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{ His Human Mate }

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.

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” Kiara? “
” Mm-hmm. “
” Why don’t we play questions with Michael? Like we’re gonna find out if he actually loves Cax the way she does love him. “
” Are you f*cking serious? Girl, I’m out of this. “
” Fine, I’ll do it myself then. ” I left to Michel’s room and I know this was just the right time to play questions with him.
” Hey, Mick. ” I called as he left his room.
” Hi, Diana. Anything for me? “
“Uh, no. Not yet. Guess you’re going somewhere. ” I said noticing his outfit.
” Yeah, I wanna see a friend. “
” I wanna ask you some questions but… maybe I can leave it till you’re back. ” Like I really got the patience to wait?
I was f*cking impatient to find out his feelings. ” No, go ahead. After all I ain’t in a hurry. “
” Okay. Uh, you know, if you actually don’t mind me saying this but… Can we have a little walk to your car while we discuss? “
He chuckled, shooking his head. So we started to where he had parked his car. ” Okay, so my question goes like this. Have you ever fallen in love before?” He looked at me, ” Just saying tho, cos if I can remember, I haven’t seen you with any lady since you brought me here. “
He chuckled again. ” Honestly, I haven’t fallen in love before. “
” Does it have to do with your past or something? “
” No, that’s just the way I want to be. “
” What if someone really wants to fall in love with you, would you give her the chance to? “
” Yeah, I would if only my heart accepts her. Is there anyone? “
” Come on, don’t be in a hurry. Well, maybe. Maybe yes. “
” Who is it? “
” Uh, you know, I’d have told you right now but… I think that’s something you have to find out yourself. But don’t worry, she’s the sweetest thing for your heart. ” I winked at him. ” Well, drive safe while you go. ” I waved at him, before returning back to my room.
” Do you think that worked? ” I asked Kiara.
” I hope it does. But with the look on his face, I think you just got him thinking. “
” Yeah, I was only trying to help a friend. “
” Has anyone told you you’re such a badass? “
” Trust me, I’m more than that. “
Micheal ✓
I don’t want to think over this but honestly, this got me thinking the more. Who might she be talking about? Why do I seem not to have noticed this?
Have I been too preoccupied to have noticed? I mean, could it be a maid servant or… What?
I stepped into my car and I ended up smiling at my troubled thoughts. For the first time I was being so concerned for love. I was bothered on who it could be and… Shit, I just realized I haven’t even started my car.
” Look Micheal, keep the thought for next time. ” I mentally told myself, finally starting on the ignition.
Damn, it’s practice time. Derek has been away since this morning and his return will be next week Monday. Today is Friday and I’ve gotten like two days to wait for him.
I feel damn lonely without him. But all thanks to the three special people so close to me. Oh, did I forget to include May? Now that makes them four.
Wanna guess who this four are? That’s okay by me.
” Hi, Cax, what’s up for today? “
” A lit bit of rehearsal then we go in for a fighting practice. “
” Wow, what a fighting practice? “
” It’s kind of fighting each other but not too real to harm each other. Or… get each other killed. “
” Okay, when do we start? “
” Now. “
” With sword or something like… an ace or an arrow? “
” None. “
” What then? “
” Look, Diana, a wolf doesn’t need any of those for defense. We already have defence. “
” But I once saw some people here in the field, they were training with swords, spear and… “
” Those were humans. The castle harbors humans who helps the wolf warriors during war. Wolves doesn’t need them, they aren’t necessary. “
” Oh, guess I thought wrong. So what are we waiting for? “
We started the fighting… practice and it was going serious but then funny at the same time. For the first time I loved my training, I f*cking found it interesting.
Cax made some fantastic moves and they were pretty awesome that I lost focus. Then I felt something sharp run through my hand. ” Ouch, what were you thinking? ” Walking close to her, ” You got lost for a moment, is everything alright? “
” You just scratched me with your fingers? ” I growled.
” I’m sorry, it was a mistake. And besides, if you hadn’t lost focus, this wouldn’t have happened to you. “
” Are you trying to blame me over your careless act or what exactly are you trying to say? ” I yanked, showing how angry I was at her.
” I’m not saying you’re at fault or anyone, I can have it treated myself. “
” No, you’re paying for what you did. “
” Diana, calm down and let’s talk about this. “
I shut my eyes hating the sound of her pleas. ” I hate blood. ” My voice sounded deep due to Kiara’s voice.
I grabbed her hand tight, ” Ahh, ” she groaned. ” Diana you’re hurting me. “
” Next time, try not to mess with my skin. “
Writer ✓
” Next time, try not to mess with my skin. ” She tossed her against the pole afar off from them. Cax groaned as she fell to the ground.
Trying to stand to her feet, Diana dashed to her side grabbing her by the hair. ” Diana, I told you, I’m sorry okay. I didn’t mean to… Ahh. Can you just stop and let’s talk about this? “
” You know, the more you talk, the more I get annoyed. So, just shut the f*ck up. ” She held her neck, and every second she held it more tighter. ” Try to be careful next time, bitch. “
Cax began to choke, but luckily, or rather not really that much for a luck, May showed up. And to her greatest surprise, she gasped in sighting how Diana almost killed Cax.
” Diana, what the heck has gone over you?! You are… Can you just stop already! You’re gonna kill her. “
Diana payed no attention to her but still held Cax’s neck tight. ” Fine, since you aren’t listening, maybe I’ll just call Bella. ” She left back to the castle to call on Bella.
Cax kicked her by the stomach, causing her to fall to the ground with a hard groan. Cax took her time to take in enough air as her lungs was getting dried.
” Diana… I think we’ve had enough practice. “
Staring up at Cax, her eyes turned dark purple and a bit of red in it. ” Go to hell. ” She cursed running to give Cax a hot blow in the check.
Cax rubbed her affected cheek, returning the blow back to her. Diana blew her again and she likewise did the same. As Diana tried doing the third time, she held her hand, slamming her against the pole. ” I said, that’s enough!! “
” What the heck is going on here?” Bella asked and Cax left Diana. Their faces stained with their blood.
Never thought Cax could stop Diana,,, or was I dreaming??? 🙄🙄🙄
To Be Continued…

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