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{ His Human Mate }

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.

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He returned back to the dinning, saying nothing to anyone. Max and Ruby ate their food hurriedly, while they went to the kitchen to drop their empty plates, they took mine too.

They left to their rooms, leaving the three of us alone.
” I’m sorry for what Queen told you, I hope she’ll learn her lesson from this. ” He apologized on her behalf.

” It’s okay, uncle Kelvin, I don’t why she had to say those. Maybe, I haven’t been a good sister to her. ”

” Don’t say that, you’ve been more than enough to her, she’s only being ungrateful. ”

” Please, don’t get too angry with her. She’s just a kid. ”

” A kid who has to respect her elders. ” Aunty Tracy took his plates away, ” I can see how effortlessly you’re working for your company, your pictures are becoming the talk of the town. ” He praised.

I chuckled softly, ” We haven’t had an open advert until today, why would my picture be all over New York all of a sudden? ”

” Guess today’s advert just got you trending. ”

” Why do you say so? ” Aunty Tracy asked.

” It’s all over the media already. Miss Diana Craig of Sparrow’s Boutique Enterprise. ”

I gasped loud. ” You fucking serious?! ”

” You can check it out if you want? ” He was about to log into the internet when his phone started ringing.

” Who’s that? ” She asked.

” I don’t know. ” He picked to call, ” Hello, who am I speaking to? ” He asked.


Writer ✓

” Hey Kel, it’s me, Marco. ” Said the voice from the other side of the call.

” Oh, Marco, I wasn’t expecting you to call. ”

” I got access to the telephone at the neighbouring village. How is Diana and Tracy? ” He asked.

Kelvin looked at her, nodding his head. ” She’s doing great over here. ”

” That’s a relief then. ”

” How is Jenny? ” He asked, referring to Diana’s mother.

” She’s doing great too. ” He let out a heavy sigh, ” Are you alone now? ” He asked.

” No, Tracy and Diana are with me. Is there a problem? ” Kelvin asked with concern.

” Can you go somewhere else, I wanna tell you something. ”

” Okay, ” he stood up, leaving to his room.

” What do you think they’re up to? ” Tracy asked.

Diana shrugged, ” I have no idea. ”



” What? ” Kelvin exclaimed.

” Yes, and I think there’s something Diana has that belongs to him. ”

” Something like what? ”

” I don’t know, can you ask her yourself? She might not talk to me if I ask her myself. ”

” I will do that. Is everyone safe? ”

” He promise to kill everyone in Acanda if he finds out that she isn’t in New York. ” He sighed again, ” I don’t know what to do now. Jenny is freaking out here and she hardly sleeps at night. Do you think he’s going to kill her? ”

” I don’t think so. But, let me ask you this. ”

” Sure. ”

” Did you ever suspected anything about your daughter before she left Acanda to New York? Like something weird to suspect? ”

” No. ” He answered, ” It was only the time when she had to leave home and never came back with Micky. ”

” Micky? ”

” That’s her puppy. ” He explained. ” But we never took that to be so important. Everyone looses a pet, right? ”

” I’ll see what I can do about this. ”

” I will be waiting for your response. Bye. ”

” Bye. ” He hung the call.

After a thoughtful while, he returned back to the sitting room.


Diana ✓

His face wore no expression, and I could hardly tell if he was angry or not.

Tracy looked at me, then at him saying nothing. He heaved a heavy sigh, ” It’s your father. He called to check on you. ”

” How his he? ” I asked, sounding concerned.

” He’s fine, as well as your mother. Don’t be troubled about them. ” I nodded.

” What did he say? ” Aunty Tracy anxiously asked.

” He… ” He paused, ” he said there’s someone after you. ” Referring to me.

” Who? Why would someone be after me? ”

” He said he isn’t sure but, he thinks you have something that belongs to them. ”

Aunty Tracy threw her gaze at me, ” Do you have anything that belongs to them? ”

I shook my head, ” I don’t. ”

” Then why are they after her? ”

” The mark. ” He simply said after a moment of thoughtful silence. ” It’s been twelve years and they’ve come back for it. ”

” What mark? ” Mrs Tracy’s eyes grew wide.

” The mark on my wrist. ” I openly told her.

” Is… Is that why you always have the bracelet on? ”

I nodded my head.

I took off the bracelet, exposing the mark to her. She held my hand, as if staring at it wasn’t enough.

She rubbed her fingers on it, gasping in fright. ” What did this to you? ” She asked.

” I got bitten by a wolf… that was twelve years ago. ”


Another person is in the boat of her secret. Now the question is… What’s gonna happen next? How long does she have to stay in New York City?

To Be Continued…

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