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Son Of Thunder EPISODE 64



Son Of Thunder EPISODE 64



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i laid his head carefully on the soft pillow.Having a person like him to call mine is one of the best thing that has ever happened to me.
I lifted the silver lined duvet and tucked him in then I unbanded his pretty hair.

and the chain…how do I fix it back? I tried the lock at intervals,it didn’t lock that was when the intercom beep again.
“sorry oo am coming”I said and dashed to the other line of the glass door.I could see a neatly dressed girl in a smart check material maid uniform.

I opened the door without making sounds.
“sorry madam for disturbing your sweet night”she bites her lower lips, her eyes tried peeping inside the suite.
“do you need something”I said,she jolted out of whatever thing that was on her mind.
“aaah not really…just that we..I mean the maids needs your presence downstairs considering some things. I hope am not going too far,
if you wouldn’t mind,I don’t mean to stress you”she said perfunctionrily.
I nodded and dipped the hair chain in my nightie pocket then I followed the maid.
Just two girls were in the kitchen,
plus her making three.

the black girl beemed when she saw me while the other girl made an “who is this one look!.

“hy madam,am Emily”the black girl said,she sounds lively with her gestures.
“Venita”the other girl said like she’s been forced to.
“Elaine”the one who had come to call me said.
“Cheta”I said,they spared me short glances and returned to work.
Venita and Emily left soon enough while Elaine showed me the things she called me for.Just the dietary roll and all that.she then went to get the new stocks in.

I checked them and removed the unnecessary things.I had to cross check the expiring dates of the milks and the cans in the ice freezer.

Elaine returned soon after.
“madam the list,the distributor will soon be here”she said
“take it in my pocket”I replied since I already got my hands wet.
she bowed and hastily took it,she mistakenly took the gaur chain with it I didn’t notice until the moment she made a waoow sound.
I turned,she quickly returned the chain into my pockets.

“sorry mistake”she said.
“its alright”I said and took a napkin to wipe my wet hand.
“sorry to ask…but if I may say,the hair chain belongs to who?”she whispered.
“it belongs to someone…why do you ask?”I replied with a puzzled glance since she’s acting clingy..

she composed herself when I made the puzzled glance at her,then she smiled to pacify my mind that she doesn’t bite.

“no nothing ooo,I’m just asking because it looks familiar to one of the accessories Alicia told me about although it was in stories”she shook her head.

“hmm what did Alicia tell you about it?”I asked.
“nothing much just that this particular hair chain carries amadioha’s lineage….although I don’t really know much about it”she shook her head.

“who’s Alicia?”I asked.
“A maid who works here but not anymore,she’s now in the diamond’s family house…actually I was brought to replace her here but she’s in the 5th building.Me,Venita and Emily are the only one allowed inside obi’s mansion here while other maids clean the whole building inside this estate everyday and on Friday there is general clean up”she said.

“ that’s how it is”I said.
“Yeah,it was set like this after many obi’s experience with maids…when they were many in-house maids.. most of them were not maids they were girls who just wanted to get close to Obi because he’s a royality, most of them were obsessed fans.. others tried seducing him..others tried luring him…he didn’t have peace at home so he bought this penthouse…after that Mrs Adaolisa decides that there will only be 3 in house maids…only trust worthy girls” Elaine said.

“OK…”I said even though its the hair chain part I want to hear.I only know Obi is a prince but I know nothing about his kingdom.I know I don’t love him for all that but am just eager to know.But this Alicia she’s talking about might know it right…

“so where is Alicia?”I asked.
“ohh that one..she’s Cecilia and Amelia’s nanny”she replied.
“Cecelia and Amelia? who are they?” I asked.

“ohh madam you haven’t met Cecelia and Amelia,they are the real devil, so so bossy”she said.
“real devil! waoow they must be mean”I curved out a smile.
she too laughed.”those are the diamond’s family adorable pearls.. Obi’s favorite siblings”she said and I mouthed an “O”.
she ran out with the list,
I also returned upstairs – Obi’s suite I locked the door and proceeded to the bed,I was surprised Obi wasn’t on bed..

