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[Story]O.G.B.A.N.J.E (The Child of Thunder) Chapter 13



The Child of Thunder 13

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

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“Listen and listen to me very carefully”, Obinnwanne began with a warning. Held the left side of his ear to show how serious he was. “You must not fail in kidnapping Ogbanje and bring her to me. You must carry out the plan tonight”. Obinnwanne said as he stared at the four huge men in front of him. “Take this”, he added as he gave each of them a necklace. They all wore it. “On no account should you remove this necklace when you kidnap the girl. She is not someone who you can easily kidnapped”.


“Papa, it’s been long you’ve told us your story”, Uzochi started as she and her twin sister with Ogbanje had just had their dinner of hot Egusi soup with pounded yam. Adaku had long gone to bed.

“Yes papa, it has been long you told us story, or are you out of stories papa?” Ugochi said in support of her twin sister.

Okoro shook his head sideways.

“Not at all my beautiful daughters”.

“Then tell us a beautiful story. You know that I use to tell my friends your stories that they have nicknamed me Uzo the storyteller”. Uzochi said smiling.

“Ada, you have been quite since, I hope you are following our discussion?” Okoro asked Ogbanje when he noticed the faraway look on her face.

“Papa I have been following all your discussions. So can you please tell us a wonderful story”.

“Well a long time ago”, Okoro began as he cleared out his throat. Uzochi and Ugochi were so eager to hear the latest story their father wants about to tell. Ogbanje wasn’t paying attention to it. Her mind was on something.

“There was once a girl named Ifeyinwa. She and her brother were responsible for keeping the monkeys from raiding the family bean fields.

One day, after they have been faithfully keeping the monkeys away, they both became very thirsty. They turned their backs on the fields, and went to a pool to take a drink of water. When they return to the fields, the monkeys had eaten all the beans.

Ifeyinwa was so scared of the wrath of her parents, that she got herself drowned. Her brother rushed home with the terrible news of her suicide. Her parents were so shocked and grieved on hearing the terrible news, that they forgot about the bean field.

Ifeyinwa sank to the bottom of the pool until she entered the land of the dead. She first came to a house where an old woman lived with her children. The old woman identified herself as Ifeyinwa’s guide in the land of the dead.

For many years Ifeyinwa lived with the old woman and helped with the chores. After a time Ifeyinwa became very homesick and began to think of her parents and brother. The old woman was able to read the girl’s heart, and she knew that Ifeyinwa wished to rejoin the living.
The Child of Thunder 13
So one day the old woman asked Ifeyinwa if she preferred the hot or the cold.

Ifeyinwa didn’t understand and the woman repeated the question. Finally Ifeyinwa answered that she preferred the cold, not knowing what this meant.

The old woman had Ifeyinwa dip her hands into a clay jar of cold water, and when she pulled her hands out, they were covered with jewels. She put her feet and legs into the jar, pulled them out, and they too were covered with jewels. Smiling, the old woman dressed Ifeyinwa in the finest robes and sent her home.

The old woman also had the gift of prophecy, and told Ifeyinwa that she would soon marry the finest man in the world, a man named Obinze.

When Ifeyinwa arrived home in her fine robes and jewels, her family was overjoyed. They had given her up for dead long before. They marvelled at her fine clothing and their newfound wealth. Words spread quickly through the countryside, that there was a rich, eligible young woman in the territory, and Ifeyinwa’s home was visited by hundreds of suitors.
The Child of Thunder 13
Ifeyinwa ignored all of the men, including the most handsome of them all, except for a man named Obinze. He suffered from a terrible skin disease that made him look ugly. But, having been to the land of the dead, Ifeyinwa was able to read the hearts of men, and knew that Obinze was the best of all the men.

Obinze and Ifeyinwa were married with great feasting, and after their wedding night, when the marriage was consummated, Obinze’s skin disease disappeared, showing his face to be the most handsome of all.

