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Jeremy hummed melodiously as he buttoned up his shirt in his room, reminiscing on the reason for the many minutes he spent dressing up, he was gleeful.
It was more than enough to bring smiles to his face, he was so carried away he didn’t hear when Kylie walked into his room. She stared at him for a while, her arms crossed on each other, she stepped closer, enough for him to notice her.

“You seem to be very happy about this *friend* you’re going to visit” Kylie said, noticing Jeremy’s over excited mood from her minutes of watching him.
Jeremy turned, noticing her presence.

“I am!” Jeremy said in ecstasy, almost before realising it.

“Mmh,” Kylie moaned, picking up to jar of jellybeans on his side table and twisting the lid to gain entrance to the jellybeans. She soon did, and she threw a piece into her mouth.
Jeremy bent and began putting his shoes on, he had polished it extremely the previous day for today.
“With how giggly you are, I can tell that this girl you’re going to see is very important to you” Kylie said, watching his expression.
A smile curled on his lips.
“She is-” he paused, rather too late when he realised what she was trying to do and how he fell for it, Kylie smiled mischievously at him.

“Ah! So you’re truly going to visit a girl that is *very* important to you?” She beamed, air quoting on the ‘very’.

Jeremy sighed. “I didn’t-

“You did. Don’t even deny it!” Kylie interrupted, throwing another jellybeans into her mouth. “It’s good for you though. Since we moved here you haven’t had a girl that’s not your sister in your life. Can you even remember when last you dated?” She asked him. “Can you?” She repeated when he said nothing.

“Uh.. four years, more or less” Jeremy shrugged.

Kylie gasped. “It’s been that long? No wonder you’re so boring” she said and Jeremy rolled his eyes.
“Anyways, I hope we get to see your girlfriend one day” she said.

“She’s not my girlfriend. We’re just neutral friends” Jeremy stated.

“Jeez.. so you really want to stay locked up in your boring life” Kylie said, shaking her head. She sat on the stool.
Before he could complain, she spoke.

“Now that I think about it, is that grouchy girl in your class still giving you a hard time in school?” She asked.
Jeremy smiled thinly, recollecting how close they’ve become now.
“She got transferred to another class and she’s a sweet person, just as you said” Jeremy said, picking up his phone; all set to go.

“Oh..” Kylie said, not expecting the response. “But-


“I’m off!,” Jeremy said, walking to the door, “And please lock the door when you leave my room” he said, walking out.

Outside, Jeremy boarded a cab to Rebecca’s place.
It dropped in front of the building and he got down, walking to the front door, he felt even more excited as he rang the bell.
Waiting for a response, he checked the time, he was a minute early.
The door opened to reveal Rebecca, she was dressed in casual, a jean trouser and peplum top.

“Hi” he said. “Good afternoon”

“Hi,” she replied, moving aside to grant him entrance.

Jeremy walked into the well furnished sitting room.
“Sit” she offered him a chair and he accepted it. “What would you take; there’s wine,

“I-I’m fine!” He said, cutting her off.

“Okay. I guess it’s straight to the point then” she said, as if reading his mind and he nodded. “but we have to be a little quiet, my mom is asleep upstairs” she said and he nodded. “Let’s go!”

She opened her room door, wide enough to fit both of them at the same time and Jeremy walked in, she fished out the key from where she had kept it earlier and walked to her closet, unlocking it. She opened the door, turning back to stare at Jeremy who gave her a questioning look, she nudged at him.
“D-do I come in?” He asked and she nodded, smiling lopsidedly at him.
Jeremy followed her into the closet.
It didn’t contain clothes as he had expected, it just had a few shoes hanged here and there and a big book shelf in front. She walked to the shelf, urging him to follow which he did.
He watched her push it at a spot and it immediately gave way to a door, Jeremy brows struck in awe.

She smiled at him and opened the door, walking in; Jeremy followed.
“Whoa!” He couldn’t stop the gasp when he saw what the room contained.
A studio!

“This is my studio” she said. “My favorite room in this house!” She added.
Jeremy speechlessly walked deeper into the room, staring at all the equipments in awe. He ran his palm gently on the digital audio workstation, so he wouldn’t destroy it mistakenly.
“It’s.. beautiful!” He finally said after being quiet for a while.
Rebecca giggled. “I know, right”
“You don’t mind me touching them, do you?” He asked.
“I don’t. Just be careful” she said and he went further.
He found her guitar, the one she sometime sings with and he gently touched it.
It was so basic and beautiful.
“This is really cool, Rebecca. It’s.. it’s so creative” he said.
“It is. Thanks to my mom. She’s the major brain behind this” Rebecca said. “We had to create it in my closet, it’s the least place to check if my dad gets suspicious” she said and Jeremy nodded.
The room contained everything a recording studio should that he is a hundred percent sure would cost a lot of money, a MacBook pro, a computer, digital audio workstation and interface, microphones, headphones, studio monitors, cables, pop filter and so on..
She began explaining every detail about the equipment to him and how she used them in recording her songs.


