Son Of Thunder EPISODE 39

Son Of Thunder EPISODE 39



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“my prince…can i hear you again?” the attendant asked.
“you said noted to my request,didn’t you”I retorts.
she smiled perfunctorily and adjusted her glasses

she hastily returned to her position on the counter.

one military man walked in and took the speaker,
more students moved in,
suddenly they got much the hall wasn’t even enough.I looked out and saw tenths…better cos this hotel room won’t take all of us
some will have to sleep in the wild.

“hy”prince Edwardo stand beside me in the sections made for the princes to stay.
more princes joined in.
Prince Chike
Prince Lan
Prince Jerad
Prince Javier….one of the most feared prince history had.
we were all dressed in tunics.

“hmmm where’s obi?”I heard from one girl and all the girls stupidly turned.

silence cuts in when obi moved into the prince section.He wore red red, sweater materials.A black royal bracelet band his hair up,his little earring glittered…
then his black slippers with gold underbuilt paint the floor beautifully.

a girl fainted when she caught a glimpse of his ethereal face.
Eric chuckled while I just rolled my eyeballs..phones just went up in obi’s direction when he chewed his gum quietly.

“Obi is that place stuffy on you?” his manager asked and he made a “am managing look” and picked a call silently…Securities had to stay beside him cos of the stalkers.
cameras were still flashing on his face…how will he breath?.

Even Ujunwa.
my eyes search around the crowd,I saw that girl again,she’s the same girl that turned Ebuka down.
Am finally going to make her one of my mistress.

“welcome guys,the camp has started so no resting,no playing.We have lots of adventures and exercises.. it won’t be over until its over.All of you must learn life in the wild”.

“yes sir”they chorused.

“all of you will be parted into two teams with the opposite sex each so no discrimination.

the girls to my left quickly look on obi’s direction.
so silly.

Chetachi😍😍Chetachi’s p.o.v
Princess ujunwa has been sending me deadly glares since morning and now its night…won’t she free me now

I didn’t look at obi,did I???
obi was nice and close to me forever doesn’t mean he will be like that to me forever
and I know my limits as the poor rag that i am,the house I crawl out from is something I can never forget.

“All of you must be parted…
the soldier took the mic again.

I looked at Tiara she was working unreal magics for obi to be her partner.
I smiled… Amen.

that was when princess ujunwa step forward and purposely pushed me, as if that wasn’t enough,she step on my toe with her sharp heels.
I screamed lowly.
“is there a problem??”someone asked

“ohhh nooo”I whispered lowly in tears,princess uju pressed harder making my tears stream down.She withdrew when obi looked in my direction from the far end glass that he was guarded.

“25princes meaning 25girls”
the soldier said.

all the girls looked up with expectations.Then the coordinators moved out and starts selecting 25 girls.

uju was first picked,then Margaret, then princess Isioma, princess Naomi, then Ifeoma,Brenda, Priscy, Dorathy of rainbows…so many girls of high class.

“You”Mrs Tifanny pointed at me.
I managed to work out properly.

A tray was brought,all where containing numbers..

“it’s a number nomination,that’s 25 numbers…you pair with your corresponding numbers.
eg number 1(a prince) pairs with number 2(a girl)…. and so on” she explained.
the girls opened their numbers
I was just too pained in my leg to open mine.

***ohh my god! what number is obi**
****spending two nights with him, what will I give****
holy Mary.
*****check out that hot body, looking at obi is making me go wilder***
I heard from the girls.

📡 Number one is prince Edwardo..
Isioma,the girl that picked number 2 march out with a dry smile.

📡 number 3 is prince Kelly….
I picked 4!! Margaret gave her boyfriend a wink as she catwalked out..
hmm their love is sooo tight,
even in camp fate brought them together.

📡 number 5 is prince Chike…
Ifeoma walked out.

📡 Obi to—

All the girls started shouting.
Obi just sighed and plugged his dad pud the moment the security tightened on him.

Ujunwa stared at him with desires then carefully open her paper.
I scratched my head and opened my number..

📡 Obi to—
all the girls were raising their hands, ujunwa was ready to catwalk out, I looked in my right and caught so many princes eyes on me…

***Chetaaaa!!! someone whispered my name.. it was tiara.

“Obi to number 6!! the projector beeped.All the girls shut up as all eyes followed the direction.
I already squeeze my paper.
Am I seeing well,I checked again. Ujunwa eyes was searching around.

“Number 6” Mrs tiffany said.
“Here”I waved my paper and walked out carefully..
I thought it was only ujunwa giving me deadly glares,they were much.
I sighed and followed Obi silently with my traveling bag to wherever his suite was,
the securities followed us.

“I need space”Obi said calmly.
the security bowed and left.
Everywhere was beautiful here, the doors,the light,the floors everything.

Obi got to his suite door and beeped the door…
ohh noooo!!! I saw a black charm rope on it. I know the charm,it makes one bleed to death.

“Obi!!!!!! I screamed but he already crossed it.. he turned to me sharply even his leg shifted the charm from the road.
I stood lost..until his phone rang.
I entered with him,that was when he saw my wounded leg.

He blinked his lashes,I still stand. The room was the best description of wealth in all.He threw the phone to one of the heavenly couch..

I was confused.10seconds already passed and no sign of the charm working on obi.
“will you sit or keep staring like a moron”he said.I sat quietly.
He dragged the glassy table and sat on it facing me then he lifted my leg.

“what happened to this toe?” he sounded soo sweet like a baby.
He touched my ankle,I shivered and sat up,and when he pressed hardly I screamed loudly.

“don’t shout securities will come” he said and pressed hardly again,
I screamed loudly and hold his hand to stop on my leg…
the look on his face changed to a look defining emotions,humbleness, respect and care.
what’s happening to me??
too much of movies.

“sir,don’t press it–
I said and look at his nose with style.
no blood*** the charm I saw at the door didn’t work on him.

Obi what type of human being are u?
“my maiden,if I don’t press it how will it heal!!! he said and pressed it again. My scream filled everywhere.

The lights went off,
I quickly took my leg away and stood up….what type of human is obi??
I was scared he will bleed bcos of that charm I saw,am sure his enemies fixed that charm there….

I stood up.
Obi was searching for the phone he three on the couch,his hand magically brush into my waist down into my hips then to my ass where it got trapped.


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