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It has been two days since our little fight, well I thought it was little until he started ignoring me.

I sounded selfish but I just wanted to k ow what he will do to her when he finds her.

She’s still my mother!

I can’t just stand and watch her suffer.

I was sorry about what I said to Dian, he has been ignoring me ever since then.
When I make breakfast and knock on his door to come and eat he will excused himself.

After eating mine and went to my room he’ll go eat his.

I’m fed up with the silent treatment, it was killing me slowly.

I took a deep breath and knocked on his door.

Firstly there was no answer so I knocked again.

“Come in,” his voiced out from the room.
I slowly twist the door knob and opened the door to see him writing something inside a thick back note.

That is his songs book.

I closed the door behind me and took slow steps towards him.

“Dian…I…” I trailed off not knowing what to say.

What do I tell him?
That I don’t want my mom jailed or killed because I love her?

Our little fight has already dome so much harm to our relationship and I don’t want more.

Not at this period of time, things are just rough.

He stopped writing and looked up, he removed his eyeglass and placed it on the nightstand before clearing his throat.

“Why are you here?” He asked, his voice was hursky.
He sounds tired.

“I…I just….I just want to say that I’m sorry, I’m sorry for how I reacted few days ago. It’s just….” He cut me off before I could finish.

“Just that you’re selfish,”

I lowered my head and nodded.

“I know, and I’m sorry,” I replied.

“I’m sorry I just…just flared up. You shouldn’t have called me selfish too,” I said raising my voice a little.

He arched his brow and chuckled softly, he stood up from the bed and took slow steps towards me.

“You started it, if you didn’t bring up your mother’s name this wouldn’t have happened,” he snapped.

I looked away and exhaled deeply.
This is not how I want this fight to go, I want us to be happy like we used to.

“Dian, just…lets forget about what happened and focus on finding mom. I don’t like how you have been ignoring me this past few days. It’s killing me,” I said.

“Yea, whatever.” He turned to walk out of the room and I grabbed his hand.

“Baby please,” I begged, trying to make my face cute.

His phone ranged and he walk back to the bed and picked it.
He glanced at me after looking at the phone then swipe the phone icon.


“Yes, what’s going on?” He asked, I couldn’t hear what the other person was saying but Dian face turned hard immediately.

“Why haven’t you call me since yesterday?” He asked furiously.

“I’ll be there before an hour,” he said and throw his phone on the bed.

Whats wrong?
He was mad again.

I rushed towards him and placed my hand on his chest.

“What’s going on baby? You don’t sound happy on phone at all,” I said cautiously.

He removed my hand from his grip and walk inside the bathroom.
I stood there speechless at his behavior.

What was that for?

Why is he so mad all of a sudden?
Yes he was angry with me but then now….now his bipolar side is what I’m seeing.

Five minutes later he walk out with a towel tied around his waist.

He ignored my stares and walk inside his closet.

I sat down on the bed and pocked up the book he was writing on when I got in.

It was a song like I predicted.
He wrote ‘Ballad’ on top of it.

It must be a slow ballad.
I wonder whom he is dedicating the song to.

Though I don’t know the keys he’s using for the song, I tried to sing it using my own fictional beats.

He came out later wearing a blue v neck and a gray tight jean trouser.

I looked up to see his eyes on me.
His eyes softened when they met with mine but was quickly replaced with a cold stare.

“Why were you mad earlier?” I asked, now standing up I walk closer to him.
My hand on his cheek while the other traces his abs.


“It can’t be nothing, you can’t just get angry over a phone call for no reason,” I said.

He sighed and placed his both hands on my cheek.

“It’s your Mom,” he said and my stomach summersaulted.

“She has been found,”

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