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{ His Human Mate }

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.

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I sat up from my bed and my body hurts like hell. The sun was okay but, I was feeling an internal heat both inside and outside.
” What happened? ” I asked no one.
” You just woke up from sleep dumb head. ” I heard a voice whispered in my ear.
I turned my back to see who it was but.. no one was with me in my room. And that goddamn voice has nothing to do with May’s.
” Who the heck are you? ” I asked the voice.
And it will be fine by me if it never talked again. ” Fine, it’s just my imagination. “
” Who said so? ” It said and I turned around to see if it was really my imagination. That voice just sounded like someone had just said it directly to my ear.
” Who are you, show yourself! ” I yelled at the voice, daring it to come out.
” Oh, Diana, when will you learn how to reason? Why would you think I’m in your room?” It said.
” I don’t know, that’s why I want you to show yourself. “
” Well, I’m in your head and I’m your wolf. ” She scoffed, cos it sounds much like a feminine voice. ” I can’t believe I have to be your wolf. You’re such an annoying thing. “
” Hey, don’t call me that okay? Besides, I never said you should be me and I to be you, so don’t you ever blame me, okay? “
” You’ve got a bad mouth. “
” You’ve got one too. And mind you, if you want some understanding between us, then you better start acting nice. “
” Now you’re the rude one here. “
” I’m not rude, I’m just trying to let you know the truth. Besides, I’m Diana, what’s your own name? ” I asked.
” Name? ” She asked back, ” What’s a name? “
” Oh my God, ” I sighed, ” Well, a name is something one bares. I.. I don’t know how to explain it but that’s what it actually means. It’s something everyone knows you as. Like me, everyone knows me as Diana. “
” Well, I don’t have a name. “
” Would you mind if I give you one? ” I asked, hoping she will say a yes.
And she did..
” Yeah. “
” Why don’t I call you… Kiara? “
” Kiara? Mmm..” she hummed. ” Diana… Kiara… That sounds cool.”
I smiled, ” Yeah, so are we good? “
” Come on, Diana, we’re always good. I wanna show you something, “
” What’s that? “
” Take a look at yourself at the mirror, it’s the new you. I mean, because you turned to a wolf last night. “
I went to the mirror to stare at the new me as she has just said. Standing before the mirror, I looked…
” !!!! ” I screamed loudly.
She yelled at me to stop but I kept screaming instead. ” Diana, stop!! ” I stopped.
” Good. ” She said with satisfaction.
Just then the door opened, ” Oh my goodness, Diana what happened to your hair? ” I slowly turned to look at Bella and Derek standing beside her. They looked super shocked than I am. ” And your eyes too? “
” Don’t tell them I did this to you. ” My wolf said and I took off my gaze, returning it back to the mirror.
I look horrific, yeah you can say that a thousand times.
” Guess I have to get a dye for your hair. ” I heard Bella say, but Derek stopped her.
” No, don’t. “
” We can’t let her appear like this, what do you think everyone are going to say about this? They’ll probably think she’s a witch. “
” You said it’s time I have to be the man I once was, I wanna be that same man now. If being like this is nature’s decision, then we have to let it be. It’s time I start to accept her fate, no matter how it changes her. “
” Thanks for understanding. I’ll leave you two then. ” I heard her say with a smile as she shut the door behind her.
” What are you gonna tell him? ” My wolf asked.
” I don’t know. What do you think I should tell him? “
” I don’t know either. “
” Hey, ” he touched my shoulder.
” Hey, ” I smiled at him. ” How do you feel with … your purple hair? “
” I feel a bit better with it tho I miss my blonde hair. How do I look on it? “
” I guess I prefer you on it than to your… blonde hair. Just saying my mind tho. “
I smiled, ” With the purple eyes? “
” With the purple eyes and I don’t care what everyone might say about it, I’m cool with you being the way you are. “
Our eyes were locked to each other, almost like we were going to kiss. You know, that would be alot great if we did kiss.
It’s almost like a month I have’nt tasted those lips. ” Get your senses back, Diana. ” My wolf echoed in my ear.
As I kept staring at her, I felt someone talking to her. Like she was communicating with a different person and there’s only one person it could be, ” Her wolf. “
I could feel the grumbling excitement of my wolf. ” What is wrong? ” I asked mentally.
” Isn’t she cute? When will you just have her on bed and stop the delay? You’re already pissing me off and now, that cute angel in her has just woken up. “
” Are you alright? ” I asked, ignoring my wolf.
” Yes, I am. And you? ” She asked back.
” Yeah, I think so. ” I rubbed my eyes.
” You don’t look alright. Come, let’s go meet the doctor. ” She held me as she made her way to the door.
I pulled her back, her hands on my chest with her eyes widened in surprise. The urge was increasing, and my annoying wolf won’t let us be… At least for today.
” I’m okay. ” I said softly.
” You don’t look okay to me. Are you having a fever or something? ” She touched my neck, feeling my temperature. ” You look hot. ” I know that wasn’t true, she was only trying to stop whatever that was about to happen.
” Maybe I’m having a fever because of you. You know you keep burning me up each time you are close to me. “
” , . ” said my wolf and I was getting tired of listening to it.
” Just shut up!! ” I yelled.
” Derek, is there a problem? ” She touched my face.
” No, I don’t think so. Look Diana, I don’t want you sleep here anymore. “
” Why? I love this room. I didn’t complain, did I? “
” No, but I don’t want you to. I want you stay with me, I want you on my bed every night. I wanna keep watching you while you sleep, till eternity. ” I can’t believe I had just said that… It’s something that has longed been wanting to leave me and now… It finally did.
She rubbed my cheek, ” You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this words. I will stay with you, Derek, until eternity. “
He held her waist, leaning his face closer to hers. ” Till eternity. ” He buried a kiss on her lips, slowly, but passionately.
” Where is Derek? ” Micheal asked after not seeing Derek for almost thirty minutes they have been waiting for him.
” He’s with Diana. I hope they enjoy their lovey dovey. ” She said, with an Awwn look.
” What? He’s sexing her at the middle of the day? ” He said almost like a scream.
” No!! I never said he’s sexing her now. Look Micheal, you need to get your dirty brain together and go find a woman for yourself. “
Greg who has been sitting quietly tried holding his laughter. Michael looked at him, ” I’m not gonna say anything. I’ll just pretend like I heard nothing. ” He said, his hands up in a surrendering way.
Issorite…. Michael you don hear am, go find a woman for yourself
Okay, so guys… What do you see about Derek and Diana. Including their wolves??
To Be Continued…


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