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Jeremy arrived home to meet Kylie all dressed up and seated on the couch.
“I’m home” he announced, loud enough to her hearing as he padded to his room.
“Finally,” Kylie stood up, turning her phone off and slipping it into the bumbag she wore on her waist.
“I was waiting for you”
“Okay. I need to go somewhere right away-
“Then Axel is going with you” Kylie answered.

“What! Axel is
“Jeremy!” Axel called in his babyish tone, striding towards Jeremy to hug him.
“See? he got your name right today” Kylie laughed.
Jeremy crouched to Axel’s height and ruffled his hair lovingly, Axel giggled.
“Why do I have to stay with him today?” Jeremy inquired.
“Cos I’m joining mom at the store today and Axel refused to stay with her so I picked him from the store on my way back from school” Kylie explained. “And now that you’re here, I’m leaving. Don’t forget to prepare Mac and cheese for dinner!” She reminded before walking out.

“Okay big guy, would you like us to go somewhere? I need to meet a friend right away and it’s very important” Jeremy said and Axel nodded.
“Ice cream?” Axel asked, narrowing his brows at him and pushing out his pinky.
“Oh you little thief” Jeremy gave his nose tip a light part. “Alright, deal!” Jeremy knotted their finger.
“Pinky swear?” Axel pronounced.
“Pinky swear” Jeremy said before releasing his finger.
“I’ll go change quickly”

Jeremy stride to his room and quickly rid his uniform from his body, pulling a shirt and black pants in its place.
He neatly slip the form into his pocket, grabbed some bucks from his drawer and his phone before walking out.

Assisting Axel to buckle his sandals properly, he held his little palm in his and they walked out of the house together, hitting the road after Jeremy locked the door.

“Ice cream!” Axel suddenly chanted– after they had walked a few metres– pulling Jeremy’s hand.
Jeremy looked at the direction he pointed to and found an ice cream cart resting close to a fountain in the city hall.
He let Axel lead him to the cart and purchase a small sized vanilla and chocolate ice cream for it, since it was his favorite.
Dropping the payment and collecting his balance, they continued walking.
Axel was busy licking the ice cream and it was slowing him down so Jeremy lifted him up, carrying him on his body; he increased his step.

Rebecca walked out of the door, Roderick following solidly behind her.
Walking out of the building, they were now standing side by side while walking in silence.

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“Rebecca?” Roderick suddenly called after the dragging silence.
“Mmh” she moaned a response to him.
“You think I want to do this too, right?” He asked.
“Do what?” She asked, trying to maintain the distance as they walked. She spared him a quick glance.
“This relationship thing our parent are trying to make us have” he replied.
“Relationship?” Rebecca repeated, feigning hypocrisy.
“You know what I’m talking about, Rebecca. And I know it’s the exact reason you’ve been acting all.. cold and hating on me” he said.
“I never-
The look he gave her she glanced at him made the rest of her words trail. “Okay, Maybe I’ve been a little cold to you but I never hated you” she said, not looking at him even though she could feel his gaze on her.
“Truth is, I’m not interested in being in a relationship with you, too. Like I told you before, I have a girlfriend. I’m just doing all this to get away from my dad’s constant disturbance” Roderick said, letting out a short laughter. “And honestly, I find your mom’s company enjoyable. She’s a very nice person and she lets me cook too. It’s might sound strange but at my house, my parent never allow me do any chore that concerns the kitchen” he said, paused then continued. “When I went out of the country to school, I learnt how to cook and I saw it as a very captivating activity. My favorite class was cooking class, I never missed it even for a day throughout my stay there. My love for cooking started there, it grew and suddenly I realised I had a passion for cooking. My grandmother would commend me greatly anytime I made a meal for her.
With time, I realised that I wanted to be a chef and not a business person like my Daddy wanted” he said and let out a sad sigh, “when I told my dad about my desire he brushed it off, scolding me greatly. He said ‘a guy should never be a chef. A guy is solely meant for business. How do you intend to care for your family with such a useless occupation?’,” Roderick mimicked. “He warned me to never speak of it again, so I just focused on business like he wanted. But deep down I still really have the passion to be a chef and one day I believe I will. So, I go to your house because there, I can practice my passion without anyone reprimanding or abusing it” Roderick ended and gasped, “oops, that was supposed to be a secret” he said and Rebecca stared at him. They ended up laughing.
At the few glances she threw at him when he told her about his passion, she saw the sadness in his eyes and she knew it was as a result of unfulfillment. She has felt it too so she can recognize it anywhere.


“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone” she assured him.
She has a secret similar to that too, so his is safe with her.
“And I seriously don’t hate you” Rebecca added.
Roderick smiled at her warmly.
“In the end, our fathers will just get tired and give up” he said and Rebecca nodded in agreement.

“Since you’re going to see it anyways, I also have a secret similar to yours,” she said, gaining Roderick’s attention. “I’m an artist, I love music and I have about two albums that I’ve released”

“Wow!” Roderick eyes widen. “That’s fantastic!”

“I know. And like you my dad wants me to do business too but I do music secretly together with what he wants and honestly, I’m not just going for a walk like you think. I’m going to register for a singing competition by flex entertainment and-
Her words trailed off when she saw someone fall from the corner of her eyes. Looking ahead, she saw a small boy that had fallen and an ice cream in front of him.
“Axel?” Jeremy screamed, rushing towards him.
Rebecca reached Axel first and helped him up, picking him into her arm.
“Are you okay?” She asked calmly, wiping the dust on his body.


“Ice cream!” Axel pouted his lips, tears gathering in his eyes.
“Oh dear, don’t cry. I’ll get you anyone. You want that, right?” She inquired and Axel nodded rapidly.
“Rebecca?” Jeremy stopped, seeing her. She saw him too.
“Is he your-
“My brother. He’s my brother” Jeremy completed for her.
Rebecca muttered an oh..
“He’s so handsome” she smiled at him.
“Thank you,” Axel said in a babyish tone. “Will you get my ice cream, now?”
“Axel!” Jeremy reprimanded.
“No. It’s okay, Jeremy. I promised to get him one already, it’s nothing” she said.
“Oh..there’s an ice cream cart, let’s go but one for you” Rebecca said. “Now, what size was that again?” She asked Axel.
“The sma–
Jeremy was talking when Axel caught him off..
“The biggest one!” Axel said, causing Jeremy to give him a surprised look, “that was the biggest biggest size!” Axel said again, demonstrating with his palm.

“Okay then,” Rebecca nodded, “let’s go get you the biggest size”
“Axel, that is not-
“Come-on Jeremy, it’s not even your money” Axel cut him off again with a shrug. He instantly went speechless when Axel continued, “Chill, okay!”
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