The Child of Thunder 13
As Ifeyinwa had plenty of fine jewels to spare, they bought a herd of cattle. Soon Ifeyinwa and Obinze were the wealthiest people in the land.

One might expect that they would now live in happiness, but the many suitors of Ifeyinwa were envious of Obinze. All their friends and neighbours changed, resenting the wealthy young couple.

The hostility grew more bitter with each day, until a group of neighbours attacked Ifeyinwa’s husband and killed him.

But Ifeyinwa had been dead before and knew the secrets of the Underworld, including how to revive the dead.
She took her husband’s body inside their home and recited magic incantations that she had learned from the old woman in the land of the dead.

The Child of Thunder 13
Obinze revived, stronger than ever. When their enemies returned to share the wealth, Obinze slew them all.
Ifeyinwa and Obinze lived in prosperity and happiness for the rest of their lives, and since both had died, they met their final ends without fear”. Okoro finished telling his story.

“Wow papa, you deserve an award for being the best storyteller in this village”. Uzochi spoke first.
The Child of Thunder 13
“Our neighboring village should come and listen to your wonderful stories papa”. Ugochi said after her twin.

“Ada, Ogini?- what is it? Or don’t you have any contribution to make?”, Okoro asked Ogbanje when he saw Ogbanje wasn’t following their conversation.

“Nothing papa, I was following the story of Ifeyinwa and Obinze”, Ogbanje answered.

“Don’t mind her papa, she is always thinking of Ebuka”, Ugochi retorted quickly.
The Child of Thunder 13
“Speaking of Ebuka, be careful of that young man. You know his mother was a witch before she was caught. Try as much as possible to dispatch yourself off any relationship you are having with that young man”. Okoro said in a serious note.

“Papa, you just told us of the story Ifeyinwa. How she decided to use the inner beauty rather than the outward appearance. Ebuka is different from his mother. They are two different people, mother and son. Besides I am in love with Ebuka”. Ogbanje said as she stood up from the raffle mat laid across the frontage of hut which she and her sisters had occupied having Okoro sitting on a wooden stool. “Goodnight papa” Ogbanje added as she quickly left their presence.


Before the cock crows, Ogbanje had already woken up and did all her house chores.

She had this feeling that something dangerous was about to happen.

But what could that be was the question left unanswered.

On her way to fetch water from the stream she felt four eyes watching her from their hidden places.

She stopped and looked around her carefully. She was sure she felt four eyes watching her.

“Who ever you are, wherever you are show yourself if you have the guts or remain hidden like a coward”. Ogbanje said daring whosoever that was in the bush.

The four men all came out of their hiding at once as they all surrounded Ogbanje in a circle way.

Staring at them without a trace of fear.

“Who are you and what do you want from me?” Ogbanje asked.

“You don’t ask us question. You are coming with us”. One of them said, presumably their leader.

To be continued..

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I walked out of the room and straight to the front door.
I got to the door and opened it to see a lady standing in front of my door. She was very beautiful, her brown hair stopped right at her waist, her eyes brown and her skin smooth as ever.
“G..good day..” she stuttered.

“Who is that?” I heard Kathleen said behind and I turned to see her coming close to me with Mary.
She turned to see who was at the door and her jaw suddenly dropped.

“Kathleen.” the lady at the door smiled.

“Y…Ymir?” Kathleen called.

Wait…! Ymir.
I paused and turned to the ‘ymir!’ my eyes observed her face to her body features, the description about ymir in that guy’s story I read online was exactly the same as the ymir standing in front of me. Could it be the same Ymir!.

“You’re… Alive!” Kathleen exclaimed.
Ymir smiled and turned to me. “Can I come in?” she asked.

