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“So Rebecca, how was school today?” Her dad asked as she dressed the table for dinner.
“It was okay” she replied him, taking the plates to share them to each side of the table.
“Let me help,” Roderick offered, stretching his hand to take the plate from her but she declined.
“I’m fine” she told him and continued with the distribution.

Subconsciously, her gaze met with her dad and she noticed the grimace he had for her “here, you can help me with this. I’ll just go help Mom with the food” she gave Roderick the plates and walked away.

With her assistance, the food was in no time gathered on the table and they were all settled and ready to have dinner.
“So Roderick, did you enjoy the meal?” Her father asked him after they finished having dinner and were just seated at the dinning, waiting for the meal to digest.

“Definitely sir. It was a very delicious meal” he said.

“Yeah. My wife told me you assisted in the preparation. I see you’re a fan of delicious food” Mr McCoy said.

“Well, who isn’t?” Roderick smiled.

“You see, Rebecca here is also a great cook. She makes lovely meals like her mother” he said and Rebecca shifted uncomfortable on her chair, she knew where the conversation was heading to and she didn’t like it.

“Oh..I see” Roderick said.

“It will indeed be wonderful to see you both work together in the future and make big waves in the companies and it’s just perfect that you both are bonding quite well now” Mr McCoy said.

Roderick glanced at Rebecca and for a moment their gaze met and stayed until Rebecca broke it.
Stifling a faux yawn, she stood up and packed the plates.

“I’m tired so I’m retiring to bed first” she announced. “Goodnight Mom, dad” she told them.

“Oh Rebecca, I was thinking you’d walk Roderick to the driveway when he decides to leave” her dad said.

“Oh..” Rebecca said, looking at Roderick as if waiting for his intervention or refusal.

“There will be no need for that Mr McCoy as I won’t be leaving anytime soon. she can go to bed if she wants to” he said.

“Alright. You can go ahead, deae. You’ve got school tomorrow anyways” Mr McCoy said and Rebecca nodded.

“And I’ll take this instead. Go ahead now. Sleep well, okay?” Her mother said, taking the plates from her.

“I will!” Rebecca replied and walked away, heading to her room.
Finally, away from her dad’s tantrum.

Rebecca woke up the next morning to her dad’s presence in the sitting room. She rarely see him in the morning, she seems him more at night so seeing him that morning surprised her a little.
As she walked out of her room, fully dressed for school, she discovered he was no longer in the living room.
She walked briskly to the driveway to meet her mom who was waiting for her and ready to drive her to school since she was visiting a place that was closer.
“Are we good to go?” Tess asked Rebecca as soon as she appeared beside the care.

“Yup!” Rebecca replied, hopping onto the passengers side of the car.
Tessa started the car and drove off for Rebecca’s school.
As they discussed randomly during the ride, Rebecca noticed her mom’s face suddenly turn green and her lips were moving in a funny way..
“Mom? Your face is kinda-
She didn’t get to complete her sentence before her mother swiftly yet roughly stopped the car, grabbed a cup beside the driver’s seat and vomited into it. Rebecca’s face twitch confusedly as she watched her throw up for a moment longer.
Feeling much better, Tessa put the lid back on the cup and returned it to it’s former spot. She sighed and head the steering wheel.
“Are you okay, mom?” She asked and Tessa tilt her head to look at her, smiling assuredly.
“I’m fine!” She replied.
“But you just threw up and your face suddenly turned green before that!” Rebecca said, fearfully.
“Yeah, I know honey, but it’s nothing serious. I think it’s a reaction to these new pills I’ve been taking” she said.
“You think? Are you sick, mom?”
“I’m not, trust me. I’m just experience signs that confirms the effect of the drugs I’m taking. It’s working exactly how doctor Reynard said” she said and Rebecca calmed down after the revelation.
“Well you should probably visit him again, I’m sure there is a way to reduce if not stop these signs. It could land you in trouble one day” Rebecca said.
“Of course” Tess nodded. “Now let’s get on with this ride or you’ll be late for school”
“Mom, are you sure you can do this?” Rebecca asked, placing a palm on her mom’s back palm that rested on the steering, as if to stop her.
“I am,” Tess replied, playfully lovingly her hand away from hers as she started the car again…


