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THE HEALER Chapter 65

THE HEALER Chapter 65

[kill me👑heal my heart]

© adesola adeomowole.m
Settings;Nigerian Epic drama



Chidinma tried to know what was going on through Hana’s mind but there was no way to know that as she got more confused.

”who is Philip? why would Hana tell such a big lie?…

Queen chiamaka threw a glance at Hana behind her shoulder. ” I asked a question”.

Hana opened her mouth helplessly, no words came out. None. she closed it forcefully and swallowed bitterly. She looked absolutely defeated. For the first time,guilt tore down the debt of her heart. She caused this out of jealousy.
The queen wasn’t suppose to find out this way

” who’s Philip? I don’t understand?” Chidinma enquired in a confused state.

” Liar. You want to deny you don’t know Philip? Hana imagined herself saying but she couldn’t just press any further, in as much as she wanted to spoil Chidinma,she kept her mouth shut. What if the queen decides to call Philip if she press further.

queen chiamaka snapped her head towards Hana,in as much as she tried to get angry,her eyes were too soft. Hana saw the hurt in her eyes,her eyes looked like they were made of brown pearls. ” you liar! and I thought I had trustworthy workers”

the sight broke Hana’s heart. she wondered what chidinma did to this woman with regality that made her loves her so much…
how was she able to crawl to her heart?
queen chiamaka likes Chidinma maybe natural and she was sure she didn’t like her as a maid.

Hana went in her kneels. ”my queen I never meant lying….” she reached for the queens leg to touch and plead but she dare not, the queen is a very expensive woman and she dare not touch her. Not in this condition.

Hana bowed as she took steady steps round her, her shoulders were high, her chin were raised slightly.. she spoke like the queen she is
” girls like you are like leopard,you can never change your spots”

new tears filled Hana’s eyes. ”Am sorry my queen” it would be a great loss if she lose her job,this woman is a very kind woman…
although she have high taste and high class but one thing about her is that she hates backstabbing. What she does for the maids and all workers on the palace,no queen in the palace treat them so nicely that way.

queen chiamaka didn’t spare her a glance. ” return to the palace and reflect on your punishment,after then I will know what to do to you” she gave orders strictly and walked into rema’s penthouse.


Chidinma shook her head and collected the queens bag from Hana. ”you were my best friends and have sacrificed so many things from you but what did I get in return??! she uttered. she closed the door behind her. Whatever Hana gets, she deserves it.

She reached for the stairs and dropped the queens handbag in the bedroom. She came out with a nice slipper which she dropped for the queen after she removed the old one,
she wore the new one.

” thank you”
” my pleasures”

Chidinma returned the queens heels to the guest room. she wondered why the queen was here, Rema never told her his mother was coming, she thought if calling him to inform him his mother is here but then she waved it off.

After all,it’s her son’s mansion and she can come anytime she likes… I only have to behave myself and act like am a maid here.

She thought when she recalled the queens reaction when she saw rema’s birth necklace in her hair,she looked like she will kill her for getting close to her son.

what type of situation is this? and I don’t know how to lie… is God testing me or what??

she sighed. She even thought of breaking up with rema for now. What a crazy plan?.

She mixed the bath for the queen and fixed the cold water bath and the warm water bath. Some of the water spilled on her night dress, she squeezed the water out and changed into the red one and left for the living room, the queen was on a call, Chidinma could tell it was business,she waited till the queen dropped the call.

” am sorry to bother you. Have just set the bath?” Chidinma said slowly from behind.
The queen turned to her. ” ohh thank you”
” and have fixed dinner earlier,if you don’t like it,I can make another one” Chidinma added.

” just make my tea” queen chiamaka replied and went upstairs. Chidinma had arranged the guest room for her.
she only had to take her bath.
she returned minutes later, Chidinma already made her tea it was right in time.

