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{ His Human Mate }

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.

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I don’t think it will work out for the both of us. I’m scared if this is actually lust or something. ” She said with her head down.
” Look at me, Cax. ” She looked at me, ” Well, I don’t think that’s something else. That’s love. You love him, and I know he does love you too. The only reason why you feel this way is because you have gotten the chance to talk to him and you know… express your feelings. “
” Not that I’m asking you to do that now, no. First, get to know each other, have a brief chat or anything. But try not to be too forward at expressing your feelings. You know, not every man loves girls who are too forward towards personal things. “
” But… “
” You’re shy, I know. Michael is damn handsome if I may say and, he’s got the sweet super looks too. So it’s really not your fault falling in his trap, those beauty of his actually caused it. ” We laughed. ” On the other hand, I can help you talk to him if you want? “
” Diana? ” Her eyes widened.
” Just trying to help tho. “
” No, not now. “
” If you say so. ” We stood up to return back to the castle. I stretched, yawning tiredly. As we started walking, I don’t know how but the next thing I heard was a scream of my name.
” Diana, watch out! ” Then Cax turned me to the other side while she stood where I was standing. She stood still like a statue and I waved my hand at her.
” Cax, are you alright? ” I asked, cos she was beginning to freak me out with the way she was staring at me. She vomited a huge blood from her mouth, then falling on my body.
I saw an arrow shot at her back, just above her heart. A paper was attached to it. I cut the arrow into half, taking the paper from it. She coughed out again blood as I slowly fell to the ground with her still on me.
” You’re gonna be okay, I promise. Just don’t die okay? Don’t die… not now… Please. ” I touched her cheeks.
” It’s… not just… ” She groaned painfully, ” It’s not just… an arrow, Diana. It’s mixed with.. wolfsbane. ” She forced herself to speak. ” And… it’s hurting me… inside. ” She fainted.
I shaked her several times but she wasn’t responding. I also called her name but she was far to hearing me. Then I was left with no other option but to call for help. ” Somebody help!! Anyone, somebody please help!!!”
Michael and Greg ran up to where I sat, holding Cax’s almost cold body. ” What happened to her?” Michael curiously asked.
But, what can I say? She got hurt trying to save my life. I couldn’t talk, I sat on the field, weeping like a kid. Is she gonna be alright? Will she make it??
” What happened? ” Bella questioned me while the doctor studied Cax’s condition.
” I don’t know how it all happened but someone wanted to shoot me with that arrow but she… ” I paused, ” she saved my life. “
” Did you see who it was? ” She asked again.
I shook my head, ” I didn’t know someone was planning on shooting me. I think she saw the person, that was how she was able to save me. Here… ” I gave her the paper that was attached to the arrow. ” It was shot with the arrow. “
She unfolded the paper, staring at the writing. It writes; ” I’m coming for you all… “
” Who could this be? ” She wondered.
” Reyhon. ” Michael said without hesitation. ” Not after what Derek did to him, he’s here for revenge. And that dude, he’s never gonna rest. ” He stormed.
” Michael, you have to calm down, okay. She’s gonna be alright, I trust what doc can do. And besides, she’s a wolf too. “
” That’s why I need to be bothered, because that arrow contained a wolfsbane. And it’s gonna affect her wolf. ” He said bitterly.
” Doctor, how is she? ” Bella asked.
” I think she’s getting a bit better, I’d say. Thankfully the poison didn’t get to her heart. But I think she needs a long rest. “
” How long? ” Asked Micheal.
” A day. I’ll be here in the next five hours, I have to check how far she is improving. ” He touched Micheal’s shoulder. ” Don’t worry, she’ll be fine. Trust me. “
Micheal nodded his head.
He left.
” You two needs some rest too, I’ll stay with her. ” He said and Bella and I both nodded our heads.
Why didn’t I see this coming? How was that possible I didn’t feel the danger on time? Who might have done this treacherous act, and most of all why would Cax sacrifice her life to save mine??
I spent the rest of the day without eating. And I won’t mind starving myself until tomorrow. I won’t have a free mind until she wakes up, and whosoever that son-of-a-bitch is behind this, should better start counting the last of his days.
And if truly it is Reyhon who had done this… Then he better consider himself dead… for good.
Michael ✓
I stared at her innocent face. We haven’t gotten the chance to know each other yet, and she has to die… Just like that?? I don’t know why my heart was feeling this way for her but, I won’t dare to question it.
If this was actually fate’s will, them I’ll do whatever it takes to protect her. I’ll just have to make all her enemies, my enemies…
Writer ✓
That evening, the doctor came to check on her as he had said. Her body seemed to be getting better, and with the help of his drugs, it was able to prevent the poison from spreading all over her body.
” How is she, doc? ” He asked.
” She’s getting better. ” He assured them. ” Guess her recovery is quicker than I thought. “
She jerked up, gasping as she started whimpering softly. ” Hey, hey, it’s okay. It’s okay. ” Michael said as he gently laid her back on the bed.
Diana climbed on the bed, crawling to her body. ” Hey, ” she whispered and Cax slowly moved her eyes to her. ” You’re alright. You’re gonna be fine, that’s what the doctor said. “
” You… you’re alive. ” She said faintly.
Diana nodded, ” Yeah, that’s because you just saved my life. Thank you, Cax. I promise I’ll never forget what you did. ” She kissed her forehead, stepping out of the bed.
” My sister, you have to tell my sister.” She sniffed, ” You have to tell her or she gets worried. “
” Don’t worry Cax, we already did that. ” Bella told her.
” Thank you. ” She breathed slowly.
” We’ll leave you two. ” They all excused themselves, leaving the two of them.
Cax moved her eyes to her side to see Micheal, she never expected to have him look after her. ” You need to get some rest too. ” She told him but he shook.
” I already have enough rest.” He held her hand. ” You’re gonna be okay, I promise. ” She nodded dully.
Tears rolled out of her eyes, staining her cheeks. ” I’m sorry. “
” For what? “
” You’re troubled because of me. “
” Hey, it’s not your fault, okay? Maybe I should be the one apologising. “
” No, you shouldn’t. You didn’t do anything wrong. “
” I did. ” He plainly said. ” If I had told you on time, if I had left the shame and just say it all, I don’t think this would have happened. ” He said with guilt.
” What are you talking about? ” She asked, staring into his eyes. Not really sure she understood why he was blaming himself.
He looked away, hesitating at the words. She held his face to look at her, ” Talk to me, I’m listening. “
” I… I love you Cax. “
Night confession… No escaping 😘
To Be Continued…


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