Son Of Thunder EPISODE 8

Son Of Thunder EPISODE 8



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I look around the class for a while,all eyes were on obi and finally he turned his pretty eyes to look at me, he looked so expensive and of course every girl is tripping for him except for me.

talking to him or anyone her is punishment for me a single mistake might make them figure it out that am a commoner so I choose magarate as my only friend here.

I checked well,he actually wrote on a cheque book and even signed…
hmmm such huge money.
he dropped my pen,no words.
he really has attitude but I picked my pen with respect.He looked through the window again then faced forward.

obi is not serious,instead of listening to what the professor is explaining he had on his earpud plug on and was listening to music while chewing gum slowly and quietly,
his pretty earring was sparkling as his earpud beep blue lights.

“Obi are you here at all”sir James said.
“if not here,where then”obi replied and rolled his eyes up.
all eyes turned to him again.
“come out and help me draw the chat off hand”sir James said.

🚺 omg,his name is obi…
🚺 meaning heart…

“fine”obi said and stood up.
🚺 waaaat he is going to embarrass himself,the chat is too long and cannot be drawn off hand.
the girls kept talking from behind.
🚺 check out his hot body..
***oh my god***
🚺 Obi is so cute.
****is he human***
🚺 who is eze,common talk about obi…comparing Eze to obi is like comparing Nigeria to London.

Obi is reasonable
Eze is childish….

Obi is more educated
Eze is just learning…

Obi is a model,a brand influencer he has money he has fleet of cars…
Eze is just a prince depending on his father’s wealth.

in conclusion,obi is better than eze.
🚺 lazy youths concentrate ..looking at obi is making me wet.
I looked at magarate wondering if she heard what I heard,magerate just smiled, she too was looking at Obi with desires.
Are all the girls is royal high falling for obi already,when he is not king Solomon in the bible

I looked up to the board and obi was already drawing the difficult chat without much stress,everyone looked at themselves shocked,
it was very correct.

he dropped the marker when he was done,my ears almost went deaf cos of the noise and clap but obi already walked out of the class.
what about his cheque book?
the professor went out and a girl suddenly rushed to my seat,
I recognized her as Adaora,a princess since she was on bead. she picked obi’s cheque book,my pen was in the cheque book.I sighed and tried taking it she shift back.
“are you mad,you want to touch his cheque book”she asked with so much powers,
I shift back in fear and let her be. After all its just a pen.

Magarate came over.
“lend me you book,I didn’t take lectures all I did was staring at obi” she said as I gave her my note,she took pictures of it then transferred it to her laptop.

Prince Ebuka’s p.o.v™
I sip in wine quietly as I checked time, I remembered that girl again she looks like the gateman daughter that poured ogbono soup on my brother,Eze.
exactly same lips, same hips,same everything.
gosh what’s wrong with me?
they can just look alike,what am thinking that a gateman daughter will attend royal high,a school for the rich isn’t that death wish.
the last commoner that disguise as a rich student was caught and stoned to death,it was actually crystal that threw the first stone then other students joined…
some threw the girl rocks while some stones etc till.she was forced to leave the school.

so am believing the cheta is not the same person with the gateman daughter…
she looks so pretty,I couldn’t take my eyes off her in class today.

“you’re still watching the class lecture just to see that girls face” emeka came into my suite in the palace.

“In all honesty,I do.I have been caught in her web,she is someone guys will fall for”I replied.

“are you sure its not obsession cos I heard crystal discussing with other princesses that the cheta girl is a commoner just that there is no evidence to prove that”Emeka said.

“how can that pretty girl be a commoner,in her registration form it states that her father is a millionaire and besides a politician”I said.

“so there is no sexual undertone to your likeness?”he asked.

“Are you asking if I am attracted to her ? of course I will do everything to make her sit on my golden dick” I said.

“I will watch you try” emeka smiled.
A guard came in.
“prince Ebuka have gathered information’s about her,she lives here” the guard said and showed me his phone.
I collected the phone and looked into it next I pick my car key,
emeka smirks as I left.

soon I arrived at the house.
You see I didn’t even take any guard along.I parked my car in front of the beautiful house and knocked at the gate,the gateman wasted no time in opening the gate and he quickly bowed when he saw that it was me.

“aaah my prince,to what gratitude do you owe us this visit”he asked
“actually am looking for someone ~~
I said.

“who my prince??

“she goes by the name chetachi”
I said.
“hope no problem”he asked.
“not really”I replied,he nodded and left..chai I just spoke nicely all for a girl,soo funny.

Rita’s p.o.v🔛🔛🔛
I pray Mrs Clara spend more days in the hospital,as in today is my best best day in this house.
Have been eating anyhow I want and anything I want no one to order me around.
soo cool.

my sister was sleeping on the bed,I wanted to cover her well,she woke up and I smiled.
“are you okay baby?”she asked and I kissed her cheeks,
we both laughed for no reasons.
“aunty cheta did you find my bracelet,have been looking for it since that day we went to wash cloth in the stream”I said.
“no,I didn’t see it but I promise to get you another one”she replied.

I nodded and smiled when she stood up,she was wearing casuals. A bumber shot and a yellow top which stopped on her laps..
she didn’t wear a bra since we were indoors.
I like this shape,my sister is a hot cake and a sexy shot yet soo crazily and widely set.

We went downstairs where we met Amaka,she was watching a fashion show and her face was on her phone at the same time.
I sat down beside my sister,
she stood up soon and went to get something from the kitchen,she returned and sat beside me.

I rolled my eyeballs at the boring fashion show Amaka was watching and then carried the remote,I changed the channel to an epic movie we have been following.

Amaka flared up.”What nonsense, how dare you change the channel and when did you this amoeba start having guts”.

“please go back to school and collect your school fees if Amoeba is the only word you learnt in biology” I replied her.
My sister didn’t say anything,she just ate from her barbeque slowly while watching the channel I change the panasionic projector to.

*give me that remote now! Amaka flared up and wanted to slap me, my sister rolled her eyes up and spoke. “Slap her if you dare”.

Amaka fumed in anger.”then tell her to give me the remote,this is my father’s house”.

Cheta smiled and faced me.”Rita give her the remote so that we will hear word”.

I frowned.”Aunty cheta I swear I want to give her the remote but my hand is not ready to stretch it to her”.

Amaka wanted to say something but was interrupted by a knock on the door. it was the gatekeeper.

“you have a visitor outside,cheta” the gateman said..
“am not expecting anybody”my sister said.
“but it is—
“who is that,let me check”I said and stood up.I got to the door and followed the gatekeeper outside.
believe me I still took the remote outside with me.

we got to the gate,
there was a guy waiting I didn’t recognize him as one of king somadinna’s son until I saw the royal bracelet on him.
ohh he’s prince Eze’s brother..
why is he looking for my sister? cheta has only one friend which is aunty Margaret.

“Good afternoon”I curtsied with respect..
the prince nodded.
“hmm…am actually looking for cheta, you guys look alike you’re her sister right?”he asked.

“umm yes”I nodded.
“okay,where’s your sister?”he asked.
“umm she is….
“if I may ask why do you want to see her?”I asked back.
The prince widened his eyes.

“Just call her out”he said more like a command.
“she’s not feeling fine,she doesn’t want to see anybody”I replied and wanted to leave until he took my hand.

“please okay…anything you want, name it”the prince said.
and my spirit quickly made me remember the computer game I wish to have and besides my sister also needs to buy a laptop for school work instead of writing in notes.

my brain was busy calculating what me and my sister need that moment.

hmmm should I make this one our maga,like our ATM machine?

Rita with the brains😂😂
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