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Harrison arrived at the venue, it was dark and the street lights plus the moon were the only thing Illuminating the area. He stared around searching for Alicia, his mind restless.
“Over here, Harry!” She called, and he tilt his head and found her seated on a bench, few walks away from him; waving at him.
He returned the greeting and walked to her.
“Hey,” he said when he got to her. “Can I sit?” He asked and she nodded. He sat.
“Are you okay?” He asked after a brief sullen silence.
She sniffed, lowering her gaze. “Did you cry?” He inquired again worriedly.
“Not really, I was just thinking” she said lowly, wetting her dry lips with her tongue.
“About what?”
“Myself. I don’t know Harry, but have I lost my charm?” She asked and Harrison brows furrowed. “I mean am I not every guys type anymore? Did I get less attractive or something?” She asked.
“N-no. You’re even more attractive” Harrison said.
“Are you lying to make me feel better?”
“No. I’m serious. To me, you only got better at everything” he said. “And your charm, it got even more active” he said, his fingers toying with themselves.
She sighed. “That’s good. Since you stopped following me like before, I thought something went wrong with my looks” she said and Harrison noticed her mood livening and it made him relaxed.
“You told me to stop” Harrison said.
“And when did you start listening to me? You didn’t stop when I told you to stop calling me” she said. “Anyways, you and Jeremy are super close right?”
“I don’t know about sioer, but we’re close. Why?” He asked.
“Does he have a girlfriend?” She asked.
“Um..I’m not sure though but I don’t think so” he said.
“If he doesn’t, why is he not as close to me as I expected” Alicia mumbled to herself, thoughtfully. She turned to Harrison.
“You’re close yet you’re not sure if he has a girlfriend?” Alicia questioned. “Nevermind. I want his house address” she said.
“Um..I don’t know where he lives”
“Seriously! How are you both even close if you don’t even know simple details about him” she grumbled. “Ugh..such a waste!”
“I could get it for you if you want-
“No. Forget it, I’ll just ask him. It wasn’t much use but thanks for coming. I’m leaving” She said, standing up.
“Can I walk you to your house?” He asked, standing ho as soon as she did.
“Sure” she said.

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Jeremy gathered the duvet to his body, ready to relax it when the ringing landline on his desk interrupted him. It was their business line and he had left it in his room unintentionally after answering a customer’s call. He sat up quickly and answered the call.
“Hello?” A voice said.
“Hi. This is Jeremy. Who am I speaking with?” He asked.
“The woman who gave you her raincoat for dry-cleaning earlier today”
“Oh, good evening ma’am” he said.
“Evening. I was at your shop few minutes ago and it seemed like you were closed for today”
“Yeah. I told you-
“Yes, I know. I was occupied unknowingly with other stuffs. Would you mind bringing it over to my place tomorrow, anytime during the day. I’ll pay for the delivery” she said.
“No, not at all. But I have to go to school first tomorrow. Is 4pm okay?”
“Yeah. Alright, goodnight”
“Goodnight ma’am” Jeremy said and the line got disconnected.
He dropped the phone, checked on Axel to be sure the phone call hadn’t woken him up, he sighed in relief. It’s usually hard tucking him to bed. He adjusted the duvet on his body and went to his own bed to call it a day, again.

The next day at school, during lunch break, Alicia and Fiona sat with Jeremy and Harrison at their table, he noticed Brianna wasn’t with them and he remembered her words about them not being friends any longer.
He wanted to talk about it but he just let it slide and flowed on with the conversation they were having.
“Mmh..this is good. Here, have some” Alicia stretched her forked with meatball to Jeremy’s lips, it touched his lips so he parted them and took in the meatball.
“Um thanks” he said, wiping his smeared lips with a napkin.
“You’re welcome. So how’s it going with your project? Have you and her started working on it yet?” She asked.
“You mean Brianna?” Fiona asked
“You know what I mean” Alicia rolled her eyes.
“Not really. She had stuffs to do yesterday but we’re starting today” Jeremy said.
“First day and she’s already showing how unserios she is” Alicia huffed and Fiona nudged her at the arm. “What?” Alicia frowned at her and she shook her head.
“Well, I just realised my partner isn’t so bad after all. We’re doing well in our work” she said.
“Good luck with that” Jeremy said, picking up his juice cup.
“Yeah, you too” Alicia said and turned to Harrison.. “Harrison, how’s your project work going?”

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Rebecca stopped at her locker, she flung open the door and put in the textbook she had been reading, she took another and slammed it shut to see Jose standing beside it.
“Hey?” He smiled at her.
“Yeah, what?” She replied him.
“Um..I didn’t see you at the cafeteria so I assumed you probably didn’t have lunch yet and I brought you this” he said, stretching a big wrapped cellophane to her.
“What’s this?” She eyed the cellophane.
“Actually, I didn’t know what you’d prefer so I brought a burger and-
“No. I mean why are you bringing this to me?” She asked.
“Um.. nothing-
“Really? Did I tell you I am hungry?”
“No, no..I didn’t think of it like-
“I knew this would happen,” she cut him off. “Look, I agreed for you to be my partner cos I knew no one would , you looked pathetic, so I just thought that instead of taking those other annoying kids I’d just take you. I expected you to read more into it even after all of my warnings in the past so I’ll just say it again. Me and you, we’re not friends and can never be anything more. You just looked too pathetic. If you do this again I might tell Mr Bricks-
“No! No” Jose quickly threw the supposed lunch into the waste basket. “Please don’t. I won’t do this again I promise, let’s remain partners please” he said.
“This time it’s words, next time it would be your body paying” she said with a serious look and walked past him.
Jose turned as she walked past him, a smile curled on his lips.
She’s the only girl that treats him this way, the only unafraid yet unreadable girl and her daring attitude just draws him more.
“Man, I just keep loving her!” He smiled, fisting the air.


After school, Jeremy got home, joined Kylie and Axel for the brief snacks they were having and took up the delivery his mom left for him, including the raincoat.
He first attended to the close bys before taking a cab to deliver the raincoat.
He got to the venue and rang the bell.

“So you put in the sugar next,” Mrs McCoy told Rebecca as she poured the measured sugar into the batter. “And rkeethen you stir until-
The doorbell rang, interrupting her words.
“I’ll get it” Rebecca informed her mom whose hands were covered in batter. She nodded, gratefully.
She walked to the living room, wiped her hands with the table cloth and walked to the door before opening it.
A frown curled onto her face.
“What’re you doing here?” She asked, her brows creasing with a frown.
“Rebecca?” Jeremy called. “You live here?”
“Wait..why are you here?” She repeated.
“I came to deliver-
“Oh.. it’s you!” Mrs McCoy walked in on them.
“Good evening ma’am” he said.
“Evening. Honey, please let him in” she told Rebecca.
Rebecca, still with a confused look, opened the door wider for him to come in.
“Why’s he here?” She turned to her mother.
“He’s the delivery guy I told you about, the one who saved me from carrying my mud-wet raincoat to the office-
“Oh..” Rebecca dart her gaze to Jeremy. “You? A delivery guy?” She asked, a glint of laughter in her eyes.
“Yeah.. me” Jeremy shrugged .
“ you guys know each other?” Mrs McCoy asked.
“He’s my classmate” Rebecca answered plainly, walking away.
“Oh really, what’s your name?”
“My name is Jeremy Harris, ma’am” he answered.
“Oh Jeremy?” Mrs McCoy brows furrowed. “Wait, honey, isn’t he the Jeremy you said is-
Rebecca quickly rushed back and closed her mom’s mouth with her palms before she could say more and Jeremy’s brows narrowed.
Rebecca gave her mom a frown.

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