Jeremy picked up the microphone, showed it to her and she nodded, he drew it to his lips and began singing one of her songs, to his imaginary crowd and in the deactivated microphone.
Rebecca watched him for a while, smiling. He was too occupied to notice her, so she grabbed another microphone, turned it on, tuned down the volume and joined him.
They sang together..

🎶…you wronged me but my heart still holds out to you!
🎶..feels like a magic that only connects me to you
🎶 can you break a feeling that you love but don’t want
🎶..cos you’re the only one in that position..

The finished the fifth song with a hum and giggled after it, collapsing tiredly on the only three-sitter couch in the studio, catching their breaths.
“You know you’re not so bad at music” she said.

“Coming from you, I feel honored” he said and she chuckled. “But I’d rather leave it to y’all who knows it best” he added, making her laugh.
She sat up on the couch and he followed..

“So..I was wondering. If you didn’t have to choose JD for some reasons and you have your way, like if everything goes as it should and you’re able to sing without having to hide your face, what name would you have preferred?” He asked.

“Bekah! B-E-K-A-H” She answered. “I’ve always admired that short form of my name” she added.
Jeremy nodded.

“Well..I know a chance to answer that stage name and show your self to the world, will come” he said.

“I hope so!” She said.

“By the way, is your leg better now?” He asked.

“Yes. It’s just as perfect as it used to be” she said.

“Are you tired? Come-on let’s sing again!” She said standing up, Jeremy followed and in a moment, they were singing again and having fun while doing it.

Sighing themselves to the couch again after singing to their satisfactions and in high tunes, they settled on the couch.
Rebecca picked up her phone and turned it on.
“It’s 4pm!” She said, with a gasp.
“Already?!” Jeremy sat up.
“Yeah. I can’t believe we spent more than three hours in here” she said.
Rebecca stood up. “My dad should be home anytime from now. Let’s leave this place” she said.
They hurried placed the stuffs the had taken back to it’s spot and walked out, arriving at her room.
Rebecca locked the door..
“You must feel dehydrated after all that singing,” she said. “I’ll get us something to drink” she said, opening her room door to go out but she met her mom standing there, about to come in.
“Mom?” She called.
“Hi,” Mrs McCoy smiled, “I figured you and your friend would be thirsty after all that singing so I brought you guys something to drink” she said, showing her the tray that contained water and a jar of chilled freshly squeezed fruit juice.
“We do. I was just about to go get us something to drink” Rebecca said, allowing her in.
“Good evening ma’am” Jeremy said.
“Yes dear,” she said, dropping the tray on the table. She filled a glass and gave it to Jeremy.
“Thank you” he said, taking a long sip from it.
“Oh mom.. did our singing disturb your sleep?” Rebecca asked when Mrs McCoy handed her a glass.
“Oh..I’m so sorry, Mrs McCoy-
Jeremy started to apologise but she waved it off with her palm.
“Nonsense!” She smiled. “I was meant to wake up anyways” she said. “You both should carry on. I’ll be downstairs if you need me” she added and walked out..

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Jeremy took another sip from his drink.
They talk for sometime until both their cups were empty.
“I should be on my way now, I need to assist my mom at the store” he said.
“Okay. Let me walk you to the door” Rebecca suggested and he nodded.
After exchanging byes with Mrs McCoy, Rebecca followed Jeremy outside.
“Thank you for inviting me to your studio. I had a fantastic time!” Jeremy said when they stopped at the porch.
“You’re welcome. I also had a nice time, it feels good having someone you share the same view with around” she smiled.
“I’m glad,” Jeremy said. “And.. I hope we get to do this again someday” Jeremy said.
“Since you enjoyed it; we’ll definitely do this again!” Rebecca said.
Jeremy smiled.
“And my driver will take you home, my mom insisted you let him” she said.
“If it’s not any trouble then, okay” Jeremy said.
“Hold on. He’ll be here soon. I’m sure he’s getting the car ready!” Rebecca said and almost immediately, a car stopped in front of them. The driver opened the backseat door for him..
“I’ll see you in school then” Jeremy said.
“Sure!” She said. “Bye” she waved at him after he got into the car.
Who else is loving this closeness?😁

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