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[Story] O.G.B.A.N.J.E (The Child of Thunder) Chapter 21



The Child of Thunder 21

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

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Ogbanje had woken up very early that morning before the cock crow and was going about her house chores when Ikemefuna made his appearance known to Ogbanje when she was about going to the stream to fetch water they would use for the day.

She was surprise when she saw Ikemefuna standing beside their bamboo gate as if he had been there for long.

“You again”, Ogbanje began harshly at Ikemefuna. “What is it, have I not warned to stay away from me eh?. So what are you looking for in my father’s compound with your two left legs”. Ogbanje added angrily at Ikemefuna who stood transfixed on the spot staring lovely at Ogbanje.

Ikemefuna wasn’t move by her insult or her tone of harsh way, in fact, he loved this side of her and fell deeply in love with her the more.

“So can’t I no longer see my Ada as I pleased. I have been standing here for a very long time watching you and I have come to realise that you are not only beautiful but hardworking. There and then I know deep within me that I have grown to love you so much that if I don’t have you no one else will”. Ikemefuna answered Ogbanje in a very cheerful way.

“I can see you woke up by the wrong side of your bed this morning to utter such rubbish omitting out from that stupid mouth of yours but I will pretend that I did not hear anything”. Ogbanje said rudely to him and made as if to pass him with her Udu (Earthen pot) when Ikemefuna quickly stretch out one of his hands and grab hold of Ogbanje hand. He roughly drew Ogbanje closer to him and forcefully kissed her against her wish.

Ogbanje who was not expecting that move from him was throw off balance when Ikemefuna kissed her.

A round of slap echoed around them and Ikemefuna suddenly released his hand to rub his left cheeks that seemed so hot. He wasn’t expecting that from her and so was surprise when she slapped him with a full force.

Ogbanje started throwing out some spit from her mouth as she placed her pot beside her waist and uses one of her hand to clean her lips where Ikemefuna has kissed.

“This should be the first and last time you would do such a thing like that again. Next time it would be your balls I will kick to prevent you from having children, Anuofia”. Ogbanje told Ikemefuna in a very angry tone.

But to her surprise Ikemefuna laughed out to her ranting.

“You keep surprising me Ada and I keep on loving you the more, can’t you see we are made for each other. I love you so much Ada, at least find it in your heart to love me the way I do to you. I can do anything for you Ada, anything, all I ask is for your love”.

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“And like I have told you earlier on that you woke up from the wrong side of your bed this morning. As you can see I have other things to do this morning and I am doing one right now”. Ogbanje said not moved by his words and turned to leave for the stream when Ikemefuna once again grabbed hold of her from behind, immobile her two hands and pressed her hard against his chest. Her Udu fell off from her and miraculously not break.

Ogbanje started struggling against his hold and uses one of her legs to hit Ikemefuna’s manhood. The hit was so hard but still Ikemefuna wouldn’t let go. He placed his head on the shoulder blade of Ogbanje and kissed it breathing in her scent. With his face he nuzzle at her cheeks in a tender way. Ogbanje ceased in her struggling once she found out none of what she was doing was affecting Ikemefuna.

“I won’t do anything against your wish Ada but be rest assured that I might change my mind. Don’t think I don’t know about your stupid lover Ebuka and don’t also think I don’t know who he really is”. Ikemefuna suddenly told Ogbanje against her ears.

“What are you insinuating?” Ogbanje asked trying not to be surprised at his sudden outburst.

“Don’t pretend as if you don’t know what I am getting at. I know you know who I am. Your lover must have told you my real nature. But whatever he told about me are all lies Alaolisa, right from the day one I had set my eyes on you you’ve have become mine”. Ikemefuna told Ogbanje in a lovely way caressing her neck with his mouth

With a strength that Ogbanje didn’t know she has she grab hold one of the hands of Ikemefuna and flung him off her with inhuman strength. She quickly pick up her pot.

Ikemefuna managed to landed on his feet a few feet away from Ogbanje. He wore a look of surprise on his face at what Ogbanje just did to him, it was an unexpected move. She took him by surprise.

Ogbanje smirked at him at his bewildered face he was making.

“This should be as a warning to you Ikemefuna or whatever your name is because next time you tried such a thing to me, I will make sure you regret ever knowing me rubbish”. Ogbanje hissed and hurriedly left him going towards the road that leads to their village stream.

Ikemefuna smiled to himself. She is as strong as she was in her former life. Alaolisa will become his.

“Your stubbornness makes me love you the more. I like challenges, even Amadioha himself knows that”. Ikemefuna said and disappeared.


Uhammiri paced around in her dark cave as she cleverly draft out a plan. Adaku couldn’t defeat her step sister because of a stupid power she possesses. She would make sure she makes Ogbanje suffered so much that Ogbanje would be begging for death.

