened and Jason walked in with a glass of water.

“Thanks” I said as he dropped the water in front of me. Thankfully his phone has slept off again.
“You welcome!” He said as he sat down.
I gulped down the whole glass and turned to him.. And out of nowhere I said.
“Do you want to go on a date with me?”
T. B. C

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As I dropped my bag on my bed, I turned to the door to see it slightly open.

“Jason can you close the door!” I said
Neil closed the door but laughed.
“What?” I asked.
“You just called me Jason!.” Neil said walked over to me.
“No. I called you Neil.” I replied.
“No I heard you call me Jason, you might be calling me by name on the inside but you called Jason!” Neil expound.
“Well” I laughed.
“That’s completely normal cause we can call someone another person’s name by mistake and that was a mistake. It’s just because I’m around him day by day and you know he’s pretty stubborn, so I call his name all the time and maybe that’s why, but if I did call you Jason I’m sorry!” I tried to smile.
“Well it’s okay, I knew it was a mistake.!” He beamed and I nodded.
I rolled my hair in a bun and turned to Neil.
“So now that we’re here. What do you suggest we do?” I asked.
What do people in relationships do?
I laughed at my question, when my subconscious replied them immediately. ‘They probably smooch and cuddle all they long!’

“Why are you laughing?” Neil asked.
“Uhm… Nothing, just recalling some old jokes!” I Lied. I can’t possibly tell him what I was thinking.
“Okay, so how about a movie, can we watch a movie.” Neil suggested.
“Of course! We will both watch it downstairs!” I said and Neil nodded.
“So I want to change my clothes can you wait for me downstairs?” I asked and he nodded with his normal friendly smile. “Of course!”.
Neil left my room and I quickly changed into my sweats, at least something more than comfortable. No work today, so let’s spend more time with my boyfriend shall we?.
I went downstairs to see Neil tapping his phone screen with both of his thumb and he immediately turned to me when he heard my footstep.
I sat on the couch beside him and asked.
“So what are we watching!”
“I’ve connected my phone to the TV, so a little options from Netflix won’t hurt!” Neil smiled and I nodded.
We decided on a movie and started to watch it.
It was a romantic movie and it was pretty good honestly.
The movie went on for minutes going to one hour and it was getting pretty good as time went by.

“This is getting pretty good!” Neil chuckled.
“No getting, and cause you pause it, I think this might be a good time for chips, it’ll definitely go well with the next scenes!” I said standing up.
“And also orange or apple juice to go with” Neil added and I smiled.
“Perfect combo”.

I hurried to the kitchen and immediately rushed back to the living as my hands were filled with two bags of chips and a big sized cup of orange juice.
“You should called me to help, the chips looked pretty heavy on you!” Neil said as he took a bag of chip and a cup from me.
“Are you indirectly calling me lazy?” I narrowed my eyes at me.
“I don’t know are you lazy?” Neil teased with a smirk.
He just teased me. For the first time since I met him again.
I mean Neil doesn’t tease people much, back then in high school, but me he teases me all the time calling me all sort of names. But since then. And now that I’ve met him he has changed a lot, he is more than a gentleman now, very quiet and well composed. He mind his words and everything, and honestly it’s very nice.
But I don’t know i enjoyed his teasing just now, maybe sometimes being all composed is not alright, sometimes we need to joke, to lighten up the mood, perfection isn’t what everyone’s looking for.

“No I am not lazy!” I rolled my eyes with a smile and sat beside him again opening my bag of chips.
He played the movie and we both continued watching the movie.
“It was just a movie!” Neil tried to hold onto his laugh.
“I know but it… It’s just” I sniffed. Wiping the corners of my eyes
The movie ended so badly, the main character was diagnosed with cancer of the brain and then died during surgery, leaving her fiance to commit suicide.
“I understand that crying at the ending of a sad movie is a case of normalcy but I didn’t expect any of this from you Elsa!” Neil laughed.
“Well now you have so! Don’t you dare laugh about it!” I said still wiping my eyes.
I’m not very emotional but the soundtrack of the movie and with everything that happened rhymed and it was just so emotional.
“Okay, well it is okay!” Neil said circling his hand around my shoulder.
“I know it’s okay!” I sighed resting my head on his shoulder. “I was just putting on a show!” I Lied.
“Nope. You were crying for real!” He smiled.
“Oh okay fine I was, now can we drop it!” I rolled my eyes and he smiled.

