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“I have all my group member’s, so it’s only normal that I have yours too” Alicia added when she noticed his hesitation.
Jeremy took his gaze off Harrison and reluctantly typed his number before handing the phone back to her.
“I’ll call you!” She smiled toothily, waving at him and jogging off. Harrison sighed.
“What?” I asked.
“You didn’t notice the sign?” He asked.
“What sign?” He asked, his brows narrowed.
“Forget it” he said. “It was me who asked for her number but she’s asking for yours when you guys just met yesterday. Don’t you think it might mean something?” He asked, scrunching his nose curiously.
“Something like what?” Jeremy asked.
“Er.. nothing,” Harrison shrugged. “Jeez, you ask too many questions!” He huffed and walked ahead.
“Seriously? You asked first!”
Jeremy’s brows furrowed and he hurried up to catch up with him.

Jeremy arrived home and walked in, as usual he found Kylie on a couch operating her phone.
“I’m home!” He announced raggedly.
“Yeah, be wherever you like!” Kylie huffed, her gaze not leaving her phone.
“What’s up with you?” Jeremy asked, referring to her saucy mood as he started taking off his shoes.
She raised her brows and stared at him before sighing and leaving her phone aside.
“I was cheated!” She said despondently.
“Cheated at what?” He asked.
“We had a class president election yesterday and I’m pretty sure I got most of the vote but when the result was announced today, the position was given to one doll face cos she’s the principal’s daughter!” She said, getting angry all over.
“How are you so sure she didn’t get higher votes than you? I mean weren’t the votes read?” He asked.
“It was but I know I was cheated! I mean I had so many people on my side and Jenna is like the last person any student would want to be their president. She’s so bossy and mean and mischievous cos her daddy owns the school and I deserve that position, not her!” She ranted.
“Ohh..well if truly you were cheated then that’s bad and you have every right to be angry but just ignore it and don’t do anything crazy, okay?” He said.
“Ignore it?” She huffed “And why would I do that? Because she’s rich or her Daddy owns the school? Duh! I pay my fees and do pretty well in my school work, even better than her. Being the principal’s daughter doesn’t make her more of a student than I am and I won’t let her intimidate me!”
Jeremy sighed. “Just don’t cause trouble, Ky. Don’t make it harder for mom” he said.
“Don’t worry, bro. I won’t. I’ve got just the perfect idea on how to handle it” she said, smiling lopsidedly.
“Kylie” Jeremy drawled and she giggled.
“I heard you’re studying extra hours after school. Want to be more smarter than you already are?” She asked.
“Actually, I got invited” he said.
“Good for you!” She said. “You’re a study freak after all” she said and Jeremy rolled his eyes.
“Um Kylie?”
“Yeah?” She replied, looking up from her phone to him.
“Do you think it’s okay to hate someone you just met cos he scored higher than you?” He asked.
“Hate? That’s a strong word. Actually, I’ll get jealous for some time then I’ll work harder to top that someone and probably, make friends with the person so I can be smarter” she said.
“Right?” Jeremy said, smiling.
“Yeah or I could just seduce the person and make his intelligence useful for the both of us” she said and Jeremy sighed. “But I can’t hate that person because he scored higher than me” she added.
“Thank you!” Jeremy sighed.. glad that he wasn’t the only one feeling the same way.
“Why? Someone hates you cos you scored higher than them?”
“Yeah, kind of” he said.
“Tell me about it!” She enthused, shifting on the couch for him to sit.

Jeremy told her about Rebecca and her attitude towards him.