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“What kind of powers does she think she has that would make my mother not to defeat her” . Uhammiri said to herself. Ogbanje had mysteriously survived after the deaths of her siblings. But this time her death would be so easy.

She would soon know what powers Ogbanje possesses but first she has to come down to live with them. That would be the plan one.

Ogbanje had better be ready for her.


“My dear husband, please I have a request to make and it would so gladly my heart If you support me in it”. Adaku began softly that night has they had earlier on finished their supper and everyone had gone to bed. Okoro had came to Adaku’s hut to quench his growing groin like he normally did and were laying on her bamboo bed when Adaku brought out the topic.

“And what can that be Adaku, if it is within my powers and a good cause, then I will grant your request”. Okoro told his wife.

“Well it is nothing much my dear husband. You know when you got married to Ogbanje’s mother….”

Interrupting Adaku.

“Have I not warned you to stop calling my Ada, the Ada of this family that name? Adaku this should be the first and last you will refer Ada as Ogbanje”. Okoro warned Adaku angrily.

“I am so sorry my dear husband it fell out of my mouth by mistake”. Adaku said pretending to be crying.

Okoro anger faded once he saw the tears on Adaku’s eyes.

“Is okay. You of all people should know I don’t like it when Ada is being called that name. E be zina- Don’t cry”. Okoro said lovely to his wife. “You where about telling me something my heart”. Okoro added the words made Adaku so happy within her.

“As I was saying before, when you got married to your first and now dead wife I left you angrily”.

“Yes, how would I not remember, you left that same day. I searched for you everywhere but couldn’t find you”. Okoro said softly loosing Adaku’s wrapper.

“Well, I went to stay with my great grandmother mother”.

“Okay, I see no crime in that but what has that got to do with what you’d want to tell me”. Okoro asked Adaku.

“While staying with her I made a friend amongst my great grandmother people. She was a widow. I just heard recently that my friend is dead and her only daughter and child is homeless. After the death of my friend her husband brothers took everything away from the child my friend left behind. Why I am telling you is to plead with you and request that her daughter stays here for the time being. Please dim mu- my husband let her come because I had given her my words that you will agree to it”. Adaku said in a pleading tone to Okoro.

Okoro hands stopped his movement on Adaku’s shoulder as he placed his hands on his legs. He was in a deep thought.

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Adaku’s fingers started caressing Okoro’s hard chest.

“But how can you make such a decision without my consent. How can you promise a girl, some one I had yet to meet, that I would permit her to stay With us”. Okoro said in not so happy voice

“I know that my husband and that is why I am begging you to accommodate her. You see her late mother was very good to me. She treated me like I was her own sister. She healed my broken heart and encouraged me to wait for you that one day we shall be together. I can not let my best friend daughter roamed about in that village. Please my dear husband think about it”.

Okoro heaved out a sigh. “I have heard you, you may bring the girl any day that pleases you but know If at all she hurts any of my children you and her would have yourself to blame. I hope you don’t regret bringing in this stranger”. Okoro said finally as Adaku leapt for joy.

“I won’t regret one bit”. Adaku said in all smiles.


“Nne edewooo- Mama I greet you”. Ebuka greated Adaku when he saw her with a beautiful young lady. His Alaolisa age mate perhaps. He was on his way home from the farm that hot afternoon when he saw Adaku and the strange beautiful lady beside her. His younger brother, Emenike, was carrying a basket full of yams. He also greeted Adaku and the lady.

“My son how are you”. Adaku answered his greeting with a forceful smile.

“I am fine mama, I hope there is no problem?” Ebuka asked his eyes couldn’t leave the strange beautiful lady. Something seemed odd about her, he couldn’t place his finger on it.

The strange lady eyes were on him also.

“Everything is fine Ebuka, how is your mother”.

“She is fine. Nne I better be on my way now. Kelee ezinụlọ gị niile maka m- Greet all your family for me o”. So saying Ebuka left them.

“Who is he?” Uhammiri asked once Ebuka and his brother were out of spot.

“Well that is the Ebuka I told you about. The one you have to kill to get through Ogbanje”. Adaku explained.

“He is the Ebuka”, Uhammiri mused “Hmm, I won’t kill him then”. Uhammiri said afterwards.

Adaku was astonish at what she said and looked at Uhammiri in bewildered.

“And why is that if I may ask, don’t tell me you can’t kill a mere human being Ogbanje is always protecting”. Adaku said.

“It is not that Adaku”.

“Then what is it”. Adaku protested.

“I am attracted to him Adaku. I want to make that young handsome man my husband”. Uhammiri replied in all seriousness.

Story by Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 1




Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 1

Written By Zeeman

If you miss any episode click HERE




📞Dad! I only got shot in the leg,i wasn’t killed” I said into the phone.

I was laying on the hospital bed after getting shot a night before in a shootout with criminals.

