Son Of Thunder EPISODE 9

Son Of Thunder EPISODE 9



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I smiled shyly when prince ebuka left my hand,he just said anything I want if only I will make him see my sister.
isn’t this a big opportunity?..

my sister always complain of writing too much notes,she said she’s the only one that writes in notepad that others use phones or laptop to take lectures and besides I also need a computer game to kill boredom.

“will you tell her to come out,I just want to see her”he said.
hmmm just to see cheta…
he said seeeee just seeeeeee.
I don’t blame him,my sisters beauty is the voodoo making him to misbehave.Like have used my sister to gain a lot of things and I do get pampered by many guys so that I can help them talk to cheta.
It’s not really a new thing,I will use this one too as my ATM.

“whatever I want? is that a promise?

“its a promise”he said like he is in a hurry…
“okay.consider it done but you must keep to your promise.All I need is a computer game and a laptop for myself..
note that you are giving these things to me and not to my sister.
Lastly,whatever thing that we discuss here does not concerns chetachi,
its me you’re giving gifts and my own is to make her see you” I said in a serious business tone.

Prince Ebuka already brought out his phone to order the things that I asked for.
“on the way”he said..
“okay,I will be back”I replied and went in,she was watching TV,amaka was no where to be found in the living room so I dropped the remote.

“Rita who is the visitor?”she asked.
“umm nobody”I smiled.
“okay”she replied and drank out of her water.

I sat down quietly beside her.
“hmm this movie is getting more interesting Senorita just confessed her love for barder”she said.

“aunty you know you promised to get me another bracelet,so I saw the man that used to make and sell it and asked him to wait outside” I lied.

“okay”she replied and brought out #500 from her bumbershot pocket.
“can you follow me outside to pick a nice one for me”I said.
“please,just buy anyone nice I don’t want to miss this movie”she said.
“please!!! I begged.
she sighed and stood up,
then she wore the yellow slippers.

going out like this will surely make prince ebuka loose his senses.
We got outside,cheta looked well.
“where is the bangle man?”she asked.I don’t think she saw prince Ebuka.Ebuka saw her and I saw the desires in his eyes,
you know the way he looks at my sister.

“that’s him,the bangle man”I said when I saw a bangle seller passed, cheta called him and went to the gate exactly where prince ebuka was cos that’s where the bangle man stopped.

I stood at our door to watch drama unfolds ..
“good evening my prince” cheta greeted ebuka and went to the bangle man.
Ebuka smiled at my sister,this guy mumu ooo can’t he talk.
“hy”ebuka said.
funny enough cheta wasn’t looking in his side.She bought my bangle and wanted to pay.

“don’t pay okay,bills on me”ebuka said…
“okay,thanks..”cheta replied.
Ebuka didn’t say anything to her till cheta went back inside.

my order arrived and I went to collect it.exactly what I wanted.
“I thought I said I wanted to talk to your sister privately but it seems she same out to buy bangles”ebuka said.

“talk to her privately???
when did you say that…
my prince you only said you want to see her….like see her face, the normal see”I said smartly and took the boxes

“thank you so much,its nice doing business with you” I said in a rush and hurried in.
soo smart.I locked the door and dropped those things on the table.

“when did you get them from?”cheta asked..
“its promo….the companies are doing promo so I won in a game, mind sharing in my gifts*I said.
“promo…sure”she said.
I gave her the laptop whole heartedly, we both laughed into nothing.

mother Adaolisa’s p.o.v…..
“madam I just finished steaming the fish sauce should I start preparing assorted?” one of the maids in the kitchen asked.

“yes go ahead*I said nicely.then I dialed ikenga’s number,it was switched off.I tried his other line which he pick up immediately.

“is my son safe?”I asked direct.
“yes ma’am, he’s in bed already”he replied wth respect.
I hung up and got the address of the penthouse that he is.
I left in my car..
soon I arrived.
the gate was opened and maids in white uniform rushed out.

“welcome ma’am”
“welcome ma’am”…
they greeted. I replied their greetings and went inside.I was satisfied with the amount of guards that came my way.Not that am being too overprotective but obi needs this type of security especially this time that somadinna is the recent king.
sooo evil and wicked king..

