Son Of Thunder EPISODE 7

Son Of Thunder EPISODE 7



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I rushed away with my sister,holding hands with her.
we run a little bit,she suddenly collect her hand from me…why?.
I paused and turn to her.
“this is not the right time to do this, we need to get home as soon as possible”I said.
she shakes her head negatively.
“I don’t want to go,I want mama”she said,worst still it started drizzling the rain got heavy soon.We hurriedly moved to an abandoned stall to abstain from the excess condensed water.

“when she knew she would maltreat us why did she use sweet talks to take us away from papa and worst still papa warned sternly that we should not return home”she said.
“huni let’s get going”I said and we moved into the rain with the already washed clothes.We both ran.
soon we arrived.
the gate got opened by the gateman.
“where have you been since and what is that in the big sac?”he asked.
I refused to say a word.

“where you crying?”he asked.
I still refused to talk.
he got curious and faced Rita instead.”what’s wrong with you and your sister?”he asked.

“that question should be directed to Mrs Clara who is a bigger monster in the inside”Rita said,the Gateman’s mouth hung open in bewilderment.

we walked in,
it was exactly 11pm.Amaka was seen sitting on a couch with her phone,her eyes stayed glued to a fashion show on the tele, she showed no sign of remorse as we moved in.

“cheta next time if you want to go for laundry don’t forget to pack my panties and bra’s” amaka said in a disgusting manner.
I sighed and took the stairs then we entered the laundry room where we spread the washed clothes.

“no food right?”Rita asked.
“I don’t know”I replied, she looked solemn as she entered our room
I turn to Mrs Clara’s room and knocked.

“come in”see as she spoke like a very nice person.I entered
she was lying on her bed with her phone,the projection screened and a movie was on.
“did you wash all that?”she asked.
“umm yes”I nodded affirmatively.
“are they very clean cos of they ain’t you will die…not only you,with your sister, I didn’t bring you hear to eat and besides your father said you can do all type of work so I would guess its very clean,very clean”she said.

“yes ma’am”I nodded.So papa told her all that.
“since you washed well,you can go to bed”she said.
I scratched my neck.”Aunty we are hungry”I said lowly.
“what,did you say something?”she asked..
“umm noo,I said goodnight ma’am” I said and left her room to ours.
Rita was busy with books on the bed, I sat on the reading chair and faced my book that was on the reading table.

I remembered that handsome guy,its funny how I told him answers but did he see me? well I pray he doesn’t..
I opened my diary,prince eze’s name was in the middle.I hate the name with passion,he even made my father hated me the more by making him loose his job as a gatekeeper,
it was that same day my mother died
the second day Mrs Clara came to pick us…
how pathetic??

And if destiny puts me in the place I dream to be in life,I promise to revenge Eze for making my father lose his job and lastly for his rudeness.. until then.

Mrs Clara was seen holding a calabash in her room,it was midnight she brought out a per knife and said some strange words.
Few seconds later,smokes filled the room and soon enough a giant woman with a red staff appeared in the room.
Mrs Clara didn’t seem scared neither did she run away instead her face was filled with smiles⏰

“Clara the demolisher why did you do this…our agreement was that she won’t die but you allowed desperation take over”the giant woman said with her face filled with anger.

“mother blame me less,
I couldn’t wait to have her children, when she married my brother,I closed her womb for years so she won’t take in but then she did in as much that I don’t want her to live” Mrs Clara said.

the giant woman shakes her head.” You know what you did was bad but the good thing now is that we now have them on our hold,so what’s next”.

Mrs Clara smiled widely.”that is why I love you mother,firstly I want to switch destiny,both of them destiny should add up to Amaka’s own”.

“go and sleep now Clara but do not forget the main reason why the children are here…
And lastly the only way to get cheta is by bringing her sister down first and the sister is a very difficult nut to crack for she posses special to sense evil”..

“ummm so what’s the strategy for Rita?”Clara asked.
“Find out yourself,I hope you understand parables”.
‘yes mama”Mrs Clara said,
the giant woman disappeared and everything came back to normal.

Ikenga’s p.o.v™™™™
I was really amazed,
the answer given was direct and correct,Obi also marveled at the level of intelligence but after looking around, nobody was found,
answers can’t from heaven right someone must have said it.
but no one was found and I even heard that the stream side had been abandoned by the villagers for close to 6months now cos of civilization.

Finally I spot nylon of soaps on the floor and there was even a foot print.
“definitely someone came here to wash clothes”obi said.
“yeah sure,we gotta leave boss”I said
“sure”obi said. We passed a rock and and also saw that same piece of soap nylon then a bracelet.
I pick it up.
“that must belong to the owner” I said,Obi just look it with cool eyes.
💕Rita💕 was on it.

“Rita”Obi said and collected the bracelet from my hand.
we approached the car,
I quickly open the car door for him.
“treat me like a friend and not like an idol…am human like you”obi said sweetly and moved to the front seat instead.

oh yes am his guard, best companion too everywhere he go, I must go based on his mothers strict warning.
Mother Alaolisa doesn’t play with her son,she always say that obi brought good luck to her and her husband,
she mentioned they were the poorest and then one night everything changed.

It was only me she told the full story and I know mother alaolisa and her husband are not obi’s parent,
they are just a foster parent.
I doubt it if obi even know he was found in a bush at night along side with a box of gold and gem stones.. I guess that’s what remove mother Alaolisa from poverty..

but the question is…”who dropped obi in that bush at night with a box of luxury????
who knows what his parent are??
mother alaolisa didn’t tell me the past for fun sake,I even swear to make it a secret cos she only told me this so that I can always be around obi for security purpose,and besides since he returned not quiet long from abroad and only came back to learn the royal way.