I laid on my side of the bed and pretended to be sleeping when I heard his approaching footsteps.I don’t know how long I closed my eyes but I felt him joining me on the bed..
the bed suddenly felt warm on my body even when it was cold.

what type of rain is this?..
Obi raised the silver lined duvet then he brought out his phone.I felt him tearing something..bubble gum pack he must like girls a lot because of his love for bubble gum.

my mind drifted to those things princess ujunwa used to post on social media…doesn’t he- Obi sees them..I usually feel someone whenever ujunwa boast of him in a truthful manner on social media even though they are lies,
she always make them look real.

I remain steady by force when Obi turned.He first touch my hand which he slowly kissed.
I remain steady by force when he hugged me from the back.

“pretense sleep”he muttered and that sent shivers to my spines.
He feathered his lips on my neck, my body responded immediately when he deepened the kiss.

his fingers was romancing everywhere on my body,he deepened the kiss into my chest..

“Obimmmmm…..”I shivered in sweetness when he bite into my nipples from the singlet,I already raised my other hand in defense..
he smiled and still kissed there.

He deepened the kiss again,this time more tightly…he has self control but the truth is that he can’t resist me..
this is exactly what I need to keep my man or is this not the same obi that will wash his hand if a girl touches him.

He moved his hand up to my back as we kissed sweetly,unlocking and locking into it.The kiss was like heaven cos Obi knows where best to touch me.

he made me balance well on him,I got so carried away.I couldn’t believe I can do all this.
my breasts pressing hard against his chest was like the sweetest body contact ever.

the nightie jacket dropped down,I was now left in a transparent singlet that stopped just on my thighs, the white pant I wore could be seen easily as well as my nipples which stuck out hardly.
I smiled shyly and hugged him then I pulled the duvet to cover up.
“you’re spoilt”he said.
“you spoilt me so much”I replied.
He kissed my lips again into my chest then brushed his hands into my butt and tapped it softly.

“Obim”I whispered in his ears.
It turned him up so badly cos I felt him rock me sweetly.
The first contact was intense…I stupidly imagined what staying stark naked under the duvet with him will look like.

“Just so you know,you’re more special than any woman i ever met, even your body which I touched bear me witness”he whispered.
I smiled.
“don’t be a boring girlfriend, look at me and tell me something crazy”he said…
I turned to him.”I know you’re a see different women faces everyday…
I can’t live with the thought that you’re with another woman,it kills me inside,don’t cheat on me Obi…don’t ever hold her like you held me..not even once..I might run mad”I said.
Obi just watched me smiling like a movie.I laughed cos I don’t even know what I was saying too.

“Obim let’s play small drama I want to see something”I said.
“anything crazy,I need inspirations for my concert tomorrow”he said.
“I will play as if am in labour and you will be there petting me as my husband”I said.

“is that what you want..okay let’s go” he replied and kissed my back.
and the drama begins.
“sweety am feeling sharp pains on my waist”I said,my face has already changed.
Obi smiled in a very concerned toned
“ohh sorry babe,its one of the things in pregnancy”he said.He won’t stop kissing my neck.
“no this is different,I need to go to the hospital”I said and faked a loud scream.He used his ringed finger to rub my Tommy in circles.

“please remind me that your due date again”he said.
“its still remaining 5days to my due date(the pain increased) ohhh my goodness am in labour oooo…
my waist!! aaaahhh!!! ohhhh!!!!” I faked,it looks so real.

“ohh sorry babe”Obi said rubbing my back and kissing my neck.
“Obi rub my waist now,the pain is too much”I said.
“am rubbing it,sorry”he said.I smiled.

“Honey turn off the Ac…honey go and bring me water…no no no coldstone no no no fried chicken….”I said.
Obi started walking up and down confused.
“come back here,I don’t want food again in fact go go go”I said.
“sorry sorry has the pain reduced” he came back to me.
he looked at me,we both started laughing.

“seriously is that his pregnant women used to do”he asked.
“maybe but I watched them in movie” I said.We laughed again.
“Obi but you’re funny ooo so is that how you will be running up and down when am in labour”I said.
He smiled and kissed my forehead.

