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“What!..y-you? How’s that even possible?” Jeremy’s asked, getting very confused.
“You didn’t expect that, right?” She gave an hysterical chuckle. “There’s you’ll believe me no matter how I explain, so I’ll just show you when next we see” she said, flashed him a small smile and jogged off, leaving a very bewildered Jeremy with his mouth agape.
Rebecca is JD?
How? When?
Many questions rang in his head with no answer. He hadn’t expected her to say that, he had thought she probably had a sort of close relationship with JD or she makes illegal move to get every of JD’s song.
How come she’s JD?
His ringing phone brought him out of his reverie and he took it out out his pants pocket and answered.
“Jeremy, it’s Brianna” the caller said.
“Oh hey Brianna?”
“Hey. I’m at the library. Are you there already?”
“Not yet but I’m on my way. I’ll take a cab and join you there in a few minutes”
“Okay. I’ll go save us seats” she said.
“Yeah thanks. Bye”
“Bye” she hung up.
Jeremy pocketed the phone, shook the earlier confusion off his head and began walking to the library.

“I’ll have two of that” Rebecca said to the store attendant.
He picked up the items and packaged them before giving it to her. “Thank you” Rebecca paid and walked out of the store.
As she head back to the house which was just few blocks away, she thought of her revelation to Jeremy.
She wondered if she made a wrong move revealing her true self to him that way and at that moment.
She didn’t regret it for sure, she had been meaning to tell him ever since she was sure of his genuine love for her music.
Truly, she had seen people listen to her song, not very much actually, probably because she wasn’t that popular or because of her refusal to make videos or reveal her identity, but it was her first time meeting someone that loved her songs to that extent even when she didn’t reveal herself. He defended and wasn’t shy or scared to reveal it to the public. He had even claimed to be her biggest.
She couldn’t explain what she felt but it was definitely more than happiness and it had made her, for the first time, reveal herself to someone.
She wouldn’t mind proving it to him and one thing she was certain of is that he wouldn’t tell anyone else if she told him not to. She had observed him to that extent.


She couldn’t deny, it felt great revealing herself to someone that sincerely loves her works.

As Rebecca drew closer to the house, she noticed her father’s car parked in front of their building. She sighed softly and walked into the house.
“Oh.. she’s here” Mr McCoy said, looking away from his wife to face Rebecca, she also turned to her.
“Good afternoon, dad” she greeted, walking closer to where they were in the heart of the large room.
“Afternoon dear” he replied. Rebecca’s gaze subconsciously moved to the unfamiliar person seated beside him. It was a guy and one survey at him, Rebecca could get he couldn’t be more than twenty. He smiled at her and she gave her mom a questioning look, Mrs McCoy sighed and walked away.
“Right. You might be wondering who this is,” her dad started as if reading her mind and she nodded. “Well this is Roderick, Mr Fisher’s first son, you remember him? He’s my business partner” he said.
“Oh” was all Rebecca found herself saying.
“And Roderick, this is Rebecca, my daughter and heir to my company” Mr McCoy introduced, a tone of pride in his voice.
“Hi Rebecca” the Roderick guy said.
“Yeah, Hi” she replied with a curt nod
“Well, Mr Fisher and I thought that it’d be nice for you both to get to know each other and get along” Mr McCoy said and Rebecca’s brows narrowed as she gave Roderick a look but he lowered his gaze. “You’re both future heirs and your closeness and interactions would be great for the future growth of our companies” he stated.
“Oh..” Rebecca said.
“Yeah and he’s spending the night here, how about you start your closeness by showing him around the house?” Her dad said and Rebecca gave him a nod.

“Fisher’s right. You both will make such an awesome pair” her dad said with a smile and Rebecca glanced away, her teeth gritting. He gave her a light Pat on her shoulder and walked away.
As she heard his shoes marching up the stairs, she gave Roderick a hard look.
“Okay before you stare at me like that, you should know that I’m totally against this as well. We’re on same side” Roderick said, putting his both hands up in surrender.
Rebecca sighed softly and walked away, as she walked she fished out her cellphone and sent a text to Jose, canceling their meeting.


Harrison glanced at the address in his phone screen and stared back at the number written at the house in front of him. He nodded subconsciously and walked to the door, fixing his cellphone into his pocket.
He rang the doorbell and almost immediately it got answered as if he was being eagerly anticipated.
“Hi,” she shook her head as she waved at him with a toothy smile on her face. Her glasses adjusted from her eyes at the action and she pulled it back on. Harrison returned the smile, not saying a word. “Please come in” she said, moving aside for him to gain enough entrance. He could feel the happiness hanging all over her voice and he knew why but he waved it aside.
He stepped into the living room and she closed the door and ran to meet him, standing in front of him and staring at his face with a smile.
He forced himself to smile back at her, cursing Mr Bricks inwardly for pairing him with a geek and this particular one amongst others.
He broke out of his thoughts when he felt her palm rubbing his forehead.
“You’re sweaty!” She said as she kept wiping his face with her palms excitedly.
“Y-yeah,” he said with a frown. “Can you stop that” he said stepping aside. “I don’t think it’s helping” he said, realised his previous sentence came out harsh.
“Oh.. sorry” she said with an awkward laughter and stared at her palm that had his sweat. “I’ll just get you a towel. Would you need something chill to drink?” She asked.
“Yes” he nodded.
“Okay, just a second” she turned off the heater and flashed him a smile. “Sit wherever you want, I’ll be back” she said, with a toothy smile at him and Harrison wondered if the huge smile didn’t hurt her face.
He nodded and she walked away, Harrison let out a silent cry and hit his forehead with his palm.
He’s stuck with her!

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The next morning, Rebecca prepared for school and left. Yesterday, after her dad’s introduction to Roderick, she had retired to her room and stayed there until dinner time and all through, her dad hadn’t stopped trying to bond them.
The driver dropped her at the school gate and left, Rebecca made her way into the school.
Recalling yesterday’s event and her father’s words, made her sick to the stomach. He had called it business but she wasn’t dumb enough not to understand where he was heading to.

She retreated from heading to class and walked to the gym, it was empty around that period, so, she sat on the bench and just stared into space.
She hadn’t spent up to thirty minutes when she heard dragged steps coming into the gym, she looked up and found Jose holding a smaller boy by his collar roughly and pulling him into the gym. He suddenly noticed her and froze, letting go of the boy instantly.
She looked away and in a moment, felt him walking to her.
“Rebecca?” He stopped in front of her. She sighed, her gaze lowered, and stood up, grabbing her backpack to head out of the gym.
“Are you crying?” He asked and she paused. Her palm moved to her cheek and she felt the wetness laced on them disappointedly.
“Are you okay?” He asked. “Did someone make you cry? Tell me who it is and I’ll make sure the jerk never make use of his hand again!” Jose said, his words rushing out with so much annoyance.
Rebecca stared at up him, his face had all epitome of seriousness and he stared back at her, his anger turning to concern and hurt.
“Tell me who made you cry, Rebecca,” he urged. “I promise you-
The rest of his words died down when Rebecca threw her arms around his neck and hugged him. He staggered slightly in abrupt surprise.
Sorry it’s late, I decided to post today and make it a little lengthy 😁
Not edited tho🙄

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