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(His Innermost Desires…)

By: Faith Lucky



After accompanying Ximena to the gates of the Palace, Richard had left while Ximena proceeded to enter the Palace. Of course, she had to show her pass to the guards before going in and in no time, she was walking into the training field.

For a second, she feared she was the last to arrive as a lot of students were already there, but waiting for a few more minutes, she discovered she was not.

She spotted all the people she could recognize from the previous day – the lady that had bullied her, the one that seemed friendly, and the one that seemed strangely cold. Few of the guards were around as well while few of the trainees whispered amongst themselves.

Shortly, the trainer walked in – Daphne – looking as ready and curvy as always. The trainees became more composed as they reduced their whisperings and just danced their eyes around her curvy body shaped in the tight training suit. She had a mean look on – like one who was upset – and also a sword sheath in her left hand.

She expired deeply as she stood in front of them.

“I believe I already have your attention as I won’t be repeating a word I say here” She began grouchily, making her irritation palpable.

“Just like yesterday, some of you will be screened and sent home while the others resumes for the next section. Ans today’s condition would be selecting a winner out of a group of two. You all will be divided in pairs of two, you’re to fight and whoever gets knocked down by the other, gets kicked out of the session. Am I well understood?”

With the tone of her words, even if a trainee had any question, such a person was sure to gulp it all down.

“No, Miss Daphne” They chorused – although, Ximena didn’t and not like it was noticed anyways.

“Good. Now, let’s get to work. I’d be doing the pairings myself” Daphne uttered as she went for her seat.

“Looks like Miss Daphne is not in a good mood today” A student beside Ximena whispered, making Ximena glance at her.

Daphne opened her book on the table in front of her as she flipped through for the names of the students.

“Jero Herman and Helios Icarus” she called. “Step out, pick up a stick and begin the fight”.

Quickly, the two male trainees mentioned stepped out and faced each other after picking up their sticks. For a second, Ximena was abraded with the thought of having to watch two people fight. It was something she had never imagined herself doing; but when she thought of the prize ahead, she worked her mind to adjust.

The two boys didn’t take much time on the spot as Jero had swiftly knocked Helios down. Although, Helios seemed skilled and tried his best, Jero was just better.

Daphne ticked something in her book and signaled Helios to step aside while Jero stood on the winning line. Helios had such a swollen glumness on his face as it was obvious he had lost.

“Clodia Juno and Donna Ken” Daphne called out next and the two females stepped out.

The fight went on for sometime between different pairs until finally, Ximena’s name was called.

“Ximena Leander and Shani Nile” Ximena’s heart, of course, gave a leap as her name was mentioned. But, one thing she noticed was the venom in Daphne’s voice when she called it, accompanied with a glare.

She gulped hard and stepped out, but her opponent brought a slight shock to her chest. It was the cranky lady who had been staring at her. Oh! So, her name was Shani?

Ximena noticed how icy the lady looked. The previous day, she had been so good with her stick and there was no doubt she was going to be the winner of their pair. Ximena’s only prayer was not getting hurt by her.

They both picked up their sticks and faced each other, the lady being the one more prepared. And with just one strike, she brought Ximena to the ground.

“Ouch!” Ximena groaned, trying to comprehend how fast that had been.

Daphne, still on her seat, glared at her with so much irritation as she groaned on the floor. How could someone so lame grip the Alpha’s attention? How could someone so dumb be passed onto the next stage? Badly, she wanted to walk up to her, yank her hair and force her out of the field.

She took in a deep breath and darted her eyes above to see Alpha Nir standing and watching from the balcony and that alone gave her a quick reminder of what his instructions were. Few of the students also noticed him but couldn’t comment as the training was already in session.

Slowly, Daphne lowered her eyes from the balcony and pinned them on her book.

“Congratulations, Shani. Ximena, you know where to stand” she said without looking at any of them and with a straight face, the Shani lady went over to the winning line while Ximena moved to the opposite.