Dad has always complained about my job, he’s afraid to lose me cause I’m the only one he has but i have my reasons for choosing this line of job.
I don’t tell him whenever i got shot cause i know how worried he’ll be and it might raise his already high blood pressure.
I wonder who told him that i got shot!

📞Darrel leave that job and come take over my companies. You’re endangering your life!” He said worriedly.
Dad is a prominent socialite who owns several companies in and outside the country.

📞Dad,you know I’ve always wanted to be what i am presently,I’m good at this job dad and guess what?” I asked.
He growled and i sighed.
📞Well…im gonna tell you anyway,i got promoted last week” I smiled.
📞And so what?”
📞Ah! Won’t you congratulate me,my salary has increased and i now have my junior colleagues bow and salute me” I grinned.

📞Darrel,you’re gonna earn more once you become a CEO of one of my companies,i will leave you to handle it all,i don’t care about the amount you’ll squander” He said.
📞Of course i know that but I’m not doing this for money,I’m doing it cause i love doing’s my passion dad,please just accept it” I said and heard him sigh.

I smiled…he’s already giving in,i just need to add more spice.

📞For the meantime” I added.
📞For the meantime?” He asked.
📞Yes Dad,for the meantime” I said.
📞Okay,I’m coming to check on you ” He said.

📞Huh? Aw! I’ve been discharged already” I lied.
📞Yes Dad,the bullet didn’t penetrate deeply”
📞Ohh.. i thought it was severe” He said.
📞Nah! It wasn’t,will you come to my house?” I asked, knowing well that he won’t.

📞No! I can’t come to that little place you call a house ” He said and i laughed.
📞Okay Dad”
📞I have lots of mansions but you decided to rent that little apartment”
I sighed.

I moved out of the mansion months ago,i needed to be alone,i needed to concentrate on my job and i needed to be free.
Dad was always disturbing me and he doesn’t even allow me to go out in the night whenever i was called for emergency.

📞Dad,I’m fine here” I said.
📞Of course you’ll be, just make sure you don’t go for shootout or whatever you call it again okay?”
📞Okay Dad” I stifled a laughter wondering how his face will look like at the moment.
📞I have to go,i have meetings to attend” He said.
📞Okay Dad”.
📞You should have been the one attending this meetings but you chose to…”
📞Bye dad” I interrupted him by quickly disconnecting the call.

He nags too much.

I dropped my phone beside me and glanced up at the TV.
It was displaying news,a woman anchor appeared on the screen beneath a banner that read;



“Again!” I exclaimed.
“Aren’t the New York detectives competent enough to have sorted out this assassin all this years. They couldn’t come up with a tangible thing,all they could come up with is that the assassin is a female.
She keeps killing innocent people without being apprehended! What sort of cruelty is that?” I said to myself.

“Buddy what’s up?” I heard and glanced up to see Eric,my friend,he’s also my colleague at work,he walked in with Jed,our junior colleague who bowed and saluted immediately he got to my bed.
“I didn’t even heard the ward door open” I said.

“Yeah,what’s with the frown?” Eric asked sitting on the edge of the bed.
“Sit there” I said to Jed pointing to the single chair in the ward.
He bowed before walking to the chair.

“Can you believe that anonymous assassin in New York has killed yet another couple” I said pointing to the TV.
Eric turned and gasped.
The couple picture are already been displayed.

They were shot in the head and i could tell the shooting was more than once.

“Damn! This is terrible” Eric said turning back to face me.
“Of course it is. She has been assassinating innocent people for years and the detectives are yet to do anything about” I said, feeling pity for the victims.
“I think most of the detectives flee cause i heard she kills any detective in charge of her case” Eric said.
“That’s because they’re not capable” I said.

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Another news was being displayed…

“I wonder who told Dad that i got shot” I said to Eric.
“Of course, i finished speaking to him some minutes before you arrived and he was nagging seriously” I said.
“Ah! ” He sighed and rubbed his forehead.
“Who told him?” I asked.

“Its Ken” He said.
“Ah!” I sighed, Ken is also a junior colleague.
“Your dad called the office yesternight and Ken was in charge of answering the call. He said he wants to speak to you that he’s been calling your home line but you weren’t picking up, so Ken kinda spilled the beans” Eric said.
“Ken is such a…” I was about using swear words but i cut it off.

“The deed is done anyways, so how are you feeling now?” Eric asked.
“I’m good,i was expecting to be discharged this morning only for the doctor to place me on another IV fluid” I said and stared at my bandaged leg.
“Your leg?” Eric asked.
“It hurts less now” I said.

“Those criminals have all been apprehended, they’ll be charged to court soon” Eric said and i smiled.
“Katy will be here soon” He said.
“Ohh.. really?”
He nodded.

Katy is also my colleague,she’s a beautiful and fearless lady who’s always ready to face anything and she always come out victoriously.
We were at the shootout together and she was the one who rushed me to the hospital.

