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(Life of a fan girl)


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Aurora’s POV

“You know that I hate liars right? He asked
The speed in which his eyes changed from bright blue eyes to a darkened eyes sends shivers down my spine.

I was confused and scared.
I shouldn’t have eavesdrop on him what was I f**king thinking.

“Sir you see my dad thought me good manners, actually I didn’t plan on eavesdropping on you.
I wanted to just mind my business and go to my room but found your door open so…..”


“So I wanted to check if you’re in then I heard you making that call” I confessed.

“You got a really sharp mouth don’t you? He asked in his thick British accent.

“There will be no mercies next time” he said before closing the door.

Why on earth did I eavesdrop on him?

I went inside my room and close the door behind me.


I lay on the bed not bothering to change my cloth or something comfortable.

So Dian and Mable Malik are eventually going to get married to each other while I keep hiding my identity here as a boy.

Though that’s not the only reason why am here.
The money is the number reason why am here.

I slowly drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to see the ray of sunlight in my room.
I stood up from the bed and stretch myself before I ran off to the bathroom.

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I brushed my teeth and had a cool bath before going back to my room.
I clean my wet hair with my towel,damn I did took a lot of risk.

I went inside my almost empty closet and pick out something to wear.
I pull out a feminine track suit ,one of the only sensible cloth I have left.

I wore it and comb my hair ,went downstairs afterwards and sat down on a couch.

The thought of what Mabel or Dian will do when they find out my feminine identity bothers me but just like they say.

Let’s live to the moment.

I went to the kitchen and met Mrs Russell carrying some sweets on a plater.

“Good morning mama” I greeted

“Good morning my son,how was your night? She asked

“Not bad mama” I replied with a polite smile.

“Here,have some sweets” she said as she motion toward the plater she already put on the counter.

I walk towards the counter and pick two sweets,I pit one in my mouth and oww, it was amazing.

I smiled at the sweetness as I took yet another from the plater.

We heard the boys voices and she carried the sweet to meet them.

“Good morning Mrs Russell” Dian greeted about to pass her by.

“Here have some sweets” she said as she stretch the plater towards his direction.
He pick out two sweets and smiled at Mrs Russell.

Did I just see Dian smile?
Yea he f**king smiled.

The boys took theirs and soon the little noises died down.

“It was amazing” Bobby compliments.


Min ho’s POV

I sat down on the practice floor after trying out a new move Dian initiated.

“Y’all want water? Aurora asked

“Yea,get me one buddy” I said before he walked away.

What can I say,he is really a friendly person though act weird sometimes but he is absolutely cool to be with.

Am not the type of guy to fancy an employee especially a male employee but Aurora changed it.

He is hella handsome and pretty small for a boy’s body.

He walk in with a picnic basket filled with bottle water.
he distributed the water before going to sit down beside Bobby.

“Am giving y’all five minutes to rest before getting ya asses here” Dian said.

Five minutes passed by and we were back to practice.

“You’ve got to raise your left foot up the your left slide”he tutored.

After awhile we were through practicing.
Manager Kim walk in on us and sigh.

“The fan meeting starts thirty minutes from now” he announced

“Okay” was the only thing I said before leaving.
I went to my room and pile off the sweaty shirt I was putting on.

I lay down on the bed scrolling through my phone.
It is crazy how we got a guy as an assistant but it doesn’t change anything really,Dian still see him the way he sees others.

I ran off to the bathroom and turn on the shower.
I had a quick bath and come out of the bathroom with towel tied around my lower body.


I opened my closet and ransack through it.
I pick out a white turtle neck cardigan and a black jean trouser.
After wearing the cloth I comb my hair,just to look good till we get to the company our new makeup artist will do the rest.

I put on my rings and pick up my phone and wallet before leaving the room.

I walk downstairs and met the boys already sitting down .

“Where is Dian? I asked sitting beside Asher.

“He is yet to come downstairs” Liam replied.

“Any of you checked up on him? I asked.


I walk upstairs and knock on his door.

The door opened and he was fully dressed.
“You ready? I asked

“Yea,I’ll be there in a jiffy” he said before closing the door.

“Where is he? Asher asked as he dropped his phone on the table.

“Be down soon” I replied

Dian came down wearing his jacket.

“Where is Aurora? He asked.

“She probably on her way” Asher replied

“She? Dian asked

“I mean he” Asher corrected

“Why on earth did you addressed him as a she! Dian semi yelled.

But seriously Asher huh?


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