Ifeoma’s p.o.v💛
I called Ujunwa to one the locker room.
“uju your enemy is back”i said.
“Angelina,is she back?”she asked.
“yes,since yesterday”I said.
“the school press interviewed her and gosh! you need to watch the way she bad mouthed you, she’s back to back for real competition this time around”I said.
Uju sighed.
“she only won me once at nationals so what’s the big deal”uju said.
“I don’t mean that way,I’m just saying this so that you will know how to step up your games.
You will turn to a laughing stock if Angelina comes her and take control of your place as the school queen.

remember that the school queen is the school diva…Ujunwa what are you saying”I said.

“the hottest body competition and right skin invite is soon…I guess that’s why Angelina came back”I said
“now thank me for not deleting the website link”Amaka chirped in.
Princess ujunwa bashed her lashes.
“when I was even thinking cheta is my problem”I said.
Amaka laughed.

“Ujunwa did you hear yourself…how can you be comparing yourself to cheta…cheta the commoner,she’s no match,not even a percent.
Angelina is the real deal here”Amaka said.

“Just yesterday,she’s already signing up endorsement proposals”Brenda said.
“where’s the laptop,someone should quickly check what her status is” princess ujunwa said.
I smiled…she’s already jealous.

cream models,bikini’s model.her salary every month hits 10million, her picture is used as the city’s goof morning and good night..
she covers wedding and dinner gown magazines,
when it comes to outside contests,
she’s the goal..
she already won
Miss world
Miss universe
Miss Perfect
Miss Elegant.
brand ambassador to one of the biggest cream producing firms, she covers two of the city’s toppest bill board…

“sooo…gosh I was scared! I was thinking Angelina will be more than that”Uju smiled.
“yeah,for now you’re on the same levels with Angelina, same award winning same everything but you should work towards getting ahead of her too….Angelina is a cunning serpent and might want to face you in a way you wouldn’t expect” Amaka advised.

Cheta’s p.o.v💛.
the intercom device was what woke me early in the morning.Have never slept so long like this before,I always wake up early.

I rolled on the bed in smiles.I sprang up when I remembered I have lecture see what staying with Obi is causing me….
I crawled out of the bed,there was a note on the lamp stand,I took it and read what was there.
💌 don’t forget to take guards everywhere you go,don’t hesitate to call me in case of anything…. password: Obita💛…
signed ~Obi.
I read in smiles,then I picked the credit card.I wore my nightie jacket and went to my room.
I better get ready, I’m missing the school drama already.

💌 I’m missing you,I can’t wait* Margarete.
💌 how was the first night* Tiara..
💌 jeeezzz we are celebrating this, all bills on you*.
💌 just tell me Obi,rip off the panties..tell me is it just raw sex or he prefers condoms! tiara texts.
I read some missed messages,tiara’s message got me blushing..
enough of this,don’t delay me for school.
I dropped my phone and went to brush my teeth,I had to wash my face two times.
I just feel like staying in this mansion without going nowhere.

I turned when I felt some movements behind me.
“good morning madam”the maid, Venita said-the harsh maid actually.
“cheta not madam”I told her politely.
“would you just leave there so that I can set your bath”she said,the tone was disheartening.
I don’t understand this girl…
did I offend her before? I don’t get.

“I already did that”I said.
she moved her eyes in a roll.I just watched her like a movie.Well I have better thing to think of,am not forcing anybody to like me in the first instance.

I left my bathroom all to her and went to the bedroom,where I picked my phone to call home-my grandmother.

“mama good morn–
“cheta is that you,umm good morning my precious daughter” I heard.I had to check the screen again to be sure if it was her.Her voice has really changed.
“cheta are you there?”.
“ohh yes mama”I said.
“good,I wanted to call you before you did.”she said.
“but i–
“Its about Rita because I will be traveling again and she’s saying she can’t stay alone with the maids”.
“good,she will be coming over to the place you are…its just two weeks traveling to cape town,I won’t use more than two weeks,she will be coming back immediately I return”
I smiled and lock in the screen,
her voice sounds so different.
“is it cheta’s place,grandma should I go and pack my bags”I heard Rita’s voice from the background.
I smiled,my family is back the way I want it.
“okay no problem,the driver will come and pick her up this morning” I said..
“take care”she said,the call ended just like that.

I took a pen and wrote down the address. A message beeped into my phone from granny.
“this is the address of the house we are in”she sent.
I smiled,since when did they move to a new mansion that I don’t know.. Obi’s handwork.

