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*Lunch* the word rang in his head. He turned and found Alicia walking into the cafeteria just in time.

“Here’s your phone, Jeremy” she said, stopping at their table.
Jeremy hastily collected it and turned it on. His gaze landed on the text message from Rebecca and he dart it towards Alicia. Seeing her unsuspicious attitude as she ate Harrison’s hamburger, he breathed out silently in relief and stood up.

“Um.. excuse me for a minute, guys” he informed them and walked out of the cafeteria, Alicia’s intent gaze accompanying him until he was out of sight.

Getting to a less busy part of the school, Jeremy opened the message and sighed in disappointment.
She just rejected his lunch offer because she signed for the school’s voluntary work that happening during lunch break.
*Okay. Have fun!* He sent her a quick reply.

‘…I’m meeting her for lunch too’ Jose’s words subconsciously rang into his head.
He shook the thought off and walked back to the cafeteria, joining them once again.

“So, where did you go?” Alicia inquired, holding the Hamburger away from her mouth.
“I..I went to check something out” he answered her and she nodded.
“Okay, before I forget again. After-school classes begins tomorrow” Alicia said.

“Oh..your dad finally permission-ed it?”
“He did!” Alicia replied and gave Jeremy a glance.
“Does Brianna and Fiona knows about it?” Harrison asked.
“Yeah. I told Fiona, she’ll inform Brianna about it” Alicia said.
“Jeremy?” Alicia called, gaining his attention. “Why are you not saying anything?” She asked.

“I will if I have something to say” he answered her.
“ I take it that you heard the information I just passed. About after-school class-


“Yeah. I did” he answered cutting her off.
“Are you alright?” She asked.
“Yes,” Jeremy’s brows furrowed. “Why did you ask me that?”
“You just seemed a little off” Alicia replied. “It’s cool though. Let’s just have lunch” she smiled at him.

Sitting behind his desk and finishing up with his assignment, Jeremy closed his notebook and slipped it into his backpack before grabbing his phone.
He contemplated on calling Rebecca but he pushed against it. Having no idea as a reason if she asks.
He could just tell he it is an appreciation call. Probably thank her for yesterday and then they might get talking.
“No,” he shook his head negatively. “It’ll be quirky” he finalized and exited the dialer, clicking on the internet instead.

Almost as soon as he started browsing, an advert popped up. He was about clicking on the ‘x’ just above it to cancel when the heading caught his attention.
Curiously, he clicked on it and was directed to the page with the full details.
Jeremy perused through it:
It was a music talent audition.
He scanned downwards to the prizes and the first line left him gasping.
The winner would be signed into Flex Entertainment, one of the biggest Entertainment industry in the city..
The second prize attached was $1 million and five free tickets to five artists shows/concerts under Flex Entertainment.

Scrolling down, he checked on the application format. It was online and the deadline is…6pm?!
He glanced at the time; almost an hour from now.
Seeing that he has the permission to purchase a form for someone else, he quickly applied for the form. Filling in the required details, he got the a mail with the signed form and saw the requirement for a two minute video to complete the process, the deadline for that is tomorrow.


He dialed Rebecca’s line and heard it ring.
“Hello, Jeremy?” She answered cheerfully at the first ring.
“Hi Rebecca. I want to discuss something with you”
“Yeah. What is it?”.
“Have you perhaps heard of Flex Entertainment?”
“Of course. Who doesn’t know the biggest music industry in the city?” She asked.
“Okay. Well they’re having auditions for a music talent show. Do you know about this?”
“I don’t” Rebecca answered. “Tell me about it!”
“Well, they just need you to apply for the form and upload a two minute video of you singing a song that you made up” he said, “and the winner gets signed into Flex Entertainment, get $1million and five free concert tickets!” He expounded.

“Wow! That’s massive”
“I know, right!” He smiled.
“So when is this application closing?” She inquired.
Jeremy gave the time a glance. “It ended about four minutes ago” he revealed to her “but I already filled a form for you” he said.
“Really?” Rebecca gasped. “They let you do that?!”
“Yes. I have the form already. What’s left is just a two minute video of you singing one of your songs and then you’re automatically qualified!” He revealed.

“Whoa!” She cried out. “Thank you so much, Jeremy!”
“You’re welcome. I’ll send you the form right away. You just need to pick one of your songs and send the recording to them. The deadline is seven PM tomorrow” he informed.
“Of course!” She said happily. “If this works out for me, I’ll finally become a real artist and –
Her words suddenly trailed off when realization hit her, she marched her lips together and a sad frown crossed her face.


“Rebecca?,” Jeremy called when she suddenly stopped talking. “Are you there?” He asked.
“Yes,” she answered after a moment with an exasperated sigh. “I’m here”
“Is something wrong?” He inquired. “You suddenly sound funky”
“Look Jeremy, I appreciate you getting me the form and all. Thank you for even thinking of me at that opportunity but I’ll have to turn the offer down” she said, her voice filled with so much disappointment and sadness.
“But..why? You can do this, Rebecca. I promise you–
“It’s not about that, Jeremy” she said.
“Then what?” He asked calmly. “This is a golden opportunity, Rebecca. Please, don’t blow it off” he pleaded.
“I’m sorry,” she sighed again. “But I have to”
“Why?” Jeremy asked. “Please, tell me why, Rebecca”

“It’s because of..” she paused, taking a huge gulp and with yet another sigh, she added more quietly, “my dad. He will never allow it”
Jeremy sighed, shutting his eyes as if her sadness wore off on him.
“But Rebecca-
“I’m sorry, Jeremy. I really do appreciate your effort tho” she said and before he could say another word, she ended the call.

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