Son Of Thunder EPISODE 11

Son Of Thunder EPISODE 11



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I looked there very well making sure that my eyes was seeing well.Obi wasn’t there anymore. Only his bottled water then his car key….
at the same time,I got confused.

does he mean he knows am commoner? even if he knows that am a commoner does that makes him know what am passing through?
well its not my fault neither.
no one should persecute me

if only my mom didn’t die from an unknown sickness, if only my dad doesn’t cherish male more than female…

have never seen a father call his blood USELESE but my father did.
he called me and Rita useless,
he said a male child can only make him proud that training a female child is just a waste of time cos they will end up in the kitchen…

he gave us to Mrs Clara,
he warned us never to return home who am I to go against Mrs Clara!

I rushed to the gate,
where I met Rita, so she followed me secretly.
“hia,she said she is your sister…I told her to wait here”the gateman said.

“hmm thank you”I took Rita hand we both ran away.
“was that’s stressful?*she asked.
“not really” I nodded and explained how Mrs Clara beat me because of condom that I did not know about..
its even my first time seeing it yet she blamed me for her daughters mistake..

Rita felt bad as she looked the mark on my hand…
she brighten up when I told her about the twenty thousand I gave the gateman to hold for me and the money madam adaolisa tipped me.

we passed the suya(roasted meat) joint,Rita dragged me back.
“umm I want some of that”she chuckled.The seller was an aboki man..
“how much?”he asked.
“one thousand naira and sell it well” Rita said.I already kept Mrs Clara money in my jumpsuit pocket.

Rita kept on smiling, the aboki gave us to taste..
I look around,its getting darker if we don’t hurry we might get locked outside the estate.
“should I put pepper”the man asked.
“what else are we suppose to eat it with?”Rita said.The man put pepper.
A guy came from nowhere,
I wanted to pay he paid.

“do we know you from anywhere?” Rita asked.
“so you can’t recognize me anymore! the guy said,he already paid for our suya which Rita already grabbed.

“chetachi you too,you can’t recognize me anymore”the guy said abs followed the direction we took.
I turned sideways to look in his eyes. his voice sounds familiar but his face was a no go area.

“fine its me Stanley”the guy said.
I remembered him,
he was the guy I beat up for misplacing my eraser when I was in class six..
I suddenly laugh into nothing.

“well the Stanley I knew is dark in complexion, how come you’re now fair… is it bleaching?”I asked.
“no nah…am actually fair its village sun that made me black,I just returned from traveling not quiet long” he said and was getting close to me……
so close that he wanted to hold my hands until Rita came to squeeze herself in our middle..
so childish!!!

“cheta you’ve turned into a beautiful maiden but your face didn’t change” he said.
“you’re the one changing skin color like clothes”I smiled.
He suddenly look me with a different eyes then part ways.

we entered our estate.
the estate gate was just about to be locked…I said it.
we rushed in,
what I saw next got me speechless.

it was Amaka and prince Eze kissing beside his car,they stopped kissing when they heard our footsteps.
“see you tomorrow”eze said and went straight into his car
he drove out.

“what type of mood spoiler are you hunn bad luck”Amaka glared at me when we get to the house gate.

“what mood did I spoil? Your brain is not in use…
new week,new man..whatever, your lost anyways” I said.

All amaka could say was that “poor rags,last last its a blind man you will marry in the end”.

“and you must get ready to suffer from that blind man’s wife”Rita said.
She scoffed.Amaka can’t fight she always know her limits so that I won’t beat her up.

I gave mrs Clara the money I made from delivery,despite the amount of money I made she didn’t give me and my sister food.
who cares???
we already bought suya…we drank our garri(casava flakes) like that and went to bed.
son of thunder by adesola omowole

Ujunwa’s p.o.v…….
the maids picked my outfits with special care, have just gotten my spa done and my skin treatment.

where’s Eze???
where’s Ebuka?
And Emeka???? Jesus they might hit have gone to the town club already..

I returned to my suite…..I sat to watch obi’s show but then I remembered I need 5millionaire for something very important.
I paused Obi’s show and headed to the throne room I had wanted to open the door but I stopped when I heard voices.

Elder Okoro first cleared his throat. “igwe this is not funny at all the crown suppose to reappear back since Eze clicked 18 but it didn’t appear..
he’s now 22 going to 23,yet the crown and staff have refused to come…if it doesn’t return in the next 3months igwe we will be forced to impeach you from the throne to see if the crown will return ..
we will be forced to do it ,gods or no gods, tradition or no tradition and everyone must abide by it”.

I heard my fathers voice he sounded angry.”Point of correction my son eze is the next successor, who knows if the disappearance of the crown and staff is as a result of the gods anger. Okoro I won’t spare you when next you utter gibberish to my face,
be warned!!!.

Mazi chike spoke soundedly.”may you live long my king….I understand Okoro’s plight.He’s not saying Eze is not the next successor…
he only wants the best..
the crown out to be available,please reconsider let’s sort out this crown issue…and if truly eze is not the rightful successor,let’s find who the rightful successor is so that we can start training him”.

All elders concurs.

“whatever thing you say,my son is the next successor even the gods are quiet for now” I heard.
I moved away from the door,
all the elders dispersed one after the other…

hmm my father seem angry,I can’t go and ask him for the money now maybe tomorrow..
I returned to my suite,I don’t know why a smile formed on my lips when I continue watching obi’s catwalk on the runaway.

he’s amazing….
He did many adverts for different products and all her cool..
so many pulls of views,I wish I could read all of them but couldn’t since its on slide mode.
the show ended,I never wanted it to.
I pick up the magazine and gaze at it till I saw a number..
hmm obi’s number….is it a business number or what?
I quickly save it in on my phone.

hmmm my pride won’t allow me dial it and finally I did.
it got picked by someone else.A female voice.

“good day…who is the caller?”
the voice spoke.

“is this obi?” I asked.
“no…this is Angelina,his girlfriend” I heard..
wattttttt…I dropped my phone and checked it again.

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