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“I can walk just fine on my own, you know” Jeremy said, starting to get irritated with how she pulled him.
“Oh.. yeah. Sorry!” She stopped, embarrassed and let his wrist go. They began walking.
“And I won’t be joining you guys today for the study session, I didn’t inform my mom about it yet” he said. “I might start tomorrow if my mom approves it” he added.
“Oh that’s fine. I’ll just introduce the others to you and you can head home” she said and he nodded.
As they went on, he realised they were heading back to the classroom and she stopped in front of the door before opening it.
He went in with her and found five students in the class, Harrison inclusive.

“Hey guys!” Alicia waved, walking to them.
“Finally” Harrison sighed, standing up and offering her his seat, she gave him a frown and took a different seat.
“So guys, meet Jeremy, our new study partner!” Alicia introduced. “He has to head home soon, so you guys should make your introductions brief” she added.
“Hello?” Jeremy said, waving his palm slightly.
“Hi, I’m Brianna but you can call my Brie for short.
Welcome to the club, Jeremy” a girl on Bob started with a smile and Jeremy nodded, registering her name.
“I’m Fiona. You were really great at today’s lessons! And yeah, welcome” She commended.
“Thanks” Jeremy said.
“And you know who I am. It’s great to finally have a guy around here, I’ve been stuck with three girls for so long! I hope our last groupie turns out to be a male too” Harrison grinned lopsidedly, giving Jeremy a rough handshake.
“Well if you were that sick of having girls around, why didn’t you just invite him to the group since you know he’s capable!” Alicia knocked Harrison head and he rubbed the spot dramatically.
“B-but I didn’t think you’d accept him. You said he was-
“Shhh!” Alicia quickly covered Harrison’s lips with her palm before he could complete his statement.
Jeremy gave them a look with his brows narrowed and then he remembered he needed to go home.
“Okay, I have to head home now. It’s nice knowing you all” he said.
“Alright. I really anticipate your presence with us tomorrow” Alicia said. Jeremy nodded slightly and walked out.

He glanced at the time on his phone, grumbled slightly and ran down the staircase.
He arrived home and met Kylie reading a book on the dinning while eating from a bag of popcorn.


“Hey,” she said after the door opened and without sparing him anything more than a quick glance.
“Hi. Did mom call?” He asked and she shook her head negatively. “But she left some bags of clothe at the store room, she wants you to deliver them” she said, stuffing her mouth with popcorns..
Jeremy nodded, realising she didn’t see him, he ignored her and walked to him room.
He brought down his backpack, changed into his house wears and picked up a smaller bag, he stuffed the needed books into it and strapped the handle to his back and walked out; heading to the store room. He found the bags hanged on two hangers and unhooked them.
He pulled off the notes on each of them that had the addresses and perused through it.
He took the bag each on his palms and walked out. Since one of the address was closer, he decided to go for it first. Getting to the door, he rang the bell and it got answered by an elderly woman.
“Hello? How may I help you?”
“I’m from Smith’s dry cleaning service-
“Oh..my clothes!” She exclaimed, cutting him off. Jeremy nodded, maintaining the professional smile, she went in, brought her wallet and counted some money before giving it to him. He collected it and handed her the bag.
“Thank you, ma’am! Please, stop by again when you need someone to do the laundries for you” he said.
“I definitely will. Thank you!” She said before going back in and shutting the door.
Jeremy counted the money, it was the exact amount on the note. He pocketed it and made his way to the next house.

He arrived at the assigned house, rang the bell and delivered the clothes after getting the remaining payment.
He stretched, counted the money to be fully assured and nodded when he saw it was complete.
He hung his bag well and head to the library, he needed to return the book he lent yesterday, he had written today as its return date.

He got to the library, his feet throbbed slightly from the long walk and he was pretty sure his shoes must’ve gotten worn-out already. He was about heading to the door when he saw a girl, searching through the shrubs close to the library’s entrance.
He recognized her at once as McCoy his blue-haired seatmate.

