Son Of Thunder EPISODE 5

Son Of Thunder EPISODE 5



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Mrs Clara’s daughter,Amaka rolled her eyeballs and of course I heard her say the fuck word under her breath.

“but mom you should have told me before you bring them”she said as our eyes locked.
“and how old are you?”she glared at my sister.
“Am Rita”my sister replied out of nervousness.

“am sure you’re having problems with ears,I asked for your age and not your name”she snorted rudely like the world is hers.

god you should see my face,I feel like slapping the rude thing for her non chalant attitude but for now I guess I needed to act calm,if possible to try and find out Mrs Clara motive of taking over the responsibilities of two motherless girls.

“am just 16″Rita finally said.
Amaka wanted to say something but was interrupted by the coming of a maid in spiffy uniform.

“madam your phone rings”the maid said and handed amaka another phone which she collected quickly.

“ohh its prince Eze,my boyfriend” she emphasized,she suddenly smiled.
Mrs Clara smiled at her daughter.
what type of parenting is this?.

“come with me”Mrs Clara said.
Rita and I followed her quietly admiring the beauty of the house as we climb on the stairs.

“this would be your room,there are other doors…that’s the dressing room okay”she explained,
I could see my sister beaming in amusement.
I am lieing if I say this is not the dream house I dream of.

Mrs Clara walked out.
“she seems nice”Rita said.
“her daughter is something else”I said until we were called to the living room.

Amaka was sitter on a couch feeling so engrossed with whatever thing she was doing on phone.
“hmm Monica take this money,take them to Arnani and get nice clothes for them…body soaps,body spray and toiletries”Mrs Clara said.

Amaka sprang up.”Excuse me mama, it won’t work.How can you attempt to get them clothings in the same place I buy my brand clothes”.

“Fine then take them to lorets” Mrs Clara said.
*thank you ma’am”Rita and I said.
we followed Monica to the door, the door got opened from the outside,
a man in suite came in,
I presumed him to be the breadwinner of the house.

“welcome sir”Rita and I knelt down for that man.He smiled in surprise.
*honey where did you get these ones kneeling down to greet me…hmmm so respectful”the man said jokingly.

Mrs Clara smiled.
“I like you girls already,common give daddy a high five”the man said playfully to Rita.
Rita smiled and did as the man said then he just shake hands with me.

we followed Monica out then we approached the so called lorets its just close to the town side,
so many reasons why our kingdom got modernized..
the only mud house present are for the poor’s or probably old house.
Aside that,what you will see are duplexes,storey building and so on

Monica got so many things for us,
we got five heavy bags each before returning home.

soon we arrived.Monica took us to our room and guide us on how to use some things in the room and even the shower.
everything seem new.
we freshened up,I wore the red sleeping gown and waited for Rita.
soon we proceeded to the dinning where the family were sited already.

the table had fried rice,jollof rice, chicken in sauce,fried plantain and salad.They all looked appetizing, the maid brought a bottle of fruit wine from the fridge and add it to the freshly squeezed juice already set on the table,
we started eating.

the food tasted very delicious,I enjoyed everything served.The chicken was soft and juicy,the bones cracked very easily,I had the freshly squeezed orange juice.
it was the best.

Amaka won’t just spare me her glares.

“cheta do you have any school in mind?”Mrs Clara asked.
“Any school is okay for me ma’am” I replied.
“what about royal high?”she asked and I stupidly blushed.

“its a very nice place to learn but I don’t like that school,I heard its very dangerous and people keep dying” I said.

“no,the only student that die are commoners and they ain’t killed. it is the pressure from rich kids bully that makes them commit suicide”she said

“exactly my point.Am a commoner, although you are now my guardian and that doesn’t even make me abs your daughter in the same standards. if they find out about my background, they will bully me”I said

Mrs Clara smiled.”its no big deal cheta, if you’re smart, wise and strong, you will play this game and become a graduate of royal high, that certificate is what I need”she said.

“you don’t have to lie about your background and at the same time you don’t need to tell the truth as well. do not make the mistake of telling anyone who you are,let them wonder”she said.
I nodded.

I cleared up the plates,then aunty Monica came in with a bag.
I opened it,she already ordered me uniform, different sneakers then a school bag,so expensive.
I smiled althroufh till I return to my room.

Rita jumped on me happily.
“I was registered too”she giggled happily.
“I really can’t wait for that day papa will go on his kneels to ask for our forgiveness”Rita said and bounced on the bed.
I kept the things and slept silently beside her.

early the next morning,I was already set,it was as if the uniform was made for me cos everything fitted me perfectly.
I met Amaka in the living room, she was busy with mirror as she did her make up,
she doesn’t look like a student at all and I can’t believe the length of her skirt.

