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THE HEALER Chapter 60

THE HEALER Chapter 60

[kill me👑heal my heart]

© adesola adeomowole.m
Settings;Nigerian Epic drama



Nonso stared at chidinma,only her with so much plain expression.
_________🌱 flashback
” stranger,where the hell are you taking me to, I thought you said it’s an emergency concerning my sister” Nonso said, audibly as the man drove into a luxurious mansion…
the building was so magnificent and he doubted if it really have to do with chidinma.

” follow me” the man in Black said.
Nonso looked at him awkwardly as he trailed behind him into the mansion,he kept his breath steady as they walked in.

” have your seat” the man said,more of a command. Nonso swallowed into nothing and settled down,he felt so uncomfortable.
Two maids came to him,young ladies they should be in the same age range. Nonso wondered how girls of their ages are doing here serving as a maid.

His palms got sweaty for no reasons.
” what will you like to have?” the other girl asked.
” nothing,am alright” he gestured.
the first girl in yellow check uniform poured the orange fruit juice in a glass which she kept beside him.
” where am I and who owns this place?” asked nonso.
” you will soon know” the girl left.
he noticed movements descending down the stairs,he looked almost immediately and was surprised to see Charles Jewel- Prince Charles

this is the first time he will be seeing him face to face,he wondered what was happening!. He stood up from the couch he sat. His eyes locked with Charles.
” he doesn’t look nice” nonso noticed and removed his eyes immediately. Even if Nonso was just seeing him for the first time,he can see the cruel look in his face.

” I offered to solve your family problems, sponsor your education throughout university level but your sister refused” Charles Jewel, said toying with the glass of wine in his hand..

Nonso was silent for a while.
” offered to solve our family problem” nonso thought…

” that’s crazy my sister and I don’t have family problem,our family is okay and as you can see chidinma stopped the maid work already” Nonso said.

” And your education,I want to sponsor it” Charles said,he took a sip of his wine.
” and why? why do you want to sponsor my education? I didn’t remember putting a sign board on my head that I need sponsor” Nonso said,he was beginning to get pissed off and the guards surrounding the living room was choking.

” why do you want to sponsor it?” Nonso asked.
” cause I want her,I want your sister to be mine, my property only” Charles said and puffed out smokes from his cigarette.

Nonso clenched his fist behind his back, although it wasn’t vissible enough to Charles sight.
” I don’t need it. I don’t need you to sponsor my education. Am actually a straight A student besides am schooling on scholarship” Nonso said,the truth.
” you’re just as annoying and stubborn as your sister. quit the foolish argument and have your drink” Charles said.


” I’m not thirsty for drink.So that was why you wanted to here?” Nonso asked unbelievable.
” No,I want you here so you can convince your sister or do you want me to do it in the hard way” Charles grinned..
” I…..” Nonso clenched his fist again,this time Charles saw it. He smirked..

” all you have to do is to convince her and you will get something in return too or should I do it in the hard way?” Charles stated.
” What if I say over my dead body will my sister have something to do with you….Let me think about it” Nonso said,pretending to be thinking about it.
” you have time?
” no never!! Nonso stated…
” really,then I guess am going to do it in the hard way” Charles said and Nonso looked lost.

He had cried on his way back home…
he felt it was him,it was his fault.
Chidinma wouldn’t have gone to work as a maid in the palace of not for his sake….
***** end of flashback..

” nonso are you okay? have been asking you questions since,no reply” Chidinma stated
” no hmm am…okay” he replied and tried walking out,Chidinma held his hand tight. she examined his pulse with two of her fingers..

” your breathing is unsteady”
” it’s stress”
nonso took his hand away immediately and walked out.He has never been this dull. On a norms he would narate to Chidinma how those spoilt brats in his school tried to make friends with him,how girls offered to buy him lunch and so on.

Chidinma answered a call.
” are you in the talent hunt already?” olive asked.
” no,you just sound like it’s something not to miss”
” you had better hurry up,it’s just begin 30 minutes earlier and guess what there are a lot of people it’s just so sad they will be admitting not less than 50”
” go for it…be among the 50 okay”

” whaaat are you not coming? olive asked,Chidinma checked the time it was already late.
” I can’t make it on time,maybe next time”
” whaaaaattt!! are you kidding??
Chidinma dropped the call,she won’t force herself to go to a place she doesn’t feel like going..

she walked into the kitchen and took a bottle water from the fridge and decided to check on nonso before going into her room.

Nonso sat on the floor in his room pressing his game pad,he looked so angry…what type of temper is this? Chidinma said to herself, she had almost forgotten nonso had temper issues.