Her hair fell over one side of her face and the other side was tucked behind her ear and she looked pretty engrossed with searching the ornaments, her face had a frustrated and earnest look as her palm worked on the Dusty flowers.
She seemed to be looking for something and whatever it was seemed very important.


He stopped beside her..

“Hi?” He said, tilting his face to one side but she ignored him.
“Hello. McCoy?” He said more audibly, calling her name.
She paused from her search and gave him a quick glance, finding him unfamiliar, she went back to her searching.
Jeremy’s brows struck.
“You’ll get lots of dirt on your palm if you keep going through those flowers, blue-hair” he said, walking closer to her.

She stopped at his words, her face going blank from expression.
“Becca, isn’t the search enough already? You should go in and inquire first” Her mom walked towards her and she stood up.
“You’ll only get dirt on yourself for nothing!” She added.

She stood up and gave Jeremy a look, her face went stiff as recognition hit her.
“Hi,” Jeremy smiled, seeing her gaze on him.
He has no plan on making an enemy at his new school considering how Harrison had defined her attitude which he didn’t see in her.

Her mom walked closer, it was slightly dark and Jeremy could barely take in her face from the cap she had on.
Becca gave him a stiff frown.
“Good evening, ma’am” he greeted the woman whom he assumed to be someone related to her.

“Yeah,” she said with her brows lowered as she stared curiously at him. “Honey, do you know this guy?” She asked her.
“No!” Becca took her gaze off him in an instant and stepped away from the shrubs, grabbing her mom’s hand instead. “Let’s go home” she said, walking away from him.

Jeremy stared confusedly after them.
Did she really not remember him? Or is it because he isn’t on his uniform or she just didn’t recognize him?
She forgets so easily though.
He glanced behind and saw their ride driving away.

He sighed; He’d just remind her tomorrow.
He walked into the library and to the assistant, he returned the book after the usual crosschecking and borrowed another in its place.
As he zipped open his bag, his gaze caught the diary book, in the midst of other items in a transparent box.

“I see no one turned up for the book” he said and the assistant responded with a nod.
“Have you tried going through it for informations or probably a phone number?” He asked.
“I haven’t found the time for that yet” she said, falling back on her seat. “you can take it with you and do the findings, cos if it stays here for up to three days then it’ll have to be disposed” she said.
“Oh..I’ll take it then,” he said and she brought the diary out of the box and handed it to him. “Thanks. Goodnight!” He said and she nodded tiredly, he walked out of the library.


Feeling tired, he took a cab to the store and paid before going down. He walked into the store and found his mom already packing up to leave for work. Axel was fast asleep on his baby sized sleeping bag.
“Good evening, mom!” He said, walking in.
“Evening. Did you get the clothes delivered?” She asked and he nodded.
“Here’s the money” He handed the money to her.
“Take it for your allowance. I’m off for work, lock up very early and take a cab home with Axel. You need to get some rest. You guys can have dinner without me, I’ll be staying out late and I’ll eat dinner before I come home!” She said.
“Okay. Take care” he said.
“I will, honey. I hope school wasn’t too tough?” She asked, picking up the bag.
“Not at all” he replied and she nodded with a smile.
“I’m leaving now. Don’t forget to go home early!” she reminded, Jeremy hummed a yes in response and she walked out..

Jeremy took out his books and read for some minutes after doing his schook assignment, Axel woke up and he stopped reading and played with him for some time before he decided it was time to go home.
He locked the store and first purchased some sweets for Axel before flagging a cab and entering with him.

Minutes after the got home, they had dinner with Kylie and Axel suddenly started mingling with Kylie that night and she ended up taking him to her room to spend the night.

Jeremy took off his footwear and stepped on his bed, he was about lying down when he sight his bag on his study table.
He slipped his feet into their wears and walked to his study table; sitting down on the chair. He shifted the lamp to his view and opened the bag, he brought out the diary, settled on the chair and opened it…


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