The ride was silent and careful and Rebecca breathed out when they made it to her school.
“Bye, honey! Have a great day at school” she said as Rebecca began getting out of the car.
“You too, mom” she said before she realised it, Tess was laughing by then. “I mean at wherever you’re heading to” Rebecca said, frowning at her mom’s excess laughter. She rolled her eyes and turned towards the school building but ended up almost bumping into Jeremy. She jerked up at the unexpected action and steadied herself.
“Um Hi” Jeremy smiled at her. “Sorry for sneaking up on you like that but I was about letting you know I was there before you turned” he said.
“Oh.. it’s fine!” She said.
He looked behind her and found her mom staring at him.
He could recognize her from anywhere.
“Good morning, ma’am!” He greeted.
“Oh hello.. wait.. you’re that drycleaner guy, right?” Tessa said and he nodded.
She gasped. “It’s so nice to see you again”
“Me too” Jeremy said.
“Okay but I have to go now, you both have fun in school. Bye honey!” Tessa said as she started the car again.
“Yeah bye!” Rebecca replied.
She and Jeremy head towards the school building together.

Jeremy waited for her to pass through the gate first before he does when suddenly brushed past her, beating her to pass through the small gate. Caught unaware, Rebecca lost her balance and began falling but Jeremy was quick to catch her..
“That jerk..” Jeremy breathed out angrily at the guy who had vanished into space. “Are you okay?” He asked, pulling her away to a safe side.
“I-I’m fine” Rebecca said, her breathing quite hard. She unsettled from Jeremy’s grip and tried walking but ended up limping slightly, Jeremy held her again. “I think I might’ve sprained my leg a little” she said and Jeremy nodded.
“Should I take you to the nurse?” He asked.
“No. No please, I’m sure I can manage” she said.
“Okay but what if it gets serious later?” He asked, concerned.
“Can you bring me an ointment for this from the nurse? I’ll be fine after I use it” she said.
“Are you sure?” Jeremy asked, worried.
“Yeah. I’ve done this before” she said.
“Okay. Let go now, I need to go to class” Rebecca said, trying to pull away from Jeremy but he held her back. Startled, she turned to him and he lowered his gaze, abashed.
“Let me help you get to class,” he said, offering his palm. Rebecca accepted it, balanced on him and began walking to class with his help..

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“Where’s your seat at?” Jeremy asked when they arrived at Rebecca’s house.
“Over there,” she pointed. Jeremy helped her to it and she sat.
“Are you alright?” Grace asked, worriedly inching towards her.
“Yeah. I’m okay!” Rebecca answered her.
“Are you sure? You look-
“I’m fine. Just have a little sprain” Rebecca said, interrupting.
“Jeremy, If you get the ointment, can you bring it to me during lunch break?” Rebecca asked.
“Sure! Would you want anything else?” He asked.
“No. Just the ointment will be fine. And thank you for your help” she said and Jeremy nodded.
“Okay, I’ll go now” he informed her and left.

“Wow,” Grace clapped. “I didn’t know there is a person in this school that you’re nice with” she said.
Rebecca ignored her.
“At least that just gave me hope” she said and Rebecca glanced at her, she flashed her a toothy smile. “I’m worried about you though. Do you need my help with anything?” She asked.
“I don’t need your help” Rebecca said.
“Are you sure?” Grace asked and Rebecca gave her a look.
She shrugged “well just tell me if you do. I’ll be glad to help” she patted her shoulder with a smile.
Rebecca pulled her shoulder from her reach. “Thanks for the concern but I’m good” she said and Grace nodded.