Throughout the rest of the training session, Ximena’s heart was filled with so much worry and bitterness. Obviously, she had lost and would be kicked out of the training. So, it hurt her to know she had lost the only opportunity she had to get her revenge. How else would she be able to get close enough to kill the Alpha? What other opportunity would she have aside this? Why did she have to be so unfortunate?

She had been aware of the Alpha standing at the balcony and at intervals, she would lift up her eyes to glare at her, her heart filled with so much hate for him. In his masked face, she imagined what it would feel like seeing him writh in pains and admit to his wrongs when she drives a stake through his cold chest. She imagined what it would feel like bringing him to his knees in the presence of his minions. What a lovely sight it would be; and that was a sight she was definitely going to work on achieving.

Finally, the session came to an end with the winning trainees standing on one side while the rest stood on the sad side – Ximena included.

Daphne stood up with her book, her training suit matching her elegantly her boots dropped on the field. She had the strict face of an instructor, but a smart one could tell it was cooking from anger, not just superiority.

She let out a deep breath as she stood in front of the students.

“Well done to you all” she began. “I must say you’ve all done a great job today. But I’m sure you already know who the winners and the losers are for this session” she paused to give room for the grumbling of the trainees.

“Although” She sighed. “We’ll be having just a little surprise for you all. One of you here, gets to have a second chance and be among the winners for today” The sound of that was like candles of hope being litted in the faces of the loosing trainees as they gasped and looked at each other in surprise. Even Ximena was fuddled at the mention of the second opportunity. Oh; who could it be?

Daphne looked at the faces of the students and could see burning flames of determination. At that moment, they were definitely ready to do just anything to get chosen for the second chance and it was quite unfortunate she already had her exacted winner.

“Ximena Leander” She grandiosely peeped into her book and called. “Congratulations, you made it to the second round” .

A wild gasp cut through the rest of the students – including Ximena who looked as stumped as hell. She scoffed and looked around, wanting to be sure she wasn’t mistaken, but there was nobody else stepping out. What?? How on earth did she get the second chance?? How possible?

She shook her head and scoffed again, still finding it so hard to believe. The rest of the students were already mumbling amongst themselves as they found the situation inconceivable.

“This same lady?” One of them uttered.

Joyfully but at the same time, doubtfully, Ximena stepped out to the winning row. She tried looking at Daphne, but the strict trainer wasn’t having any of it as she just kept her gaze fixed in her book.

“Why is she always getting favoured?” Someone from the loosing row suddenly twined and it was more like she had spoken the minds of every other person on her row as they all mumbled their consent.

“Yesterday, she got selected even when she was the worst-skilled and today, she’s being given a second chance. I’ve always thought this training to be just and fair. Why is it suddenly changing this year?”

It hurt Daphne to know her leadership was being questioned, but what to do? She had a master to report to.

Taking a discreet sigh, she decided to turn a deaf ear.

“Once more, Congratulations to those on the winning team. And for those that’s come to the end of their journey for today, I wish you better luck next time. There’ll be no training for tomorrow. So, I hope to see you next. Guards!”

In a brisk, one of the guards around came running forward. “I want you to get the badges from those that didn’t pass today’s session. Their training has ended here, thus, shouldn’t have access to it anymore” She instructed imperiously.

“Alright, Daphne” He replied and set to work instantly.

“Goodbye for now” Daphne uttered and walked away, leaving foxed expression on the faces of her students.

Ximena couldn’t stop contemplating if she was just being lucky or there was something else she didn’t know about. How was she able to get so lucky not once, but twice? How was it happening? Or… could it possibly be her parents? Was it possible they really wanted her to carry out the revenge, thus, were doing all they could to make it work? Could that be it?

She shook her head and let out a small smile. Indeed, she was beginning to believe in the Supernatural.

She was walking out the gates of the Palace when she felt a shoulder push hers from behind. She staggered but didn’t fall, and turning swiftly, she found the bully-lady behind her. But that moment, she was looking less of a bully and more of a pissed human.

“What charm are you using, huh?” She grinned. “Does it come with your hair? Is that the reason it’s so long?” She didn’t even mind the number of people that were walking pass them.

