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She made her fingers stroll down her cheek, it was fine, now perfectly brought to normal.
She could feel it. She picked up her purse, grabbed her lip gloss and applied a little on her lips before keeping it.
She took out her phone, earlier in class she had heard it buzz a text message in but she couldn’t check it because the didn’t have a break from the teachings..
Turning it on, she realised it was a text from Jeremy, she opened it without hesitation.
**Hey. I don’t mean to disturb you but I just want to ask if it’s okay for us to have lunch together and talk about JD?
Anywhere you pick. Please?**
The message read.
A smile curled up across her lips and she settled her elbow and began replying.
**Sure! And How are you texting during lesson hours?**
**It’s free period here. Geez! I totally forgot we’re not on same timetable. I’m so sorry if my text had caused any sort of inconvenience and thank you so much for accepting. See you soon** Jeremy texted.
She read it and scoffed, her brows narrowed amusingly.
He had taken her tease too serious.
She pocketed her phone and subconsciously, her palm made contact with the pen Grace had over-concernedly lent her.
Left with no choice, she made use of it and it helped her all through the lessons until now. She hadn’t seen Grace in class to return the pen after finding hers in her locker. She pulled her hand out of the pocket and stepped out of the toilet but paused after hearing a noise…
It sounded more like a grumble.

“Hun!” Brianna mumbled, upturning her purse and spilling it’s content. She carefully ran her fingers through them, hoping deeply that she finds her lip balm.
Fruitlessly she frowned, pouting her lips as she stared at the large mirror in the restroom area, she mashed her lips together, feeling the dryness she ran her finger on the skin.
“Ugh..” she cried, stamping her feet frustratingly on the floor. “I can’t believe I forgot my lip balm, see how chapped my lips are! Ow!” She cried, frowning deeply as she covered her face with her palm.
Rebecca walked out of the restroom fully, towards where Brianna was standing..

Brianna stopped murmuring when she had a small metallic tap in front her, for a brief moment her brows narrowed, she had thought she was alone. She quickly brought her gaze down towards the noises and she found a lip balm in front of her, a palm hold it.. She traced it to the face and found Rebecca staring at her.
Her brows narrowed as she stood upright and took a step backwards, giving Rebecca a curious look.

“You can use my lip balm” Rebecca said, crossing her arm.
Brianna gave her a suspicious look, searching for a hint of mischief in her words or look and at the same time, speechless.
“It’s brand new, just in case you’re wondering” she added, pushed the balm a little more towards her and began walking towards the door.
“Why are you giving me this?” Brianna asked and Rebecca paused in her steps. “We’re not even friends,” she added.
“Right.” Rebecca gave her a side-stare. “Throw it away then” she said, nudging her head towards the waste bin beside her..
Bringing her gaze ahead, she walked out.

Brianna watched until she was out of the restroom completely and slung her gaze to the balm resting in front of her.
“Okay this is very unusual” she mumbled to herself with a sigh and gave the balm a slight touch, suspecting Rebecca was trying to play a fast one on her.
Noticing nothing unusual, she picked up the balm, it was new just as Rebecca had said so she unsealed it and pulled the cover off.

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Still suspicious, she rubbed a bit of the balm at the back of her palm and waited for anything mischievous to happen.
A minute passed and nothing happened, she sniffed the balm, it was flavored nicely.
Still she would’ve disposed of not accepted the balm from her If she didn’t badly need it right now.
Assured, she applied the balm generously on her lips. Fixing it properly, she smiled gratefully but it was quick to disappear after a moment;
Why did Rebecca help her?

Jeremy sight her just as soon as she stepped out of the classroom, she met his gaze almost immediately, it made her freeze a little and he waved at her while walking towards her.
“Hi,” he said. “Are you ready for lunch?” He asked.
She looked around, hoping to sight Grace so she could return her pen but she didn’t see her around, she isn’t in class either. .
Rebecca glanced back at Jeremy.
“Yeah but you shouldn’t have come here, you could’ve just waited outside” she said, looking around at the busy hallway to find any suspicious gaze on them.
“Oh…” He mumbled.
“Come-on!” She began walking and he followed.
Worry creased her brows as she increased her pace, automatically making him follow.
“The hallway is too busy, anyone could see us together and-
“ this about people seeing us together?” Jeremy asked and Rebecca nodded.
“Don’t you feel disturbed about that?” She asked.
“Of course not. I honestly don’t care what anyone think if they see us together so you don’t have to worry about that” Jeremy assured.
“Really?” Rebecca paused. “Even your friends? They might hate you” she said.
“Seriously,” Jeremy scoffed. “That would be absurd and they’re not the boss of me so they can’t tell me whom and who not to be friends with no matter the circumstances, it’s my life!” Jeremy said.
“Really? But I-I… Are you sure about this?” She asked, her words breaking.
“Totally!” He smiled and slowly she returned the gesture and reduced her pace normally.

“Hey, I’m back!” Jeremy said, wiping the sweat off his brows with his palm back as he walked to the other side of the bench.
“You took quite long,” she said, giving him a handkerchief for his sweaty face. “I was about to come look for you”
“Yeah..the cafeteria ran out of ketchup when I got there so I went out to buy some” he said, dabbing the bits of sweat off his face with the handkerchief. “Thanks” he said, raising the handkerchief for signification.
“You went outside the school?” Rebecca asked with concern.
He nodded.
“But you didn’t have to go through that trouble cos of me, I could’ve just eaten my fries like that” she said.
“It wasn’t that much trouble, trust me and besides, ketchup and fries taste way better than just fries.
Fries alone would be too greasy” he said, shrugging.
“Jeremy…” She drawled.
“Okay fine..I just really wanted to get you that ketchup, you needed it and I’m not in trouble so..” he shrugged again, looking away from her to open the cellophane bag. He took out her food first.
“Here you go” he stretched a paper bag that had her food to her.
“Thanks” she took it and began unwrapping it while Jeremy brought out his own food.