Neil and I talked about a lot of things, well mostly back in high school and the silly things people of the student council did or say, it was just so fun recalling old days and all.
Neil called it a day and said it was time for him to leave and honestly it was fun being with him today.
I escorted Neil to the door and we both stood on the porch to bid our goodbyes.
“Okay then, till next time, I call you immediately I get home” Neil stated.
“Okay sure!” I smiled.
“It was really nice hanging out with you though!” He beamed.
“Same here, it really was!” I smiled.
“Okay then!” Neil just couldn’t stop smiling.
Neil looked back at his car, and then turned to me, he came a little closer to me and started to lean closer to me.
What is he doing?
‘What else, he’s trying to kiss you’ my sensitive subconscious replied my question and my breath hitched.
A kiss, I’ve not had a kiss before, and second of all, I don’t even want to kiss. I’m not ready for a kiss right now.
Of course he was going for a kiss but when he got close to me I turned my head away.
Neil paused and moved back.
“Sorry!” he lets out a little nervous laugh.
“It’s… Okay” I said and my voice was very low.
Neil suddenly looked sad and confused all of a sudden, and I suddenly start to feel guilty.
I mean we’re in a relationship right? A kiss is normal and why did I have to turn my face away.
I shut my eyes and opened them back up immediately, I got closer to Neil and stood on my toes.
It’s just a kiss, I tell myself as I leaned closer to him.
But he placed his hands on my shoulder and pushed me back gently letting me stand balanced.
“You don’t have to force yourself if you don’t want to. It’s okay!” Neil smiled.
I could tell he forced the smile.
“I… I’m.. Sorry!” I bent my head down.
“It’s okay now Elsa! So I better get going!” Neil still left his smile on his face as he tapped my shoulder and walked away from the porch and to his car. He said his goodbyes to me with a wave and finally a happy smile and entered the car.
I closed the door behind me and walked up to the couch.
I hugged my knees and buried my face in between them. I am such an idiot.
And here I am thinking I’m all grown when I’m still a child.
I can’t even kiss my boyfriend. Then why did I even agree to date him.
Sometimes I just hate myself.

Later on I called my mom and we both talked for a long time, she also reminded me about her coming her tomorrow and all and then we hung up.
I went back to my room, seeing it was getting late, I decided to get an Early rest.
Since I slept so early surprisingly I woke up in the morning by 3am to see two voice mails on my phone.
I’ve never received voice mails before.
Cause I always pick my calls.
Surprisingly one was from Jason and the other one was from Neil.
Jason’s voice mail was sent at 8:15pm and Neil’s voice mail was sent at 10:05pm.

I decided to listen to Jason’s voice mail first and I tapped my phone screen and it start to play and I listened carefully.
“Uh… Hey Elsa, it’s me Jason, so I was calling and you weren’t picking and so I decided to drop this voice mail before tomorrow, so I Just wanted to let you know that, I’m actually kind of feeling better and it would be best if you can come tomorrow so we can get back on track with our lessons. Please do, I guess my fever brought out the childish side of me today, but well that’s passed and thanks to my pills I’m getting better, and all set for school tomorrow and our lesson tomorrow and we can also drop the stuff about me… having feelings for you” Jason said that part really low and I smiled.
“so that’s all I wanted to say“ was the last thing Jason’s voice mail said before it ended. And I was really glad he was growing up. That was pretty nice.
I sighed and played Neil’s voice mail too.
“Elsa, Elsa you weren’t picking my calls and I don’t know what you’re up to but anyways I decided to drop this voice mail for you” Neil’s voice sounded hoarse and unstable like he was drunk, and the place he was carried so much noise.
“I love you so much Elsa, I really do. But I don’t think you love me or will ever will, if only you told me back then. I won’t be going through such pains like this. If only I have looked at you back then, things would have been different by now. It was just a kiss, a stupid kiss and you didn’t even let me, I mean what’s the point of dating if we can’t even kiss and then suddenly you call me Jason, I mean, not liking me is one thing but calling me another guy’s name is another and that really hurt Elsa. I always act like everything is fine but it’s not. I want you to look at me like I am yours but you just look at me like an older brother, I’m your boyfriend but I feel like a brother. Should we just break up? Should we! I came here to have a night and drink to the fullest cause I’m actually my real self when I’m drink and I like” Neil laughed and I bit my bottom Lip feeling so guilty.
“I love you Elsa. I really had fun today, I thought I was seeing a thing happening between us but you won’t even kiss me. You won’t even open up to me. I feel so ashamed, then why did you accept my feelings for you, if you know you were going to treat me like gabbage. I don’t think we can work out… You know, being together, I don’t know if it’s that stupid Jason or who. But whoever it is I don’t know… I want to kill him so badly, but I can’t, just know that I love you so much, Elsa,… Elsa… I don’t know but I love the way your name rhymes with my voice!” Neil said and the voice mail ended…
What have I done.

