Son Of Thunder EPISODE 36

Son Of Thunder EPISODE 36



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don’t know why I can’t breath,
I lost focus just few minutes of staring at you…
I couldn’t take my eyes away from you…you…you this fair ravishing beauty washing plates.

you are the same girl I told to stay away because of your clumsiness.
other than being the girl I want,
you’re the same girl spark wants.
thanks for being someone my soul can be comfortable with.
enough of this staring,you are the one.

Frida,the second maid came in and I strolled out.I turn on my business phone.
like I knew,so many missed calls and messages from my business partners as well as Mina.
silly girl…I wonder how she gets this contact.

💌 Obim am sorry.Everyone makes mistakes too,I was only a child and I don’t know what I was doing..
believe me it was the devils handwork.
💌 Okay,fine I will tell you everything you need to know about chetachi to show you that am really really sorry” she sent.

this is not necessary anymore.
this girl in question is under the same roof with me.
Mina called,I ignored the call and walked into the gym room.

Kelly laid down flat on the neat rug with a can drink beside him.
“Hey,spark called already about our next show.might be in nationals tv, the invite was so soon but I learnt it is a water floor stage,
soo guys we need to be very careful especially you Eric who like drinking before any show..
please don’t get drunk, the floor is damn slippery,and you Jerry you like bouncing a lot…
no mistakes this time around.
this watery stage might be a trap to cause a scandal” I said.
my phone rang.
“that’s Mina…your sister” Eric said and picked the call.
“please give the phone to obi”she sound so loud.
I won’t pick that–
“just speak to her,females are fragile see she is crying seriously.What happened between you,two”Eric ask
I took the phone and left for my room

I mistakenly picked the call.
“obim am sorry”she said.
“I am very certain you heard what I said to you yesterday night but i will still repeat myself..Mina my attention to you is forever locked”I said.

“obi is it that hard to forgive”she said.
“OK.I hadn’t told you right. “it is over” is that difficult to understand. it is over and you stopped being my sister since yesterday”I said.
“please tell me you’re just pulling my legs”she said.
“do I look like am joking? or not serious? I said and ended the call. because of you this girl,
I already promise myself I won’t come to the family house again.
hadn’t you said am not part of the family..
I called darman as I strolled into my room.

“darman,did the confirmations go well with Alvin?”I asked.
“he hadn’t call to give report,I called spark.You don’t eat whatever thing your personal maid cooked,why??”
“you didn’t follow your dietary time table according to the head maid…
is the cook not competent enough? I hope you don’t war anything outside the house,I hope you don’t drink any kind of water and eat unsafe fruits.. why are you so st….
“am calling okay”.
“that chetachi girl,I accept her as spark offer”I cuts him off.
“waoow finally.The board is also working on tracing her family”he said

“how do we tell her about the contract cos i have a feeling she is not interested.she didn’t even come to claim her prize”I said.
“that’s something the board is working on..the fear in her right now whenever it comes to doing the things she likes the most is so strong
Clara is her known guardian,so she has the rights to do anything including taking her away.
that’s why the board used Margaret as a ticket on getting to her since she is used and free with Margaret.

“Margaret,which of them?”I asked.
“margaret of glow is her best friend, the only person she is free with, friendly enough to influence her decisions…at least she can feel comfortable to practice,sing and do modeling stuffs with Margaret.
You yourself needs to humble yourself so she won’t see you, Eric and jerry like gods.
wait,this one you’re suddenly asking about her hope its not what am thinking”he said.
“waaaaattttt! I asked.
“nooo am just saying,don’t fall in love with her,its against the industry rule” he said.
“I heard you”I said.
“no intimacy… no staring at her, no dating in the house,no sex..

“darman come on you’re embarrassing me”I said.
“am just telling you because of what Angelina did to you but you didn’t listened,you caused me billions to silence up bloggers when it almost surfaced.Girls are the most difficult being to deal with,
girls are like coconut,
it’s hard to tell the bad ones without opening..
If you fall in love with her,
spoil her with wealth till her eyes open,that’s when you will see her other side”he said.