I wrote it down in a paper and took it downstairs so as to show the driver.
good thing,I met him washing one of the cars- the Bugatti veyron.

“good morning mr”I greeted.
“same here damsel”he replied.He is actually a guy.If my guess is right, same age range with Obi.

“umm Stanley,you will help me with something this morning,please it is very urgent”I said politely and gave him the paper.

“see actually said please,I want to believe my ears heard you clearly”he said.
“what’s wrong in saying please? is please a new word”I chuckled.
he smiled.”I’m just surprised, Angelina always order us around” he said and dipped the paper in his pocket.
Just then a car drove in.
I saw it clearly,It was Dominic.

I felt the urge to leave.”OK..Stanley do well and go,my sister is waiting” I said and turned to leave..

too late,I turned into him.
Our eyes locking again was like a shocker to him.
“baby”he called slowly.


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Mr Arrogant Episode 26




Mr Arrogant Episode 26

(Ând the strânge maidën)

By: Faith Lucky



Xavier’s pov:
Jesus! This girl is bad.

Even after all the warning signs I gave her, she still went ahead to tell me.

“Really Xavier?” Mom asked and hastily moved towards me, before I could move away, her hand were already firmly on my ear.

She pulled me by the ear while I winced.

“Mom? It hurts!” I whined.

“What did I tell you about Delaney before going to school?” She asked, with a- stern-like voice.

“That I should take care of her.” I grumbled.

“And did you?” She asked.
I kept shut and tried to freed her grip on my ear but she twisted it painfully.

“Ouch!” I groaned.

“Answer me Xavier!” She ordered.

“I didn’t. Jeez mom, my ear hurts already.” I groaned.

“Seriously? You’re so stubborn.” She said and rolled her eyes.

“Delaney, go up and freshen up. I’ll come meet you shortly.” Mom said, still twisting my ear.

“Okay ma’am.” She giggled lightly.

Mom smiled lightly and pulled me by my ear and walked towards the stairs.

I glared at Delaney while she stared blankly at me.


Alicia’s pov:
I got back from school and I was damn tired.

I went to my room and had a quick shower.

I wore my clothes and went down to the kitchen.

I opened the pots and I was damned when I didn’t even find a leftover.

“Dang it!” I cussed angrily.

Mom and grandma weren’t home and they didn’t even bother to even leave if it’s just a leftover for me.

They’re cruel.

My stomach grumbled noisily, reminding me that I’ve got to feed it.

Having no other option, I drank a lot of water and dragged my tired and hungry self back to my room.

As I laid on the bed, my room door suddenly creaked opened and mom walked in.

“Hey Alicia, you’re back.” She said the obvious.

“Well, as you can see.” I rolled my eyes and turned to another direction.

“Oh! Welcome.

Well, get your butt of the bed and wear something nice. We’re going out.” She said.

I snapped my head to look at her and sat on my bed.

“What’s the occasion mom? What are we celebrating?” I asked with a smile.

“Nothing special. Let’s just say I got a new job with a good pay.” She shrugged.

“Oh mom! That’s good news.” I smiled.

“Alright, so hurry up before I change my mind.” She said and walked out of my room.

“Yes!” I smiled elatedly.

I got down from my bed and hurriedly got to my wardrobe, looking for something nice to wear.

I wonder where we’re going to.


Chelsea’s pov:
I got into the house and as usual, I was expecting to see an empty house apart from the maids, but I was damn so shocked to see my both parent seating on the sofa and watching TV.

“Mom? Dad?” I called surprisingly and walked up to them.

“Hey princess.” Mom beamed and walked to hug me.

I let her hug me but I was still so shocked to find them both at home.

“Welcome princess.” Dad smiled lightly.

“What the… What happened? Why are you guys home? I thought you were supposed to be home by the end of the month.

But you’re home now.” I voiced out, still finding it hard to believe that my parent were both home.

Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t unhappy to see my parent but it’s a shocker to see them.

Anytime my parent are about leaving and give me a particular date they’d be home, they’ll never fulfill their promise.

They’ll always have an excuse to extend their stay.

But this time around today, they are home, more earlier than I imagined.

“We just decided to surprise you.” Mom beamed happily.

