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{ His Human Mate }

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.

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Hey, what the heck is going on here? “
” Just a little misunderstanding but we’re cool now, right Diana? ” Cax said and she rolled her eyes annoyingly.
” Yeah, that’s right. “
Bella stared at them for a moment, then she said. ” Let’s go inside, I made us some tea. “
They silently walked behind Bella as the trailed to the dinning hall. ” May, please bring in our tea. ” Bella instructed.
” Yes, ma’am. ” She quickly left to the kitchen while they entered into the hall.
” Please have a sit. ” She ushered them to sit down, and she sat along. ” I heard you two got into a fight, is that true? ” Diana looked away while Cax nodded her head. ” How did it happen? ” She questioned.
” We were having a training on her skills, then she lost focus so, I mistakenly had my fingers run through her skin. “
Bella studied Diana’s wound. ” That isn’t deep to cause a fight. “
” But it f*cking hurts! ” She finally spoke.
” Not to cause a fight either. Diana, you need to control your anger and over look some certain things. If there’s anyone ready to teach you about your abilities, it’s her. Try not to take things too serious, that’s part of training too. It’s okay, this should be the last time I want to hear such news about the two of you. Understood? “
” Understood. ” They said in unison.
” Good. ” Just then, May entered with two more maids with different trays in their hands. They served the tea to the three of them, and Bella ushered them to go ahead drinking it.
” Have you seen Micheal? ” She asked Diana who haven’t sipped her tea.
” He went to meet a friend. ” She answered, still angry at the fact that she was drinking tea with the same person she had fought with earlier.
” Guess he’s back. ” She said as she heard the distant sound of a parking car with her wolf hearing.
Not quite long, Micheal entered the hall. He stared at Diana and Bella, and he saw their faces wore no expression. He then stared at Cax who hasn’t touched her tea yet but kept staring at the cup.
She tried looking at Diana when her gaze met his, and he had almost forgotten why he was there. Bella clears her throat, interrupting their gazing moment.
” Can we talk for a second,, outside? ” He said.
” Sure. ” They excused themselves.
Diana and Cax gave themselves a hard gaze as if they were gonna continue their interrupted fight. ” I would love to strangle your throat right now. ” Diana said, forming an angry face.
” Oh, sweetheart you won’t do that. ” Cax teased.
” What makes you think I can’t?”
She shrugged, ” Because I am the only one who can help you control yourself. Unless if you have someone else more stronger than I am. “
” Oh, Please cut the crap. ” She leaned closer, ” You have to tell him about your feelings. “
” What? Are you crazy? You know we should be angry at each other. “
” Yes, I am, bitch. But that doesn’t matter by the way. Like I said, I ain’t the hot-headed type. “
” I can’t believe you. ” Cax couldn’t believe Diana’s sudden change of attitude. Few minutes ago, she wanted to strangle her now and then, and the next, she’s the gentle spirited type.
” Come on, Cax, you know you’re the last person I would wanna hurt. And by the way, sorry for earlier. I know I should have controlled myself. Are we good now? “
” Sure, we are. ” Still surprised, at least a bit.
Diana smiled more than she could hold, gulping all the tea down. ” So,” she continued. ” I think you have to talk to him about your feelings. “
” Micheal? ” She scoffs, ” That’s never happening. Besides, who said he likes me and who said I do either? “
” Really? ” She rose her eyebrows at her, ” Because if my eyes were clear, the way you two were looking at each other, that wasn’t the normal ordinary look I know. “
” Maybe, he was only surprised to see my drinking tea with you and Bella. “
” Having a tea with Bella and I.. ” scoffs, ” trust me, that isn’t surprising. “
~ Outside The Hall ~
” Derek called few minutes ago, he said he won’t be returning on Monday anymore. “
” Why, what happened? ” She asked feeling concerned.
” He never said why. “
” So when is he returning then? ” She asked again.
” Tuesday or Wednesday. ” He replied.
She nodded with a soft sigh. ” Okay. “