He could have killed Obi last 22years its so certain that there’s something so connecting but its a mystery that is yet to uncover.That’s even more reasons why I want him to learn the royal ways evil though his birth is confusing.
son of thunder by adesola omowole

finally,I met with ikenga his personal guard but another set of guards were guarding obi’s bedroom door.
They bowed in respect as I approached.
“bless you”I said to the guards,
in turn they smiled at me and opened the door for me to move in.

I entered his bedroom,
where he laid on peacefully like a baby all cladded in a white robe and a red head band that has his name signed at the back..
his black curly hair fall on the bed. Obi looks more of an halfcaste, the money we found during his birth was used to travel out and also to start business,the money was more than enough…
And each time I remember how wealthy I am today,the thought of me not being his real mother always come to my mind.

sooner or later,I will tell him I found him in a bush alongside with a box of gold…although I tried in tracing his background but all my efforts was like pouring water into an ocean.

Pads and laptops were scattered on the white couch in his bedroom,
on the glassy silvery built couch was a wine bottle,
a pack of bubble gum,
his three business phone and a model contract file then two car keys.

I covered the wine bottle then move close to him on the bed where he slept like a baby.
his head wasn’t staying well,I adjusted it and made him more comfty…he bashed his lashes in sleep, so cute and funny.
then his lips,he took it in still in sleep.

Everyday,you remain a baby in my eyes….I brought out the package I brought with me.A sage(priest) told me to always change obi’s accessories every month so as to please his creator,
he said obi’s creator love new things, something not too common,
something very different…so I had to make sure his accessories (wrist bracelets,anklets and hair bead) are different from others.
He’s not a royal yet the sage told me to let him live like one.

sooo I have a special person that makes his brand of accessories.
I took his hand and removed his former bracelet,I replaced everything and even his anklet then locked in a new hair bead deep in his hair.

He opened his eyes in his soft sleep and close his eyes back.
“if I may ask,why do you trouble yourself over unnecessary things” he asked.
I smiled.”you’re special”.
“whatever”he mumbled and lay well. he smiled in his sleep.
you this silly boy,are you seeing a lady already,tell me what’s her name” I whispered.
he didn’t answer,
my eyes caught a bangle on his shelf it had the name “Rita”..
that thing look childish maybe for a 15years old and besides he is not the type that run after women,
women come for him instead.

Chetachi💛Chetachi’s p.o.v❤❤
I slept soundedly but Rita was busy with her new computer game which she said she won from promo-
she is not ready to sleep until I stood up and seize the game pad from her.

she grumpled for a while then finally went to bed.I could hear blaring sounds of music from the living room, something like a party sound.
I wore my nightie jacket and went to check,it was Amaka and two of her friends,
they look so wild.

I stopped on the last four stairs,
one of the girls was smoking the other girl saw me first.

“Amaka who is that!”she asked,the one smoking turned and winked at me.
“waow she looks hot,who is she…
tall…nice curves and robust butt then the face of a dazzling goddess, she seems to be a threat to the “girls lovers” the one smoking chatters.
Amaka didn’t say a word concerning who I am to her.

“have you suddenly gotten manner less”she said to me.

“is she a maid?”one of the girls still asked.

“don’t be so unfortunate,your noise is disturbing me upstairs and I won’t waste time in beating you up for every mannerless word you utter to me” I said.Am aka scoffed.

“Amaka a girl just spoke to you like that and you can’t speak back” one of her friends said and i left.
the noise still increased,
I knew amaka did that on purpose but I ignored her..

Next day⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰
son of thunder by adesola omowole.

I was done with the work,both indoor and outdoors,Rita was dressing up for school,I was in the kitchen cooking as fast as I can so that we can leave before Mrs Clara will return from the hospital.

“she’s back ooo”Rita rushed into the kitchen.
“I’m just done eating,quickly eat your food and leave”I said.
Rita started eating,I also ate little then cleaned my mouth.