Ximena gave an head-to-toe stare at her and not saying a word, turned around to continue walking away.

“Hey! I’m talking to you!” The lady pulled her back – roughly. “Are you trying to play smart here? Well, listen up – no matter what you do, you’re not being the winner here. Do you understand?”

For a few seconds, Ximena was silent; but not until she realized what to say.

“I can’t even believe this” She scoffed. “Initially, I didn’t want to waste my breath on you, but I think you need this little piece of advise – pray you don’t get kicked out the same way your friends were on the very first day. Now please, do not touch me again” she rolled her eyes and tried walking away but was pulled back again by the lady.

“Who do you…”

“Let her go, Sara” A voice cut in, interrupting the bully’s hand which had already been lifted in the air – not like Ximena would’ve let her done it anyway. So, the lady’s name was actually Sara.

She looked at her defender who was Ciri.

“And what’s your concern? Is this how you go around interrupting everyone’s business?” The bully – Sara – snapped as she turned to her defender.

“I’d suggest you just walk away, Sara. The guards are around and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to get kicked out of the training” The mean look on Ciri’s face was something Ximena found amusing. Definitely, if someone like her were to become a coach, she’d make a very strict one.

With a glare, Sara huffed and walked away. Geez!

“I guess you should be getting ready for more of this” The mean face of Ciri swiftly melted into a warm smile as she stepped forward. “Actually, I wouldn’t blame them for giving you much attention”.

Together, they started walking out the gate.

“Thank you for stepping in for me. Tho, I’m pretty sure I’d have been able to handle her myself” Ximena muttered as they walked side by side, her eyes dancing around the ground.

“I know you are tough; I just didn’t want you to create a scene fighting with her” Ciri replied and Ximena was tempted to ask how tough she meant- for someone that couldn’t even handle a stick.

“But I must say you’re really getting lucky, tho. I’m pretty sure you know you didn’t deserve to be selected. Now, I’m not trying to bash you or anything,I just want you to put in more efforts. You need to practice more so you don’t just make your luck be in vain”.

The thoughts dived into Ximena’s head as they stopped walking, getting to the spot that required them to path ways.

“I guess we’d be seeing in two days time since there would be no training for tomorrow” Ciri noted.

“Oh, Okay. But ..why is there no training? Is it supposed to be a break or something?” Ximena asked with an arched brow.

“Well, that’s what everybody thinks, but just very few of us knows the real reason behind it. Tomorrow’s tuesdau and every tuesday, Alpha Nir goes hunting in the woods. So, if a session was held, he wouldn’t be able to watch; thus, it has to be canceled every tuesday”.

Ximena’s heart gave a mighty leap at the reveal. Hunting?

“How…how do you know this? How can you be so sure?” She looked up at her and asked.

“Because my brother was once his disciple. He got sent away just few days ago because Alpha was angry his favourite horse wasn’t cleaned by the time he wanted to make use of it. So, that’s the reason I know most things regarding the Palace”.


“And…. you actually want to work for the same man that chased your brother away?”

“Of course. I’ve always longed to be a disciple; I’m not letting my brother’s mistake get to me”.

There was a brief pause.

“Where exactly does the Alpha hunt? Do you have any idea?”

“Um….not really. He could be anywhere, but it’s bound to be in the woods. Why are you asking? No one is permitted to hunt with the Alpha; just a few of his disciples”.

Ximena chuckled warmly “I actually have no plans of doing such. Thank you, anyways. I should go now”.

“Alright dear. Take care” and with a parting wave,the two ladies went their ways.

Ximena’s head was spinning from the information she had just heard. The Alpha would be going hunting the next day; that meant he’d be stepping out of the Palace.

Could this be it? Could this be her perfect opportunity to finally get to him and have him killed? She could hide in the woods and await him to get close enough to be stabbed; or shot.

She’d need to think more on it, but one thing was for sure and that was the fact that the Alpha wouldn’t be the only one going hunting the next day.

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