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They both turned when the door made a creak and cracked open, revealing Harrison.
“Alicia!,” Harrison called with an authoritative tone, walking towards them.
“What are we?” He paused asked.

“What’s wrong with you?” Alicia asked, surprised at his countenance.
“Please, answer me” he said, his voice rigid.
“What do you mean?” She asked, confused.
“What are we, Alicia? Both of us?” He asked again, still maintaining his expression.
“We’re friends” she answered, shrugging and Harrison gulped, hurt evident in his expression.
“What’s this about, Har-
“How about Jeremy,” he started again, cutting Alicia off. “What are you guys?” He asked.
“Harrison, will you stop-
“Please, just answer me, Alicia!,” He said unknowingly raising his voice. “What are you guys?” He asked again, pointing at them.
Jeremy stepped in..
“Harrison we’re just frie-
“I’m talking to Alicia!” Harrison cut him off and Jeremy shuddered at the unprecedented response.
Since he knew Harrison, this is the first time he was seeing him this way; angry.

“Um.. Jeremy, can you leave us?” Alicia asked.
Jeremy gave Harrison a look, gulped down an imaginary lump and walked out, closing the door behind him.
Alicia turned, assured that Jeremy had left, she turned back to Harrison.
“What is the meaning of this, Harrison?” Alicia asked, squinting her eyes.
“All along, this whole stuff about Rebecca hasn’t truly been about her, You’ve been doing it to get closer to Jeremy” he said. “The main reason you demanded her transfer is to get closer to him, right?”
“Wh-what are you talking about?” Alicia asked, her heart skipping a bit.
“You know exactly what I’m talking about, Alicia!..
Rebecca’s transfer wasn’t because she was intimidating you, it is because you saw her as a threat to get to Jeremy!-
“Okay! Fine! Maybe you’re right but this is all your fault!” Alicia said in defense.
“What?” Harrison scoffed. “My fault?”
“Yes. If you hadn’t pushed me away then I wouldn’t have sought attention from Jeremy” she said.
“Push you away?,” He repeated. “You’re the one who has been pushing me away, Alicia. I’m inlove with you!”
“Well you stopped proving it! You gave me space and stopped being as clingy as you used to!” She said.
“Because you asked me to stop! You said it was annoying you” he defended.
“And you just agreed? Don’t you know it’s a lady way of telling you not to stop?” She asked.
Harrison sighed, confused.
“B-but you looked like you meant it!” He said.
“As if!” She scoffed.
“But how was I supposed to-,” he stopped, running a hand through his hair. “So you’ve been hanging out with Jeremy because you thought I didn’t like you anymore?” He asked.
“Yes and then you told me about that nerdy girl, the way you described her, I thought that.. maybe you liked her and-
“You got jealous?” Harrison eyes widen, she lowered her head, not replying.
Harrison gasped! Alicia got jealous seeing him with another girl?
“Wow! This is.. I don’t know what to call it” Harrison said, moistening his lips with his tongue. “I’m so sorry, Alicia”
“Having Rebecca transferred wasn’t because of Jeremy. I can’t believe you have been doubting my feelings all along!” she said, feigning hurt. “Rebecca truly.. she truly did those things to me” Alicia said, breaking down..
“I-I I’m so sorry,” he said reaching out to hold her. “I’m so sorry I doubted you, Alicia! I..I didn’t know what else to think!” He said, moving closer and hugging her, she hugged him back.

Her face clearing off of all emotions as she stared behind him.
*Such a waste!* She thought, twitching her lips.


Once Jeremy sight Harrison walking in, he relaxed, waiting for him to sit.
“Jeremy, I’m sorry about my actions towards you earlier,” he said before Jeremy could talk to him.
“I know it must’ve caught you off guard or made you angry, so I apologize” he added, giving him a placating look.
“It’s..okay,” Jeremy said. “But just so you know Alicia and I-
“I know. She told me already. It was stupid of me to have judged you guys like that” Harrison said.
“It’s alright” Jeremy shrugged.
“So.. we’re still buddies, right?” Harrison asked.
“Sure thing” Jeremy nodded.
“Thanks,” Harrison said and then leaned towards Jeremy to whisper to him. “I think Alicia is starting to like me” he said.
“Oh.. really?” He asked and Harrison nodded.
“She gave me a hint today, not directly though but I just know it” Harrison said.
“Good for you then!” Jeremy said.
They both stopped talking when a teacher walked in, signalling the resumption of class.
“Will you invite me in or what?” Grace asked when Rebecca walked into her house, almost closing the door on her.
Rebecca stopped herself from shutting the door halfway. “It’s not like you’re staying for long anyways but come in” Rebecca said, giving her a faux smile. Grace saw it but walked in anyways, sitting down on one of the couch.
“Mom! I’m home!” Rebecca announced, passing the dinning room to check for her mother in the kitchen.. she paused at the door when she saw her with Roderick and it seemed to her like they were cooking.
“Oh hey honey!” Her mother smiled, noticing her, she walked to her, engulfing her in a hug.
Rebecca looked from her mom to Roderick, who was busy whisking eggs.
“Hi Rebecca,” he smiled at her, glancing back.
“Hi” she replied him, returning his smile slightly. He went back to the whisking.