“Really? Surprise indeed.” I said nonchalantly, like I didn’t care but I do care.

“So, princess, freshen up and get dressed. We’re going out.” Dad smiled.


“What? We’re going out!” I half yelled happily, not believing my ears.

“Yes dear.” Mom said.

“Hope this isn’t a joke?” I asked sternly.

“Of course not.” Dad said and smiled.

I got dressed and my parent and I got into one of the cars; a red Bugatti Veyron.

I smiled and watched the view happily as the chaffeur drove off.

I admired the beautiful tall skyscrapers and other beautiful buildings.

Not as if I fancy them or something but for the fact that I was happy made me gaze admiringly at them.

The chaffeur finally pulled over in front of a classic restaurant and we alighted.

I removed my sunshade glasses and walked elegantly with my parent into the restaurant.

I chatted with my parent as we ate on our meal.

If felt so good to finally seat, eat and talk calmly with them, without me getting angry like I would do when I’m being told about their departure again.

After we were done eating and drinking, I decided we dropped by at the Mall to get some stuffs I needed.

Mum and dad were still in the car and I stepped out before then, headed for the entrance. But unfortunately, a clumsy lady bumped into me.

“Hey! Are you blind??” I snapped at her.

“Seriously?” She scoffed.

Hold on…
That face! She looked really familiar.

Of course!!

“You????” We both exclaimed at the same time.

“What the f**k are you doing here? And why’re you always being so clumsy?!” She snapped at me, making me shocked.

She was the same filthy lady my driver had splashed mud water on.

“Seriously?? I think I should be asking you that damn question. What’re you doing here? We actually don’t need low lives in the mall” I scoffed.

“Listen to me, you little brat” she pointed her finger at me.
“I’m not gonna take any more insults from you, okay?”

“Alicia!” A young woman came calling after her.

“Hey! Alicia; what’s wrong? What’s going on, huh?” She asked and held the lady’s hand.

So, Alicia’s her name?

“I unfortunately bumped into an animal, mum” the Alicia girl replied and my eyes widened in shock.

What the heck???
Did she just call me animal??

Immediately, mum and dad showed up.

“Hey! Chelsea, what’s going on?” Mum asked as she stood beside me with dad.

I kept throwing glares at the puppies in front of me.

But then, I noticed something – the young woman was fixing her eyes on dad.

And dad….he was staring back at her as well.

“Clarissa??” He suddenly called out.

“Jerry?” She called out as well.

Hold on; do they know each other or what???

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Mr Arrogant Episode 25




Mr Arrogant Episode 25

(Ând the strânge maidën)

By: Faith Lucky



Alicia’s pov:
Wait, isn’t this the girl that I took her strange necklace?


She also attends this school?

And that aside, why’s she with Xavier?

Why did they come in together?

Do they know each other?


Different unanswered questions!

Tch, tch, she better don’t have eyes for my Xavier because he’s mine.


Delaney’s pov:
As we stepped into the cafeteria, the cafeteria suddenly became noisy as students screamed happily.

I turned and noticed Xavier had a plain look while Chelsea was clingy to him like a magnet would do to a magnetic object.

She had smiles on her face as she placed her arms around Xavier.

The girls were throwing glances at him and it wasn’t just any glance but I really couldn’t tell the kind of look.

But there seemed to be something special in that look they gave him.

But soon enough, the news died down and the students continued eating.

I shrugged and followed them as they walked towards a strange looking thing that the students sat to eat.

Okay, what’s this?

Why’s everything here looking strange to me?

I don’t want to go about causing another humiliation for myself because of my ignorance. And so, I just decided to ask.

“Uhm, Xavier? What’s this that the students are sitting on?” I asked lowly and tapped him lightly on his shoulder.

He turned and glared at me.

“Dumb head.” He muttered and rolled his eyes.

“That’s a booth.” He grumbled lightly.

“Oh!” I nodded my head.

“Wait! Don’t tell me she’s sitting with us?” Chelsea suddenly grunted with a disdainful look.

“I guess so.” Xavier shrugged nonchalantly.

“Xavier?” She whined.

“She can’t seat with us! I don’t want her to seat with us!” She grumbled angrily.

Xavier didn’t say anything but went ahead to seat down.