“Jed,go tell the doctor that the IV fluid is almost finished” Eric said to our junior colleague who stood up immediately and walked out of the ward.
I glanced at it and truly it’s almost finished.
Finally,i can get discharged.

“Darrel, Katy is coming to see you” He said making me glance up at him.
“You told me that earlier” I said.
“Uh..Yes. She’s so worried about you” He said.
“She should be” I said.
“Com’on Darrel,you know she likes you right?” He asked.
“Ugh! There you go again” I said.
“But she likes you” He said.
“She never told me she like me” I said.

“She does! Can’t you tell?” He asked.
“It’s just a slight crush which is normal for every lady that come across me. I’m handsome yunno” I said and he rolled his eyes.
“There you go again, boasting about your looks” He said and i chuckled.

“On a serious note,you know how much Katy likes you right?” He asked and i shrugged.
“I like her too” I said and he smiled.
“As a colleague” I added and he frowned.

“Com’on Darrel” He said.
I sighed. “Has she ever told you that she likes me!”
“Yes she has, she told me Darrel,she just doesn’t have the courage to tell you yet” He said.
“And is that the reason you’re trying to match make? I’ve told you it’s just a slight crush” I said.

“It isn’t” He said.
“So what do you want me to do?” I asked.
“Date her” He said and i laughed.
“In your dreams” I said.
“Do you probably have a ghost girlfriend?” He asked making me laugh harder.
“Yeah i do” I said when my laughter subsided.
“Don’t be sarcastic..I’m serious here” He said.
“Eric! Com’on,you know well that she isn’t the only lady that likes me but i don’t just want to be committed in any relationship for now” I said.

“I know but…”
“Let’s stop talking about this” I interrupted him and he sighed.
“Did you get the novel i asked you to?” I asked.
He shook his head.


I continued watching the news while he was busy with his phone…

The doctor walked in with Jed.

“Oh! The IV fluid is finished already” He said and started disconnecting it.
“So I’ll be discharged right away right?” I asked.
“No, you’ll still have to be here till tomorrow” He said.
“What!” I exclaimed.
“Yes, we’ll need to examine your leg” He said.
“But i have to resume work” i said.
“Even if we discharge you tomorrow,you’re not advised to move around with your leg till it’s fully healed” The doctor said and i nodded.

“You’ll need to eat now, I’ll be back to examine your leg” The doctor said and made a notation on my file before walking out.
I sighed and glanced at Eric.

“Won’t you say something?” I asked Eric.
“What do you want me to say?” He asked and i felt like knocking off his head.

The door opened again and this time it was Katy,she was holding a basket and looking more beautiful in her blue sweatshirt and white pants.

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“Hi” She said cheerfully to everyone as she walked in.
Eric smiled and glanced at me.
“We’ll be leaving now Darrel” He said and stood up from the bed.
“So soon?” I asked.
“Yeah,i have some cases to look into” He said.
“Okay” I sent him a secret glare knowing he’s lying.
He smiled and then winked at me.

Ah! What a friend.

Jed bowed before walking out of the ward with Eric, leaving Kate and i.
I returned her sweet smile.

“How’re you feeling now ?” She asked and took a seat beside me on the bed.
“I’m getting better” I said.
“Okay,i hope your leg hurt less now” She said peering at my bandaged leg.
“Yeah” I said.
“When will you be discharged?” She asked.
“Tomorrow” I said.

She tucked her blonde hair behind her ears.
“I brought you some pizza rolls” She said and i smiled.
“Thanks, right timing.” I said and watched her bring out a covered plate from the basket.

She opened it and revealed the steaming pizza rolls with cheese and sauce oozing out of the seams.

My smile widened and my dry mouth started salivating.
I sat up as she shifted the plate to me.
“Looks nice” I sniffed and she smiled.
“Let’s eat it together” I said.
“Nah, i brought it for you” She said.
“I want us to eat it together, it’ll be more tasty that way,besides this isn’t the first time we’ll be eating pizza rolls together” I said.

“Fine” She smiled and we both started eating.
“Yummy” I said.
“Thanks” She grinned.

“Those criminals have been apprehended” She said.
“Yeah, Eric told me that” I said with a mouthful.
So delicious.
“They are bunch of fools who kept ranting,even in the cell” She said and i laughed.

“Did you watched the news?” She asked.
“News? I watched a lot of news today. Be precise” I said stuffing more pizza rolls into my mouth.
“About the assassination of a couple by the anonymous assassin in New York?” She said,her face growing serious.

“Ohh..yeah, i did.” I said.
” It was so brutal,i wonder what they are doing to it” She said.
“Exactly what i said … I wonder what the detectives are doing to it. It’s kinda getting out of hand” I said.

“The lady has been getting away with it for years,they should just do something” She said, pouring some water into the glass cup for me .
“The citizens are not safe anymore” I said and collected the glass cup of water from her.
“Of course they are not” She said.