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“So what do you want to talk about, Jeremy?” Rebecca asked after having few bites of her fries.
Jeremy sat up..
“Er.. I’ve been curious so I want to ask, how do you cope with being an artist and a student especially when you have to keep your music life private? How do you manage both well and again, you’re a superstar, how do you not feel very eager to tell anyone, I mean how do you bottle you that wonderful piece of information in you?” Jeremy asked, sighing after finishing the words.
Rebecca smiled, putting her food away. “This feels like an artist-fan moment,” she chuckled.
“You’ve done this before?” He asked.
She shook her head negatively. “And I didn’t think I would anytime soon” she added, a hint of sadness hanging at her tone.
Jeremy rubbed his temples, suddenly feeling nervous again.
“Well, to your first question- it wasn’t very easy from the start, I mean being a student and then an incognito artist but you can passion is what keeps me going and along the line it just felt like every normal day.
Knowing that to keep your passion going, you have to do something else, is what gives me strength to carry on. And yeah.. there’s no day of my life that passes without me having a teeny weeny urge to spill that secret, express myself and give others the chance to view me in a different perspective but the thought that my passion would come to an end if I spill that part of me publicly, makes me stay calm” she said, letting out a slight cough.
“Sorry?” Jeremy passed her the bottle water, she accepted it with appreciation and gulp down the liquid.
“I see,” Jeremy nodded. “But since you like music and you’re doing pretty well in it, shouldn’t you be in the arts, why business?” He asked further.
“Actually, I’m in the business department cos of my dad and if I want to keep the JD part of me going, I have to keep my dad’s part going too. I’ve gotta balance the two to keep what I want and that’s why I’m trying my best cos if I falter in school, then the whole JD stuff is over!” She said, chuckling slightly to hide the hurt. “That’s why I’m ‘obsessed’ with being first and my obsession is what has brought me this far” she said, highlighting the obsessed.
“B-but you’re pretty good. Has your dad hard you sing? You’re very talented! Why would he dislike music” Jeremy asked.
“My dad doesn’t dislike music, he just doesn’t like his daughter taking it up as a career”
“Well since you do it so well, why?” Jeremy asked.
“He thinks it’s an improper and dirty job, like the body exposure on TV and the other dirty stuffs they do- that’s how he puts it” she said.
“But there are artists that don’t expose their nakedness and are doing pretty well in music” Jeremy defended.
“I told him that but according to the stereotype he heard; the more body you expose, the more you earn. You decide to dress like a human, no one buys your song; it’s a poor career” Rebecca said, mimicking her dad’s voice at the last statement. “And when I still tried to make him understand, we ended up having a quarrel, he grounded me for weeks, locked up all my devices and made sure I didn’t have access to them until my ‘music-passion’ dies” she said. “I had to pretend I forgot all about music to get out” Rebecca said and shuddered, as if reliving the experience.
“Wow..I’m sorry you had to pass through all of that” Jeremy said and Rebecca smiled. “Your dad is really a handful”
“You can say that again” she said, taking up her food again.
“So how’s your I.T project going..” Rebecca broke into the brief silence with only her inaudible chewing sounds..
“Oh..Mr Bricks?” Jeremy asked.
“Yeah.. how’s it going?”


“Okay isn’t Jeremy coming or what?” Alicia asked, a grimace resting on her face.
“I told you he isn’t. He said, he has something to do first” Harrison said. “And besides I’m here, I can do whatever you want” he added and Alicia eyed him ruefully before looking away.
“Did he say where he was going or what he has to do that’s taking the whole of his break period?” Alicia asked.
“He didn’t” Harrison said, “I’m sure he’ll have his own lunch when he’s done with whatever he’s doing. If not he’d have asked me to grab him something” he added.
Alicia sighed and didn’t say anything for a brief moment but she was perturbed.
“I’m going to call him and find out where he is” she said, standing up.
**And who he’s with** her subconscious added.
“Okay. Be careful” Harrison nodded.

She clicked on his name in her list of contact names and stepped out of the cafeteria to speak to him.
It rang for sometime before he answered.
“Hi Alicia? Why are-
“Where are you?” She asked, cutting him off.
“Um.. I’m in one of the rooms upstairs”
“Why? We’ve been waiting for you here at the cafeteria!” She said.
“Oh but I told Harrison I wouldn’t be jo- anyways, I’m coming out now. I’ll head to the cafeteria right away” he said.
“You’re coming out of where? Which room exactly are you in?” She asked.
“Well uh..oh I already came out and I can see you. We’re just few metres apart. Turn around, I’m behind you” he said and Alicia turned and sight him behind her, a little farther.
Seeing her gaze on him, he waved so she could see him clearly.
She sighed and began walking towards him. Close enough, she paused when she noticed her beside him; Rebecca.
Her facial structure grew hard with annoyance.
“See? I’m here” Jeremy gestured.
He noticed she was staring at Rebecca and her expression was that of anger..
Her gaze slowly moved to Jeremy but the grimace remained..
“Have you been with her all along?” Alicia asked..
Rebecca smirked evidently at her and walked away, scoffing as she walked past her.
“You little bi–
Alicia made to go after her and hit her but Jeremy stopped her. Holding her arm halfway through the air..
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