During lunch break, Jeremy brought out the ointment he had early borrowed from the nurse’s office and stood.
“Harrison, I’m going to give Rebecca this. I don’t know when I’ll be back so have lunch without me” he told Harrison.
“Wait..why does Rebecca need that?” Harrison asked.
“This morning she a dude pushed her and she got a sprain, this ointment is for it” he said.
“ guys seem pretty closer than I thought,” Harrison said with a grin. “you’re even taking stuffs to her and caring about her” Harrison said. “Man, I really hope she doesn’t hurt you pretty bad in the end”
“She won’t. Anyways, I’m off” Jeremy said and hurried out of the class..
Mounting on the flight of stairs, he arrived at the hallway that connected to Rebecca’s class and arrived there soon.. she was the only one on her row and among the very few people seated in the class, her head bent over a book.
“Hi,” he said and she raised her head, seeing him she sat up.
“Hi,” she replied, adjusting, offering him the seat beside hers, he accepted it.
“I got the ointment,” he said, showing it to her and she was collected it from him.
“Thank you,” she said, trying to raise the leg that had the sprain on her desk.
“Let me help,” Jeremy said and carefully helped her leg reach the desk and he placed it.
She stared appreciatively at him and opened the ointment.
“The nurse advised that you massage the area thoroughly with the ointment” Jeremy said and she nodded. Pouring a generous quantity on her palm, she rubbed then together and attempted to rub hard on the area but the pain that arrived at the gesture stopped her.
“Ow!” She cried, stopping the movement.
“Does it hurt a lot?” Jeremy asked, standing up to examine the area.
“Not really. Just when I press it hard” she said.
“Let me do it then,” he took it from her. “I’ll be careful” he said and she nodded, giving him a thankful smile.
Carefully, like a pro Jeremy applied the ointment on his palm and massaged her leg. When she shuddered at the pain, he reduced the movement then continued.


“Do you feel better now?” Jeremy asked, putting the kids back on the small bottle. She nodded. Successfully, putting her leg down on her own.
“Thank you” she smiled.
“I feel bad for stealing your lunch break from you,” she said.
“No, It’s fine. And I’m staying my lunch break here, with you. I’ll assist you with anything at all” he said and she smiled, feeling very grateful.
“Thank you, Jeremy. That’s very kind of you” she said and he nodded.
“You don’t have to keep thanking me tho,” he said bashfully. “Anyways, have you had lunch?” He asked and she shook her head negatively. “Ok. Just mention whatever you want to eat, I’ll get it for you” he said.

As they ate lunch together towards the end of break, Rebecca found herself enjoying Jeremy’s company. She was glad he had assisted her and grateful to him. After a brief conversation, he had left to get them lunch and had returned with so much food for them.
She was having a good time, thanks to him and she noticed he was enjoying helping her. As they ate and conversed, Rebecca thought of an idea.
“Jeremy? Would you like to see my studio?” She asked him and he stopped chewing, leaving the food puffed up in his cheek.
“Really, I can?” He asked and she nodded. “Of course!.. I’ll love to!” He said, excitement at every corner of his face. “I’ll definitely love to see your st-
“Shh..” she caution when his excitement, caused the tone of his voice to increase.
“Sorry. I’ll really love to see your studio” he repeated, calmly.
“How’s this weekend to you?” She asked. “Saturday afternoon by one”
“Perfect! I’ll be there” he said, suppressing his happy scream. She nodded and went back to the meal.

Minutes after, the bell rang, signalling the end if break period and Jeremy happily went to his class.

“What are you listening to?” Alicia asked, taking the earphones from Jeremy’s ears and putting them in hers. “Which song is this?”
“JD’s” he replied and again that wonderful feeling at the pit of his belly resurfaced when he remembered her invite to visit her studio.
“JD? Who-,” she paused. “Oh that singer that doesn’t reveal her face?” Alicia asked and Jeremy nodded..
It was a free period before closing hours and to kill time, Jeremy decided to listen to J.D music.
“I checked out some of her music. She’s good with her lyrics tho. Her songs ain’t particularly my taste but I admit she’s pretty good” she said.
“I wonder why she hides her face though” she added.
“She must have her reasons” Jeremy said.
“Yeah. Of course!” Alicia said. “Anyways Harrison and I are going to see a movie at the theatre this weekend. You wanna come along?” She asked.
“Not at all” he declined.
“I could buy you a ticket if you want. It’s no biggie” she proposed.
“No, thank you. I think it’s best if you guys go alone.
Harrison might misunderstand if I come along” he said, making her not feel rejected.

“Don’t worry, he’ll be fine!” Alicia said, waving it off.
“No, Alicia. And I think it’s best if you show Harrison some more attention than you show me, he’ll appreciate it more” Jeremy said, taking his music box and earphones from her. “Thanks for the offer though” he said and added inwardly.
*I already have plans. Big plans!*

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