“so sir,do you like here?”I broke the silence.
“ike you’ve started right,I won’t go easy with you when next you call me sir”he replied friendly.
“umm obi your penthouse or mother Alaolisa?”I asked.
“my mom”he said.
“any question concerning here”I said

“one day,I would like to go out on disguise as a poor guy”he said and I laughed.
“so is it funny”he asked,I laughed.

“you told me the other day that you’ve met with prince eze right,do you like him and is anything special about him like people always say?” I asked.

“nothing is special about him…
he was rude to me and doesn’t even know that I also have my super rude and arrogant side,
I gave it to him back to back”obi said.
I burst into laughter as I drove quietly into Alaolisa’s residence.I stepped out of the car and watched obi rushed on,I guess the call or so.

Chetachi’s p.o.v™™™™
I woke up very early that morning so that I can do all my work and go to school on time.
I swept the whole compound and even washed Mrs clara’s car.
i need to meet up on time with Margaret or else I will trek today.

I was done with both indoors and outdoor work,I suddenly saw Rita moved out of Mrs clara’s door with a nylon of pepper.

“what are you doing with–
she ran away to the kitchen and we quickly cook and ate before the devil will wake up,we washed the dishes back and started getting ready for school.

“the pepper,tell me about it”I asked.
“I don’t know…the pepper is…
she paused and hastily wore her uniform it was just 7am on the dot.
Today was Tuesday meaning uniform free day.
I wore a shorts denim dungarees then a white bodysuit and a slip on with rafia sole.

“that looks hot on you,guys are dead today”Rita complimented.
“thank you” I said and carried a black fansy bag..

“have a nice day at school” Rita rushed words and ran out.
why is she in a hurry this morning and why is she smiling like something is funny cos I didn’t see something funny.

I saw Amaka in the living room,
she wore a pair of multi colored shorts and paired them with a white see through laced top.She stared at me from head to toes.
“If not for my mom,you should be in rags” she said.
“well suite yourself”I sighed and left the living room.

I heard voices of Mrs Clara from the inside as I got to the gate.
“my face!!!!
“my face is on fire!!! I heard her voices..

“what happened to madam?”the gateman asked and rushed inside.
I remembered I saw Rita with pepper nylon and she came out of Mrs Clara’s room.
did she——-
like pepper???
I burst into laughter and ran out to the spot where I met Margaret’s car waiting for me.

I still laughed inwardly~~good for Mrs Clara, let her suffer a little bit too.
“good morning”I greeted Margaret.
“you look good”she complimented.
“thank you”I replied…
soon we arrived.

“Cheta there is a beauty contest coming up”she said as we step out of her car.
“are you competing,well good luck” I said..

🚺 there is a new guy!!
🚺 aaaiish,I wonder why he always wear mask!
🚺 Ifeoma captured his face and posted it on students website,
so there is someone more handsome than prince eze!!
we heard things from a line of girls that passed us,they really like gossiping here.

we saw many posters..
and it turned out to be the guy I told answers yesterday night.

“most handsome physique”
signed “ifeoma”. I saw from where I stood.
“common let’s do pokenose” Margarete said.
“umm no,I have lecture”I said and went to the locker room first.
90% of these students are not serious at all.

“I wish he will attend general class”
“one night with him,what will I give”
“holy Mary”…
“today is general class,he will attend”
“I would do anything to know his name”
“let’s see how prince eze feels, seeing someone more handsome than him”.
I still heard things in the locker room. I dropped some things and mark myself present then I went to the first class which was history.

the class was filled,
you know it was hall….
I saw many classic girls.
“here comes crystal”I heard someone said and I toon a sit at the back back.
to avoid girls from picking on me.

“waoow that girl is hot”I heard isioma said…
I didn’t see magarate so I sat alone,
the thought of Mrs Clara shouting her face is on fire make me laugh.Rita really put her in her place.

the professor came in.
he started teaching..I spotted Eze admist some royals.
very few people were taking lectures.
And there was noise,
everywhere suddenly became quiet, it was the guy. “Obi”.
He didn’t use a face mask just a head band,he wore black black,only his head band was white,
the girls started taking pictures of him..

is this school or what?.
i wish to see eze’s reaction but I was sitting at the back.
girls quickly adjust for Obi to seat beside them..

I widened my eyes when he sat beside me.All eyes turned to us, Obi doesn’t even care as the camera light increased.

I turned sideways to look at him only to see him on phone.
magarete waved at me from where she sat..I looked at her and waved back.

Obi look away from his phone, our eyes locked..
hunnn I felt sparkles.
chai😂😂 how do I tell him to stop staring at me.I traced his eyes, he was looking through the window and given a man signals with eyes.

“tell me one reason why you think I will look at you” I heard him say, he sounds soo rude.
hmmm what he just spoke to me like that…

“and give me one reason why I would waste my precious time in looking at’re not even handsome and its not like you put food on my table” I imagined myself speaking back to him rudely…

he was on phone again,
I think he needed to write something out,he mistakenly take my pen.

“hmm how do I tell him to return my pen??…

eze is rude,Obi is super rude..

who else liked what Rita did?
please let’s improve with the comments so that I can post more often💕💕💕💕💕

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