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I was so surprised at mom’s confession.
Even though I knew Mabel as a violent person I never thought that she can hurt a human being.

It’s surprising to me because I never thought of it.
I never expected it at all.

“Mabel?” I unconsciously asked.

“Yes Mabel, she hired me to do it,” Martha mumbled.

I don’t really care to know how they met.

“I don’t want to hear, at least you confess whom it is. Thanks for your time,” I said and turned my back to leave.

“Don’t you miss me at all?” Her voice froze me on my spot.

“No I don’t, a woman who killed someone’s child and left her daughter and husband then come back later is not meant to be missed.” I snapped.

I walked away from her and walk towards Arielle who was patiently waiting for me outside.

“How did it go?” She asked curiously.
I sigh and look around me.

“She confessed,” I mumbled. And exhale deeply.
This is so unreal.

“I knew it, the plan worked” she said happily and puffed.
“Who did she say sent her.” She asked as she waved down a cab.

“Mabel Malik,” I whispered.


“That was exactly how I felt when she told me ‘What?’ how can Mabel do such a thing?” I asked no one in particular.

“Yes that girl is a bitch and all that, but I didn’t and never viewed her as a killer,” Arielle said as we got inside a cab.

“Frozen estate please,” she told the cab driver.
I looked out of the window frustratedly.

She’s right, I never viewed Mabel as someone who could do such a thing.

She have a sharp mouth, yes.
She is troublesome, yes.
But I don’t think she have the moral to kill someone.

There must be a problem somewhere.

“Will you tell Dian?” She asked me and I nodded.

“But I’ll also tell him my doubt’s, I don’t think that mom was telling me the whole truth,” I said truthfully.

I didn’t really believe what she said even though she gave a clue.

It has been long I last heard from Mabel, after the interview where she lied about most of the things I’ve not seen her.

Not on social media nor on news.
I hope she’s okay.

The cab drive was silent as my mind wandered off to many possibilities concerning Hazel’s death.

What if….just what if it’s not her?

The cab stopped few meters away from Scarlets mansion and we got down.
I reached out inside my purse and bring out the bill.

After paying the cab driver we walk silently towards the house.
I knocked on the gate and it was opened for me.

“Welcome Aurora,” Gian the gateman said and I nodded.
My mind was too crowded at the moment.

We both walk inside the house and slumped down on the couch.

“Get us a glass of orange juice please,” i told a maid that passed by.

Where are the boys?

The juice was brought later after gulping it down I decided to check up on Dian.

Min ho walk inside the sitting room and stared at Arielle awkwardly.

Is there something going on here?
I ignored them and climb up the stairs silently.

I got to the hallway and grabbed the knob of Dian’s door before twisting it.

I opened the door and walk in.
Dian was sleeping peacefully on the bed. I walk towards him and sat down beside him.

My hand caressing the stumble on his jaw.

“I don’t know what to believe anymore,” I said quietly.

“Mom confessed that it is Mabel who sent her, but you know assassins don’t reveal there boss’s name easily,” I whispered again.

His eyes were close.
I kissed his forehead and smiled.

“I don’t think it’s Mabel, or what do you think?” I sighed when he didn’t make any body movement and lay back beside him.

I snuggled into my arm and closed my eyes.
“Whatever your decisions may be, I’ll fully support you baby,” I whispered before dozing off.

#Dian’s POV

Hearing what Aurora has to say when she thought that I was sleeping, I sighed and held her closer to myself.

Could she be right?
I know Mabel but I don’t trust anybody.

F**k it I don’t even trust my f**king self.
I slowly loosen her grip on me and got out of the bed.

I grabbed my phone from the nightstand and searched for her contact.
For some reason I didn’t delete her number when we part ways.

“Dian?” Her voice asked with surprise lacing on it from the far and of the call.

“Mabel, we need to meet up,” I said in a serious tone.

“Why? You sound so serious,”

“Don’t f**king play with me Mab, if you don’t meet up with me things might get out of hand.” I said and was about to hang up when her voice stopped me.

“You still call me that,” she whispered then I remembered calling her ‘Mab’.
Which I used to call her when we were still together.

“See you at the restaurant beside the school, I’ll meet you there by 4:00,” I said and hanged up.

I have to solve this problem once and for all.


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