“good morning”I greeted,trying to hold my nervousness.
she didn’t answer,rather she carried her fansy empty bag and catwaljed outside.
I followed her as she approached a car in the drive way.

she entered the car,
I moved over to enter,she jerk my hand away.
I looked at my body…okay do I have infections?.

“I said it girls with black hair are imbecile”she said.I touched my hair, its black.

“madam you don ready”the driver came over.
“why not?”Amaka rolled her eyeballs and lock the car door.
“I won’t share my car with you miss, find your way”she said.
“Amaka…bikonu nwayi(please I beg of you)”I said.
“wait you just spoke Igbo,
I pity you…go and speak it in royal high,idiot like I sent you to kill your mother.
And mind you do not think you’re already in a comfort zone,
I will tel you this,
my mother isn’t that kind of person” she rushed words.

I watched the car drove out sadly.
hmmm so Mrs Clara also told her I killed my mother.
Hot tears trickled down my eyes which I quickly wiped when I spotted the gateman coming to flirt with me.

“my beautiful chetachi,
umm you’re pretty,
soo stunning my love…
my omalicha(sweetheart)”the gateman said.

“Kindly open the gate for me,have heard enough of that”I said.

“chimooo(oh my god) so tell me your boyfriend always tell you you’re pretty but you’re just hearing that from me right?”he said and tried touching me.
I shift back.”sir please open the gate, am late for lectures already”I said.

he made a lopsided smile and opened the gate,I breathed out and stepped out.He also came out.
“honey take this #1,000 as your transport fare,I saw what Amaka did to you earlier”he said.

“umm well, thank you sir”
I said and collected the money. I boarded a taxi avd dropped very close to the school.I had #600 change with me which I kept in my pocket.

I watched different cars drive into the school compound,finally I entered.
*where is your car?”the security man dragged me back.
I starmmered and didn’t realize we were standing on the gate way until we heard a car horn.
we shifted away.
the car was a red one,very expensive
I saw through the window,
A guy own it cos the person driving the car was looking like a guard while the guy sat comfortable at the back seat,

gosh,the guy was handsome!
I mean verrrry handsome and looked so expensive and classic.He didn’t wear uniform.
umm maybe a special student.
I stared at the car dreamingly until the guy looked up,
I quickly turn back to look away.

the securities were not looking in my side anymore,I smiled and ran in.
everything was so beautiful,
every girls looked hot and all the guys looked classy.
I smiled as I walked further.

“nice body baby”a girl waved at me.
I smiled and looked at myself,
the Amaka that suppose to make things easy for me turn out to be a demon.

I was confused with the huge building until someone tapped me, I turned it was Margaret.
“yes…hi chetachi”she smiled.
waow and I thought she doesn’t smile cos she always shut me out whenever she sees me hawking fruits for my mother when she was alive.

“you’re in the same group with me..
same dept,same locker hall and everything”she said as we walked further.

“how did you know–
“everyone get notified whenever there will be a new girl,Mrs Clara registered you so we can help you get along…
anyways you need to be careful here,
stay away from king Somadinna’s sons..yeah the royal princes most especially “Eze”

stay away from the royal princesses most especially “crystal” she is a top bully” Margaret explained.

“can’t the authority to do anything about bullying*I asked.
“hmmm it will be like pouring water into an ocean…
the royals are the main bully and nothing can’t be done because king somadinna owns 80% of the assets here, the remaining 20% goes to the federation”she said.
I nodded.

🚺 Another new girl!!
🚹 gosh,is she from the village side or the town side???
🚺 her body is so perfect!
🚺 she’s hotter than royal queen,
🚹 her father must be a billionaire
🚺 just watch me make friends with her…
🚹 I think she will be “crystal” and “Ifeoma” new competitions…uhmm and crystal gets jealous easily…

I heard things from a line of girls, they really gossip here.
I got nervous when a group of girl crossed us.

“Margaret who is this brat?”the pretty one said.
“Brenda you saw the notifications right and you too Isioma stop questioning me” Margaret replied.
“tell us what is your father’s occupation”another girl said.
“she’s part of the Okeke’s family, she is Amaka’s sister… Chetachi tell them so they can stop questioning” Margaret said and I can’t believe the eyes that followed my mouth.

“well what my father’s occupation is is no ones business, why not Google it since you all have phones”I replied.

🚺 ummmm
🚺 whhhaaaattt!!!

“common where is the new girl,I want to interrogate her myself” we heard a voice,it was a a very short skirt.
Three girls were behind her, one carried her bag, another her books while the last one handled a box of file..
the girl wore the princess chain.

“I heard her father is a billionaire” she said as she cat walked to the place we were.

“Princess Crystal I thought you have lectures this morning”Margaret said.
“umm what if I say I know what her father does for a leaving” Amaka suddenly showed up from the blues with an evil smirk.

my fear came..
I turned back and ran away..

and whoops,I ran into a set of boys.
“finally,even easier and right in time”I heard crystal say.

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