As I was about to seat down too, she held me firmly by my arm.

“Hey, you don’t belong here, you know? You’re too dirty to seat with us.

You’re classless and you don’t belong here.

You are not supposed to dine with us.” She snorted disgustfully like I’m a piece of trash or dirt.

“I don’t get you Chelsea.” I said lowly and twitched my lips.

Xavier just sat down and watch us.

“Seriously? Are you that dumb? I don’t want you to seat us.” She hissed angrily.

“But Xavier’s mom said he should take care of me at school because it’s my first time.

If I don’t eat here where then will I eat?” I asked and stared at her crumpled face.

She doesn’t know that she looks the devil’s daughter when she’s angry and having that crumpled look.

“Does he even look like he cares? He’s obviously unconcerned.” She said and smirked.

Before I could say anything, she pushed me hard and before I could even hold anything, I landed hard on the floor with my butt.

Some students turned to our directions and I felt so hurt.

Some students laughed mockingly while my head was bent in shame.

Chelsea crouched in front of me and lifted my chin up.

“I don’t want to see you near my Xavier again. Don’t think because you live with him in his house you should feel like a queen.

You definitely don’t stand any chance with him.” She whispered with a taunting grin.

She stood up and patted my hair, “good girl.” She said with a hint of mockery in her voice.

As I tried to stand up, I felt a strong hand around my waist.

I turned and saw Xavier’s friend, the one that had told me that I look pretty.

He helped me up from the floor. Xavier and him threw angry glare at each other before he held my hands and walked away.

We got to another booth and he gestured for me to seat.

Without any hesitation or reluctancy, I succumbed and sat on the booth.


Rio’s pov:
As I sat on my booth and ate, I suddenly started hearing whisperings from the booth beside mine.

I listened raptly and I got to find out that they were talking about the new student and Chelsea.

Now, only for me to take a look and saw Chelsea bullying Delaney when Xavier is there.

I wasn’t happy seeing Delaney being talked rudely and being bullied by Chelsea.

She has no right whatsover!

Though I use girls, I don’t fancy bullying. In fact, I don’t like it one bit.
Xavier couldn’t even do anything but just seat and watched Chelsea hurt Delaney.

Xavier’s is still blind not to see the mesmirizing beauty of Delaney.

He’s still blind not to notice how beautiful she is.

He shouldn’t worry, until I make her mine before he’ll realise how pretty she is.

I feel I’m attracted towards her and I wouldn’t mind having her myself.

I’m going to make sure I have her and Xavier isn’t gonna stand a chance.


Delaney’s pov:
“I’m Rio, in case you don’t know.” Xavier’s friend who helped me, said with a small smile.

“Oh! Okay.” I mouthed lowly.

“So, you are Delaney right?” He asked.

“Yeah.” I smiled lightly.

“Hope you like the meal?” He asked sweetly.

I stared at the food in front of me and stared back at him.

“Yes.” I nodded my head with a smile.

“I’m really grateful Rio.” I said sincerely.

“You’re welcome. And don’t worry about Xavier, he’s always like that; he’s the I- don’t- care type but he’ll definitely come around.

And Chelsea, she behaves bitchy sometimes especially when it comes to Xavier.

So, don’t take her actions toward you to heart.” He told me with a smile.

“It’s no big deal. I don’t really care too.” I shrugged plainly and ate slowly from my meal.

“Alright, eat up. Lunch break is almost over.” He urged and smiled at me.

“Uh! Sure.” I mouthed.

After few other subjects, school was finally over.

It wasn’t too much of fun because the students weren’t nice at all.

They didn’t even want to talk nicely to me.

And the obj… Laptop, I had broken due to my ignorance, was taken away and I was given a new one.

The teacher had taught me how to use it and I was quick to grab the teachings.

For the rest of day, I was able to use the laptop: but not perfectly well. At least, I can open it and turn it on and off.

Chelsea was so clingy to Xavier as we were about going home.

She wanted to come along with us but she said she got things to do in the house.

I was glad because I wouldn’t seat with her in the same car with her throwing angry glare at me at intervals.

She hugged Xavier before going over to her ride.

I got inside the car with Xavier and he didn’t even spare me a side glance.

The drive home was very quiet, with no words said between the two of us.