“S..sure?” I stuttered.
Two sirens at my house… Just great.
Ymir walked in and closed the door behind her. Her glorious hair following her every move.
She looked at Kathleen and her eyes lingered around Kathleen’s body for a while, before she said.
“You’ve changed!”
She stood in front of kathleen, Kathleen was a bit taller than her, but their beauty won’t stop competing.
Kathleen smiled shyly adjusting Mary on her body. “How do you mean?”
“Everything about you!” Ymir replied.
“I… I didn’t notice any change!” Kathleen smiled.
Ymir, looked around the house and her eyes suddenly stopped at Mary.
She glanced at me, then Mary and then Kathleen.
“Is she your?…No that’s not possible… Ymir was confused pointing at Mary.
“No she’s not!” I replied and ymir glanced at me.
“Is she my what?” Kathleen asked not really understanding where ymir was trying to go.

“It’s nothing!” Ymir smiled.
She turned to me and gave a small bow. “I’m Ymir, Kathleen’s cousin!” she smiled.
“Okay… Nice to meet you Ymir, I’m Joseph, and this is my daughter Mary” I gave a small smile.
“Yes of course, I saw the resemblance” ymir smiled.

And goodness, are all sirens so beautiful. Kathleen and ymir wanted to have a slight resemblance, but they had different face features.
“Honestly, it’s so glad to see you again.” Kathleen chimed in.

Yeah I got that it was a family reunion, so I took Mary from Kathleen and walked away to the living, though I could still hear their voice very clearly.
I dropped Mary down on the living room floor but she crawled back to Kathleen.
Just great!

I watched from the living couch, as Kathleen picked her up from the floor and kissed her cheek with love.

“Kathleen you need to get away from here, it’s dangerous!” Ymir said to Kathleen.
“Why, is it because, they’re still looking for us?” Kathleen asked.
“No, they all think we’re dead, they believe we don’t survive in this world, but I’m talking about this place, the man who was standing here minutes ago, he might be dangerous, he doesn’t even know your true self.” Ymir stated.

I wanted to yell. ‘Hello ymir… I’m over here and I can hear your voices, you should totally talk this behind my back.

“Funny that he does,” Kathleen scoffed.
“He knows about your true identity?” Ymir’s tone, you could easy tell she was shocked.
“Yes” Kathleen nodded.
“And he didn’t freak out or do anything about it?” I asked.
“He did, at the first moment, but he’s fine with me

“You can’t trust humans, they might stab you in the back one day Kathleen!” ymir warned.
“No, sir, Joseph isn’t like that!”

“And how are you so sure? I’ve studied humans so well, if they can stab their own flesh and blood in the back. Who are we?” Ymir’s tone was stern.
“I know sir, Joseph and he’s not like others!” Kathleen and her defenses for me.
How is she so sure and optimistic about me. Her level of trust is so high that it can surpass the moon.
“You can never trust them Kathleen, what if he just want your body? That’s what they do, they see a pretty lady and fall over heels for them, and what they actually want with them at the end is to wreck their body!” ymir started to yell.

Hello. I can hear them.

“like I said, sir, Joseph isn’t like that!” Kathleen yelled back.
“Stop trying to defend him, men, women, humans are all the same, they’re not good for us, come with me I know a place where we can both stay, we can’t go back in the water, but we can live here, come with me instead, look we only have each other there is nothing else but ourselves!”. Ymir’s voice echoed through the whole house.
Kathleen’s voice was low but I managed to hear her. “You’re wrong, in the family, we only have each other, sure the others died leaving the two of us, I’m thankful that you’re alive, but I have you, I have Mary, and I have sir, Joseph! It will be really selfish of me if I agree that we only have each other. Yes we can’t go back to the water and we are left with no option but to live with the humans we call cruel, how can we live with them, if we don’t LIVE With them, where will you be taking me? To a place where we can be free, is that it? Sorry ymir, this place is my home, it’s my freedom and I’m not going anywhere because I made a promise never to leave the people I love the most in the world.”
Kathleen’s word made me smile and my heart became warm and I became filled.
“The people you love the most, and how are you so sure he loves you, just like he loves you, yeah I bet he has tell you I love you a couple of times but those are just words.” Ymir yelled.
“They might be words to you, but they’re not to me, and no, sir Joseph hasn’t said a word like that to me, I don’t care if he says it, he treats me nice and gives me what I want.” Kathleen’s voice was becoming stern.
“Don’t be fooled Kathleen!” Ymir grunted angrily.
“I am not, I am taking a decision, and the decision belongs to me and I have the right to regret if I want to, if I am really being fooled then I won’t have any regrets because I know it was from my stupid decision” Kathleen yelled and I suddenly heard Mary’s voice crying and screaming.
They frightened my little angel.