” it’s hot,I will cool it for you” Chidinma grabbed the manual fan and cooled the tea then gave it to her.

they both faced the Tv,Chidinma looked so nervous she had never been this nervous.
was she alright? she’s sitting and watching television with the queen in the same couch.


she stood up immediately and moved to the dinning section to sit, although it was separated with bluish glass, she could still watch the show cos the tv alone was plastered on a full wall,the display was so nice.

” you can stay”
” am okay here,thank you ma”
” you can,this is not the palace okay” the queen said with the deen superiority.
Chidinma fiddled with her fingers, she sat on the other couch.

” I don’t bite” queen chiamaka said. Her feeling when she confirmed Chidinma didn’t elope with Philip was awesome.

” am okay here” Chidinma cooled but since she insist she had no choice than to do what the queen wanted. She took slow steps and sat on the same couch the queen sat although there was wide distance between them, they both watched the show.

The guards reported to the palace immediately with the thief rema caught. Everyone were shocked, the people in the kingdom all waited to know who had caught the thief among the prince.

The gossips in the palace won’t just stop, queen ivory smiled heartedly.
” who else if not my Charles??? she had boasted to the face of the other queen.

” Take the thief to the dungeon,the treasure should be returned safely to the treasure room! king jewel passed orders.
” as your lordship pleases!!
the guard bowed and walked away.

” summon the guards to the royal hall” the king added and minutes later all the guards arrived, the hall was filled to it’s brim. King jewel sat confidently on the high seat at the halls front. The queens stood in the place beside him. He noticed queen chiamaka’s absence but what’s more? she only gave him a son who’s blind…. only God knows how he received his sight healing.

The head guard stepped forward, right hand on his chest to pledge royality.
” the treasure was redeemed by the youngest prince, he caught the thief as well but he said not to mention his name! Veer reported.

” he said to mention that second prince caught the prince” he added.

The king was dumbfounded,he tried not to show it. queen ivory grunted.

” and do what? that still doesn’t change the fact that he’s disabled. he has poor sight– obviously– she wanted to taint rema’s position but the king’s expression was in no mood for that!.

King Jewel took a deep breath and walked out of the royal hall. He couldn’t just place what was on his mind. Rema is a disaster, he shouldn’t be the one. Never.

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Queen ivory entered the king’s suite and tried to pacify him. ” ivory get out” he said without turning to look at her.

Chidinma took a quick glance at queen chiamaka, she collected her face immediately and glance at the big Ben clock. It’s past midnight, Rema didn’t come..

” I need some apples” the queen jolts her.
” I will bring it now” she stood up immediately band left, she returned with six apples on a tray. The queen looked at chidinma , she took a bite.

This girl is really pretty and rema likes pretty things. Could they have been together? are they together or she’s just a maid, nothing is attached,no strings, no feelings…or…..
Her looks her killing, she can just seduce any man!” the queen thought.

Chidinma turned and met the queens gaze, thoughts ran through her mind.
” only God knows what this woman is thinking? who knows if she’s thinking am a prostitute! even god knows I wouldn’t date her son if he didn’t acted poor… I don’t want trouble,I don’t even want a rich husband, I just want to be happy!!.

” am going to bed,get me warm water” queen chiamaka said,Chidinma stood up immediately. she returned with the bottle water but the queen already left to the guest room so she took it there.

” drop it there! she told her.she was already on the bed,watching the tv in the guest room
Chidinma dropped it and turned to leave until the queen spoke.

” you will sleep here tonight!

” whaaattt!!! a chill ran down chidinma’s spine.
” okay ma,thank you” Chidinma replied and crawled into the bed silently.
she turned to the other side and hugged the other pillow tightly.
oh heavens!! what this woman trying to do? ohh god help your daughter.

Although she didn’t turn but she knew queen chiamaka was watching her from behind.. that alone made the hairs on her body stand.

It didn’t take long before she drifted into sleep. and in sleep,she felt a warm hand covered her with the duvet, she felt a soft hand tying her hair which rolled out in sleep.

It was a sweet night!💋
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