The quietness was so uncomfortable and I couldn’t wait to go home.

We got home and I was the first to alight.

He alighted too and he surprised me by suddenly gripping my arm, pulling me to an abrupt stop.

“Don’t tell mom about what happened at the cafeteria okay?” Xavier warned sternly.

I yanked my hand away from his grip and stared blankly at him.

“That’s for me to decide.” I snorted and walked into the house.

“Delaney!” His mom screamed happily and ran to meet me at the door.

I smiled lightly at her and went into her open arms.

“How was school today? Do you like the school? Were the students nice to you?

Did the things in the school fascinate you?” She asked all at once, not even giving me the chance to say anything.

“Which one am I supposed to answer?” I laughed lightly.

“Oh! My bad! Sorry, I guess I was too elated. So, how was school today?” She asked with a smile.

“It was fine.” I smiled lightly.

“We’ll talk about the school later, so tell me, how was Xavier to you today?” She asked eagerly.

I turned and caught Xavier giving me a warning sign not to say anything.

“Well…” I was suddenly saying when Xavier suddenly interrupted and walked up to meet us.

“Really mom? Have I become invisible that you couldn’t even welcome me?” He scoffed.

“That will wait. Not until Delaney tells me something nice about what you did to school today.” She chuckled lightly, like a young school girl.

“Seriously mom.” He huffed and glared at me.

“So Delaney, tell me. How was Xavier at school today toward you?” She asked.

“Well, he wasn’t nice. He made Chelsea bully me.” I pouted sadly.

The woman turned and glared at him and walked to cover the remaining space between Xavier and her but Xavier moved backwards quickly and widen his eyes in shock.

“What? Just kill me already!” Xavier exclaimed disbelievingly.



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Mr Arrogant Episode 24




Mr Arrogant Episode 24

(Ând the strânge maidën)

By: Faith Lucky



Delaney’s pov:
“What?” The teacher gasped loudly in shock as she stared wide eyed at the object on the floor.

The whole class attention were now on me and they were gawking at me.

Did I do anything wrong?

“Delaney?” The teacher called and took her gaze from the object to stare at me.

“Why did you do that? Why did you smash the laptop?” She asked still shocked.

She walked closer to meet me on my seat and picked up the object.

“What did you call it? Lap… What? Or lap tight?” I asked as I tried to pronounce what she had called the object.

The whole class suddenly bursted into amusing laughter.

Did I say anything funny?

The teacher chuckled and looked at me awkwardly.

“A laptop, I said. Now, why did you smash the laptop?” She asked, this time, sternly.

“Well ma’am, I thought it would open that way. I tried opening it the way I saw others doing but I couldn’t and I thought that by smashing it, it will open.” I said and fondled nervously with the tip of my hair.

“Really? Where exactly are you from? You don’t know how to open a laptop?” She asked.

“No ma’am. I’ve never seen an object like this before.” I said innocently.

“What? Jeez! What on Earth are you?” She gasped shockingly.

“I…” My statement was cut short when Xavier suddenly spoke up.

“Ma’am Teresa, I bet you don’t want to use the whole day talking to her? The time is ticking, tick-tock.” He said and did the his tongue in a way I couldn’t really understand.

The teacher sighed and looked me.

She shook her head sadly and walked back to where she stood in front of the class.

I turned to look at Xavier and he gave me me an hard glare.

I gulped down nothing and looked away.

The teacher taught and seriously, my mind wasn’t there.

The students were using the laptop or whatever, while I just stared at them like they’re performing some sort of magic.


Hera’s pov:
I yawned lightly and stretched out my tired body.

The sunlight illuminated the room and flashed through my face.

I groaned and turned to the other side of the bed.

After what seems like forever, I finally squinted my eyes opened.

I opened my eyes fully and rubbed them sleepily.

I yawned lightly and sat on top of the strange mattress. But it was so comfy and I really enjoyed my night.

The previous day, the woman took me to her house which I found rather too strange to be called a house.

It wasn’t very big but it still was big.

The structure and everything looked totally different from the one back there at Marazona.

In fact, everything here looks so strange and different from that of Marazona’s.

The woman whom I haven’t quite gotten familiar with, made me take my bath under something like a rain, but she called it *shower*.