I gulped down the water and muttered ‘thanks’.
She packed the plate and placed it back into the basket.

“Thanks Katy” I said.
“It’s fine” She smiled.

I feel so good.

“Boss told me to say hi to you, he will also come to see you soon,he has been so busy” She said.
I nodded.
“So tell me what happened at our quarter today” I said.
“You should trust me, I’m ready to give you the full gist” She smiled.
“Let’s go …” I said happily and we laughed.

🎆 New York…..


I smiled and threw the paper into the fireplace.
I watched it burn slowly.

I stood up and walked back to the kitchen,washed my hands in the sink,dried it and started making coffee.

I walked to the fridge, leaving the coffee to perk.
I opened the fridge and brought out the strawberry cake Joel made.

I placed it on the kitchen counter, picked a knife and a small plate,and then cut two slices before returning the remaining cake to the fridge.
I shifted my attention to the now perky coffee.

I picked a mug and quickly rinsed it in the sink.
I turned the gas ring before pouring some coffee into the mug.

I placed the mug of coffee on the tray alongside a box of sugar cubes,a carton of cream with a plastic spoon and also the small plate of two slices of cake.
I carried it down to the dining room, sat down and started eating..
I was almost done with my lunch when Joel strolled into the dining room.

I wonder where boss and the rest are.

“Hey Mia” He smiled and sat opposite me.
“What’s up?” I asked.
“I’m a bit stressed out” He said.
“Why? Did you go on any mission?” I asked.
“Nah! I went on an errand for boss”
“Ohh…okay” I said and there was this awkward silence as he stared at me.

Well… Joel is one of our crew who kinda has a crush on me, he’s cute and i always admire his golden hair and sky blue eyes.
He’s a good cook and also the one in charge of getting informations.
We’re six in number including boss.
Carla,Anne,Joel,Robbie,i and our boss ‘Donovan Craven’.
We all stay together in a big mansion, we’ve been here for years except Anne who recently joined us.


I’m mostly given assassination missions cause I’m more than capable to do it.
I love killing…
Taking lives has become part of me.

“Where are the others?” I asked.
“They are at the pool” Joel said.
“Ohh…do you care for some?” I asked pointing to my tray.
“Nah! I already had lunch ” He said.
“Okay” I stood up and took the tray back to the kitchen.

I washed the plate and rinsed the mug.
I put everything back in it’s place,dried my hands and walked out of the kitchen.

“Let’s go watch a movie in the living room” I said to Joel who smiled and stood up immediately.
He followed me down to the living room and sat beside me on the couch.
I picked the remote control and switched on the TV.

News came on display..


“Can they just stop talking about this already” I said and changed the channel.
Joel glanced at me..”Mia, you’ve never failed on any mission,you’re good at almost everything,i sometimes envy you” He said.
I smiled…I’ve been told this by my crew so many times.

“Joel you won’t believe they were having sex when i barged in” I said.
“Really?” He widened his eyes and we both laughed.

I have another mission tonight,I’m going to assassinate Mr Padgett,the largest shareholder of Bailott who’s known to like anything under skirt and that’s what is gonna be used against him.
He ordered a lady or should i say a prostitute from the VIP club to be with him for the night but I’m gonna get there earlier and act like the prostitute before blowing off his brain.
Boss has been paid for the job and he has given every one of us our share.

We heard the door opened and closed and we saw boss walked in with others.
He’s a huge man in his early forties,he has a scary face that was filled with scars,he’s a bit handsome and he rarely smile.

And there’s Anne beside him,she recently joined us,she’s a pretty lady with a natural pink hair,she has cute black eyes and her lips colour matches with her hair. Boss said I’ll be taking her along with me on missions so as to train her.

“Mia,go dress up. Mr Padgett is already at the hotel” Boss said in his deep scary voice.
“Okay boss” I said and smiled as i saw Carla glared at me.

Carla is one beautiful lady,who has an attractive figure that can’t be compared to mine though,she has been with boss before me and i don’t know the reason she developed hatred for me ever since then.
She’s a meteorologist,she helps in checking the perfect weather for our mission. She kills too,we all kill but I’m the one sent mostly to do it.

Robbie walked to Joel,he’s a fine young man, he’s so nice and has a gentle look but beneath that gentleness is a brutality you never know exist,he’s an IT genius,he deals with all the device and he’s capable of hacking into any system.

I stood up and bowed before boss before walking to my room.
I opened the wardrobe and pulled out my red skimpy gown,i laid it on my large bed before turning back to open my large drawer. Hundreds of wigs stared at me.
I selected a long white wig, my real hair must never be revealed.

I placed it on the bed and rushed into the bathroom.


I started applying make up after i was done putting on my dress.
I stood up from the dressing chair and wore the long white wig over my hair. I brushed it and adjusted it perfectly that one will think it was my real hair.

