Son Of Thunder EPISODE 10

Son Of Thunder EPISODE 10



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the dirt already covered my body, everywhere.My hair look so unkept no matter the dirt that stain my face, I still remain beautiful so he might recognize me so easily.I better respect myself by saying am okay.

“I think she is still in shock,
take her in my car I will take her to the hospital”obi spoke so nicely.
hmmm and I thought he is rude with a big attitude not knowing he is also nicely mannered.

“sir it won’t work that way,we don’t know who she is…she’s just a maid” one of the guards replied.
I quickly stood up with my face still covered.

obi wanted to look in my face,
I turned to one of the guard and collected my bowl which I quickly used to cover my head.
“am fine,no need thank you sir” I said and rushed to Stella.
that was so close..
I felt relieved when his car drove out.

*that’s him cheta!!!
*the guy I was telling you the other day now tell me did he worth my description???
*this is his mother’s mansion,he built it for his mother…
can you imagine? the kings palace is not even up to this–
imagine what his own house will look like” Stella blabbed.
soon we were done working.

I ran,
Stella dragged me back.
“Cheta where to,won’t you collect your pay! she said.
“pay okay”I said and followed her to the back building where a fat woman was seen attending to others.

“where’s the girl that almost got hit by the car?”the fat woman asked, I moved forward.
“treat yourself”she said and doubled my pay..
as in😱😱😱 I want this type of luck everyday.
“thank you ma’am”I said with respect to the fat woman,she seems nice.

Stella and I rushed out holding hands
I kind of miss Veronica,
she must be missing me too…
those two already became a part of me.

“what about the beauty pageant I told you about?”Stella asked.
“I didn’t go to Royal high to compete for beauty,I want the certificate to make my dead mother in the grave proud so that one day,I will grow up rich enough to take care of Rita, give her the life that our mother didn’t get the chance to give us”I replied her.
“motivational speaker!! Stella smiled.

“you would make a good lawyer you know ~~just saying”she said.
I smiled.
“when last did you even sing?”she asked..
“last two weeks, and I don’t want to anymore it brings sad memories of my mama you know I took it from her.Please don’t talk about singing in my ears,change topic already”I said.
Stella smiled,
she understands my plights.

“the beauty contest..
cheta contest I swear you will win and besides there is a prize of one millionaire for the winner not to even talk of the fame..
fine I know you don’t want fame but you and Your sister needs the one millionaire to take care of yourself” she said.

“why are you telling me to contest? I don’t like competitions…
and I thought you are contesting too why telling me to contest? don’t you want to win?*I asked.
she smiled…”well I feel like my best friend needs the money than I do and besides am not pretty like you”.

“and you think Clara will let me enroll fine and good she will but won’t she collect the one millionaire, that woman is greater than devil biko(please)” i said.

soon we part ways.
the gateman opened the door for me he looked curious when he saw me looking dirty.
“omalicha(sweetheart) you no go school?”he asked..
“ummm nooo” I refused to say any word further.

Mrs Clara had warned me sternly like mad that if I should open up to anybody that day she will kill me.
and if she hear any complain from anyone she’s going to make me and Rita go to hell that day.
reasons why she always buy good clothes for us so that people will think she is really taking care of us.
I got to the door and looked at the money in my hand.

one on my hand,
the one the woman gave me to treat myself was in the other hand.
Clara will collect both I quickly went to keep it with the gate man then entered.

finally,I spotted her coming down from the stairs.She had on a green gown then her phone and her car key

“I’m back ma’am”I said.
*how much did they pay you” she asked.
“well twenty thousand naira”I said as I stretched it to her.
she counted it and gave it back to me.
“give it to Amaka when ever she returns that’s her pocket money for tomorrow” Mrs Clara left me speechless.
she approached the door.

“my dirty clothes are in the bag upstairs,do not use washing machine, go to the stream then there are some packages in my room, check the address on them and deliver them..

collect my Monet from me,I don’t want to hear story that touches the heart”she said abs left.
did I bath? no
did I brush my teeth? no…
the door opened back…


*ma’am!!! am doing it already”.
I rushed upstairs.

well prince eze thinks he broke my heart by always snubbing me…. he doesn’t know that this life is a very small world.
if you think you’re the most handsome and most wealthy, you’re deceiving yourself because the wisdom are for the gods..

when they are sleeping,they can as well see.
Eze doesn’t know that where is handsomeness and wealth end, another person’s own starts from there.. he must be really frustrated where ever he is.He hardly go out unlike before.
why would he? when obi’s name and pictures already filled the nets and webs.

Obi killed it in every comparison,
“comparing Eze to obi is like comparing Nigeria to London” A girl had commented on the school web.
some still went to add tags on their pictures…some things like choose wisely; obi or eze…
am just happy Eze’s pride will drop and I even heard obi himself is a king of mean and rude…both of them have there sides.

📣💻 eze thinks he knows how to act rude and snub…tch he is still learning cos Obi(my heart) is so real.

I rushed into our longue almost close to the pool side, the residential part of royal high,we stay here to relax together,we are beauty diva’s, princesses from different kingdom. since ujunwa’s dad(king somadinna) owns 80% here,we made Ujunwa our leader,
she’s even royals queen.She can remove recruit and bully students without anyone questioning her,
she can even withdraw admission.