Jeez! I haven’t seen something like that before.

She taught me how to use it since I couldn’t; I don’t even know how to use it.

She also gave me strange leaves she called *clothes* for me to wear.

I had wrapped them around my body like I used to do to leaves but she had gawked at me and looked weirdly at me.

She had taken the clothes and wore it for me in a strange way too.

She had called me strange but I don’t know between I and her who’s more strange.

Nothing looks familiar to me.

I walked out of the room and followed the same place we had followed yesternight.

Finally, I got to the sitting room and a sweet smell waft through my nose.

I sniffed in the air and suddenly, my stomach grumbled noisily.

I held my stomach to shut it up from growling noisily.

I haven’t eaten since the previous day and I’m hungry.

I look around the sitting room and I was really bedazzled by the beautiful decorations and strange looking things.

I saw a wide and dark mirror which was on top of something. But the mirror still looked strange.

I moved closer to it and stared at myself but it wasn’t clear.

I couldn’t see myself properly. Back at Marazona, the mirror in my room is placed to stand upright and it’s long and plain glass white.

But this one here is something different.

“Hey.” I heard. I turned swiftly and saw the woman coming towards me.

In broad daylight, I could see her clearly now.
She’s a middle aged woman and she’s tall and pretty.

She had her hair rolled up in a messy bun and she had beads of sweat on her forehead.

She had a smile on her face.

“Good morning.” I greeted calmly.

“Morning dear. What are you doing standing there?” She asked.

“Uhm, nothing. I was just staring at myself on the mirror.” I shrugged.

“Huh? Mirror?” She asked and furrowed her eyebrows.

“Yes, mirror.” I nodded my head and pointed at the black mirror.

She chuckled in amusement and stared at me.

“That’s a tv.” She giggled lightly.

“A … Tv… What?” I stuttered, not wanting to bite my tongue because of how difficult the name sounded.

“A tv.” She said slowly.

“What’s that? What’s a tv?” I asked as I stared at her.

“You know what? We have a lot of things to discuss. I don’t even know your name yet.

But first, breakfast is ready. Let’s eat and after that, we’ll talk better.” The woman said and held my hands.

Without any further hesitation, I followed her.


Delaney’s pov:
After the teacher had left, the students started stealing glances at me and whisperings amongst themselves and I need not anyone to tell me that they are whisperings are about me.

“Jeez, I can’t believe her! She acted like a girl from the forest or maybe jungle.” I heard one of the students laughed.

“Seriously Jane, I was really so surprised when she smashed the laptop.

She’s pretty but weird.” Another girl said.

I shook my head and ignored them.

They can gossip for all I care.


Alicia’s pov:
I had gotten ready for school feeling so enthusiastic.

I had woken up very early because I was restless and anxious.

I couldn’t even sleep well because I kept on tossing and turning on the bed.

I was just so damn anxious and eager to go to school.

When I had gotten, everywhere looked really beautiful and magnificent. It looked better in real than on tv and magazines.

I had squealed happily and stared around bedazzling.

The principal told me he was gonna tell the students about me and the other students that won the scholarship the following day.

When I got to the classroom, my attention was just centered on Xavier.

Oh my! He looked absolutely breathtaking in his uniform.

Oh God! I can’t believe I’m in the same grade as Xavier and I’ll get to see him everyday.

Who knows, I might have the opportunity to even touch him.

A teacher entered the classroom and I was surprised when a very beautiful and classy girl smashed a laptop saying she couldn’t open it.

I was really so surprised.

But how?

She looked really classy like someone from a very wealthy home.

But I didn’t get to see her face properly because I was seating behind her at the back.

But from her side view, I could tell she was really pretty.

It was lunch break already, I walked out of the classroom alongside some of the students.

With the school map in my phone, I got to find my way to the cafeteria.

As I sat down on my booth eating, the cafeteria suddenly became noisy and happy squeals broke out from most especially the girls lips.

I tilted my head and saw Xavier walking in with two girls.

He looked like a demi god as he took slow and elegant strides inside the cafeteria.

He had a a sweet in his mouth and his hands were tucked inside his trouser pockets.

He looked really mesmerizing.

But then, I had a proper look at the girls and one of them gripped my attention.

I stared intently at the girl and…


How come?


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