The girls stopped talking immediately I walked in on them and Mary quickly stretched her hand towards her father. I smiled and took her from Kathleen.
As I walked away from them, Mary kept quiet and I breathed out a sigh of relief.

“How did you find me anyways?” I heard Kathleen’s voice said.
“How else would I find you, I just did.” Ymir replied.

I placed Mary on the couch but she held on to me looking at Kathleen’s direction. Though she can’t actually see Kathleen but can hear her voice.
“Don’t tell me you want to go back to her.” I said and Mary’s direction turned to me like she understood what I said.
She smiled and I laughed. “classic.”
“When you turn two or three and starts to talk properly, you’re going to tell me why you like Kathleen more than me” I smiled and gently pulled her nose.
She giggled happily making me smile. Babies give the best joy.

Kathleen Walked into the living room angrily and sat down opposite me.
Ymir followed and stood beside her.
Am I about to watch a sister’s fight? Or why are they both so angry?

Seeing Kathleen, Mary forgot the sudden incident and starts to stretch her hand towards Kathleen.
I pushed her hands down and she turned to me.
“Don’t!” I said and she starts to cry. Kathleen looked at me and then at Mary, she wanted to stand up to get Mary but I shook my head at her.
“Kathleen are you even listening to me?” Ymir suddenly asked over Mary’s crying voice.
“I’m not! Cause you’re going to use that as an excuse for me to leave cause unfortunately to you, this place isn’t the best place so, and it’s just a normal thing I guess, why did you have to gasp like it’s a big thing.–
“Can you even let me speak!” ymir almost yelled and glanced at me giving me an apologetic look.

I stood up with Mary, “I’ll leave you guys to talk!”

I was already halfway to my room when Ymir said.

“You think it’s a normal thing, but it’s not, you’re pregnant Kathleen!”

I paused and turned.


I turned and didn’t know when my legs took me back to the living room.

Kathleen was in a confused expression, as I walked in,
Ymir glanced at me and then at Kathleen.

“And how do you know? Or how sure are you?” Kathleen asked Ymir.
“According to what you told me, those pains aren’t normal.” Ymir shook her head.
Kathleen stood up. “How can you detect pregnancy through pain, how sure are you about it, and how do you even know about it?” Kathleen rolled her eyes.
“How did you think my mom died!” Ymir yelled. “People thought, she was killed underwater because of some sort of crime, but no, my mom died because she was pregnant… For a human”

Kathleen paused for a while and a smile crept up her face.

“Why are you even smiling and how many times have you experienced this pain?” Ymir asked.
“Two times.” Kathleen replied.
“Two times?” Ymir scoffed. “It’s happening faster than expected.”

“So you’re sure I’m carrying sir Joseph’s baby!” Kathleen smiled
Ymir glanced at me and gave a sigh


“Stop smiling it’s not a good thing!” Ymir reprimanded.
“It’s the best thing!” Kathleen stated
“You’re helpless, hopeless and naive Kathleen.” Ymir said angrily.

I didn’t speak, I couldn’t even speak.
Kathleen’s pregnant for me???
But it hasn’t been a week since we…
I couldn’t tell how I was feeling at that moment.
Kathleen seemed happy about it, but… I didn’t know how I feel.
I paused staring at the two ladies

“If you intend to carry that baby, you won’t survive, we cannot give birth like this, we do not give birth like this, never! You’re taking a risk Kathleen, a risk to a dead end, neither you or your baby will survive!” Ymir explained.