Rebecca sheepishly pulled her mom out of the kitchen.
“I’ll be back Roderick, continue without me” Mrs McCoy said as Rebecca dragged her out.
“Yes, Mrs McCoy!” Roderick replied.

Rebecca gave her mom a grimace, not saying anything.
“Okay. I get it! He came here to see you and since I told him you weren’t back from school he insisted on waiting for you” she said.
“And what is he doing in our kitchen?! Cooking?”
“ pass time he decided to join me in preparing dinner” she said.
Rebecca sighed.
“So that means he’s staying for dinner?”
“Of course!” Mrs McCoy said.
“Ah geez!” Rebecca exhaled. “I’m going to my room” Rebecca said, walking towards the flight of stairs.
“Oh and mom?” She called, gaining her mother’s attention again. “There’s someone in the living, please just let her be. She’s here for her pen and I’m going to get it, okay?” She asked. Mrs McCoy frowned, Rebecca ignored her and continued towards the stair.

Mrs McCoy went to the living room, watching the brown eyed girl stare around the room until her gaze met her unprecedentedly, Grace flinched.
“Oh dear, I’m so sorry for frightening you” Mrs McCoy apologized.
“Um.. it’s okay ma’am. Good evening” she greeted.
“Evening. I guess you’re Rebecca’s schoolmate judging from your clothes” she asked. “May I know your name?”
“Oh I am. I’m her classmate as well. My name is Grace” she said.
“That’s a very lovely name. You can call me Tessa, I’m Rebecca’s mother” she said.
“Oh.. it’s nice to meet you Tessa!” Grace said and Mrs McCoy smiled.
“So since you’re here with my daughter, I guess you both are friends. You know my baby doesn’t really have friends and it’s so sad” Tessa said.
“Um well actually ma- I mean Tessa, I don’t think your daughter is interested in friendship” Grace said.
“Of course she is! She’s just too stubborn to admit it. She’s actually very lonely, you’ll be her friend, won’t you?” Tessa asked.
“Er.. I would love to, I mean I’ve tried to but she doesn’t want to be friends with me”
“Nonsense,” Tessa said, slapping her hand in the air. “I’m sure she does. You know, Rebecca has never brought her any of her schoolmate talk less of classmate home before” Tessa said.
“Really? I’m the first?” Grace asked, surprised.
“Of course!” Tessa replied. “She definitely wants to be your friend, if you keep pushing, you’ll only be a step away to you both becoming tight friends!” Tessa exclaimed.
“Well, honestly Tessa, I’ll really love to be friends with your daughter!” Grace said, smiling.
“That’s great,” Tessa said, sitting beside her. “So dear, I’m preparing dinner. I hope you’ll stay and join us, it’ll be lovely to have you” Tessa said.
“I’d love to-
“Mom!” Rebecca called, frowning as she walked towards them. “what’re you doing?” She asked and Tessa stood up..
“Oh honey, I was just asking your classmates; Grace, some questions” Tessa said.
“But I told you to let her be. Don’t you listen!” Rebecca grumbled.
“Aw! Come-on honey, I asked her just a few questions” Tessa defended.
“We both know it’s not ‘just questions’ with you” Rebecca grimaced.
“Alright, you got me” Tessa chuckled. “But Grace here just agreed to join us for dinner. Isn’t that great?” Tessa smiled.
Rebecca glanced at Grace who lowered her head, avoiding her gaze.
“No, it’s not, mom. Grace? Here’s your pen. You can leave now” Rebecca said.
Grace took the pen.
“Rebecca” Tessa whined.
“Grace is here for her pen, mom. Not to eat dinner with us. Right Grace?”
“Um yes, ma’am. Actually I just remembered, I promised to have dinner with my Aunt. I have to go now” Grace said, standing up.
“Aww,” Tessa’s face fell. “Anyways, I hope we get to do this some other time” she said.
“Yeah, me too” Grace said, purposely avoiding Rebecca’s gaze. “Bye Tessa, Rebecca” Grace said.
“Okay dear” Tessa said. “Rebecca, walk your friend to the door, will you?” She said.
“She’s not-
“Just see her off, honey!” Tessa insisted.
“Ugh! Whatever!” Rebecca frowned as she walked with Grace to the door. As Grace walked out, Rebecca shut the door and turned, sighing.
Now she has to face Roderick.

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