“I heard”I added.
“OK am glad you staring at her…I repeat obi no staring at her, I know she’s a temptation, don’t stare at her”he said.
“Obim”he called back and chuckled.
“You can let any girl from any where let you down emotionally.Those girls have nothing to offer,let’s wait patiently till the decent girl surface. You can’t fail your dad again”he said.
I smiled and ended the call.
He just mentioned cheta is free with Margaret..
she’s too pretty exactly like a mermaid but I doubt it if her beautiful body suit her character.
I have my own temperaments also but the type of girl i really need,
I doubt if she exist in this planent….

Cheta’s p.o.v😍😍😍
Obim came in that time and even sat,
I didn’t feel the urge to run away like I used to do before.Maybe I find it pointless and meaningless..

not like he bites
but he told me that day to stay away like am a diseases..I understand sir.

silly~~who told him am happy seeing guys around me?
am not comfortable with guys ever since my father.I always tell Margaret I do not have a boyfriend and she always say am lieing and that I keep secrets.And when I told her i am a virgin,she laughed like heaven will open to rain.
“come on cheta that joke is too expensive…what are you saying. so or those guys that usually approach only stare at your face?” she had said that day..
until the day she checked my phone when she didn’t see any male contact on my phone,she started believing my personal affairs.
I always share everything with her
whenever a guy ask me out,Margaret is the only person I tell.
not like I don’t want to have one

my father is a clear example of why I don’t. He used my mother for ritual. my fear for men are minimal but my dad made it worst.
I could remember the day he beat my mother in my presence..
“Okeke do you know you’re out of your senses for what you just said. So as beautiful as our daughter is, it is that your useless drunkard friend son you want to give her out too…

just because of 40herd of cattle’s, you plan to give out our daughter..
not when am alive”my mother said that day.I have just 14years old and was already looking 18 with nicely curved body.

“What is the essence of female children if not to do house work and give birth to children”My father replied..
“look here cheta,Dominic is now your husband and you will leave this house once you’re 18. Inugó( you hear)” he faced me..
“may the gods forbid it,I will never marry a drunkard”I replied childishly.
“Good my girl.may the gods forbid it” my mother hissed.
“ekwensu(devil)” she muttered to my dad’s face and then he pounced on her and started beating her.
I heard approaching footsteps and came back to reality.It was frida.
I smiled.
I felt happy for no reason,
I don’t know why
I don’t understand
its not like obi talked to me.

I was just done with the dishes and went to my room in the spark mansion to rest..
my room was opposite Obi’s own imagine
ohh god i need a miracle, I still haven’t bought grandma’s drugs.

I rolled on the soft bed and stood up afterwards. My work time will soon be over.I can’t wait anymore but when will I get money to get the drugs.

should I tell Eric…
ohh no,that will be too stupid.

should I tell Jerry..
that’s too crazy.
should I tell Kelly…
nooo,I don’t like asking guys for something.
I slammed my forehead and went out Obi’s door opened almost Immediately..
I felt some cold aura..
what type of human being is he? He looks different in everything.
our eyes almost locked,
aaaah am I crazy.I faced my door and tried locking it after which i did.
I felt like he stared at me,
I turned,he already left.I only saw his credit card on the floor.
it was officially signed 💕Obi💕 and the bottom of the credit card was pure gold..

the pin to the credit card was even on it..Aah what type of temptation is this
is this a trap or what???
and the evil spirit in me flashed back to my grandma,she needs drugs and i have no money on me..