“Stop trying to scare me” Kathleen said angrily through gritted teeth.
“I am not trying to.” Ymir yelled.
“Then leave me alone, I’m pregnant for sir, Joseph or not, its none of your business. What if I’m taking a risk, it’s my body.”
“You’re the only family, I have left Kathleen and I’m not going to let you kill yourself over something stupid like this, you’re going to end this baby!” Ymir said angrily.
T. B. C

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“Okay then what are we?” Kathleen asked.
“We’re in a relationship!” I tell her. Her eyes almost lit up in excitement but she managed to keep her cool.
“What kind of relationship?” she asked.
“We’re in a dating relationship!” I said and gave a small nod.
I just started a relationship between us.

“We are?” Kathleen smiled.
“We are.” I repeated.

Kathleen couldn’t contain her smile
I stood up and asked if she has eaten lunch yet but she said no. I ordered pizza and well I wanted to order two but decided to order one cause it was the biggest size, but as soon as Kathleen and I started eating, the box became empty. Kathleen.!
“How does a girl eat so much, I had only one slice.” I wasn’t shocked but I had to complain.
“I don’t know either, my appetite just keeps getting bigger and bigger.” she laughed.
“I won’t be surprised if you wake up one day and suddenly look like my couch!” I said standing up and closing the box.
“Looking like the couch?”
“Getting fat!” I helped.
She laughed. “I can’t get fat.”
“And what makes you say that, with the way you eat, it’s not impossible.” I smirked.
“It’s impossible, no matter how much we eat, we don’t get fat, there are a lot of things people think we do or we are but we’re actually the opposite!” Kathleen said.
“Things like?” I asked, shoving in the last bite of my pizza slice in my mouth.
“I searched about us on the internet and people thinks we’re deadly, but look at me, I don’t know how to be deadly, I have abilities like other sirens, but yet I hardly use them or know how to control them, and then i saw another question, someone asked if we’re pretty or ugly and the answer was that we’re faceless, they said sirens don’t have faces, we can’t talk and we wail instead through our ears. But look at me sir, Joseph I have face! I’m talking now and and I can’t make a sound with my ears” Kathleen complaining made me laugh.
“People just makes up silly stories for viewers, when they haven’t even meet sirens for real.” I tell her.
“Anyways, I don’t care what others think about sirens like us, I only care about what you think.” Kathleen smiled.
I glanced her a look and smiled. I grabbed the pizza box and went out to dispose it.
After washing my hand, I went back to the living room to see Mary was now awake and was now leaning on Kathleen’s shoulder looking like she’s just waking up from a slumber from a hundred years.
I paused to look at Mary. Now she’s the one getting fat. And Suzanne thought we weren’t doing great without her here.
“Sir, Joseph, Mary and I will be in the resting room” Kathleen smiled.
I turned to her. “Kath, considering our relationship now, why don’t you just call me jospeh, the sir sounds a little too formal, considering how casual we are to each other. And sometimes you call me jospeh”
She smiled shyly. “Well I’ll try!”
“It’s not something hard! Don’t try just do it!” I stated and she nodded.
Kathleen took Mary upstairs while I ended up in my room.

It was nighttime and has been an hour since we had dinner. Mary as a baby has fallen asleep again and was sleeping peacefully in her crib.
Kathleen and I stood in front of the window facing the lake, this room doesn’t fail to give you the best view during night time.
“So now looking at the lake. You don’t miss the water?” I asked Kathleen. She scoot closer to me and placed my hand around her shoulders.
“I don’t.” she said with a plain face.
“Why, you don’t have good memories in the water?” I asked.
“I had great memories, it’s just that now, it’s not something you’ll want to miss.” she said without smiling.

