Son Of Thunder EPISODE 35

Son Of Thunder EPISODE 35



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i smiled like carelessly,my plans really worked.
Right now,happiness is written every where on my body.I never knew obi could pamper me this much.
definitely am one of the girls he will speak with for at least 20minutes,
his last talk with me didn’t last for 3minites.

💌 am waiting,won’t you send me her pictures again” he sent.
I smiled like carelessly and clicked on that same picture,
I sent it to him.
💌 you still covered her face…why?” he sent.
I smiled again and next I switch off my phone.

I have an eye for you,
tell me why I should show you her can I let you slid away easily.

Obi you are my cousin,I like you so so much am so obsessed with every thing about you cos everything about you is worth loving..
most importantly,i like the fact that you are a celebrity with so much fame.

You are my type of peaceful, a combination of a bad guy look and as well calm face.
Then your handsomeness is a thing words cannot describe.
Each time I sleep and dream about that your fresh,clean,sweet skin, what comes to my mind is “slow sex and deep kiss”.

I had to travel out maybe I can at least get rid of those feelings but instead it got worst.
Those feelings are hopeless,how can I fall for my cousin,I had thought.

but not until I realized you are never part of the family.You are an adopted son according to what your mother told my mother.
I got more and more interested when I was told you are a crowned prince of a particular kingdom.
I started seeing myself as a queen..

I knew everything but you only see me as a sister.
my other phone buzzed, I checked it it was him,Obi and I imagined him bitting into his lips.
💌 at least I met your requirements!
💌 I sent you the money you asked for,show her face already”he sent.

another opportunity, I thought.

💌 come to my house,I will show you everything”I sent.
💌 ohk” he had replied..
I turned on my other phone and called Margaret.
“hi bestie”I said happily.
“hunn what now”she replied.
“Obi is in love…”I said.
“whaaaaaattt with who”she got interested.
“with someone.. he has been looking for her for so long but luckily I have her pictures and trust me I used it for business”I explained but didn’t tell her the person was chetachi…
“you mean you used it for business, mina can you ever be serious*marg said.
“what now…you’re persecuting me. How could I let the opportunity go away”I said.

“that’s bad. Am not saying you shouldn’t collect anything from him but that is just too much and too much of everything is bad”she said.
“you have started preaching again” I said.

“mina okay suite yourself but after collecting what you came to your life to collect,do well to show him the picture cos you’re seriously punishing that rich star”she said.

“As if you will not do the same if you were in my shoes”I said.

“Mina,yes I will do the same but not up to this level. Obi is really wealthy doesn’t mean you should trouble him with emotions,you don’t know what it might mean to him,he is humane and he has feelings too”she said.

“goodnight”I said and hung up.
I locked a white towel and fell on my maid walked in.
“sir obi is here”she said.
“lead him to my bedroom already” I said with a great smile.
my heart…I smiled,I know how much have longed to have you.oh gosh!.

I held my towel tight.I opened the door and obi was trying to knock. Oh gosh.
He wore red,my favorite color with a black jean then a red bandana. gosh soooo hot.
His physique drove me crazy already.
I ran my eyes down to his belt then up to his face.He looked at me like have gone mad then he looked away.

he took his pretty lips into his mouth.
“ummm Mina you said you have the girls picture and I met your requirements right– don’t worry I will wait downstairs,send the information to your maid” hr said and tried walking out.

“Obim I have it here,don’t go” I said as I hastily brushed my fingers into his waist.💛He felt so warm💛.

he moved back a bit.”you shouldn’t touch me like that”he said looking at my hand so I removed my hand from his body.
“tell me”he said.
“obim why are you doing this to me, just once nah…you will just penetrate once and remove it quickly” I said and tried touching him again.
He slaps his forehead lightly.

“Mina stop this…am not even feeling fine and you’re making it worst”he said..
“don’t you want the informations” I said in other to pin him down.
He moved as close as I wanted and tried opening the door.

“mina…..just stopppp this”.
I kissed his neck unaware from the back,he suddenly grabbed me and move me away gently.
I purposely let my towel fall.I was now in my pant and bra but his eyes was not even looking at me.

“Mina do you know what you just did to me…you just broke my trust and you are no different from Angelina.

I tried what have done a long time ago with you today by giving you 100% of my attention but you toyed with it…
from now on,my attention to you is forever locked” he said with much security.


“I know am not part of the family. Am an adopted child and my lineage shows royality..
is that why you did this so desperately… you tried” he said and glanced at me in my pant and bra.

“You actually think I will fall for the two decimal points you call breast” he scoffed and left.

my whole system got disordered.
Obim just left angrily.

Rita and I settled in front of our hut to pick beans for cooking that morning.
“you still didn’t tell me when I will be going back to school,I miss my teachers…am the most brilliant in the the class,they will have been feeling my absence too”Rita said.

“soon you will see them”I replied.
Ojuigo a girl from the next hut came out with a very big sac.
“good morning oyinbo”she said to me..she calls me that cause am fair with mirror like skin.

“have you forgotten what today is?” she asked.
“what’s special about today?”Rita asked back.
“Well prince Eze will soon pick a maiden in the next two moon” Ojuigo said as she held her cloth up with pride..