“Good” I muttered as i stood in front of the mirror.
My pistol is already in the car and i won’t be needing a mask.
I picked a small red purse from the shelf.

“Mr Padgett,start saying your last prayer already” I smiled and slide my feet into a stop-him-dead-in-his-tracks gladiator sandals before walking out of my room.


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Siren The Beautiful Killer (PROLOGUE)




Siren The Beautiful Killer

Written By Zeeman


If you miss any episode click HERE



I pulled my car to a halt in front of a white mansion.
I stared at the map on my iPod and glanced at the white mansion.


I wore a red wig over my brown golden hair, picked my mask and wore it over my face before stepping out of the car holding a pistol.
My eyes swiftly scanned the entire building and i walked towards the locked gate.

That doesn’t stop me from going in though.

I smiled and began climbing the wall with expertise, I’ve climbed bigger mansions than this!
I jumped into the balcony without making a sound.
I turned and carefully scanned the area.


No one.

I tried the door knob with my gloved hand and found it locked.
I twitched my nose and produced a skeleton key from the pocket of my ninja outfit.

I slid the key into the lock and turned it, it opened immediately and i quickly entered the house.
I met the well furnished living room empty .

➡️Mia what’s up?” Boss asked through the ear connection.
“Modus operandi (mode of operation)” I whispered back before disconnecting.

I walked into the middle of the living room and saw a narrow passage,i moved towards it.
There are three doors on the left,two on the right,and one at the end of the passage facing me.


I walked towards the one at the end of the passage and kicked it open with my boots.

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I barged into the room and saw the couple disengage from their love making, staring at me in fear.
I chuckled “That’ll be the last sex you’ll both have,you can continue in heaven” I said and opened fire on my pistol.

I shot them twice each on their heads and smirked as their brains splattered across the bed’s headboard with blood covering their bedside lamp.

I hurried back to the balcony,and brought out a thick rope which is always connected beneath my boot.
I attached it down to the gate and also clipped it to the balcony edge.

I slide down using the rope as support.
My feet landed on the ground and i quickly disconnected the rope.
I wrapped it firmly in my hands and barged back to my car.

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I unlocked it and looked around again.
I entered and shut the door.
I removed my wig and mask,dumped the pistol at the backseat and then glanced at my reflection in the rear view mirror,i adjusted my hair.

I picked my face cap and pulled it over my hair before turning on the ignition.

“Another mission accomplished” I muttered with a smile before speeding away into the night.


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★★ JUNE ★★
My heart skipped a beat as Erick hugged me but I maintained my balance and rested my chin on his shoulder.
I could get used to this, this warmth, and comfort. My hands were slowly starting to rise up and hug him back but Augie’s happy voice ruined the moment.
“Erick!!!” he called happily, he and Ella running up to meet him, Erick let’s go of me and with a smile he walked passed me to meet my baby brother and his Ex dog.
I closed the door with a sigh and turned to the happy reunion in front of my eyes.
The door to my grandma’s room opened and of course, my grandma walked out.
“oh, Erick!” she exclaimed
“grandma!” Erick smiled and walked up to her to give her a hug.
“is it just me or you look more younger and prettier” Erick said and my grandma laughed hysterically pulling his cheeks.
“you’ll never change”.
“and why in the world, would I change?” Erick smiled.
“so what should I get you! Water? Juice—
“grandma, am fine and I also ate like a king during dinner, so it’s okay” Erick smiled and my grandma smiled.
My family surrounded Erick and bombered him with different kind of questions.
My grandma asking him about his new life, and Augie at the same time asking him why he dyed his hair blue and Ella barking and jumping around Erick asking him questions of her own, that no one understands.
I just sat still and watched Erick bring laughter to the whole house and I laughed too when he talked something funny, I kind of missed this atmosphere, I missed the days when dinner would be fun because Erick was there and I also missed the days chores became fun cause he was still there too.. He is such an influence.
Finally Augie fell asleep and Ella fell asleep on his stomach, wrapping her small body to fit his small body.
Maltese dogs are just so small
My grandma retired to her room. Wishing us goodnight and I sighed as I slowly carried Ella from my baby brother’s stomach.
I was about to carry Augie up but Erick stopped me.
“it’s fine” I tell him.. “it’s not like it’s the first time I’ll be taking his sleeping body to bed”.
“still, you’re a girl and I’m a guy watching you carry him will just make me a complete useless Person” Erick said and picked up Augie carefully placing him on his shoulder.
I picked Ella up and trailed behind Erick as he walked to my room, the door was open. So we just walked in and I closed the door after dropping Ella on her doggy bed.
Augie was placed on his bed by Erick while I covered his body with the thick blanket.
“whoa” Erick said.
“what?” I asked as I watched him look at sleeping Augie.
“he looks so much like you!” he blurted and I laughed.
“his my brother you idiot! How can we not look alike” I rolled my eyes.
“but you know June, this feels weird” Erick whispered with a smile and he bit his bottom lip still smiling.
“what, feels weird?” I asked.
“it’s like we’re putting our ‘son’ off to bed” Erick said and I rolled my eyes and walked away from him.
“you’re unbelievable” I said as I got on my own bed and rummage through my drawer for a rubber band.
“what?. I am actually making a point, we both look like two young parents” Erick said walking up to me.
“sometimes you say the most stupidest thing ever” I huffed pushing the strands of hair in front of my face to go with my sudden pony tail.
“and sometimes, the most stupidest thing may be the most meaningful thing” Erick said as he got on my bed.
“hey take off your shoes” I warned him.
“what? It’s not like I’m sitting with my feet” he scoffed.
“I don’t care, take it off” I said and he sighed and pushed his shoes off his legs leaving a pair of black stockings on his feet.
“happy?” he mocked
“more than you think” I smiled.
He let out a small sigh and laid on the bed, removing my hands on my thigh, he laid his head on my thighs, and placed my hands on his hair.
“what are you—
“can you please not complain and just let me stay like this for a while” he said with his eyes closed and my vocal chords clogged immediately.
We both remained quiet and my hands didn’t move from his hair, the air was cool and fine minutes ago but now, it seems hot and I feel like I’m gonna burst any minute.

