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{ His Human Mate }

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.

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Cax ✓
” I love you, Cax. ” He admitted.
I swallowed hard. I honestly don’t know what to say, I’m speechless and the words just sounded like a bomb in my ears.
My heart beating hard like it was gonna explode any moment from now. And for the first time I felt the words were real.
Did he just said he loves me??
Yeah, I guess I heard that right…
I looked away, not wanting to stare into those eyes, they held truth and… I couldn’t behold it.
” Its okay to think I’m framing this up but… I’m for real, Cax. ” He held my hand again, ” I really am. “
” I know but… it’s just so difficult to accept the words. Since my whole life, I’ve never had someone who could sincerely say that to me. But hearing it from you, I feel like… I don’t even know how to explain it. “
” You don’t have to, I understand. “
I didn’t know when the hot tears escaped my eyes. I was trying to prevent it from falling but it went ahead, rolling out. He rubbed my cheek, drying my cheeks with his right thumb and this time I try not to look away. Staring into his eyes was like staring into heaven, I felt safe into those gaze, welcomed into a different world.
This time, I believe in this different world, and I trust it too. We were staring at each other for what took like seconds, his eyes on my lips as he drew his face near to mine. He was dangerously close. His eyes, which were the most beautiful colour of forest green, intensively boring into my own dilated pupils.
I don’t know what he was trying to do but, I hope it wasn’t what I was thinking. My heart was beating fast cos this was actually my first time (if actually it was definitely what I was thinking.)
That was it, I felt his lips pressed on mine. They were soft, and I felt moonlight danced in my stomach, my eyes closed as I reveled in sensations. My body by the will of its own, responded to the kiss. My lips slightly parted as I released a soft moan.
As my mind went blank, my eyes shut close, and I felt myself kissing Micheal back. The kiss stirred deeply buried desire into my heart. Kissing Micheal seemed familiar, seemed right, like something I’ve missed the whole time without knowing what it is.
And I have to admit, I have never been this sparkled since the twenty five years of my existence. He held my cheek while I sneaked my hand into his silky hair, pulling his face closer and deepening the kiss.
I couldn’t hold but moan into his mouth. It seemed like nothing existed anymore, nor our animosity towards each other. It was just us and out lips pressed together, and our tongue battling in frenzy for dominance.
It was a new day and training was restricted for two days, which means I’ve got two days to rest. Diana and I sat in my new room discussing. It was really good to be in the family. I can’t admit how happy I am.
” You just don’t know how happy I am that you are staying here with us. ” Diana said excitedly, as she gave me a tight hug. ” Just as I’ve hoped. “
” Diana… I really don’t know how to say thank you to you all for saving my life. I almost thought I would die, I never expected I would see you again. Thank you. ” This time I hugged her.
” That’s okay. That’s okay, your already making me to cry. And I hate crying. ” We laughed. ” So, how far with you and Michael? “
” We’re good, we even had our first kiss last night. It was great. ” Diana gasped a loud wow, staring speechless at me.
” Wow. That’s a wow, Cax. You two are really meant for each other, I mean… I’m fucking so happy. ” May walked in with our coffee, ” Thank you. ” She said, taking the coffee cup from her.
” Thank you. ” I took the other cup, sipping on the hot coffee. ” Mmm, ” I hummed. ” This is the best coffee I have ever tasted. Did you make the coffee yourself? ” I asked May.
” Yes, Miss. ” She nodded.
” It’s fantastic. “
” Thanks, Miss. “
” Do you have to call me that? Don’t worry, I prefer you to call me by my name. “
” I really don’t know what is actually wrong with you and Diana. Everyone would love to receive their respect except you two. “
” I uhmm… You know it sounds more stressful with the royalty names compared with your individual names. Honestly, I just hate the royalty names. “
” Me too. ” Diana added.
” Yeah, you two are unbelievable. “
Diana ✓
We sipped on our coffee, and since yesterday Kiara has decided to stay mute to me. She never talked and well, I didn’t bother asking her why. Sometimes I feel like she’s only doing me a great favour not sounding in my head.
And somehow, I wonder if I was the only one with the wolfie thing in my head. I’ve never seen anyone act so strange cos they are try to have an annoying chat with their wolf.
Yeah, unlike me.
My stomach grumbled and I felt hungry immediately. The urge for giving out pulled me up from where I sat, rushing in to her bathroom.
I kept vomiting like the first time I gave out after the night Derek and I… you know… did the thing. And today, I felt like I was gonna pour out my lungs in the process.
May and Cax came to check on me, ” Diana, are you alright? ” Cax asked from the door.
” Yeah… Nah, I don’t think so. ” I washed my mouth, before flushing the toilet. ” That wasn’t good at all. “
” Since when has this been? “
” I don’t remember how long but I think it’s almost like,,, four days now. Why? “
” You’re… Uhhh.. I don’t know how to say it but, Diana, I think you’re pregnant. ” Cax explained and I found myself laughing.
” Tell me you’re kidding cos, this can’t really be pregnancy. I mean, it started the next day after I had S*X with Derek, so you can’t possibly tell me that I would be pregnant a night after my S*X? “
” Can we have this discussed in my room? ” We went to her room, I sat on the bed, May sat beside me while she stayed on the stool beside her mirror. ” Your immune systems are very fast at reproducing and it keeps growing day by day unlike a normal human or a werewolf. Diana, it’s time you learn on what you are, and stop seeing yourself as the normal Diana you used to be. “
” If I am to say, you really got pregnant the day after your S*X which is actually the greatest new I have ever heard. “
” Greatest? ” I repeated with a scoff, ” This is actually the craziest thing I have ever heard. Getting pregnant after the night of your s*x, jeez, that doesn’t seem good to me. “
” Don’t worry, you’ll get use to it. Trust me, especially when you have the baby bumb. “
I grinned. I’ve seen a lot of pregnant women, and I’ll admit it really isn’t funny carrying a baby bumb stomach. I see how they struggle to pull themselves especially when they are in their seven to eight months of pregnancy.
God! Am I really gonna face this? Carrying my own child for nine damn months. I slapped my forehead involuntarily. Urghh…
” No, no, no. This is definitely not a great news. I’m totally freaking out right now, I don’t think I can carry a baby for nine months. No, I’m gonna pass out even before I get to my third month. “
” Diana, ” she stressed my name as she came to hold my hands. ” You don’t have to freak out for anything, this is a great news. You are carrying the first child of the alpha and likewise his heir to the throne. You don’t have to worry about carrying your baby for nine months, it’s gonna be fun as soon as you notice the bumbs, believe me. “
” You think so? ” I asked, sounding like a child.
” Definitely… “
To Be Continued…

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