“I was told she’s a psychopath, like she has mental disorder” he continued.
“After hearing all what she did to you, I wouldn’t doubt that. How can she be that mean to you for a stupid reason?”
“She’s obsessed with being first!”
“Well that’s the weirdest obsession I’ve ever heard of!” She added. “She should at least get to see that you mean no harm!” She added. “Her friends must be giving her so much morale!”
“Well, I don’t think she has any friends. She’s a loner and no one seem to be interested in being her friend either, and I doubt that she cares about it!”
“Oh.. is she that bad?” Kylie asked. “I mean for someone to be able to hate people that much then she must be a bully or a queen bee and they usually have lots of friends or admirers” Kylie stated.
“She doesn’t! You can say she’s like the most hated student in my class!” He added.
“And With that kind of attitude, I wouldn’t specify her as an introvert” Kylie said thoughtfully.
“I know right” Jeremy agreed.
“Yeah.. Maybe just a psychopath path that enjoys being bad. I kind of feel bad for her tho. She might be clueless of her attitude and everyone avoiding and hating her would only make her worse, those kind of people usually acts differently when they’re with people who cares and love them; like their family” Kylie stated.
“You think so?” Jeremy asked and Kylie shrugged. “Although structurally, she seem pretty normal and she looks pretty wealthy too”
“Well, I’d have said she’s proud but surely, they’re students way richer than her in your school, right?”
“Yeah and it’s not pride, I once thought of her the way you just did but The more I think about it, she’s just very obsessed and introverted” Jeremy concluded, standing up.
“And I think the others are the one who gave her a reason to be more of what she is. Everyone at your class hating on her would only trigger her more, I’m not saying you should give in to her meanness but at least, let her know you have no bad intentions, be different from others to her. You might see something different about her” Kylie said.
“You think?” Jeremy asked. “Well, maybe I should tell you, she pushed a student from the third floor last term because she topped her in a test” Jeremy said and Kylie’s face instantly went blank, Jeremy chuckled.
“See? That’s exactly how I felt!” He said.
“It’s about time I go to the store” he took his shoes and walked to his room.

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Later that night, Jeremy sat in the store, working on his assignment. He was rounding up with it when his phone rang, he took it up and realised that the caller ID was unknown. He sat up and answered.

“Jeremy?” A voice called from the other end, it was obviously a female’s.
“It’s Alicia” she added.
“Oh hey!” He said.
“Yeah hey. Are you busy?” She asked hastily.
“Yeah, sorta. I just finished working on the math assignment” he said.
“Yeah about that.. I’m kind of having an issue solving number two” she said.
“Oh, it’s easy. You just use the same method as number one. They’re similar” Jeremy said.
“I did that but I doubt I got the correct answer” she complained.
“Try solving continuously then. If you keep getting that same answer then you’ll be sure!” Jeremy said.
“Um I did that and-.. look I just still have little doubts.
Can you give me a hint of your answer to number two, I just want to be sure I’m not wrong. I keep solving but I’m still not satisfied” she said, sounding disturbed.
“Okay. Just a second” Jeremy checked his notebook. “It’s an improper fraction” he stated.
“That’s it” Jeremy said.
“Ugh..okay, just tell me your answer!” She said and Jeremy’s brows narrowed. “I just want to be sure, okay?”
“Um..okay. I got five over two” he said.
“Yeah.. I got that one. Thank you!” She said.
“Okay” Jeremy said.
“Um.. you’re done with the assignment right?” She asked.
“Yeah” he answered.
“Okay. Can you give me a hint of your solvings on number three and four? I’m finding it hard to solve it” She said.
“The solving is the same for everything. Just use that same method you started with” Jeremy said.
“Yeah.. I tried that and I got seven as the answer for number three, is that correct?”
“I don’t know, Alicia. I’m not the teacher”
“But you’ve gotten yours. Come-on, just tell me your answer” she said with a sigh.
“But that’s cheating”
“Not completely and besides. We’re study buddies now,” she said.
“Okay, truth is, I’ve been working all day and I’m damn tired to work on my assignment. I don’t want to fail so just help me, will you?”
“” Jeremy asked.
“I’ll video call you now, just leave your assignment open, okay?” She said.
He was asking when she ended the call..
Sorry it’s late, phone ish..
I’m back now though 🙃
What’s Alicia trying to do bayi??

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