Son Of Thunder EPISODE 33

Son Of Thunder EPISODE 33



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“sorry but this is ujunwa,she is not the person am looking for and also this video looks so unreal like its edited”Obi said.

Nadia bashed her lashes.”oh my god did I point at Uju…but I confirmed the clip before bringing it to you” she breathed out.
obi looked so cool although bothered
“hmm you don’t need to worry too much, I really know the girl,I will tell you if I see her one day”she said.
“OK”obi replied.
she left and obi went upstairs.

if only he knows who he really is..then he will understand how much duty that is bestowed on him.

you only looked occupied with her
what exactly did she do to you and give to you to eat?.

I even tested you with “Dorathy” she is so hot and spark face last year. I tested you through her but you didn’t even reply her “hello” not to talk of falling for her.

not any girl…until now
I can’t believe you resist that girl.
but this girl you’re searching for am scared she might be a gold digger like Angelina.
I rushed back to report to sir William.

“what’s wrong with obi,what did he say about that one too?”he asked.

“the thought of her was so strong it stopped him from looking at Dora’s side even when he was tipsy..Williams I think obi really cares about this mystery girl” I explained.
sir William just nodded.

“All the same but keep an eye on him, he must not go through the same pain he went through in the past.I would have placed him on a no dating policy so he can concentrate on his celebrity lifestyle but he also have his own life…

not even now that we know he is the real crowned prince,he needs a decent girl to get ready for the task ahead of him but for now let this be in the secret”sir William said.

“try and make him attend royals party tonight”he added.
“whaaatt that’s close to the impossible. Obi doesn’t likes going out”I said.
“at least you’re his manager he will listen to you”he added.
“sure”I beamed in satisfaction.

Chetachi😍 chetachi’s p.o.v
waow its morning already.I opened my eyes,I was the only one on bed.
I rolled to one side.
I feel safe with my sister here.

“you’ve woken already”granny came
“oh yes”I said and looked somehow.
“o si gini(what happened again) this was all your mother’s fault.All these won’t have happened if she had listened to me.

when your mother was young,she was tall and very pretty just like you, everyone’s dream girl but she fucked up big time and its even good Clara sent you back cos I was scared you will also make that type of mistake..

I opened my mouth widely.
did I just hear her say its good clara sent is here.

“grandma tell me what mistake did my mother made?”I asked.
“da á lu(thank you) for that question. You see when Ruth wanted to marry that foolish man,I warned her sternly that okeke is up for no good but she was all shouting “I love him” not knowing that she was being deceived I always wanted my daughter to marry a rich husband,have a fine house with quality peace of mind so she will come back to take care of me but Ruth heed deaf ears to all my warnings and this is where that yesterday love landed her…
if not because she is my daughter,I won’t forgive her—“she said it came out with tears.

“its okay nne(mother)” I said.

“it shall never be well with okeke wherever he is.I know he used my daughter for sacrifice”she said.
“aaah noo you shouldn’t say such” I said..
“look at you,you are still a small girl. if he didn’t use your mother for sacrifice then tell me where is her grave”she added.
“I know where her grave is.Clara showed me the place and in fact I used to go there to clean*I said.
“is that what they told you and your sister?”she asked..

I nodded.
“it shall never be well for whosoever said that.They are just deceiving you even the physician can’t say this is exactly what killed your mother” she said…
jeeeezz I don’t know how to hate on someone but my father had done the worst.

“please don’t be like your mother,I don’t want you to fall a victim of anybody’s trap”she said and suddenly took my hand.
I couldn’t even talk,I only nodded.

my mind stupidly drifted to Obi.
Aaah am I going crazy…..

“or is someone deceiving you already please don’t answer them ooo” grandma said.

“but grandma are you saying I shouldn’t fall in love or what??
“or will all guys act like my father, are they the same” I rushed words.

“one question at a time…men are the most deceitful human on earth.I will tell you more when I return from the market am running late already” she said and tied her scarf.

I strolled to where I kept my bag and brought out my was just 1% I quickly plugged it with the power bank.Then I tied a boring wrapper on the short bumbershot that I wore.
13missed calls from Margaret..them 2missed messages.

💌 you can come to my penthouse if you’re chanced..I will order an uber driver to pick you from your location.
💌 reply if you see this message.

I replied the message..
💌 okay…I will come in the evening” I replied.
💌 fine…dress well”she sent.
💌 hunn where to? I sent..
noo reply.
my eyes caught where I kept the percel.I will open it in the night.

and where is Rita??
I went out and saw her in the next four house playing with her mates.
I went back inside.

I dressed up in a moderate skirt and a yellow long sleeve top..
no make up..I carried my phone in the small bag and left to the park where I met the uber driver

soon I arrived at Margaret penthouse like two unfamiliar cars where packed in the large compound.
I rang the door bell,it was opened minutes later by a maid.

I moved in and met two girls dressed neatly and classic on the opposite couch…
both are dark skinned but very pretty.
“good evening”I said.
“hy” the short one said.