I entered the longue fully and dropped my bag then fell into one of the couch. Isioma was on phone while Adaora the daughter of mazi kebe was playing ludo with Brenda a girl from the town.

Ujunwa came in,in only bikini only, her hair was wet she just came. out of the pool.
“Uju you won’t believe professor liam gave me 10 out of 100 in the last maths test”Isioma said.
“yours is even better,he gave me 5” Brenda said.
“Uju I need you to threaten that man so that he can boost my scores” Isioma said.

Ujunwa rolled her eyeballs in a cute manner but bossy. She has pretty face,she’s a black beauty,her lips were as well black and she had this nice lips and a long hair,nice shapes too…
presently she’s miss royal high apart from being prince eze’s younger sister.Everyone fears her,
she and her family can stand up to anyone without being questioned.

“Ujunwa please now help me threaten the lecturer so that he can pass me”Isioma said.

“why should I help you? do it yourself? or you read your book well next time”uju said.
“but you also didn’t read,he only pass you because of your family” Brenda said.
“Brenda where exactly are you driving at? calling my father ruthless” Ujunwa said.
“I didn’t okay” Brenda said.
uju went to seat in just only a pant and bra with numerous waist chain.

two girls were already there to paint her nails nicely.
she picked up a magazine,Obi’s picture screened on the front page.
Seems she’s interested in obi..
hmmm Ujunwa that always turn men down,I saw her smile as she look into the magazine.

“Girls is it true…
I’m finding it hard to believe this guy net worth, it seems unbeatable” uju said with so much interest.

“he’s wealthy by birth…Adaolisa is his mother,I heard he was born in America” Brenda said.
“Nadia turn on my laptop and connect it to the Panasonic,I want to watch his runaway catwalk” uju said
“okay ma’am”the maid replied.
At times uju can be a snub.
the maids served us fruit juice and came back with uju’s own in a separate glass and tray.
“are you high? you’re giving me juice with left hand! uju scoffed and poured the juice on the maid.
“am sorry ma’am”the maid rushed out..
“you must be stupid” uju said and lifted her phone to make a call📲📲📲
“Eze I need an extra maid,this one seems incompetent”uju said and hung up ..

“Uju the beauty pageant form is out and the prize charge is one millionaire” Amaka rushed in.

*I’m contesting”uju said.
“why do you want to contest common you’re bigger than one millionaire,money that’s not enough for you to spend in two weeks” Brenda said.

“you think I would contest because of the money…hell no,I want the fame” Uju said..and smiled at Amaka, the closest to her.
waoow seems hot,every other contestant already lose..
No one compete with uju and win.

I didn’t wash any clothes,
I only bath and ate then read my books…I made sure I ate well..
Mrs Clara hasn’t returned, I hastily used the washing machine she would think I used hand.
I was done in a jiffty,the only work left for me is to deliver her goods.

the door opened,
I turned it was my sister,she was just back from school.
“hey hi, how was school”she asked me,I smiled and nodded.
“mine was good too, is the devil around?”she asked.
we both laughed into nothing.
I collected Rita back and followed her to our room next I went to the kitchen and carried her food she already changed by the time I went in.

“quickly eat so you can take your siesta I want to go and deliver Clara’s goods to her customers* I said.
“can I follow you?”she asked.
*no..stay indoors” I said and left.

I delivered all till it was night,just one more left.I checked the address and it turn out to be Adaolisa’s mansion.
I hurried there and knocked,
I was allowed in.

“please I seek for madam Adaolisa* I said to the guards at the entrance, they allowed me in.
Another maid took me upstairs..
ohh my good lord please make me rich someday…see the kind of house Obi built for his mom.

“umm good day ma’am..
I brought your order”I said to the woman, she look beautiful despite her age.
*ohh you’re Clara’s daughter?*the woman said.
*hmm yes ma’am” I nodded.
*you’re pretty anyways”the woman said and paid me in a percel.
“my regards to your mom”she said and tipped me with extra money.
the Maid didn’t follow me out back since I know the way out.

I got to the linking hallway,
the place was dark…
I walked down and finally cut across where there was little light.
I step down the stairs but stopped when I heard voices.
it was obi,sitting in the last stairs. His phone was on his right hand,his left hand was holding a neat bottle water then a car key.
he look so expensive yet simple in what he wore.

📲 I told you Francis wasn’t to be trusted…
📲 well,my brother Charles doesn’t even like him from the start..
📲 that’s his lost anyways..
📲 send them in…
I heard him speak,he even smiled.

now,how do I pass..
now that am not looking dirty,
he will know am a commoner then he will expose me in school.

“Excuse me sir,you’re sitting on the way and I want to pass”I finally found my voice…
” Frida is that you! he asked.
“no,it’s not frida its me the delivery girl!! I imagined myself saying.
Obi turned, he actually stood up.
I don’t know why I always get scared looking at him.

I wasted no time in running pass him…
“hiding yourself as a commoner is that more than your life,if you don’t know it means cowardice” I heard Obi..

I froze on my spot, wait he recognize me that morning when I was dirty?
I turned,he wasn’t there anymore.
TBC by adesola golden stories.

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