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THE GIRL HE MARKED Chapter 38 & 39

THE GIRL HE MARKED Chapter 38 & 39

{ His Human Mate }

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.

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The atmosphere grew calm, this strange desire and urge burning in me. Urge of want, lust, passion and love all swimming in my inside.
I was beginning to want him the more, the way he looks at me made me dying for his touch, his warm embrace. And I can’t stop from thinking on how it felt like to have him inside of me, how mesmerizing his touches will feel on my body.
I’m not overthinking this time, I’m only saying the fact about how I feel now. And I’m pretty sure he feels the same way towards me. As his eyes went to my exposed thighs, I can’t feel the shivers which ran through my spine.
Involuntarily, his hands rested on them, slowly moving up to my hips, then to the curves of my legs. I didn’t want to resist the urge because I was loving it. The soft moan that left my lips as his hand finally touch my curves could tell how much I wanted it. How much I needed it.*********************************************************************
Writer ✓
She rushed into the bathroom vomiting uncontrollable into the closet. She was filling the urge to continue, until her stomach was empty. She wiped her lips, then washing it in the sink.
” Gross… ” She said disgustingly as she stared at her face at the mirror. She flushed the toilet, leaving to her room. May who has been listening stared at her, with a mute face. ” That wasn’t good. ” She said, throwing herself on the bed.
” I brought you a new dress,” May said, raising the red gown before her.
” Just drop it on the chair, I’m not in the mood to put it on. ” She said weakly.
” You don’t look alright. ” She said, concerned.
” Yeah, I feel like hell. ” She breathed heavily. ” I need to go for practice today. “
” Diana you don’t look any way close to okay, you need to rest a bit. ” May tried stopping her.
” Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine before you know it. ” She took out her training suit, heading to the training field.
Cax was already waiting, she had almost lost hope on Diana showing up. Seeing her, she felt relax and she stood up to her feet. ” You took too long. Is there a problem? ” She asked.
” Yeah, sure, everything is alright. What do we have for today. “
” Same as yesterday, just a little bit of rehearsal then we move to the next thing for today. “
Diana seemed to be getting herself together, and yesterday’s incident was the sweetest thing she ever had in her whole life. Somehow she was losing focus in her practice, rather having Derek on her displayed in her head.
Cax snapped her fingers at her, bringing her out from her dream land. ” You got lost for a moment. “
” Sorry, “
The rest of the practice went a bit faster this time. Cax and Diana had to spend the rest of their time discussing about Diana’s progress in learning. She knew she has to master her wolf and know how and when to turn, especially when necessary.
” Thanks for creating your time for me. ” Diana appreciated.
” It’s nothing, I’m just doing my job. ” They went on again discussing about their personal life and careers. The sound of a parking car interrupted them, they stared at it’s direction to see Derek and Micheal step out of the car.
The two men looked at their direction, Diana waved at them with a smile and they waved back before leaving to the castle. ” Who’s he? ” Cax asked, referring to Micheal.
” That’s Micheal, Derek’s best friend. ” She looked at her, ” Is there a problem? ” She asked.
” No, not at all. “
Diana ✓
Kiara bursted out laughing and my head was getting heavy out of it. ” What now, Kiara? ” I mentally asked her.
She ignored me but kept on laughing hard, like she was watching some comedy show or something. ” Kiara, stop it. You’re causing me a headache. “
” Sorry but, I never knew you were this blind at realizing things. ” She said still with the laughter.
” No insult, Kia. ” I reminded her, cos that was one of our rules. ” Tell me, what is it? “
” Why would you think she had asked that question? ” She asked me.
” I don’t know, maybe that’s because she hasn’t seen him before. ” I guessed.
” No, you’re wrong. That’s because she has found interest in him. “
” What?! Are you crazy?! “
” No, I’m not. Sweetheart, have you forgotten what I am? I am a wolf, and secrets can’t be hidden from us. “
” Hold on a sec, you think she’s in love with Micheal? “
” No, I say she’s already in love with him. “
If you don’t go for confession, don’t blame me ooo. I had mine already last night 🤣🤣🤣 But… Shey I bad small
What?! Oh my… Kiara you’re such a heart reader 😊😊 How did you… How was that… Did she just… Oh, Now, I’m f*cking dumbfounded.

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