“what an ass” the other one said looking at my back.
hunn that was too rash and she look so spoilt with the nose earring she wore even her pant line was visible.

“guys meet my friend,Cheta” Margarete came out also dressed gracefully.
“Tiara”the short girl said..
“I’m Mina”the other girl said,her eyes not leaving her phone.
the polo she wore was as low as her hips..

Margaret took me to the bedroom so we can talk more better.

“right now the only person that can undo your eviction and get back your admission is either prince eze or ebuka….I think ebuka would be an easy target of help”she said.

“you just said ebuka is an easy target for helping… you’re really wrong cos it won’t work”I said.
“why???”Margaret asked.
“we are not friends,whenever he sees me,he always say he won’t stop chasing me until he sees my panties” I told her straightforward.
she laughed…I got embarrassed.
“is it funny?”I asked,
she laughed again.

“Well… Ebuka is our only hope for now”she said.I nodded negatively.
“I can’t,I don’t even want to get close to him cos he will lure me into sleeping with him.He said am the only fresher that refused him”I said.

“that’s bad and uncultured of a royal prince…and you’re even from his kingdom”Tiara walked in.

“Its not Ebuka’s fault,don’t persecute him already.The owner of the fault here is cheta”Mina catwalked in and lay down on the bed.

“my fault ….how”I asked.
“Tiara look at her,you will see the fault am talking about”Mina said and tiara cast me a long lasting look. I wonder what is wrong with me.

“haaa I always know you’re crazy” Margaret threw the first pillow on Mina then tiara.
“is being beautiful a crime..can’t he take his eyes away from someone else wife” I said getting angry already

Mina smiled.
“he can sleep with a dog for all I care” I said out loud seriously,the girls laughed..
Mina whispered something we all laughed…
waoow I even feel safer with Mina than tiara.

We talked about random things till it was night.
*are you sleeping over?” margeret asked…
“wait is she not attending royals party tonight??” mina said.
“hmm noo,maybe next time” I said.
“just spend 45minutes there” Mina said,blocking my way playfully.
“next time*I said.
she sighed.”we are just friends today, I asked you for something and you’re refusing me”she said.She really know how to make someone do something.

“fine….but 45minutes” I said.
we started dressing up.
It was Mina that dressed me up.I wore a green body hug gown stonned with fine silver then a black heels..
Mina took several pictures of me with her phone..she even have a business she sells clothes and I learnt Margaret buys most things from her.

“should I hook you up?”she asked.
“what noo”I laughed..
“soo who’s the lucky boyfriend?” she asked..
“hmm he doesn’t stay around” I lied so she won’t laugh at me.
“ohh really”she exclaimed and carried her bag.
we went out to the car.
I tagged with Mina but as soon as we got to the party,she said she wants to get something and next I didn’t see her again.
even my phone was off.

why did they all forsake me??.
I clicked and found my way to a table the maids came and I ordered mackerels with juice…

soo many princes and princesses.
the princesses look so classic while the princes look expensive. One thing is common,they are all spoilt.

the 45minutes was soon over.
Mina promised to drop me.I stood up with my bag to the place we are suppose to meet at beside the love garden..

Just as I stepped out,uju walked in with her crews…
***what an ass,that girl is a spec***
I heard one of the girls saying.
I was out of sight before uju could turn back..
maybe this is why she sees me as a threats.

I got to the place Mina said and waited,no sight of her.
I suddenly heard voices..

“Obi you think you’re smart you think your wealth can buy my title as a prince? You’re more wealthy than me fine but I still have authority over you so you dare not go against me at least not when you are in my kingdom” I heard prince eze clearly.
it was dark,I couldn’t really see well.

“And you are not afraid of biting your tongue… even your father must bow at the mention of my name..
not like am bragging or something but the truth is that no one competes..

your so called kingdom owe me the sum of 75million naira,that money was borrowed in the private bank built in my name….when exactly are you planning of returning my money. 75million naira is taking you almost three months to return waoooww I spend more than that in a week” I heard obi’s voice.

no more words from Eze…
“I dare 13 of your ancestors to utter more words…until you’ve learnt some manners I will humble myself in your presence” I heard obi again..
everywhere suddenly became cold.
what type of aura is this.

“can’t you just accept that am greater than you in all ways? I won’t spare you when next you provoke me” I heard Obi’s voice again.

I heard footsteps and I quickly shift back and hide.
that was Eze,he had just left.
they are not really friends..

Obi soon came out.
I saw him from where I hide,he looks all dreamy.only the anklet on his feet glittered.He suddenly stop when he got close to where I was hiding.

“whosoever you are come out! he said…


“please come out” I heard him again, his eyes was busy searching around.
“please come out” I heard again and again…

what’s he talking about??
“please come out!! he added,he’s actually searching around with his eyes.

waaaaatttt!!! scam!!!

“cheta!!!! someone else shout my name…
omg!! it was Mina.
Obi hastily rushed to her,she too ran to him smiling when obi took her hands.

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