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Jeremy smiled after her words, he hadn’t expected it but it made him happy and even happier knowing that it was coming from JD.
She just accepted his gift that he had been skeptical about giving her.
“So.. thanks for this, Jeremy. I gotta go now. Class’s starting soon” she said after a brief silence.

“Um yeah. Have a great day in class” he said.

“Yeah, you too” she said and walked away.
Jeremy fist-bumped the air in ecstasy and jogged happily to class.

“Jeremy!” Alicia called as he took another step into the classroom.
“Oh hey Alicia, Welcome back!” He said returning her smile as he drew closer to her.

“Yeah,” she said, “So I was in such a hurry to come to school today, I forgot to check how this earrings looks on me. What do you think?” She asked, tilting her body sideways to give him a better view of the stud earrings on her ear.
“Uh.. it’s pretty” he said, adding a thumb up to the compliment.
“Not it, dummy. Me!” She said, poking him slightly.
“Oh.. it’s very pretty on you” he said and she smiled.
“I believe you. They’re silver, my dad bought them for me alongside some others in LA but I could only pick these for school because of the stupid rules” she said, rolling her eyes.
“Oh..” Jeremy found himself saying.
“Come sit. I need you to take me on all what I missed yesterday” she said, offering the seat beside her; Shirley’s seat.
“Actually yesterday there was a new student and-
“Shirley?” Alicia asked, cutting him off.
Jeremy nodded. “You know her?”
“Not personally though but I know there was a new student here yesterday, I’m the class president” she said and Jeremy muttered an ‘oh’. “Anyways, we made a little switch. I let her take my seat” she said and subconsciously, Jeremy tilt his head backwards and saw Shirley on Alicia’s seat, she had been staring at him too and she waved when she caught his gaze, he returned it with a smile and turned back to Alicia.

She beckoned on him to sit and he did, adjusting his notes to the desk.

“Unlike my thoughts before, sitting here isn’t so bad. I use to hate sitting at the front in class” she said.
“I feel that way about backseats. If you sit her more often you’ll realise how cool it is than the sitting at the back” Jeremy said.
“Unfortunately for you, I won’t. I prefer my space at the back to this place. Don’t get your hopes too high” she gave him a cocky smile and Jeremy’s brows narrowed at the action.


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They both turned to find Harrison running past the door towards them, a huge grin on his face.
“Oh geez!” Alicia sighed ruefully, slapping her forehead with her palm slightly at the action.
“Will you bring it down!” She mumbled to Harrison when he kept laughing happily.
“Oops sorry,” he apologized. “I’m just so glad you’re back! I missed you so much!”
“Don’t be so dramatic Harrison, you literally spent your whole yesterday at my place” Alicia said.
“Well..I still miss you. Everyone here did. School wasn’t school without you” he said and before Alicia rolled her eyes at him, before she could utter a word,he spoke again. “You don’t believe me?” He asked and Alicia frowned at gim. “Watch this!” He began getting on the desk..
“Wait.. what’re you doing?” Alicia asked but he didn’t respond.
“Hello! Everyone, can I get your attention please?” He yelled at the class and everyone’s attention turned to him.
“Thank you. So as you all can see our beloved class president, Alicia is back and thanks to her, the psychotic Rebecca’s no longer here. I want you all to get on your feet and give it up for our heroic Alicia Gurrelo!” He said and immediately, almost everyone in class stood up and clapped, cheering at Alicia who stood up smiling heavily as she flipped her hair.
Jeremy watched with a sigh.
“Hey!” Jose suddenly screamed from the back of the class and the noises died down. “you all should get a life!” He eyed them, disgust in his eyes. “And Alicia, you’re no heroine. Beat it you guys, you’re just angry at Rebecca cos she’s better than you all at everything, including your queen B over there,” he pointed to Alicia who sucked her teeth at him. “You all can keep getting all stupid about a girl that doesn’t give a shit about you. And just so you know, Rebecca’s my friend and I won’t hesitate to interfere next time if you guys don’t stop this childishness!” He said angrily, wagging a warning finger at them.
“I’m disappointed to be a part of this class!” He added and walked out, his friends following and when they were sure he was out.. .
“Boo!” Some of the students yelled after him, giving him thumb-down.
Jeremy sighed, putting his head on the desk..
He’d like to defend JD like this but again, it could get suspicious..


“Arrgh!” Rebecca grumbled quietly, pausing for a moment. “Where did this stupid pen case go?” She rasped, resuming with her search under her desk but she still didn’t find it.
“Um..are you looking for something Rebecca?” Grace, her seat partner asked.
“As you can see” Rebecca answered her, her gaze still focused on finding her pen.
Grace swallowed the harsh reply. “If it’s your pen, I could give you mine. I have extra” she offered.
“I don’t need your pen” Rebecca replied, realising she sounded too rude. “I’m sure mine’s here somewhere” she replied still without sparing her a glance.
“I don’t think so,” Grace said and Rebecca paused to give her a look “cos if it was, you should’ve seen it by now, you’ve been searching for almost ten minutes” she said. “Uh if you don’t want me to give you my pen, I could lend it to you. Here” she offered the pen again. Rebecca’s gaze moved to the pen then at Grace. ..
Calculating what accepting the pen could cost her, she looked away from her and without saying a word, continued searching under the desk for her pen case which she already realised wasn’t there.

“Okay..listen Rebecca. I don’t get why you’re suddenly being mean to me but I understand that you don’t want to be friends with me and it’s okay but right now, this is about you. You’re way behind the teacher’s writing so will you cut this belligerent pride you have and just accept the pen I’m lending to you?” Grace asked, still offering the pen.
Rebecca paused again, she glanced at the board: Grace’s right.

What if she accepts the pen and then Grace starts to read meanings into it, they’d get to talk again and what if that next conversation goes out of the line and unexpectedly they end up becoming friends.
Grace is nice to her and she doesn’t know why yet and how sincere it is but she will also have to be nice to Grace and it could be risky.
They could be friends, considering how trusting Rebecca is at any close interactions, their friendship could grow quick and Rebecca might end up telling her all about who she is and it could eventually get to her father and literally end her life!


Rebecca sighed after the long possible theory and shook her head..
She can’t take that risk..
“I already said I don’t want it!” Rebecca said, unnecessarily raising her voice.
“Okay fine! Suit yourself!” Grace said.

Rebecca gave up her search for her pen case cos obviously, it was fruitless, she had probably dropped it somewhere else or forgot it in her locker outside.
She gave a secret glance at Grace and slide her gaze slowly to the board; Mr Johnson was already far in his teaching, if he finds out she hadn’t penned a word down, he’d be angry at her. But at least it’d be better than taking the risk to have a friend at her school, her school!
She sighed loudly, pushing her palm to her forehead.

“Ugh..I can’t stand this! As much as I want to ignore you, I can’t!” Grace said and Rebecca frowned at her. “I can’t stand your pride but I can’t stop being concerned,” she added and dropped a pen on Rebecca’s table, placing her palm on it to prevent her from pushing it off. “I’m lending it to you, you can throw it away when I’m gone” she released the pen and walked away from her seat..

Rebecca stared at the pen on her table and then at the board then she sighed…
Thank you all for your patience!

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