“And would you tell me why? Or if you don’t want to, it’s okay!” I said.
“No, well, you see, the family i have down there, they’re all dead, so what’s there to miss” she gave a forced smile.
“Sorry to hear that.” I said, I wanted to ask how they died or why they died but I just didn’t want her to feel like I’m questioning her too much, even though she has always been the inquisitive one.
“See I used to have a mother and two older sisters, my oldest sister suddenly found a way for us to have legs and walk on land and told my mother about it, my mother told her never to speak of it again cause it was abominable, and if neptune should hear of it, we were going to be killed.” Kathleen explained.
“Neptune?” I replied. Isn’t that a planet.
“Yeah, neptune, he’s like the god of the sea, though no one has seen him face to face before. But they all believe he’s the ruler of the sea and he’s like the greatest.” Kathleen said and rolled her eyes.

I smiled. “You don’t believe in him? Because you haven’t seen him before?” I asked.
It’s like how neptune rules the Sea, God rules the earth.
“I do believe in him, but he makes up stupid rules that I’m hundred percent sure the people makes up themselves and yell that it’s in the name of neptune.” Kathleen’s angry face almost made me laugh.
“Though my mother stopped my sister from using such abilities by having legs and going on land, my sister disobeyed and showed us the same ability, my other sister and I sneaked out with my oldest sister one day and the three of us came on land, seeing so many things we all got so curious and wanted to know more about this place, we made it back to the water in no time and nobody noticed. But then came a day my oldest sister did the same thing again and was caught, her act was pinned as treason and it will be that she and her family will be sentenced to death. I cried my eyes out cause we were all going to be dead, neptune and his stupid rules. When one person from a family commits a crime the person and that whole family serves the punishment. My mother found a way for me and my other sister to escape but my sister was caught but I managed to escape and that’s when I came on land. And every where I go, I feel like they will still come for me. And the day my sisters and mother died, I wasn’t there but I felt it, we sirens we are all connected and when some thing happens to someone close to you, you feel something leaving your body, it’s like a rope being cut off from the inside. My mother’s sister daughter used to stay with us too and she managed to escape too. I don’t know how she is or where she is now but i know she’s safe, I can feel it.” Kathleen sighed.
“You’ve really been through a lot haven’t you?” I sighed.
“I remembered how my mother and the other mothers used to talk about how here on land is dangerous and how the people despises us and how we need to kill them immediately we encounter them, but now I think it’s supposed to be the other way round.” Kathleen explained and pulled her closer to my body. Kathleen was like an innocent living in the realm of nocent.
“And now, a human is rescuing me from my own kind. Neptune is stupid.” Kathleen pouted.
“You sure hate Neptune” I laughed.
“I do and…. Ouch!” Kathleen suddenly whinced holding her left waist.
“Are you okay” I asked immediately.
Kathleen nodded and breathed out slowly.
“I felt another pain on my waist again.” she tells me.
She’s not going to pass out now, is she?
“But it’s fine now.” she said.
“Are you sure?” I asked. To be sure too.
“Yes, it’s like a tingling feeling but it also come with a slight pain.” she laughed.
And I didn’t understand how the situation became funny.
“Seriously you don’t have to laugh at everything, you haven’t experienced something like this before right?” I asked.
She nodded. “yesterday was my first, and now.”
“But it’s going to be fine.” she smiled. “I know my body so well.”
I believed her at that moment for knowing her body so well.
We both chatted that night till we got sleepy and head back to my room, Kathleen reminded me she hated the idea of sleeping alone and well we both ended up in mine and I didn’t have a problem with that.

The next morning, surprisingly I woke up in time, in time and found Kathleen still asleep beside me. I turned to my side and almost jumped up when I thought I saw a doll looking at me. But to my surprise it was Mary. I laughed as I watched her watch me from her crib. Her bright eyes lingering around the room.
I grabbed her from her crib and she gave a happy giggle.
“Looks like I’m the one who’s going to give you a bath today, Kathleen’s still asleep.” I smiled and took Mary out of the room.
Which used to be my daily routine before Kathleen took it from me, I gave Mary her bath, prepared breakfast for her and cladded her body with one of her baby dress.
I decided to take my bath too and went inside the room to drop Mary beside Kathleen, Kathleen was still asleep, so I just dropped Mary beside her, and immediately Mary starts to gag some baby words and her tiny hands slapped Kathleen on the face. Kathleen didn’t seem to flinch as she was deep in her sleep.