” I’ll leave you to continue… your tea. ” He turned to leave when her voice stopped him.
” Michael? ” She called him back.
” Yes? “
” About earlier…” She started laughing, and he doesn’t know why. ” I really don’t wanna ask, I mean, I honestly do wanna mind my business but, ” she chuckled. ” Is that what I am thinking that actually happened in there? Like, was that love or were you just being surprised to see her in the dinning hall? “
Now he did understand what she was talking about. ” I was just surprised to see her drinking tea with you and Diana. You know, you’ve never done that before. “
” The way you were looking at her, I don’t think that was just… looking. Do you have feelings for her? “
The question came unexpectedly and the words to reply her was no where close to his imagination. ” I… I uh…”
She touched his shoulder, ” Don’t worry Mick, you can just ask her out, go on a date, make her feel happy. Then, you can confess your feelings all to her, I’m pretty sure she’s ready to listen to you. ” She winked at him, returning back to the hall.
” So, where were we? “
★ ★ ★ ★
Diana ✓
” Up, down. Up, down. ” We kept doing this over and over again, almost like eternity.
I grunted tiredly, stopping while she kept on with the ” up and down” exercise.
” We’ve been doing this for almost twelve hours now, can’t we stop and take a break. I’m f*cking tired right now. “
She stopped, guess she actually listened. ” You know this is the best sport you can ever do. “
” Up, down?” I stared at her awkwardly. ” You must be joking. This is a nightmare of exercise you’re torturing me with. “
” Fine, we’re stopping it. Let’s take a break. “
We sat on the bench, having a long gulp of our water. ” What can we discuss about? ” I said and she stared at me, shooking her head.
” You’re incredible. “
” Yeah, we should have a moment for ourselves and not all the whole time, practicing. “
” So, what do you want us to talk about? “
” Personal lives. I guess. “
” Personal lives? “
” Yeah, personal lives. ” I repeated. ” More like, our love life. Well, I’m gonna start from mine. It all started when I was twenty, then I was in college. There was this guy, his name is Jake. He had eyes on me. So one day, he walked up to me, confessing that he has a huge feelings for me. I didn’t that much fancied his words but… on the other side, I wasn’t ready yet. So, he came to me the second time, but I turned him down, and I was thinking that would make him hate me but, he kept coming to me. “
” I yelled at him to stop, and I almost had him reported to the chancellor but, he pleaded to me that he just wanna be my friend. I declined reporting but, I accepted to have him as a friend. So.. we grew up, everyone went to their seperate ways and how we end up meeting again was something I can’t remember. “
” Did you guys… you know… do anything crazy with each other? “
” Yeah, we kissed… once. “
” How did it felt? “
” Great, but not so great compared to Derek’s. “
” So, what happened between you two. Had a quarrel or something? “
” Nah, why would we? Then, I had to come to the pack and face my… Destiny. I had to leave without saying goodbye. “
” That’s so sad. I’m sorry. ” She said, sympathetically.
” Yeah, thanks. What about you? “
” I… I never had someone who loved me. Although I had once but, he was such a d**k. Our relationship wasn’t even up to two months yet, and he was already hanging out with some crazy bitch. He said she was a lot beautiful than I am, and wasn’t too holy to sleep on bed unlike I am. ” She rolled her eyes. ” Somehow I think those stuffs aren’t for me. “
” What if I told you that you fell in love with the wrong guy? It happens, a lot. You end up with innocent cheaters who are always there to hurt your feelings. All you have to do is to give yourself a chance to love, to trust again. I bet you, you’ll find the right person for your heart. “
” You think that’s possible? “
” Well, I think that’s more than possible. Especially… Him. ” I pointed to the direction where he was, happily discussing with Greg and the rest of his friends.
He was leaning on his car, and he would shove his hair back if the wind pushes it forward. And he was damn handsome doing that….
Someone is making my girl go Gaga 🤣🤣🤣… Michael, you better take that easy o someone is watching from the other side 🏃🏃🏃
To Be Continued…


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