Son Of Thunder EPISODE 37

Son Of Thunder EPISODE 37



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there was a look of disappointment on Mrs Clara’s face when the woman smiled at me.
Amaka walked out solemnly.

“granny Amara can you repeat what you just said?”Mrs Clara asked the woman who already took my hand.

“am very sure you are not deaf,acting as if you didn’t hear what I said but I will still repeat myself. I said one of my grandsons will marry this girl am holding and not your daughter Amaka–

I stood dumbfounded as I bashed my lashes like a loyal servant.
Clara laughed,
she laughed more and more.

“I know you’re joking…aaahh queen mother Amara you joke too much. Cheta is just a slave,a mere slave who brings nothing but destruction. Even when her mother was dying, she made it a must that cheta must not marry….”Clara said a lie.

“A slave to you but a beautiful maiden to me she is.And besides you claim her to be your daughter if I heard you right….

“ohh yes,her father gave her out to me as a slave but I treat her nicely” Clara said.I scratched the back of my hand.
what a wicked world?.

“You treat her nicely and I wouldn’t have said Amaka will be bethroted to one of my sons if you had showed me this maiden–

someone came inside the kitchen.
“your presence is needed urgently queen Amara”the person said which made her stop talking.
“oh OK”she replied and left my hand.
I was now alone with Clara.
it was like a dog in a lion den.

I wanted to leave,she dragged back my top.
“you this stupid girl,what exactly are you doing here? so all what you now think off is snatching peoples husbands”she rants.
“nne I didn’t…I’m clueless,I only came here as a maid” I said and dodge the slap that was coming.
not now,she had given me a lot of marks before
what type of girl am i that have so much marks.

“your fate lies in my hand,
I had the opportunity to kill you all this while but I didn’t. If you love your sister and wretched grandmother I give you just 2mins to leave this premises and never return”she said.
I nodded and ran off.
first to the head maid where I collected my pay.

I met Amaka outside beside her car.
“go far away from here” she said as she beeped her car.

I sighed….

“Amaka”I said.
“won’t you go,I thought you were sent to your birth house,what else now..don’t you understand you’re dealing with both me and Ujunwa…..leave!!! she shouted.

I sighed again…this is their plan
“Amaka,my family…my friends…my life and my education is here why do you team up with princess Ujunwa to send me to a place where I barely know nothing about? why are you being so mean to me…what did I ever do to you? I told you before that am not a threat to whatever thing you want, why can’t you let me be…

I couldn’t complete my statement.
A fansy car drove and stopped opposite us.I saw her clearly.
princess ujunwa.

“fine don’t go….it only means you’re equally prepared to fight ujunwa and am glad you said you are not a threat so you’re going to stay away from this particular family” Amaka said.

Ujunwa came closer with that devilish look.I remembered how she poured my beans away.
she’s really lucky to be a princess. If my father isn’t cruel,I should be equal to them.

“I have come to give my last warnings… stay away from Obi, continue your life the way it was before you find out he was looking for you….
if you go against my words, I will do more than what you expect”she said.

I smiled and nodded.
“I agree that all girls wish to be like obi but you need to understand that am not that type of girls…am not interested cos I know he can never be mine.We are two lives and two different world’s.I don’t know y you are picking on me.

I never had any negative thoughts,I never had any romantic thoughts,I never.Even though I work as a maid in one of his mansions, I avoid him, I don’t talk when am not asked too..
I never take advantage of being his next room door.
I closed my door if I see him coming
I dressed decently and I never tried to get him to like me I swear.Its true I like Obi innocently as a fan and a fan I will remain forever
that’s what hurt me the most when you pick on me,threatening me with the two important people in mg life.

And Ujunwa,you just said Obi is looking for me?????
I never knew it was my own cheta and even now that I know he is looking for me,I planned on showing myself to him…

I Want to tell him am the owner of the bracelet with him,at least he will stop being clueless and I swear I don’t have any evil thoughts..

is that enough reasons why you want me out desperately??
you don’t need to withdraw my admission,
you don’t need to send me away..
If Obi is yours,hold him tight and stop picking on me like am the reason he is not noticing you…
dont be mad if I say am surprised you withdraw my admission just because u think “Obi” is interested in me…

someone whom I know can never talk to me not to think of liking me..
fine fine…I will get out” I said.
I rushed out to the car park.

soon I arrived.
I bath as usual and tied the boring wrapper,my phone rang.I checked it it was Margaret.
my mood brighten up

“your admission has been restored,I don’t know how you want to do it tomorrow is camp the boat will be moving as early as 7am in the morning to the camp hotel where we will be team up”she explained.

“really,my admission….
I quickly turn on my laptop and logged onto my mail account, it had fully been restored.No shaking at all.
but who paid for me.

“did you pay for me??”I asked.
“meeee nooo”she replied.
“who??? I asked.
“someone who really cares about you”she replied.
“guess”she added.
“prince kelly—
“noooo,guess again.

“out of it”

“Jerry or Eric”I said.
“aaaahh no go area”she replied.

“fine… who??”I asked
“secret”she said.
“fine,since you won’t tell me the person,help me tell the person thank you”I replied and hung up.
Two days camp,
are we staying in the wild…I won’t miss this 100marks.
I wonder how many tests I would have missed.
I stocked the yellow colored traveling bag we bought from the last shopomg with clothes. I don’t want to give anyone reason to pick on me.
early the next morning,I was ready. Rita too was happy as well as grandma who kept saying “book first and don’t get carried away”.
I followed public transport.
Soon I arrived to the address, thank god the boat hasn’t moved.

