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Aurora’s POV

I woke up and couldn’t find Dian beside me. I glanced at the digital clock on the nightstand and groaned.

I slept longer than I thought I would, maybe he is downstairs with the boys or went out.

I stepped out of the bed and headed to the door.
I opened the door and got out of the room.

Climbing down the stairs I can hear Arielle’s laughter.
Who is making her laugh that much?

I got to the bottom of the stairs and saw her blushing at whatever Min ho told her.

Okay they both her too close to each other all of a sudden, what’s going on?

I know that she have a huge crush on Min ho but I thought she overgrown it.

“What’s guys?” I asked, sitting down on the single couch in front of Min ho.

“Cool, I was just talking to Arielle,” he said and glanced at her.

“I’ll be I my room,” he said and stood up.

“I’ll call you,” He told Arielle before walking out.
I stare at Arielle and her face flushed.

“What’s going on?” I asked her.

“We were just talking,”

” Dian left an hour ago, he said to tell you that he will be back soon,” she said and I nodded.

The door opened and I smiled.

“Baby where did you go?” I asked turning around.
I was met with that brown eyes staring intently at me.

“Mabel?” I called out.

“I’m not your baby,” she said and rolled her eyes.

“What are you doing here?” Arielle asked and she glared at her.

“I’m here on a business, call out all the maids here?” She said and sat down on the couch.

I crossed my hands around my chest and chuckled.

“Why do you want to see the maids?”

“I rather you don’t ask me questions Aurora Mamman, call out the maids or I’ll walk out of this place then face the consequences,” she snapped.

Why is she getting so angry?

I walk out of the sitting room and headed to the garden.
The were all sitting there, I got closer and they quit talking.

“I need all of you in the sitting room, now,” I said and turned my back.

“Here they are,” I told her.

“Come in,” she shouted and two cops came in.

“What? Why are you arresting them?” I asked surprised by her actions.

“They are walking for my father and spying on everyone’s move in this house. I’m leaving,” she said and turned around to leave.

“Wait!” I called out for her.

“What now,” she asked turning around to fave me while the cops bundled up the five maids out of the house.

“If you want to ask, Dian send me.” She said and walk out.
I looked at Arielle and she was also in daze like I was.

I collected her phone and typed in Dian’s number.

He picked up at the third ring.

“Dian Myers here, who is this?” He asked. His hoarse voice tingle on my skin.
He sounds tired.

“It’s me, what going on?” I asked quietly.

“Baby, I just found out who is behind Hazel’s death.” He said and sighed.

Who is it?
I’m sure if it is Mabel then….then…

“Who is it?”

“Mabel’s dad, Malik. Don’t worry he is already arrested.” He said and chuckled.

“When are you coming back?” I asked.

“Not now, I’ll wait here until mom come so we can know what’s next.” He said and I nodded as if he could see me.

“I’ll come meet you there, let me go and Bath,” I told him.

“Okay sweetheart, see you soon.” He said and hanged up.
I heaved a sigh of relief and sat down on the couch.

“What’s wrong?” Arielle asked.

“I don’t know how Dian found out that Mabel’s dad is the mastermind behind Hazel’s death, and he has been arrested,” I replied and gave her back her phone.

“Huh? Why?”

“I don’t know, I have to go and take my bath then go to the police station,” I said and stood up from the couch.

“What about your dad?”

I stopped on my track at the mention of my dad and sighed.

“I’ll call you tonight so that we can talk about it, but first I’ll go and meet Dian.” I said and she nodded.

She stood up from the couch and headed towards the door.

“Don’t forget to call me,” she said before walking out.
I sighed and walk inside the kitchen.

I opened the fridge and brought out a bottle water.
I opened it and placed the rim on my lips.

I drank the water and dropped it the the kitchen island.
My hand held on it firmly.

Suddenly my stomach began to hurt me, I pushed away the feeling thinking that maybe I’m just hungry.

I brought out a plate and rinse it but then a sharp pain caught me again.

I shouted in pain and held unto the kitchen island tightly.

“What’s going on?”

“Mrs Russell…..anyone…”

I screamed and looked down at my stomach.

“Mrs Russell”

“Oh my dear, what’s wrong with you,” she asked rubbing my back.

I screamed in pain and held unto her.

“My stomach….my sto…” I couldn’t speak further.
My breath hitch and I couldn’t say a damn word.

“Just breath dear, I’ll call the boys,” she said and started screaming the boys name.

“What’s going on here?” A voice asked.
I couldn’t detect whose voice it was.

My vision started becoming blurry.
Oh my God!

“Hold her, she’s falling,” a faint voice called out.

Darkness overcome me, I didn’t know what else happened but when I woke up I sensed a new environment.

The beeping sound of the machine alerts my sense.
I moved my finger but couldn’t raise it.

“Baby, baby can you here me,” the voice I’ve been dying to hear called out.

I slowly opened my eyes and saw his eyes staring into mine.
He smiled faintly at me and touched my cheek.

“You came back to me, you are back for me baby,”
I made to speak up but my throat hurts.

What happened to me?

Different types of machines were fixed on me.

“I’ll go call the doctor okay,” he said and stood up.
Few minutes later he came back with the doctor who examined me before taking off the oxygenator.

He unfixed everything from my hand and a nurse came in and pushed it away.
I felt different!

“Is she fine now?” Dian asked.

“Yes she is, but she need a lot of rest.” He told him and he nodded.

“What happened to me,” I asked him after the doctor left.

“You fainted sweetheart, the boys rushed you to the hospital and you were admitted. After the test run on you the doctor said that….that” he was holding back.
He didn’t want to tell me.

“That what? Tell me Dian,” I asked gently.

I don’t know why but I felt a sense of emptiness in me.

“Your drink was mixed and after drinking it caused a severe pain in your stomach,” he said and I nodded.

“And?” I asked urging him to continue.

“You were one week pregnant,” he said and looked away.


“You lost it,”.
He said and I closed my eyes.

This is a dream right?
I didn’t, I didn’t lose my baby did I?

Oh my God!

Tears ran down my cheeks as I sobbed bitterly.

“It’s okay baby, don’t cry.” He said,cleaning my tears.

“How long have I been here?”

“A week and three days.” He mumbled and grabbed hold of my hand.
He help me sit down and held me closer to himself.

“I got you sweetheart.” He whispered and kissed my hair.


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