Rita passed the back door and left for school,I hurried back to our room so that I can bath and dress up until Mrs Clara called my name from the back.
conniption gripped me as I turned in full surprise.

“welcome ma’am”I greeted.
“Cheta why is this place dirty like this?”she first complained.
“how ma’am? I swept everywhere” I replied the place is not dirty,she just want to delay me.I don’t know why😭😭😭.

“you sweep it,did you wash the floor?” she asked.I shakes my head.
“start washing”she said.
chaiii what type of fate is this😭😭.

“You this girl…eeeeehhhnn
must I always shout,I brought you from rags and you can’t even pay me back by cleaning my home..
see cobwebs..
there’s even nylon on the floor in the sitting room.

Mrs Clara picked it up.
The nylon was red in color and KISS was written boldly on it.

“cheta what’s this?”Mrs Clara said.
“I don’t know ma’am,its my first time seeing it i don’t know what it is! I said. she threw me her slippers which I dodge, she ran after me…
I jump up and quickly climb the stairs she rushed after me.

“condom in my house!;!
“cheta they’ve started pressing you
“cheta you’ve started opening your legs for them…
“how dare you have the gut to bring men when am not around”
she shouted when she catch me,
she beat me like a punching bag..

….why won’t I respect my destiny…
why will she think am bringing men into her house????
is it me that have never known any man??????
is it me that do not have any boyfriend?????
my mother said boys are distraction before she died,she said I should first face my studies then boys will come for me later.

yes,I have rapid growth..
me and my sister but we are not…

Mrs Clara slapped my mouth.
“I don’t know what KISS nylon means, it was Amaka that brought her…..

she didn’t allow me talk.
she left me immediately there was a mark on my laps.

Amaka catwalked out.
she still laughed at me.

I wiped my face,my tears still stream down I took the KISS from her both the nylon and went to dispose it..
I have a test in school today,
will I still make it??

I cleaned everywhere again.that was when she called me again..
“You won’t go to school today, my friend mama Layla has a cleaning contract in one big house like that.. so I told her you will help by joining her maids” Mrs Clara said.

“but am not a maid”I said.
“if not maid,are you my daughter?” she questioned,I nodded in tears when I collected the address from her.

“this is 7:00am cleanup as started, no need bathing before going you will still get dirty” she said…
I rush out and wiped my tears.

“Omalicha(sweetheart) are you not going to school”the gateman asked.
“noo noo”I nodded in tears.
“what happened?”he asked.
I refused to say a word,he opened the gate and I ran out.

soon I arrived,
the building was am understatement. How can someone build something so magnificent….. the palace is no match for this place.

“Hy cheta”Stella waved at me.
“hey you’re the girl Mrs Clara sent here” a woman asked.I nodded.
she gave me cleaning materials.

“what mark is that”Stella pointed at my hand..
“hmmm Mrs Clara”I sighed.
“Sorry,all will be fine”she said…
I nodded.
“are you still selling vegetables?”I asked her and she nodded.

we started working.
I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned I tried,I now look so dirty.

I cleaned the pool side too,
then Stella gathered the dirty water for me to pour away.
There was a driveway in the large building,I tried crossing so I will pour the dirty water away until I heard voices.

“Cheta!!!! I heard Stella.
“yes*I answered and turned,a car was driving in,I thought I would die because the car was close enough.

The dirty water poured on me and I fell out of schock with the bowl covering my head and face.

the car stopped and the driver quickly rushed out…
“are you okay,sorrrrrrrrr

a guard rushed to open the back seat,the catwalk alone…I saw the feet anklet always different,isn’t that Obi?

he walked out and two guards rushed to his side so he won’t touch anything…imagine do I have infections?.

“Sam did you hit her…”

“I didn’t….”

“Are you hurt?”He asked.
isn’t that obi…ahh what type of luck is this,he will find out am a commoner.

“No Obi,I didn’t the car didn’t near her….

Obi? did I hear Obi…
he is the one….ahh am dead.

A guard removed the bowl that was covering my head…
my eyes caught Obi immediately and I covered my face in tears.

“Are you okay?” I heard.
TBC…by adesola golden stories.

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