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Mr Arrogant Episode 35




Mr Arrogant Episode 35

(Ând the strânge maidën)

By: Faith Lucky



Delaney’s pov
“So Laney, tell me every details without leaving any stone unturned.” Xavier’s mom beamed and stared eagerly at me.

“Sure.” I smiled lightly.

I told every single details to Xavier’s mom about our outing.

We went to just two fun places and Xavier was all grumpy.
I tried persuading him to have fun and play games with me, but he refused.

It was as if I came on my own because Xavier didn’t pay attention to me.

It wasn’t entirely boring because I got to see places I’ve never seen before.

And I got to know about some other things — I learnt a lot of new things.

I played with what Xavier had called bubbles because I liked it and saw children with it.

Xavier grumbled and called me a kid because of how I excited I was to play with the bubbles.

Even though Xavier tried to ruin the fun with his grumpy attitude and unending grumbling, I still enjoyed my day.

I was glad I got to explore — even if it’s just few places, around Earth.

Earth is really a great and beautiful place. Our lifestyle in Marazona is really different from the lifestyle here on Earth.

I got to see more and different types of cars.

Though I won’t lie that I missed Marazona.

The next day which was Sunday, we just stayed at home and did nothing.

I was bored to death because there was nothing for me to do.

After eating lunch which was about few minutes ago, I laid on my bed and stared blankly at the ceiling.

I thought of ways to keep me busy but I couldn’t think of any.

I suddenly thought of Xavier and I mentally screamed happily.

I’m gonna convince him to play a game with me.

I guess he’s as bored as I am.

I stood up from my bed and went out of my room.

I got to Xavier’s room and entered — more like I was tiptoeing.

I closed the door and stared around.

My eyes caught with the back of Xavier as he was standing in front of his mirror.

“You seriously lack manners, don’t you?” He spoke up, still facing the mirror and doing something to the shirt he wore — he was joining little white things together.

“Huh? Erm…” I cleared my throat nervously and stared down at my feet.

“What do you want?” He asked rudely. He turned and faced me but my heart suddenly skipped.

It’s not the first time he’s actually staring at me, but I just suddenly felt weird — I couldn’t explain the feeling.

“Erm… You see Xavier, I’m bored and I wanted us to play a game.” I stuttered nervously with my gaze still on my feet.

I felt his gaze piercing into me and I suddenly started to feel hot.

But the room was cold but I just felt hot.

What’s happening to me?

“Really?” He scoffed sarcastically.

“Well, too bad I won’t be able to play your so called game.” He huffed and brushed past my shoulder and I suddenly felt something — something I couldn’t quite understand.

“Huh?” I asked speechlessly, not really getting what he meant.

“As you can see, except you are blind, I’m going out.” He replied rudely.

I felt like twisting his ears hard and giving him a smack on the head. Gosh, he’s too rude and arrogant.

“Okay.” I replied lowly and left the room.

I got to my room and collapsed on the bed, with my legs dangling from the bed.

Argh! This boredom is something else!


Hera’s pov
I laughed heartily to the joke Emily was telling as I chop the vegetables while she rinsed the meat.

We were both making dinner together before Emily would leave for work.

“That was funny! I can imagine how his face would have looked like!

I’m sure he was really embarrassed!” I laughed hard that tears trickled down my cheeks.

I used the back of my palm to wipe the tears but I was still laughing.

“Definitely. His look was priceless. He was ashamed to get off the garbage.” Emily laughed.

“And he probably had stinked!” I added and laughed.

In the days that I have spent with Emily, I’ve come to like her, but not entirely because of the errands she sends me.

At a point, I had almost forgotten why I came down to Earth.

I haven’t even mapped out my plan on how to get Delaney.
I don’t even know anywhere around here.

Where will I even start from?

I really need to get a hold on Delaney because time isn’t on my side.


I stood in front of the TV watching whatever they were showing.

I folded my arms under my boobs and watched with keen interest.

I didn’t understand even a single thing on what was going on, but I continued watching anyway because I felt fascinated with it.

I got tired of standing and I was about leaving when something or rather, someone caught my attention.

I turned back to the TV and I saw Xavier inside the television.


How did he get in there?

I tried touching him but I couldn’t because of the glass of the television preventing him.

Could he be in danger?

He said he was going out but how on Earth did he get into the television.

I suddenly felt scared as different negative thoughts ran through my mind.

What if he’s trapped inside and he can’t get out.

Oh my!

“Ma’am!” I called out loudly hurriedly started towards the stairs.

Xavier’s mom was already climbing hastily down the stairs.

“Ma’am?” I called fretfully as she got to where I stood.

“What is it Delaney?” She asked worriedly and I bursted into tears.

“Ma’am it’s Xavier!” I cried.

“What happened to him? What happened to my son?” She panicked.

“He’s inside the television! He’s being trapped inside the television!”


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