I won’t take that.
I walked back into my room and left the credit card.
I laid on the bed beside my phone thinking of how best to sort myself out…my phone suddenly rang.
It was a strange number,
in fact its not a Nigerian number.
who can this be….

it rang again and I picked.
“Chetachi” I heard..
“Okon”I quickly said unable to belief my ears..
“aaah thank god,have been looking for your number since.I had to beg dad’s manager”he said.
I stuck out my tongue on my dry lips
“sooo why did you call?”I asked.
“I can’t really talk now,just send me your account number i know life will be so hard with you and Rita” he said, his ascent was as fluent as obi.
“I’m sorry I won’t…I don’t need your money okon.I will never spend out of that blood money inugó(you hear)” I ended the call and laid back.

my work time was over,
I left to Margaret’s place,she wasn’t around.
I called her.She sent the address of where she was.In Tiara’s house.
The mansion was massive.

I didn’t even see Mina.And I think they were going out..
“shopping,we won’t take long”Margaret said and wore her expensive hand chain.
I helped tiara comb her weavon hair then I braid it into one.
Margaret insist I follow them and I did…

the mall was indeed expensive..
the floors alone was mirror like them the bright lights and glasses were heavens.
Margaret shopped so many things, two full carts for herself, then one full cart for tiara.
“Cheta doesn’t have this signlet brand”she said and bought one pack.
She paid..
then three workers push out for huge cart…for who again??
I was confused until Margaret paid in my name.
I thought she was joking until those workers started taking them to the car…..
“ummm thank you for your kindness” I whispered.
she smiled and nodded.
I told her about the drugs too. I was so happy like a good dream

“you mean your friend bought all these for you?”granny asked when I returned home in the night.
“Margaret is nicely mannered”Rita said and wanted to go to the place o kept those nylons.
“You this girl,stay one place before I call you anoff–
granny said, Rita giggled..

“hmm that gown is my colour–
Rita mumbled and rush there..
“its okay,granny I got your drugs already”I said and opened the drug nylon..
She suddenly looked at me suspiciously…
“Margaret bought all these again?” she said..
“forever swear”I said..
“why?? what did you do that she buys all these?”granny asked….
I found no reasons,I scratched my neck and her suspicious look increased.

“old nana,you ask so much questions cheta is a good friend so Margaret bought all these for her”rita said.
“hope its not a guy
“you should be careful of friends” she said..
“I heard you”I said and brought water for her to take her drugs.

I still have somewhere to go this night.A party place to work as a cook
I made sure she slept before leaving in the cab.

soon I arrived and was surprised to see Mrs Clara’s car among the car.
I quickly tied my scarf and entered there..The Diamond’s family…..
Obi’s family house.
it was crowdy thank goodness.
“you’re late”the coordinator said.
I’m sorry..I said and he allowed me…

🚺 its true prince eze wants to choose his maiden..
🚺 omg!! I can’t wait.
🚺 it has been announced that all interested maidens should assemble on that day…
🚺 hmmm he’s handsome.. but rock star Obi is my forever crush.
I heard chetters from the maids.
They left for other clean up,
only me was left in the kitchen washing plate.
Obi’s family house is more gigantic than I thought.
wealth in all.

suddenly someone tapped me.
I turned it was Amaka,
ohh she’s also in this party.

“nice to meet you again..wash the plates like a pro”she said and throw a plate in the water.The thing splash on my face..

I couldn’t complete my statement.
“You had better behave yourself, you are in my soon to be mother in law house”She whispered.
does she mean she’s betrothed to someone in obi’s family house..
A woman then came inside, she was dressed richly. She looks like the grand mother.

Amaka smiled and walked to her..
Mrs Clara came right inside the kitchen to meet the woman who was busy staring at me.I quickly turn and concentrated on my cleaning.

“This is Amaka,my daughter that I always tell you about”Mrs clara told the woman..
what am I still doing here?.

“what’s your name?” the grandmother whom I assume to be part of obi’s grandmother walked up to me..

that was when Clara saw me.
“good evening nne”I greeted fearfully
“ohh she’s my daughter too,her name is chetachi”Clara quickly said and came to my side.I shifted away.

“Chetachi will marry my grandson. Yes i want her for one of my grandsons and not your daughter,Amaka”
the woman said..


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