I took a bath, wore some comfy clothes and decided to prepare breakfast. I was surprised Kathleen hadn’t wake up yet but it wasn’t a shocker.
I prepared breakfast and ate alone, anytime Kathleen wakes up she’ll have breakfast.
12:09pm Kathleen was still asleep. This was unlike her, I was getting worried so I decided to check on her. She was sound asleep her breathings could be heard fine. Mary was still beside her talking to herself. I walked out of the room and did nothing.
I was alone in the living room with my phone, and honestly I was bored without Kathleen and I realised how much I loved to hear her ask questions.
It was two p.m in the afternoon and Kathleen was still asleep, what the hell.
I was about going to check on her, and as I walked into the room, I saw her opening her eyes and sitting up.
“Kath.” I almost laughed.
“Good morning” she smiled.
“It’s two p.m in the afternoon” I stated.
“What?” her eyes widen. “Is that how late I slept?”
“I was worried sick” I breathed out a smile.
We both heard a knock on the door and I glanced at the Mary and then Kathleen.
“I’ll get the door” I said and Kathleen nodded.

I walked out of the room and straight to the front door.
I got to the door and opened it to see a lady standing in front of my door. She was very beautiful, her brown hair stopped right at her waist, her eyes brown and her skin smooth as ever.
“G..good day..” she stuttered.

“Who is that?” I heard Kathleen said behind and I turned to see her coming close to me with Mary.
She turned to see who was at the door and her jaw suddenly dropped.

“Kathleen.” the lady at the door smiled.
“Y…Ymir?” Kathleen called.
T. B. C

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And in my front, in front of the fridge Kathleen drank five bottles of water. And it was the big bottle sized.
Kathleen breathed out tiredly as she picked the bottles from the floor.
“Now I feel alive again.” she gave me a smile.
I stood still, my eyes fixated on her. What the hell, just happened?

Kathleen smiled at me and as she disposed the bottles into the kitchen’s waste bin, she walked out of the kitchen and still yet I followed her.
My head started to calculate on why she passed out, but if she doesn’t know, how do I know?.

I walked into the living room and met her sitting down on the couch beside Mary. I didn’t bother asking about why she passed out.

Or is she dehydrated? Because fishes get dehydrated few minutes after they’re out from the water. But still she has been doing fine and…
I quit thinking on my own and asked her.
“Why did you drink so much quantity of water?” I asked sitting down opposite her.
“Because I felt super thirsty!” she replied.
“No, one, not even in a hundred years can feel so thirsty to empty five bottles in one go!” I tell and she shrugged.
“Are you getting dehydrated or something?” I asked.
“De– hydr–ated?” she repeated
“Like parched, it’s like when you’re dry on the inside, You know how fishes die when they are brought out of the water, because their body suddenly becomes dry and they crave for the water because they can’t swim or breathe without that water. do you miss the water or anything?” I asked to be sure.
Kathleen laughed.
“Why on neptune would I miss the water? I love it here and I just drank so much water because I was thirsty that’s all” Kathleen smiled.
“That’s all?” I raised my brows at her.
“Look I’m not trying to be a detective or any thing, but I feel really uncomfortable with what just happened, so you’re telling me that when you sirens are out of the water for a long time, you don’t get dehydrated?” I asked and she shook her head Negatively.
“We don’t! Honestly, and now thinking about it, it’s strange, with what happened to me too! I’ve never drank so much water like that.” she laughed.
“This isn’t funny kath, it’s something we should worry about” I let her know.
She breathed out a sigh. “I don’t know what happened sir, Joseph but I am fine now.”
“And how are you so sure something like that won’t happen again?” I narrowed my eyes at her.
“Because I’m so sure.” she repeated.
I swallowed my smile by her outrageous reply.