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“say something” Erick said, his eyes still closed. “I hate silence”.
“wh–what do you want me to say?” I stutter.
“anything, you can sing if you want to.”
“no, I think I’ve had enough singing today,” I said and his eyes fluttered opened and it was staring at mine and I don’t know how foolish I’ve become that my eyes suddenly adverted to his lips but I quickly shifted them back to his eyes.
“what was that?” he asked with a teasing smile.
“what was what?” I asked looking away.
“I saw you, why did you look at my lips Like that?” he asked, and even though I’m not looking at him I know he’s holding the most teasing smile he could produce.
“I–I–i did not–
“do not lie to me June, I saw you” he interrupted me and sat up.

“you totally wanted to–
“can you just shut up” I yelled and he laughed, shook his head negatively and laid back on the bed with his hair on my thigh.
“June.” he called.
“what?” I barked.
“can you cool it, I was just joking okay” he laughed.
“well have I told you I never find your jokes funny” I asked looking down at him sternly.
“you wouldn’t cause my jokes always comes out as a joke and half the truth” he said and I rolled my eyes.
He breathed out a small sigh. While I looked away…
This feels weirdly comfotable, even though it shouldn’t. I am actually enjoying Erick’s company…

“have you… Dated a guy before?” his voice echoed.
Why Is he suddenly asking “this” kind of question.
“why are you asking?”
“I don’t know…” he shrugged on my legs.
“you’re kind of acting like someone who got her heart broken big time” he said and I smiled.
“yeah, I did got my heart broken once!” I said and slowly looked down at him to see his reaction and he was staring straight at me, but he suddenly stood up.
“really?” he asked as he adjusted a little closer to me.
“yeah.” I said looking away to smile at the wall.
“well that explains why you’re like this.”
“like what?” I snapped.
“nothing” he replied with a grin “so tell me June, this guy that broke your heart, how did it start and how did it end”.
“well see I was in the Nineth grade when that happened” I said with a nod
“okay I’m all ears.” Erick smiled.
“you want me to narrate the whole story to you?” I asked.
“yep” he replied making the “p” pop.
Time for a whole story of lies.
“okay so there’s this guy Jus.. John… No.. Jared… Yes Jared! He’s tall—
“taller than me?” Erick caught me off with a smile.
“he’s– he’s height is just like yours”. I said and Erick nod.
“he has blonde hair, brown eyes, he’s a little bit slender, he’s got perfect nose and amazing lips he also has this smile that makes your heart melt and gosh he’s a smile addict—
“wait! Why do I feel like you’re talking about me?” Erick said and I glowered at him.
“Shut up I’m taking about John this is about John”. I yelled.
“but I thought you said his name was Jared?”
“I did?” God I am so bad at lying
“yeah,, wait are you making this all up?”
“what! No way he’s name is Jared and he’s got a baby brother names John, their names get me confused sometimes” I said with a nervous laugh “so Jared was the captain of the football club then and gosh all the girls loved him cause you knows, he’s our handsome Jared and we always win whenever there’s a football game and whenever he’s around, so luckily out of all the whole girls in school he chose me!” I said and bat my lashes dramatically.
“I don’t see a reason for him not to” Erick said and I blushed.

