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{ His Human Mate }

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.

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They all sat at the sitting room, her hand holding her affected wrist, her breath increasing at each air she breathed.

” Why does he want her so desperate? ” Aunty Tracy asked, sitting beside her.

” To make her his own. ”

” By hurting her? ”

” No, I don’t think he is trying to hurt her. I think he’s trying to tell her something. ”

” Something like what? ”

” To tell her that he is here in New York… with us. ”

Diana who’s gaze was at nowhere, slowly turned to look at Uncle Kelvin who was also looking at her.

” That’s the sign of the wolf’s bond they share. It enables them to feel each other’s fear, pains and hurts. It’s what an alpha communicates with his mate no matter how far they are from each other. ”

Aunty Tracy stared pitifully at Diana who’s eyes were filled with tears.
A drop of her tear rolled out of her eyes, down on her cheeks, falling on her wrist.



He stood beside the glassy window, his hands folded at his back.
The tear on her wrist has done something to him.

The burning pain, fear and rejection to accept her fate… he could feel them all.

He could tell how hurt she was, and it pained him that she wasn’t ready yet.
She wasn’t ready for her destiny.

Micheal touched his shoulder, bringing him out of his deep thoughts.
” You should take her home. ” He said.

” I know, but she’s not ready. ” He said not looking at him, ” I can feel it, the fear of being taken away lives in her. ”

” The longer you wait, the harder it becomes for her to accept her fate. Her rightful place belongs with the wolf pack. ”

” As much as I need her, I respect her feelings too. I need time to let her be. ”

” No matter what, you know she will hate you. ”

” I know, and that’s what I’m preparing for. ” He sighed, ” The mark is growing. ”

” What will happen next? ”

He turned his gaze at him, ” Nothing. But as far as I am here, the pains will be with her. How hard she fights it, will determine how long she has to endure it. ”


Diana volunteered to go to the pizza store to buy some pizza for the family.
While having the short ride, she thought of what uncle Kelvin had said.

This will all have to end if she accepts her fate with the wolves?
No one will have to get hurt anymore, and not even Acanda will have to live in his threat.

Somehow, she was ready and somehow she wasn’t.

She bought the pizza now she was returning back home.
It didn’t come as a notice because it never does.

When she realized the incoming lorry from her right side, it was too late.
Hitting her car with great force, it tumbled several times before coming to a stop at a far end.

The lorry didn’t stop, instead it kept moving and with the help of the passing cars who had witnessed the incident, Diana was able to be rushed to the hospital.

The ambulance arrived in not less than five minutes. They carried Diana’s body and luckily her phone had only but a mere scratch.

Someone picked her phone, dialling her recent contacts. Uncle Kelvin was able to pick his call on time.

” Ashley? ” But someone else answered. ” Hello. ”

” Who is this? ” His expression changed as he thought it was someone who had kidnapped her.

” Are you related to the owner of this phone? ”

” Yes, why is that? ”

” She was discovered in a fatal accident, and she sustain a severe brain injury. She’s been taken to the hospital as we speak, we will love you to come over to Neil Van hospital, you need to see her for yourself. ” He dropped the call.

Uncle Kelvin’s heart skipped at the unfriendly news given to him.
Quickly, not waist a second of his time, he zoomed out of his compound.

Not withstanding the fact his wife was with him, he rushed to a doctor who was attending to a client.

Impatience written all over his face that the doctor had no choice but to round up what he was saying to the other client.

Facing the panting terrified man, he asked. ” Are you Mr Craig? ”

” Yes. Yes, I am. ”

” Who are you to the victim? ”

” I am her uncle. ” Curious, he asked. ” What happened to her? ”

” Miss Craig is diagnosed to have a severe brain damage cursed from the fatal incident. The frontal lobe of her brain has being damaged which has caused problem to her intelligence, judgement and her behavior. ”

” When you talk about her behavior, what does it mean? ” He asked, confused.

” Her sense of maturity is being reduced, ” aunty Tracy explained. ” Which means, she might either be acting like a teenager or worst… a kid. ”

Kelvin’s eyes flew open, he was still trying to understand the words.
It was so difficult to accept it…

No, he can’t believe it.

” Where is her room? ” He asked,

” She’s in ward 349. ” Kelvin ran to the room, banging the door open.

From the door he watched how helpless she laid on the bed unconscious.
Her eyelids were closed like a dead corpse, her breathing was supported with an oxygen pipe.

A minute she was as good as okay, the next… she’s a victim.

If only he had known..

He rubbed his hand in her hair, what is he gonna tell Marco?

How his he gonna explain everything to him?

He bursted out in tears, Tracy tried consoling him but instead, he cried the more.

” Kel, you don’t have to lose fate in her, I know she’ll be fine. I trust what the doctors can do. ”

” Why her? ” He questioned. ” Why does it have to be her? Why does she have to endure it all? What am I gonna tell her father? Tell me? ”

” You don’t have to tell him anything. For now, I say we keep it to ourselves. ”

He had already made up of his mind to stay, but Tracy insisted he needs to get himself together.


He stood at the scene where the incident occurred, staring at the tumbled car which faced upside down.
He listened, picturing everything as it happened as if he was a witness to it.

Listening to the siren sound, he followed it to the hospital.
Not visible – but unknowingly – to everyone who were there, he gently walked to where she was kept.

After twelve years of waiting and searching, he was staring at his long lost mate, with several rolled bandages around her head.

He hated humans, but why was he feeling so different towards her? Why was he so soft beside her?

He desperately wanted to take her home, but why did he wanted a delay?

He moved closer to her unconscious body, staring at the calm beauty on the bed.

Why is his heart aching for her?
Why is he dying to look into her eyes??

Sitting beside her body, he rubbed her hair, feeling the soft texture of it against his fingers.

” For twelve years I’ve waited for you, princess. Twelve years I’ve wanted you so desperate and now I have found you, why do I have to look at you in this condition? ”

His hand rested on her cheek, ” I have waited for so long, I can’t wait any longer. Please, Diana, wake up. ”

He shifted the fabric of the hospital cloth, exposing the left side of her shoulder.
He leaned his head to her skin, sniffing in her sweet scent.

He opened his mouth, his canine teeth fused out touching the surface of her bare skin.
Slowly, but gently he sank his teeth into her skin then out, leaving another mark on her. Same as the one on her wrist.

Staring back at her face, he drew his face close, his lips touching hers.

For some seconds his lips were on hers, pulling away he rubbed her cheeks once again.

” I’ll always be with you, little kitten, always… ”


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To Be Continued.

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