“Soooo???? prince eze wants to choose his maiden in the next two moons,should I go and fry stone because of that?”Rita said.
Ojuigo widened her mouth.
“stay there and be daydreaming thinking he will stoop so low for a maiden from the local part of the kingdom” Rita said.
I watch the both of them from where I sat picking beans.

“well king somadinna and his councils always do food giveaway every Thursday to help the poor people,that’s what’s special about today*ojuigo said.

“you call that one derica of rice giveaway and is that why you’re carring a big sac.God forbid I will never eat such shameful can be from another person but as long as it is king somadinna we are not interested”Rita said.

“I also don’t like it but what else can I do,am just an orphan who has nothing to feed on”Ojuigo said.
“hmm fine,I will share my food with you everyday”I said.

she smiled and sat on the low mortal beside me.She should be of my age I guess.
Rita left and carried the dirty plates out while the girl picked beans with me…
“that’s a mortal,sit on it,the stool you sat on is shaking*she said.
“grandma said I shouldn’t seat on mortal..”I told her.
“why?”she asked.

we were interrupted by a car honk..I looked up,it was ujunwa..
why is she here?? does she have friends here.
surprisingly,she came right to my hut

“I have come to see the snake that has become a play thing in the gavss of the witch”Uju said an ilú(proverb).

“I hope its not my sister you’re talking to cos I will so deal with you that your ancestors won’t recognize you again when they see you” Rita said…directly to ujunwa.

“you didn’t tell me you have a rat as a sister..”Uju said to me and faced Rita back.”is it with your bony hands or your crayfish bended legs that you want to deal with me with”.

Rita wanted to talk,I stopped her from talking knowing fully well that uju find us here to make trouble..

“Cheta, where is the beans now” grandma said while coming out. she saw ujunwa and smiled.
“ohh princess cams here to visit us..bia(come in) let me entertain you”grandma said.
*what in the world will a pauper like you have to entertain a princess like me?”Uju scoffed.
Grandma expression changed.. she was like did you just talk to me like that.

“hey I only came to sat hello” she said and purposely kicked the tray of beans,everything poured.
“ohh is that beans”she grinned.
Grandma scoffed out tears.ohh no she has high blood pressure,uju will worsen situation here.

Rita spoke out of frustration.
“You are daring me oo..if you want to advertise your wealth do so without denting others emotions or did you see me insulting your parents. Please and please respect yourself you really made my grandmother cry” Rita said.
I walked straight to grandma and took her in.Uju is a devil, she came here for troubles. I dragged Rita in and prevented her from saying more words then I locked the door.

I dressed.I didn’t dress that much cos my good mood is spoilt already.
Even grandma was having temperature cos of what ujunwa said
“umm I will get you drugs when I return” I said and headed off to spark mansion for my maid work.

Obi’s p.o.v💛💛
I felt so warm.
will this mystery cheta also try the same thing mina did to me yesterday

I don’t know what you are..
but if and only if I can ask for your house address in my dream but you always run away even in dream.

are women born to frustrate me
why can’t I just feel happy and free with them for once???

god my phone is switched off,
spark would have tried my line..
my red phone rang..sir Williams, my foster dad.

“humm I saw it already”.
“sure, the confirmations were sent”
“The gala night…Eric can’t attend for you so Alvin will…

“Okay,I don’t have problems with that
“help me deliver those things to Amelia” I said.
“Is it money?”
“oh no…
“ohk…” I ended the call.

I strolled around my room.I actually switched off my business phone because of Mina.I wonder how she got the number.

“Young master”the intercom beeped.
I got to the door…it was frida one of the maids.
“breakfast is ready”she said.
“hmm sir Eric and Jerry are…

“You can go”I replied and walk out minutes later while shutting the glass door quietly..
I headed to the gym room upstairs, I passed the kitchen..
that particular scent filled my nostril again..

my maiden..
like is this a movie or what.I passed the kitchen and reach the gym door, the scent faded away. I returned to the kitchen and didn’t hear anything again,no one was there.
I moved out…it was just an imagination after all.

I perceived the same thing again,it felt sooo strong.I ran back to the kitchen and there she was washing plates…

she works here and I stressed myself so much…how dare you frustrate me.
Whatever thing she kept on the gas cooker was burning.
she quickly drop the sponge and cleaned her hand on her skirt.she jumped to take a spoon.

I entered the kitchen,
the scent got strong and I lost my senses..She turned.Our eyes locked.
“good morning young master” she greeted and quickly look away.

I sat on the dinning glassy bar..
how dare you frustrate me?.

“water” I said.
she dropped the sponge and washed her hand then brought a warm bottle water,gave me with both hands..
she quickly remove her hand like I bite…
she bowed again and left.

I saw her face fully.
“that same girl at the waterfall..I should have figured it out that time something shook her leg”..
enough of this game,I caught you already.

I stopped staring at her and stood up from the glassy bar.I took the water and left.
I turned back,she have lots of plates to wash..

she’s really pretty,anyways.
is that plastic surgery ass or what? its a way too much.

its pretty anyways😍😍😍😍.

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