” Nonso”
” yes…ohh am playing games”
” I haven’t even asked you what you were doing” Chidinma shook her head.
” that’s it. am playing game,you can see my game pad”
” really? you’re playing game without turning on your system where exactly are you watching what you’re playing,is it on your mind?”


” I…hmm..I forgot to turn it on,jeezz I was pressing the game pad for nothing” nonso said,he knew Chidinma caught him already.
” breath in,breath out….” Chidinma said and luckily it worked.
” now talk about it”
” I will tell you when I calm down” nonso said. he walked out to his studies.
Nivana’s complex

Calvin Caleb,a 27year old multi millionaire was seen in an office.
he was the only founder of nivarna,
his companies produces creams and other skin care, apart from qw’s cosmetic product, his complex is the next leading.

He also has a culinary firm and a modelling agency where models are bought from,most of his models are signed to him so he pays them well..
His modelling firm are currently carrying out a beauty hunt in different villages,towns and cities cos he needs females who will model his new skin care products, these sets if skin care are still in production.

He has so many top models too.
their salary hits 2million per month,their pictures and commercial videos showcases in the toppest billboard of the city.
Nivarna was his dream come true.

He also has models who covers wedding and dinner gown magazines. when it comes to outside contest,his industry is a goal.

Calvin watched from the flat screen where the talent hunt is being held,his manager walked in.
” how is the concept?” he asks
” it’s interesting, there are a lot of people it’s different to pick”
” like I knew” Calvin replied..
” do you want to check??
” check? why would I? it’s your job to select the more qualified one…besides,I was thinking who will be the male model? he asked.

” am suggesting Rema,although it will increase our cost and besides we have not worked with him before so I don’t know….

” rema is nice,the ladies loves him..our products tends to sell the most if he’s the model” Tanya suggested as she worked in.

” it’s up to you guys then” Calvin replied.
He took his gaze back to the flat screen.

Hana sat with the maids when Nina rushed in.
” Hana did you see how queen chiamaka looked when she came back….she looked so worried”
” is she back?
” yes she is!!!
” hmm,I will go and serve her. I think today is in for her drugs and tea”
” yes”.

Hana rushed to get the queens tea which she brewed carefully, she placed the mug on the tea tray and filled another tray with lots of fresh fruits,her medication was on the other side… it took so much efforts for her to arrange everything neatly.
soon she arrived..

her room door slides open automatically and Hana couldn’t help but marvel to the taste of her room….it was actually the first time she will enter the queens room.It was more than what she expected.


” greetings my queen”
she said as she knocked on her bedroom door..

” come in,chidinma. Are you still knocking before entering my bedroom?” Hana heard the queen.
” your highness,it’s not chidinma. it’s me Hana”
” ohh…wait for me in the living room” queen chiamaka said, she adjusted her robe. She actually thought it was Chidinma… she had prepared a gift box to give to her..
she feels her likeness for her is natural.

queen chiamaka walked down the stairs to the dinning where Hana kept the tray.
” here my queen” Hana opened her drug bottle
” I will take the tea first” queen chiamaka said and took a sip of the tea. It feels different, she dropped it back immediately.

” is it my drug tea that you brewed?” Mrs jewel asked.
” yes my queen” Hana replied.
” why does it tastes different? am not sure it’s the tea”
” my queen,it is the tea”
” then you didn’t brew it well. It’s the same tea Chidinma brews for me right?…

Hana nodded with a bow.
” take it away” the queen said. Hana took it away hastily.
” why did Chidinma send you to brew my tea? call her for me” the queen added. Hana couldn’t believe her eyes.

” hmm…Chidinma stopped working” Hana stated.
the queen dropped her phone immediately.
” why did she stop working?”

Hana read the queen expression and read what it means…these looks really signifies likeness and natural love.

” well…..well…she stopped working cos she wanted to elope with Philip,the former pool cleaner. He was her boyfriend” Hana lied, Philip actually stopped working the same day chidinma stopped working,it would be so easy for the queen to buy her story.. Hana thought.

” she eloped with Philip” queen chiamaka said, in as much as she looked affected by the news,she tried not to show it.

” take the fruits away,I have no appetite” she ordered. Hana bowed and took the tray away.
Queen chiamaka wondered why she suddenly look affected by the news.

” crystal,I need you to get me the former maid phone number it’s urgent” queen chiamaka called the head maid. she dropped the call.

” why do I desperately want to hear her voice? she eloped with Philip,am I doing the right thing by collecting her number? hmm now I feel like am a pest,since she made her decisions do I need to call her???
queen chiamaka thought.

crystal walked in just then.
” luckily one if the maids has her number, that’s her number my queen”
” drop it,you can go”
crystal bowed and left.

queen chiamaka took the phone and stared at the number for a while.


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