I found Tiara first…I didn’t see Mina,
I tagged with tiara pending with the time Margaret will come.

Eric’s p.o.v❤❤❤
I walked out of my suite and headed towards obi’s suite where I saw his credit card just on the floor at the entrance that was facing cheta’s room door. I waited for a while then I got the message.

Obi is not serious at all…I smiled.
He actually set this to test cheta.

she won’t…
she didn’t even pick it.I learnt to accept the type of girl she was the day I gave her a ride.I can’t forget the way she reacted when I touched her waist…”that place is meant for my husband only…sir you can hold my hand”…
I smiled.
There are still some sensible girls out there and I wish obi gets someone like her cos that’s what he deserves.

in as much that I want to have her on my bed,I had to respect her body the way she respects herself not because am a coward…but bcos she doesn’t deserve that type of thing.

I opened Obi’s door without knocking then headed upstairs,at the entrance of his bedroom door where like three guards.
“morning sir”they chorused.
I nodded when they shift away from the door for me to enter.

Obi was lying shirtless on the king sized bed surfaced with a gold bed spread.He had on a black designer jean, a diamond stonned belt then two royal bracelets.
He tied a yellow durag.

“Eric”he said without turning.
I fell on the bed close to him, something bounced on his bed.It was a package
everything poured,it was gold accessories in their purest forms

I saw a long love waist chain💕💕
that’s much more a fortune.
“Obi spark said….are you seeing a woman?”I asked.
he turned to me.
“umm what happened with spark?” he said and quickly hide the waist chain under the pillow.

I chuckled and remove the pillow.
“who owns that?”I asked.
“me…who else?”he said.
“when did you turn into a lady” I chuckled…
“since…can’t you see my name is on the waist chain”he smiled in dimples.
I crackled,I knew its for a lady.
he probably wants to give it out.

“look I bought some slots in royal institute”he said.
“nice idea”I said.
“okay”I replied
I picked the waist chain.Traditionally this is the sign of love.I dropped it and strolled out to get ready for camp..

I pity Obi,will he cope??
he should,soldier are around to protect him.The last attack was awful.

soon I arrived…it might not be boring if I get a nicely shaped girl as my partner…
I stayed in a roll with spark boys where I belong…
“where’s our yellow pawpaw?” Jerry joked referring to cheta.
I couldn’t find her…I kept looking.

All the students rushed down.
I think the boat will soon move. Princes also joined.
I spotted Eze,his eyes searched around for Obi.He breathed out and moved into the boat, the boys section.

🚺 someone is missing…
🚺 omg!! Obi didn’t come!
🚺 is he not allowed to step out also
🚺 why so many rules!!!!!
🚺 I love you Obi💕💕💕
🚺 which you could just show up…
Eze turned when he heard remarks from crazy fans…Jealousy was clearly written all over his face.

Mrs Jane,Obi’s assistant arrived.
students rushed her..
“let’s just be guarded.You all will see your superstar if you don’t make noises” Mrs Jane said.
Two cars drove after two military cars…

the securities tried as much to push crazy fans away…
this is serious…is that girl crying because she is short and won’t see Obi from where she is.

finally,the car door open.
Kelly and Obi step down. Obi was guarded with like ten soldiers..
I smiled stupidly seeing the jealous expression on Eze’s face.
His stares traveled to obi’s prince bracelets.It is so much similar to his own.

Another boat arrived..
It was signed Obi💕💕 officially. Students won’t stop screaming. Obi moved on the boat as well as the soldiers.I forgot myself until Jerry tapped me..

“where’s cheta? isn’t she suppose to go with us in the official boat,she’s spark property too”I whispered when I got close to Obi.
“where’s she?”Obi replied.
I look around and didn’t see her.
“don’t worry!! Obi whispered back.

🚺 heart!!!!
🚺 I brought you some flowers!
🚺 my little gift!!!
🚺 look at me for once!!!
🚺 You look hot Obi!!!!
🚺 Jerry my secret crush,you too.
those words from students are seriously making Eze go crazy.

Cheta’s p.o.v❤❤
I felt so happy,
being a student of royal institute is the only way I felt my dream can come to pass because the certificate alone will change my life.

“see your crush!! Tiara tapped me, I turned to the boat side..
only to see Obi’s back view.
He wore red track suit.Tiara smiled into nothing.
aaah I always knew she’s crazy.
“He’s really wealthy to have a royal boat in his name… he doesn’t even brag unlike some people–
I covered her mouth, the walls have ears.

I dragged my traveling bag and rushed with tiara to join the line, our own boat will soon move.

“Miss Chetachi”a woman called and dragged me out of the line.
a security was behind her.
what’s my offence again?? the security took charge of my bag… All eyes followed me.

She handed me a file and led me to Obi’s special boat…
All eyes still followed me.
The woman left, am scared of water chaiii. The security moved.

“miss cheta come on”the security said..
“ohh OK” I said..
🚺 who’s she???
🚺 which of them is she dating? I thought that boat was strictly signed no female…

I heard murmurs as I entered the boat…it was a water floor.. so much technologies.
I tripped when I got close to where obi was standing..

ohh my god,what am I…
I felt a pair of strong hand on my waist instantly..followed by a loud shout.

it was Obi…so many camera lights flashed on us immediately..
he blinked his lashed when the GPS device on him beeped.
“stay still,its a waterfloor” he whispered and held me up with so much care.

the shout got disheartening.
🚺 Obi touched a girl!!!!
🚺 her waist….soo sweet!! I heard.

I stood well,he still hold my hand then squeeze it softly.
he said something I didn’t hear.

I turned and saw Ujunwa glaring at me in her best devilish look…

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