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“anyways… He told me he liked me and I liked him too and we started to go out” I paused thinking of another lie.
“okay, why or how did he break your heart?” Erick asked inquisitively.
“he uhm… He… He stole… My pen and lied about… It, and then we broke up” I said and bit my lip hard, I am terrible at lies!.
“what? That is one cliché story! How can you guys break up because of a stupid pen, are you lying to me??” he asked narrowing his eyes.
“I am not! And did I say pen, that’s what actually happened to his brother, I caught him kissing another girl and he lied about it when I tried to confront him about it” I said and the look Erick gave me made me gulped hard.
“you’re lying” Erick breathed.
“and why would I?”
“cause somehow you think this is fun, telling me about some guy who you described as me and how he broke your heart by stealing your pen then kissing a girl”. I giggled a little when I listened to my story in my head and he grabbed my hand.
“okay, maybe, somehow I am making up stories or so but it doesn’t matter” I rolled my eyes.
“it does matter cause you’re keeping your heart isolated and it’s…” he sighed…
“you know I really like you June and–
“can we not talk about this now Erick” I said slipping my hand away from his and standing up.
“if not now, then when?” he asked standing up.
“I don’t know—but can we please not talk about it now?” I said folding my hand, I’m suddenly feeling cold.
“you always do this, pushing me away or shunning me whenever I talk about my feelings with you, at least am honest and proud about it, how long do I have to wait?” he asked and I bit my lips and looked up at him.
“a little longer” I mumbled and I moved back a little cause he moved closer to me.
He remained quiet for a while and so did I. . .
Finally I heard his sigh and “fine” after that.
“I’ll wait! You don’t know but I’m pretty good at it” he said and I looked up at him to see his slightly disappointed face.
His phone suddenly ring and he brought it out from his pocket, he rolled his eyes and shoved it back in his pocket.
“I have to go” he announced
“oh!” I said and looked away,
Good… For me.
“I’ll escort you to the door” I said but he shook his head negatively.
“don’t! You might not like what I might do and besides, you might not come back too” he said calmly and my eyebrows flew up.
What is this dude saying, Just by escorting him to the door, I might not return home??.

“so… Uhm… Goodnight?” I shrugged
“no… It’s actually a bad night” he said making me flinch.
I’m sorry Erick I don’t know why I’m being like this towards you, I wanted to say so badly but I couldn’t bring myself too.
What is wrong with me.
He suddenly moved closer and gave me one of his comforting hugs,
and I hugged him back.
He said nothing as he let’s go of me and I couldn’t even look at him as he walked towards the door and opened it and walked out.
He did it!
That night I couldn’t sleep, I kept tossing and turning like never before,
My heart is still working and I know that… And I do know I like Erick but I don’t know, I don’t know what to even think.
I screamed in my pillow loudly and turned on my night light,
I hate this!!! Not being able to sleep.
I decided to listen to music, maybe it’ll help me fall asleep. But when I tried it, it didn’t work I just sang along and it’s Maria Li’s song, how can I not sing along.


I haven’t watched Erick’s video yet. I smiled at the recall of that, I head straight to YouTube, it’s been years since I’ve been to the Internet. Aside watching or downloading Maria Li’s song. I haven’t done anything.
I searched the name Erick and Erick-J suddenly popped on the search list and my eyes widen immediately. I tapped on the name and it took me to his music video.
“8.9million views” I gasped as I clicked on watch to watch the video.
After re-watching Erick’s music video for the fifth time I was starting to feel a bit sleepy, but I couldn’t help the smile that made my lips stretch so widely as I watched as Erick gave the camera a breath taking gaze as the video ended.
This guy likes me! I thought as I dropped my phone on my drawer,
But what the hell is holding me back?!! I thought, thinking about that my eyes slowly starts to close and before I knew it, I fell asleep
The rays of sunlight shone on my face and the amazing smell of burnt crust and butter filled my nostrils and I smiled and slowly opened my eyes.
It was twelve pm when I looked at the time and I slowly walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth.
As I brushed my teeth, I looked at myself in the wall mirror,
What the hell did Erick sees in me. I held my brush with my teeth and touched my face, I examined my huge round eyes and sighed, my eyes moved down to my lips, I’ve always wanted full lips but I got thin ones instead.
I stopped examining myself and continued to brush my teeth.
The house seemed quiet, I’ve eaten breakfast but still I feel empty, sitting outside staring at the empty street with Ella jumping around my leg.
“go play by yourself Ella. I’m not in the mood to play with you” I said and she let out a pitiful yelp.
“you just have to wait till Augie’s back from school”. I said and she suddenly jumped at the mention of Augie and ran inside.
I sighed as I stared at the blank sky, my chest feels heavy and I don’t know why.
Actually… I do know why..
I suddenly head inside and putting on my sandals, I yelled from the door.
“grandma, I’ll be back”.
“where are you going?” she yelled from inside.
“uhhh… To Erick’s?” I said truthfully
“okay be back before dinner” she announced
“I will.”
I hurried down the stairs of our building and the wind took over my hair. Today’s supposed to be my resting day for yesterday’s stress, but no! This is more important.
T. B. C

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