“So… How was it, did the baby belong to you?” Kathleen asked. Her gaze was stern and curious.
“No, the baby actually belongs to Henry! And Suzanne tried to pin the baby on me so she’ll get back together with me.” I explained and Kathleen gasped.
“She is such a bad person.”
“I know right!” I smirked.

We became quiet again, well for a brief moment because Kathleen immediately started another conversation.
“Joseph!” she called and I looked up. What happened to the sir.
Well it doesn’t matter.
“Just like you taught me how to surf the internet before you left to meet Suzanne, I was surfing the internet and believe when I say the internet knows everything, I was surfing the internet when I came across the question love, they asked what was love and told me to click the page to understand the meaning of love.” Kathleen explained happily.
“Okay? And let me guess you clicked the page right?” i scoffed and she nodded with a smile.
“I clicked the page and they explained what love is, I came across so many questions and the answers and I was thrilled, so many questions on my mind were answered, it was like magic.” Kathleen explained and you should see the way her eyes lit up in excitement as she talked. She was like a child, a child who was sailing off on a deserted rainbow and seeing things she hadn’t seen before. This story is written by Ruthie lee.
Kathleen quieted down and gave a small sigh. “And then I came across something that said, when you and the opposite gender, share cuddles and kisses what does it mean?” she raised her head up at me. Is she waiting for me to answer her question? When I said nothing she sighed again.
“I left that question when I found another one similar to it but had a slight different, and it said when you and the opposite gender, shares more than hugs and kisses, when you’re not even married neither are you guys In a dating relationship what does it mean? The question made me pause because the question sounded like something that should be answered by you, sir, Joseph! What does it mean?”
She never stops.
Maybe it wasn’t good idea dropping my phone with her. I like her being clueless.

Finally I said something
“What does it mean? Didn’t you read the answer to that?” I asked.
“I did, but I want to hear from you first.” she lowly said and her head turned to her fingers on her thighs.
Well according to her question I clearly don’t know what to reply as an answer.
when you and the opposite gender, shares more than hugs and kisses, when you’re not even married neither are you guys In a dating relationship what does it mean? That question kind of feels like…. Us.
Kath and I aren’t dating, neither are we married, we’ve hugged more than once and kissed more than once too, we’ve had sexual intercourse once. And yet we are not in any relationship.
‘is it necessary to be in any relationship?’ my subconscious asked and I sighed and looked at Kathleen.
“I don’t know.” I stated. “To be very honest, I don’t know”.
Kathleen looked up at me. “You’re very smart sir, Joseph how can you not know something like this.”
“Because I am not a love expert” I replied. “You said you saw the answer but you wanted to hear from me first, now tell me what did the answer say?”
Kathleen tilt her head. “It said what I didn’t understand. It said, friends with benefits, what does that mean?” Kathleen looked confused to show she really doesn’t know what friends with benefits meant.

It was kind of embarrassing explaining and having this kind of conversation with Kathleen.
“It’s somewhere between a dating relationship and a friendship.” I started. “Friends with benefits means when two friends who knows each other so well engage in intimate or sexual activity without really dating each other.”

Kathleen wore a sad smile. “That’s what we are right? We don’t have anything going on we are just being intimate with each other, I thought it was a good thing, but now with you explaining to me, I don’t want to be friends with benefits with you.” she looked at me.
I shook my head. “That’s not what we are.” I said, assuring
“Then. What are we?” she asked.
“Think about it, we’re not even friends to begin with.” I said.
“Isn’t that even worse?” she sniffed.
Don’t tell me she’s about to cry. “If we’re not even friends, then how do we become friends with benefits!”.
“Huh?” I was confused by what she was talking about.
“Look Kathleen” I called and she turned to me. “We do not stand as friends neither are we friends with benefits”.
“Okay then what are we?” she asked.
“We’re in a relationship!” I tell her. Her eyes almost lit up in excitement but she managed to keep her cool.
“What kind of relationship?” she asked.
“We’re in a dating relationship!” I said and gave a small nod.
I just started a relationship between us.

“We are?” Kathleen smiled.
“We are.” I repeated.
T. B. C

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